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All major changes in the last 4-5 years of Maplestory

RENEGADES v112-114:
Class changes:
  • Fight for Azwan is released
  • Hilla is now available to fight
  • Inner ability is added (May be wrong)
  • Character cards are released (May be wrong)
Mutiny v115:
Class changes:
New Dawn v117:
Class Changes:
  • None
Class Changes:
Class Changes:
Tempest: Into the Storm v123: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
3rd job is now 60 (was 70)
4th job is now 100 (was 120)
  • EXP required to level up from 60-75 and 100-125 has been adjusted
Tempest: Luminous v124: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
Tempest: Kaiser v125: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Tempest: Angelic Buster v126: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
Tempest: Root Abyss v127: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
Mark of Honor: Kanna v129 Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Mark of Honor: Hayato v131: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
Hyper Evolution v132: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Monster Life v135: Patch Notes
Class Changes
  • None
Unleashed v137: Patch Notes
Class Changes
Unleashed: Xenon v138: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Unleashed: Demon Avenger v139: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Cygnus Awakens v141: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum v142: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Red: First Impact v143: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Red: ZERO v144: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Beast Tamer v145: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
Return to Masteria v146: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
Grand Athenaeum v148: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Cannoneer is revamped
  • Dual Blade is revamped
  • Battle Mage has skill changes
  • Evan has skill changes
  • Luminous has skill changes
  • Mechanic has skill changes
  • Mercedes has skill changes
  • Phantom has a skill changes
  • Wild Hunter has a new Jaguar + skill changes
  • Boss arena has been added
  • Cross World Party Quests have been added
  • Grand Athenaeum dungeon has been added
  • Item inventory is reverted to its old form, but with 2 different sizes
  • Equipment inventory has been revamped completely
  • Storage inventory has been expanded to show multiple items
  • Character stats have been made more compact
  • Skill inventory is reverted for all classes excluding Beast Tamers and Evans
Legacy of Nine v149: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Wild Hunter has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Night Lord has skill changes
  • Demon Avenger has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Kaiser has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Demon Slayer has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Mihile has skill changes (huge buff)
  • Mechanic has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Mercedes has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Evan has skill changes (Huge buff)
  • Bowmaster has skill changes (decent buff)
  • Kanna has skill changes (small nerf to kishin)
  • Jett has skill changes (minor buff)
  • Soul Weapons are added into the game
  • Guild System has been revamped
  • Flag Race has been added into the game
  • Lion King Castle has been updated
  • Cross World Party Quest has been updated
  • Cubes chance to tier up have been increased across the board
  • Meister and Master Craftsman Cubes are now obtainable from certain bosses
  • Certain bosses have a chance of dropping a Golden Hammer (100%)
  • Pets have been revamped
  • Family system has been removed, with some skills going into guild system
  • New Shortcut Keys are added
  • Some item names have been changed
Rising Heroes: Elite v150: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Instant KO chance is lowered in skills across the board
  • Dual Blade, Cannoneer, Evan, Luminous, Mercedes, Phantom, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Xenon, have skill changes (minor buff)
  • Dawn Warrior, Thunder Breaker, Wind Archer, Mechanic, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, have skill changes (decent buff)
  • Aran has skill changes (Huge buff)
  • Evans no longer need to complete quests to obtain SP needed for skills
  • Magicians can use teleport mid-air
  • Kanna and Hayato have had their story quests adjusted slightly
  • Elite monsters are added into the game
  • Elite bosses are added into the game
  • Party invite will appear when entering a map with another character in a similar level range
  • More than 999 Ability Points can be invested in a single stat now
  • Spell Traces are now available to enhance equipment
  • Runes have been added into the game
  • Several level 20-100 equipments have set bonuses now
  • Hidden potential level will display on the field via an aura around the equipment
  • Inner ability has been changed slightly
  • Account Buddy System added to the Buddy System
  • Auto All-Cure is now available for pets
  • Monster levels below 140 have been adjusted as well as HP/EXP
  • Easy mode Zakum can be attempted at level 50
  • Normal and Chaos mode Zakum can be attempted at 90
Rising Heroes: Echoes of Darkness v151: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Shade is added to the game
  • Nebulite box drop rate has been increased in bosses and monsters
  • Elite monsters have a chance to drop safety scrolls
  • Normal and Chaos Horntail have had their drop restrictions removed
Rising Heroes: Tower of Oz v151: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Tower of Oz has been added into the game
Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple v152: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Jett has been Revamped
  • Hieizan Temple has been added
  • Princess No.(Boss) has been added
  • Kritias has been added
  • Mori Ranmaru has had his drop list updated
  • Nebulites have a slightly higher chance of dropping from bosses
  • Japanese Myth items are now tradable until equipped
Sword Art Online v154 Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Blaze Wizard has been revamped and now has a level cap of 250
  • Boss tab replaces Expedition tab, allows for boss teleporting
  • Horntail can now be killed solo
Cygnus Awakening: Night Walker v156: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Night Walker has been revamped and now has a level cap of 250
  • Friendstory has been added into the game
  • Theme Dungeon: Mushroom Castle has been added into the game
  • Mr. Lee Airlines has been added into the game
  • Characters now have a 24 hour cooldown before you can delete them above level 31.
  • Buff duration added to buff icons
  • Guild Search function has been added
Shining Star v157: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Minor skill changes for most classes
  • Bowmasters have arrow blaster moved to 3rd job
  • Star Force maps have been added to the game
  • Star Force Enhancement has been added to the game
  • New weapons and armors have been added to the game (utgard weapons/pensalir armors)
  • New boss accessories have been added to the game
  • Evolution System has been revamped (nerfed)
  • Lion King Castle has been changedslightly
  • Blacklisting has been slightly improved
  • Offline status has been slightly improved
  • Easy horntail has been added, Horntail prequests made easier
  • Easy Magnus has been made easier
  • Normal magnus resets at midnight (Pacific)
  • Hard Magnus resets every Thursday (pacific)
  • Pink bean can only be entered once a day
  • Easy Von Leon has been made easier
  • Mastery book prices have been lowered
  • Elite Monsters have been changed slightly
Shining Star II v158: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Star Planet has been added to the game
  • Maple Rewards System has been added to the game
Black Heaven: First Chapter v160: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Battle Mage has been revamped
  • Wild Hunter has been revamped
  • Mechanic has been revamped
  • Dual Blade, Buccaneer, Corsair, Mercedes, Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, and Angelic buster have minor skill changes
  • Black Heaven acts 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been added to the game
  • Maple Talk has been added to the game
  • Medals of Honor dropped by bosses give 20x the honor EXP
  • Maple Reward point cap has been increased
  • Drop rates for cubes have been increased
  • Rank up rates for all cubes have been increased
  • Star Planet has minor changes
Black Heaven: Final Chapter v161: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Black Heaven acts 5 and 6 have been added
  • Lotus (boss) has been added
  • Party Quest EXP has been increased
  • Channels have been added to Dimension Invasion and Evolution System
Spring into Summer v162: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • 2x EXP coupons no longer have purchase restrictions between levels 201-249
  • 2x Drop/EXP events will now display a banner when they are active
Firepower v163: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Beast Tamer has many skill changes (huge buffs)
  • Buccaneer, Corsair, Kaiser, Xenon, Marksman, Mercedes, and Paladin have minor skill changes
  • Certain skills have auto activation (on/off) enabled for them
  • Blackgate City has been added to the dimensional mirror
  • Scrapyard is now accessable via Edelstein
  • Chapter 6 of FriendStory is now available
  • Damage skin storage system added
  • Maple Rewards UI added
  • Pierre, VonBon, Queen, Vellum, and Lotus now drop Soul Shards
Asylum v166: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Kanna received a minor revamp
  • Hayato received a minor revamp
  • You can hide visual effects for items in the equipment tab (equip effects)
  • Tot's Know-how has been revamped
  • Feedback Survey System has been added to the game on log out
Welcome to Alishan v167: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Alishan has been added to the game
  • Hackshield is no longer integrated with MapleStory(removed)
Reboot v168: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Most jobs have a skill change of some sort
  • Reboot Server added to the list of current worlds
  • Battle Analysis system has been added to the game
  • Hyper Stat system has been revamped
  • Transfer hammer has been added to the game
  • More Star Force maps have been added to the game
  • Theme dungeons below level 100 now have new rewards
  • Mastery books can now be acquired more easily
  • Owl on Minerva can now search for tradable cash shop items
Kinesis v169: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Kinesis has been added to the game
  • Mu Lung Dojo has been revamped
Ursus the Mighty v170: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Ursus the Mighty has been added to the game
  • Korean Folk Town has been revamped
  • Spiegelmann's Ghost Park has been added to the game
  • MapleTV has been removed from the Free Market
Masteria Through Time v171: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Mastera Through Time parts 1 and 2 have been added
  • Masteria quests now give new equipment
  • Masteria has been revamped
  • Beasts of Fury 2 has been added
  • Shaolin Temple Theme Dungeon has been added
  • Shanghai has been added
Maple Eleven v172: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • Many classes have received skill changes to balance them
  • Zakum has been revamped
  • Easy mode Empress has been added
  • Bounty Hunter Portals have been added
  • Rune of Hordes, Skill, and Barrage have been added
  • Rune of Decay has been removed
  • Transfer hammer has been updated
  • Combo orbs now give more EXP
  • Sudden missions now give more exp and spell traces
  • Mu Lung Dojo has been updated
  • Dimensional Mirror has been removed from Ellinia, Period, Kerning City, and Lith Harbor
  • Final damage has been removed from the calculation of damage stat
Detectives v173: Patch Notes
Class Changes:
  • None
  • Stellar Detectives quest line has been added
  • Hyperspace Cube has been added
Edit: I couldn't figure how to hyperlink on the Maplestory website so the second half has no hyperlinks outside of the actual patch notes. If I missed anything let me know.
Edit 2: Stickied boys
submitted by ImRhinne to Maplestory

Fanfiction by Science

So as to not bias responses, please complete the stickied survey before reading. And remember, if any part of this is bad, it's y'all's fault for voting for it. (Symmetrically, I will be more than happy to award the sub credit for any parts that happen to be good.)
"You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there."
"What do you mean, 'better'?" Harry asked.
"There's a politically powerful magical nobility," Draco said matter-of-factly. "This means that wizards who are part of the nobility are better than others."
"Huh. I guess I must be set to inherit significant magical power if you want to be my friend so badly."
"I wouldn't say significant political power. However, when you vanquished the Dark Lord, you formed a soul bond with every witch whose parents he killed."
Harry blanched causing Draco to burst out laughing.
"Just kidding! There's no such thing at romantic soul bonds. Not in reality, anyway, just in trashy romance novels. A word of warning, though. Some witches might try to convince you that you have a marriage contract with them. Don't listen. For you to be part of a contract, you have to assented to it. You can't be bound by a contract you haven't agreed to; not only is that contracts 101, it's chapter 1 in contracts 101"
"So, for instance, if there were to be a dangerous tournament, and someone else entered my name, since I never promised to compete in said tournament, I categorically could not be part of a magically-binding contract."
"Exactly! In fact, in such a situation, you should be extremely suspicious of anyone who tells you that you had entered a magically-binding contract. In fact, such a person is likely to have been the one to enter you."
Despite having only inherited a lesser noble title, in the few months Harry had been at Hogwarts, he'd learned that there were other ways to power: after all, Dumbledore had immense power despite no noble name. Harry was doing quite well along that front. A contingent, lead by Ernie McMillan, was now convinced the reason Voldemort had targeted Harry was to take out the competition preemptively. That, however, would not dampen Harry's enjoyment of the Halloween feast.
(Feast comes from the Latin festa, meaning holiday; wizards celebrate Halloween as a formal holiday because they observe a pagan calendar.)
"There's a troll downstairs!" Professor Quirrell Tom said lowly.
There was only a split second for commotion before several firecrackers from Dumbledore silenced the room.
"Prefects will guide students back to their dormitories. Staff will join me on a troll hunt."
On the way back to the common room, Ron grabbed Harry's sleeve. "Hermione doesn't know about the troll!"
Harry glanced at Percy disdainfully. Years of abuse and authority failing to help had taken their toll. Harry had no faith in the rules-loving Percy to effectively find Hermione and guide her to safety, especially when time was of the essence. Instead, he grabbed Fred and George and pulled them into an empty classroom they were passing.
"You two have an uncanny ability to figure out where people are. I'm not going to ask you to give away any secrets, but Hermione doesn't know about the troll and we can't spare the time to search for her."
Fred and George exchanged serious glances, turned their backs, pulled something out and a few muttered words later, Harry knew exactly where he needed to go.
"We're getting this place some real health and safety measures" he muttered to himself, pulling on the cloak. "When I'm done here, I'm going to rally the noble houses." Malfoy, whose father was head of the board of governors, would be an easy target; Dumbledore had sent Slytherin right at the troll. Muggles had figured this stuff out ages ago; it spoke to the pervasive pureblood culture that the muggleborns hadn't managed to push through commonsense regulations that would keeps trolls out.
"...And when the troll tried to get a rise out of me (inspired by the levitation charm Ron had used), I didn't reply, and it vanished!" Sometimes, Harry really loved magic.
"Blimely. Weren't you afraid you were going to run out magic?" Colin Creevey, who started Hogwarts a year earlier so I'd have a muggleborn who could ask this question and plausibly not already know the answer.
"Wizards cannot run out of magic," said Hermione. "I read it in Hogwarts: a History." Everybody respected her as the best-read (if not most magically genius) member of the house; despite being backwards in many ways, the wizarding world at least didn't have strictly-enforced gender roles.
(I usually don't write fanfiction because I suck at characterisation, so "I read it in Hogwards: a History" is as close to "in-canon charecterisations" as you guys are going to get.)
"There is only power and those too weak to seek it," Tom said energetically/timely.
"Like the philosopher's stone?" Harry asked, tossing it in the air and catching it. "I was wondering: how does it determine where an object begins for purposes of turning it to gold? If I were to try to turned the banana into gold, for instance, would it turn the whole banana into gold, or just the peel?"
"Actually, the turning to gold part is pretty underpowered. Only matter that actually touches the stone gets turned to gold, so you can only turn the surface of an object into gold," Tom said guiltily.
"Huh. In that case, I guess it's not much use to me. You take it," Harry said. He threw the stone at Quirrell, casting a spell at the same time. Quirrell recognized the stone as a distraction and dodged the spell. Unfortunately for him, the spell was the distraction and the stone, accelerated by a nonverbal banishing charm, caved his head in.
"So, what are you going to do next?" Harry asked turning towards the spirit rising from Quirrell's corpse.
"Go to my father's house, possess the gardener," Tom said, deciding to be frank. "After that, I should get a servant to replace this one" Tom said remembering. "But until then, time to take advantage of not being weighed down by flesh," Tom said lightly. He flew away.
"...Something has really messed up his reasoning," said Harry to no one in particular.
"Voldemort is my past, present, and future," Tom's Alzheimer's said.
As the robed figures approached Harry, he began to hear screams. A cold, high-pitched voice cut through them.
"Stand aside, you silly girl. Leave!" Tom said dismissively.
"No, not Harry! Take me instead!"
"Avada Kedavra!" Tom cursed.
The curse rebounded on him. "Alas, I am slain!" Tom croaked.
Hermione, having had little success in getting Gryffindors to join SPEW, was hoping that Hufflepuffs would find the cause more worthy. With all of Hufflepuff united behind Cedric, she'd only need to convince him instead of an entire house. This, however, was proving harder than she'd anticipated.
"I find," Cedric said, "that wizard's do not have a clear and unambiguous moral duty to unilaterally free all the house elves."
"Two of them? Well, we only need the one; kill the other," Tom said sparingly.
And when the creature spoke, it used Harry’s mouth, so that in his agony he felt his jaw move...
"Kill me now, Dumbledore," said Tom possessively.
Voldemort was enjoying spinning Charity Burbage around when he heard a munching sound coming from his right-hand woman. "I had wanted the last pumpkin pasty," said Tom belatedly.
Harry looked around Kings Cross, marveling at how clean it was, before looking back at Dumbledore. "I can appreciate that, on balance, your actions made the wizarding world better off, but I think, in the end, they still made me worse off."
Dumbledore sighed. "I'd like to think that I made the wizarding world better off, but my dear boy, I truly am sorry for the toll it took on you (by a very narrow margin that might reverse depending on future responses.)"
"Future responses?"
"Ah, I shouldn't have said that. Being dead, I'm clairvoyant, but since you've chosen to come back to life, there are some things you are not allowed to know. Obliviate!"
"Gee golly gosh gloriosky" thought Harry Potter as he stepped into the Head Auror's office. "Here I am, the youngest Head Auror of all time! (Nota bene., to comply with the rules, let it be known that I am past the age of majority across every jurisdiction)" Ginny (also past the age of majority in every relevant jurisdiction) came up to him with census data (medium population; America not a magical utopia.)
"Oh, Head Auror, I love you madly. Will you come to bed with me?"
"Hell yeah!"
"Would you like Draco to join us?" After that fateful night that Dumbledore had died, Malfoy had turned spy for the Order. He and Harry were best buds now.
"Not this time."
"Flawlessly logical. I admire your mind."
And then..... we began to french passively! He was so sexy my body got all hot kind of like an erection only I'm a girl so I didn't get an erection you sicko. (AN: clitoral erections exist and I'm told they are important, although, as a single dude, I couldn't tell you firsthand—but I'm still in school, so maybe we'll cover that in detail at some point) And then... we HAD SEX (c is that dum). I was beginning to have an orgism!
While Harry's out of the office, Hermione used it to have hot femslash sex with Luna. (Both, obviously, were past the age of majority in every relevant jurisdiction.)
submitted by zzzyxas to HPfanfiction

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