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Fifa 11 spanish commentary patch

Hacked fIFA 14 All Commentary Languages files + PS3

Fifa 19 Spanish Commentary. Redeem a code This content requires a game (sold separately).

Pitch Notes: FIFA 19 Title Update #7

Fifa 11 spanish commentary patch. Dedicated players have converted, and an entire generation. Oklahoma State Cowboys at 18 Oklahoma Sooners 21.11.2020. Copy all files to Game. It is also the first in which the players on the covers were chosen by popular vote, including one of the first three women to. Bellow you will have the download links.

Patch amazon.com: FIFA Soccer 13 [Download]: Video Games

FIFA Download – FIFA 17, 18, 19, 20 For Free. England's World Cup hopes hang in the balance as Bangladesh claim dramatic two-wicket win. FIFA 2020 (titled FIFA 2020: Major League Soccer in North America, and FIFA 2020: Europa League Soccer in Japan) is an association football video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. Download latest pes patch and pes 2020 patch updates for Pro Evolution Soccer game, pes2017 patches, boots, faces, kits, 2020 pesedits packs for PC and PS4. Football Law Annual Review 2020 online edition #1716 - Holding the 70th FIFA Congress as a virtual meeting on 18 September 2020 #1715 – Impact of COVID-19 on member associations. FIFA (video game series) https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=1051.

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Download fifa 09 Commentary packs - PlayStation Nation

Showing 1-10 of 11 reviews. AUTHOR new banner & flags - new english commentary. Find Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Sevilla result on Yahoo Sports. I know this topic has almost died but I'm trying to resusitate this project to get this fifa commentary patch finished. They are the best duo this year by a milestone although i quite liked the female sideline reporter with the spanish commentary. GuidinG PrinciPles on Business and Human riGHts https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=1042.

The most annoying FIFA commentary phrases

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2020-14 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

Sevilla vs Huesca Live Football Score Match Match 101 Commentary - Catch live football commentary of Sevilla vs Huesca with live score updates, points table & results. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: FIFA 19 Legacy Edition (PS3) https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=1059. Highest aggression fifa 20 https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=1057. FIFA 20 offline for android is a football simulation video game developed by EA Sports (Electronic Arts Sports), as the 27th installment in the FIFA series. FIFA 21: Change Commentary Language. If it happened in 2020, Fifa 2020 Free Full Version is the 27th instalment of this.

FIFA 20 Mobile Android Offline APK + OBB + DATA

French, German, Italian, Spanish Commentary for The Journey: Champions is currently not available. Wholesale FIFA 18: For re-sellers, we also offer FIFA 18 at wholesale prices. Will be ALL-IN-ONE: 2020-17 wont be needed, as all features are included at the 2020-18 patch but Add-ons will be needed to be downloaded seperatly. Spain: 1-Iker Casillas; 15-Sergio Ramos, 3-Gerard Pique, 5-Carles Puyol, 11-Joan Capdevila; 22-Jesus Navas, 14-Xabi Alonso, 8-Xavi, 16-Sergio Busquets; 9-Fernando Torres, 7-David Villa. How to change commentaries to SPANISH!! ! - FIFA Soccer 11. The Champions League licence - nabbed from Konami for this year's game - is a welcome addition for FIFA fans, although the commentary is awful.

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The Division Streamers

Where can I watch The Division gameplay?


Name Link Language TimeZone Schedule Description
[PC] The Division twitch English EST (GMT -5) - Small Streamer here. Join the Herd!
[PC]New York Blizzard trees_2cg / ryuk_2cg English Central Time 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm, 9pm-12pm -
2PLYR twitch English CST (+others) A team of gamers who stream and create YouTube content across all platforms and timezones. We'll be streaming on the official 2PLYR channel as well as our partners channels.
ABadHaiku Twitch English/Maybe some Spanish EST - -
Aboy007 (PC) twitch English timezone Mon-Fri 3-6 PST I hope I can have a lot of fun in The Division!
ADeafBlindMan twitch / YouTube CST Streaming when possible College student with part time job. Playing with friends and roommates. Pretty chill. (Full release)
Adventures of the SHTF Division Twitch English Eastern Time I'll be playing from noon-or-earlier Friday till the end of the Beta. I'm just a regular PC gamer who likes to live-stream.
Aeleas youtube English US East (GMT-4/5) Evenings & Weekends I'm going to try to stream most of my time with The Division
Aodan twitch English EST Jan 29th PC 720p 3pm-9pm -
Aviticus Dragon youtube English GMT-5 weekdays starting around 9PM EST and Saturdays around 7PM EST Will be streaming A LOT of The Division on release
Boomslangg Plays The Division boomslangg_ rogueagentradio English EST Start To Finish (Minus Breaks For Food And Stretching) -
BrigzZ Twitch twitch English EST (GMT -5) Mainly nights after 9PM EST Just a small time streamer trying to make a name for himself and better the gaming community.
Cadokun twitch English GMT -5 Every Thurday at 8pm Playing with clanmates, we tend to shoot the shit and crack jokes. I like answering chat questions!
CallMeOctopus Plays The Division Twitch English East Coast USA! Probably upwards of 12+ hours each day Will be playing with my friends
cromusz Twitch English EST (-5) Friday Evening through noon Sunday. -
D0M_PyroFenixVA twitch English EST, GMT -5 It varies, follow twitter for updates Description
Dads of Destiny! (The Wolfpack) twitch English EST Thursday 5pm-2am, Friday-Sunday will be 24 hr streams Dads of Destiny will be diving into The Division Beta
DeBAUS twitch English EST after work starting at about 3pm Central If you like Metal and mayhem come watch my stream.
Defekter Platform: PC twitch English EST Schedule: Monday - Friday. 3pm - 1am. Playing with a full group 16+hDay at release.
DennisMenace94 twitch English -5 EST 9 am to 12/1 pm and 9 pm til late. Leveling up and gearing up and finding groups and causing mayhem in DZ.
Division PC Beta with fam twitch English Central Standard (GMT -6) Friday Afternoon (4pm Chicago) into late night. Saturday morning/day. Sunday morning/day. Playing some Division with
DKZLive Twitch English EST Saturday 9pm-11pm and Friday Through Sunday at various times Follow our misadventures as we attempt to navigate The Dark Zone
Dragos Gaming twitch English UTC-8:00 Feb. 19-21 starting at 9am until 10pm This stream will be helpful to those that are still considering whether or not they should buy the game, as I review the game while I play.
DTH twitch English CST mostly be a late night streaming I am very much a casual gamer that plays with friends
Eddbert twitch English CST Fri 5pm to 12am, Sat 12pm to 12am, Sun 12pm to 10pm In the beta I will complete the PVE on Friday and PVP after and in to the weekend
First Look at Open Beta twitch English EST / GMT -5 9am to 9pm Going thru all PVE content, then maxing out gear in the Dark Zone
flukedout Twitch English TimeZone As long as beta is up Long Division / Playing with online with friends I've had for 15 years.
Full Beta Stream! Twitch English EST Start - Finish -
Gamesager twitch English PST Random Grindy streamer who focuses on being really good at the games I play.
genesislair twitch Italian / English too PST - PC/PVE / PVP
GoodGameBro youtube English EST Daily videos Tips videos, adventures & LOTS of gameplay as the full game releases.
highstakesjenga Twitch English EST Gonna be playing as much as i possibly can during the beta -
Hyperr_Reflex twitch English EST Will be streaming as much as possible Will be doing a play-through with friends that haven't played the game at all.
iBirdMan_ twitch English EST Sunday - Thursday 8:30pm - 11:30pm & Friday - Saturday 9:00pm - 1:00am I plan to full time stream The Division once it launches. I try to play and rotate my viewers as much as possible.
KingDB16 twitch English American EST From start - finish! Will be streaming PS4 group PvE/PvP
KinglyIII Twitch English EST 8 PM EST Squad Gameplay, me and the usual crew
Koncept Gaming twitch English EST (UTC -5) nightly around 9:30pm EST shooting for an all day stream on 2/18 Love discussing strategies and mechanics.
KrystalAnn twitch English MST/GMT-7 24/7 24 Hour streams with giveaways and games throughout! Will be mostly playing with 3 others consistently. We curse a lot and have a crude sense of humor, PG-13/R rated.
Lead Farmers twitch English -5 EST Nights from 10PM-1AM We will be leveling up, making allies/enemies, and will be running rogue in DZ while farming lead the entire time.
Legundo youtube English EST Weekday Evenings, as much as I can on the weekend. I'll be streaming from the Xbox One,
MassNation Gaming twitch English Est Full duration of Open Beta Will be streaming for Open beta.
mEzbomb (PS4) twitch English PST 4pm+ PST Weekdays Noon+ Weekend Heavy Rogue OPS, Honest game play (no running out of bounds / spawn camping).
N3XUSPR0GRAM twitch English EST (GMT-5) No fixed schedule, but probably heavy on Sunday for the open beta. I will very likely going Rogue often, possibly with groups.
NaMeSR4LoOSeRS twitch English CST Streaming Friday 6 PM, Saturday Afternoon or Evening, Sunday Evening Come hang and chat with me and my fireteam buddies, and watch me save my relationship by letting my gf play with us
NevanNedall twitch English -5 EST Weekdays aprox. 3-9pm, weekends sporadic General content, PvE and DZ alike.
Open Beta Advanced Gameplay MythPlus English Pacific Time/PST/GMT-8 Thursday/Friday from around 8am Pacific time, that's 11am Eastern and 12pm GMT. Sunday mostly all day working to make the DZ a better place. Questions in chat are welcome and will answer any and all requests/questions etc
Open World Games youtube English MST 12PM -
PsiliPharm2012 twitch English CST (-6 GMT) Monday - Friday, 6:00 PM CST - 12:00 AM I currently stream mostly Destiny content, however I hope The Division keeps me busy until Destiny 2.
Quasiderp twitch English PST (-8GMT) Monday - Friday 6:00pm PST - 10:00pm PST, Saturday & Sunday: Times vary Currently focusing on Destiny, Overwatch (closed beta) and The Division Beta.
Qunky twitch English PST (-8 GMT) most of the morning and throught the night for the month Im interested in playing a Tank/Front line healer while being a bounty hunter in the DZ
Rankil twitch English EST Beta Start to Finish. Playing both PS4 and PC beta to compare/contrast both platforms
Rankil of GameByNumber twitch/ youtube English EST Late (9pm-2am) Evenings Stream later evenings on weekdays and longer days on weekends
Recaldy twitch English CST (-6 GMT) Friday, Saturday Mostly PvE content primarily focusing on becoming lost in the white zone as I've seen enough of the darkzone.
shAhamkara twitch English EST From 5 AM EST 28-31 JAN -
Shields_Activated twitch English EST Starting around 7-9pm EST streaming for 7-8 hours Let's hangout, learn how to improve in games together and have fun!
Sir Hyde twitch English CST (-6 GMT) Monday - Thursday, 8:45 PM CST - 12:00 AM CST When I started streaming, I decided I wanted to create a community where people could get away from the trolls, negativity and rude people found online.
SlumberKnight twitch English GMT - 08:00 - -
SmartWatch Podcast Streams The Division Beta Twitch English PST - SmartWatch - The original podcast dedicated to The Division -
Sneakker twitch English EST (GMT -5) Every Day 10:00 pm till i pass out Started about 2 months ago, we have had a lot of positive feedback from everyone and have our own little community going of people who love video games and also other things like anime.
Soulrakk twitch English EST (GMT -5) Evening (8pm - Pass out) Going through PVE and then Dark Zone with and without team.
SpR1GgZ twitch English CST evenings for 4-5 hours a night I plan on pushing end game content with my crew of guys very quickly, should be exciting to watch and we will have some great laughs.
Team FuXion Twitch English PST 8 hours (or more) everyday The Division On Xbox One
Team Pixelated plays the Division pxl8pepsiblue Gandromil English EST The whole weekend. Minus Sleep. -
techniq twitch English CST Streamed both beta's, and will be streaming the full game on launch. Borderline casual/hardcore gamer, playing and streaming with friends.
The Division Beta (PS4) youtube English EST Schedule I'm gonna be playing off and on with my real life friends a
The Division Beta twitch English EST - Come hang out in my slow and boring chat
The Division Beta Marathon twitch English EST 6pm - midnight weekdays and all day long weekend -
The Division Beta XB1 Twitch English EST From start of beta till finish (at least 12-15hrs a day) We are a collaboration multiple gamers/streamers, located through Massachusetts.
The Division with the Pack Twitch English Pacific As much as I can w/o wife aggro -
The_on9 twitch English CST 8+ hours a day 6pm-2am Tuesday-Sunday I mainly stream Rainbow 6 Siege, CSGO, H1Z1, and APB. or what ever my viewers want.
TheDivision BETA youtube English CET 24/7 -
TrufflebutterandJelly twitch English PST M-TH 6pm-10pm, Fri-Sun 6pm-whenever casual and chill gaming, lots of PVP
Two Men in The Division! twitch English Eastern Standard Time US Starting about 6:30 Friday playing as often as possible throughout weekend. I'll be streaming on PC with one of my best friends.
Tyverus twitch ENG CST 6pm-12am Mon-Sat Keeping the Hive in order on a nearly nightly basis!
Urban Irregulars Exercise Beta Operations twitch English EST 24 hours from start of beta to finish Urban Irregulars members will be streaming on our channel
vbats1 twitch English CST entire open beta from around 10am CST-7pm CST will probably be playing with some of my clan members and viewers when spots open up
Vox Plays twitch English Pacific US - -
Xbone Division with My Buds Twitch English/Bad English PST Weekdays 7pm - 12am I'm an occasionally chill guy that likes to chat and play games with friends, hilarity/boredom usually ensues.
Xbox One - The Division Beta youtube English Eastern US Early AM Thursday My clan will be doing educational videos about The Division Beta on YouTube.
xDayNightGamingx twitch English PST - Will Play Beta all day every day
xScottYT twitch English EST As much as i physically can. I'm an newish streamer who's goal is mainly helping people
Zac kn1ght twitch English EST open beta from 18th til end. Will be streaming atleast 12 hours a day I use to stream destiny but never made it big enough to stream full time.
Kenni twitch English Pacific 3/7/16 9PM onward (12-24 hour streams) Will play lone wolf until each wing of the BoO is unlocked, then play missions and Dark Zone with viewers and other streamers on all 3 platforms.
cheezyfox twitch English United States EST (UTC -5) Mostly weekends, some latenight streams Overall good vibes and NYC exploration.
AngryFace twitch English Central America I will try to stream this game as much as I can. I've recently started myself online as "AngryFace". Sometimes I'm very easily irritated, so that's why that name
guardiantyr twitch English Central US Schedule 10am-12pm till I'm Ready For sleep Monday-Sunday New Streamer looking to have fun and chat it up.
tabl3s twitch English CST 5-7 days a week @ 6pm I plan on hitting The Division pretty hard come release.
Arrux twitch English GMT 4 nights a week from 19:00 gmt is focus initially on the story/mission aspect before switching focus to Dark Zone
Trayyd twitch English PST 12pm-5pm - weekends 11-6pm Midnight Streams Fun Stream enjoy laughs intense gameplay lame and corny jokes and lovable personality
3ybx twitch English PST Live every day around noon - midnight I critique games very harshly, and play incredibly well.
8-Bit Tavern twitch English Pacific Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5PM PST/8PM EST We are a small group looking to have fun with their community in the DZ and checking out the PVE content!
Swiftor twitch English Eastern time Daily at 3pm Eastern I stream lots of multiplayer stuff. Gameplay will eventually focus on coordinated rogue efforts in the Dark Zone.
TheMaddFratter youtube English PST(GMT-8) 9pm-3am NWG Officer gettting into streaming for the first time!
IIBADII twitch English CST 24 hour release day stream teaming up to stream Division on a 24 hour stream with a CD key giveaway!
Agent Zono [1080p 60fps] twitch English Est (GMT-5) 8pm-3am
Outlin3r [twitch](www.twitch.tv/Outlin3r) English EST (GMT -5) you can mostly find me on the evenings but with release I'm very new to streaming but I really enjoy connecting with people who are as interested in gaming
StreamerHouse [twitch]( twitch.tv/streamerhouse) English Timez9one 24/7 Stream We will be taking on a 1000hr marathon playing The Division on all three systems!
EnlightenedD twitch english EST Mostly night mornings Been gaming for years now I'm 22 years old and have alot of experience in all different types of games
Lolzumad twitch English EST evenings for several hours and weekends heavily I come from Destiny where I regularly streamed Lighthouse carries.
Tekin[PC] twitch Mostly English/Some JPN Pacific(PST) None at the moment due to different work schedule Mainly plays variety of FPS shooters in PC. Chill and relax games all around. played Division since close/open. if you wanna group up just type in chat with your Uplay ID ___^
  XB1 | twitch | English | PST | Monday-Friday @ 5PM and Saturday-Sunday @ 9AM | Beginning streamer, love to have fun in games and really looking forward to building a community! germangler | twitch | English | PST | mon/tues/thur 9am to 2. All weekdays 6pm to 12pm. Saturday 10am till ?, sunday is an off day | On weekdays and saturday itll be all division, and sundays will be other games such as fifa pro clubs PS4-evandros | twitch | English | PST | Mon-Fri usually anytime during the day, or 9pm-3am | My stream is a variety of games, mostly consisting of playing games with my dad with a lot of Jolly Cooperation and competitive play


Name Link Language TimeZone Schedule Description
[UK] PC Division Dark zone Gameplay twitch English GMT/BST From release till pretty late each night I am a long time streamer looking into moving over to The Division full time when released
Ahyperteddybear Twitch English GMT Friday Evening through noon Sunday I will be streaming PC gameplay
Arekkz Gaming Twitch English GMT, UK - -
Arena525 twitch English GMT Saturday Streams 2pm - 6pm GMT, however, this will be changed for The Division open I'm completely focusing on The Division as my game to stream, majority of the streams will be going up on my Youtube channel.
Cherryschnaps twitch Swissgerman / German / English CET Division will be streamed whenever real life says ok Most gameplay will be in the dark zone.
Ciero_XI twitch English EST Most of the day during release and day after, then afternoons most weekdays Grumpy gamer plays games with other people.
DamnitBennett twitch English EST Tuesday & Thursday 8pm - 2am Friday 9am - 6pm Weekends announced on twitter Variety streamer, but plan to stream a large amount of The Division
DeltaFarce twitch English EST 12 hour launch stream at 12:01am EST DeltaFarce is a PSN community that started up just after the announcement of Destiny a few years back. As time went on we decided to shift our attention to The Division.
Division Hardcore twitch English GMT/UTC Open Beta Friday: 3pm-3am. Sat-Sun 10AM - 3AM Primarily focusing on PvE endgame, Challenge Modes, Raids etc. Minmaxing gear and all the things required to do so.
Division possibly new Destiny? Twitch English EST (GMT+5) 8AM-11PM -
EagleEyeSM twitch English EST Every night after 9pm Harcore, yet casual and fun.
Emil8006 twitch Hebrew CET +1 usually streaming on weekends Playing with 3 guys. Mostly streamed Guild-Wars 2 now going full on The Division.
ilidust twitch English GMT+1 - It's going to be raw gameplay without any commentary.
isaacary twitch English GMT +10 9:30pm till about 12 am Hi everyone my names isaacary I'll be looking at starting a stream
Jogando com Nils youtube live / youtube playlist Portuguese (pt-BR) GMT-3 live everyday 2h starting at 8:30pm I'm looking for explore the Division, have fun and to play with the subscribers.
Kanthos and the Scrub Force twitch English CET Daily 8pm for 6+ hours Friendly and open community just wanting to have a good time.
Marco Style Twitch English CET 0 11 AM CET - 11 PM CET 28-31 JAN playing beta all day every day
MarkMumble twitch English EST 24/7 Broadcast community focused stream, answering questions, creating discussions, min maxing builds, education oriented.
MJRamon Twitch Russian (Русский) GMT +2 All day long and beyond -
MrSkare twitch English AST/ADT I'll be streaming most of the weekend I play games for PvP, and I enjoy that aspect of it. I'm an adult so sometimes the stream is not kid friendly.
Murphy1up Twitch English CET - I work in the games industry and stream in my free time.
Nomm_TV twitch English UTC+0 - Organised play with the lads! -
PacManiacDK twitch Danish GMT+1 The Division Open BETA most of the weekend. Casual gaming
PSN: Black_Otter twitch ENG EST I should be streaming most of the day on the 8th and most nights after that
sharkmode twitch English GMT Only small breaks I'm all about viewer interaction, playing for laughs and informing the masses
Shaultz twitch English EST 6-8pm EST every night for about 7-8 hours a night Have a group of 4 that will be pushing to be one of the first groups through most of the end-game content
SkaSocks twitch English GMT Wednesday & Friday - 9pm GMT, other times announced on @skasocks Will be streaming A LOT of The Division when it's released. Come hang out - I want to meet some awesome people!
Sleaze_Cheeze twitch English with some Swedish GMT+1 I stream 8+ hours a day I'm waiting for The Division (ofc:) and will stream that game for a long time
t0nin0t Twitch Finnish and English if commented GMT+2 On all PS4 days. My clan playing this and doing everything.
Talliostro twitch German GMT+1 3 hrs/day after release on the evening I'm a casual gamer with a working life
Terenas The Division Marathon twitch Italian GMT+1 Friday, 29th of January, since beta Opening until end of Beta -
Terrox Twitch English CET+1 As much as possible, but most likely from evening to night. [PC]Actual friendly player, will focus on a pacifist playstyle. Experienced with shooters.
The Division : Découverte avec MK twitch French CET +1 Friday Evening until Saturday early evening -
The Division (PC-EU) twitch English CET 1PM-1AM (on beta day 1), normal time: 5 PM-11 PM Playing with followers.
The Division Beta - PC Gameplay twitch English GMT+1 Will try to stream as much as I can in those 3 days, though real life gets in the way of gaming sometimes. -
The Division Beta Twitch English CST Most nights of the week, hitting it hard on the weekend possible giveaways
The Division Beta Hype twitch English/German GMT + 1 Schedule i will be streaming The Divison for the whole Beta Time.
The division XBONE using XIM4 Twitch English CST Start to finish (xbone and pc) -
TheDivision BETA youtube English CET - -
Thomas Plays The Division Twitch English CST - I haven't done much in the way of streaming but I want to.
typeForced twitch English Central PC Beta 24 Hour Stream Will be attempting a 24 hour stream for the release of The Division PC Beta. There will be Giveaways, Coffee, and whatever else it takes to keep me awake!
Elvine twitch English EST Mon - Sun 3pm - Midnight High viewer interaction and will be streaming 24+ hours for launch day
Ashes twitch English EST Thursday and Friday nights 9pm EST until pass out :) High viewer interaction and fantastic community.
Lost In The World twitch - youtube Language GMT most days to twitch I used to be an pro-fps player now I just play for fun and try to have fun trolling players who think they are pro rogues :)
mslowkeykilla twitch English EST 7 days a week starting at 8am, release day at midnight I focus on having a fun and chill atmosphere with major community involvement. See ya soon!
lotharizer twitch italian/english CET On launch 24hrs on, later 15GMT to morning. Will do a 24/48hrs stream on launch
ParadoxTheGentleman youtube English and French if requested EST Daily VOD's with higher upload rate specially for The Division Down to earth Let's Player that uses stream-of-conscious to tell a continuous story.
TheMeteorus twitch English CET (GMT+1) Monday - thursday (~4pm to ~10pm), friday (~4pm to ~2am), saturday (~12pm to ~2am), sunday (12pm to ~8pm) I love playing video games, but sometimes I might go on tilt and be mad hehe.
CohhCarnage twitch English EST Starts at 8am everyday streams for 6-10 hours Massive variety game streamer great personality and community
forSeth twitch English/German CET 12am-open me and a couple friends will try to go as crazy as we can
Tdiddydog twitch English CET Evening & Weekend when I can Play a lot of everything but now its all down to The Division
kerupt twitch Language CET 7pm-midnight or later, Thursday-Sunday Warpath.gg partnered streamer, primarily The Division now that it is out, slight variety.
This is work in progress and a good reference during launch, it will later be cleaned up and re-released in some form when we have a good setup.
Title | [twitch](url) | Language | Timez9one | Scheule | Description
submitted by JokerUnique to thedivision

Match Thread: Spain vs Russia [2018 FIFA World Cup - Round of 16]

FT: Spain 1-1 (3-4p) Russia

1-0 Sergei Ignashevich OG 11'
1-1 Dzyuba 41'
Competition: 2018 FIFA World Cup, Round of 16
Kickoff time: 01 July 2018, 5 PM local, 3 PM BST, 10 AM EST
Stadium: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia
Referee: Bjorn Kuipers
TV: Find your channel here
Stream: Find a stream here
ESP: Group B winners
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Spain 3 1 2 0 6 5 +1 5
Portugal 3 1 2 0 5 4 +1 5
Iran 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Morocco 3 0 1 2 2 4 -2 1
RUS: Group A runners-up
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 0 +5 9
Russia 3 2 0 1 8 4 +4 6
Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 2 7 -5 3
Egypt 3 0 0 3 2 6 -4 0
Spain: Fernando Hierro has dropped Dani Carvajal, Thiago, and surprisingly Andres Iniesta. Nacho resumes his place at right back, whereas Atletico Madrid's Koke will partner Busquets in midfield. Marco Asensio will provide the creative outlet at left wing.
Russia: Top scorer Denis Cheryshev is benched as Russia look to shore up their defense. Yuri Zhirkov will transition from LB to LM, with Zenit teammate Fyodor Kudryashov adding a defensive presence to the left wing. Daler Kuzyayev has seen minutes in all three group matches but will start for the first time in this World Cup.
Spain (4-2-3-1) Club Russia (5-3-2) Club
David De Gea Igor Akinfeev
Nacho 70' Mario Fernandes
Gerard Pique Ilya Kutepov
Sergio Ramos Sergei Ignashevich 11'
Jordi Alba Fyodor Kudryashov
Koke Roman Zobnin
Sergio Busquets Daler Kuzyayev 98'
David Silva 66' Aleksandr Samedov 61'
Isco Aleksandr Golovin
Marco Asensio 103' Yuri Zhirkov 45'
Diego Costa 80' Artem Dzyuba 41' 65'
Manager: Fernando Hierro Manager: Stanislav Cherchesov
Spain bench Club Russia bench Club
Kepa Arrizabalaga Andrey Lunyov
Pepe Reina Vladimir Gabulov
Dani Carvajal 70' Andrei Semyonov
Álvaro Odriozola Vladimir Granat 45'
César Azpilicueta Yury Gazinsky
Nacho Monreal Igor Smolnikov SUS
Saúl Denis Cheryshev 61'
Thiago Alcantara Alan Dzagoev INJ
Lucas Vázquez Anton Miranchuk
Iniesta 66' Aleksandr Yerokhin 98'
Rodrigo 103' Fyodor Smolov 65'
Iago Aspas 80' Aleksei Miranchuk
- Thanks for joining us on soccer for this crucial World Cup ro. of 16 match-up! Emotions are high as the host nation look to shock a fancied yet troubled heavyweight in La Furia Roja.
- Good news for you Spain fans: in the latest version of coercing football predictions from mammals, Harry the "oracle" otter has predicted Spain will knock out Russia.
-5': HERE WE GO! The teams are walking down the tunnel.
-4': Spain's Royal March (La Marcha Real) is crooned by the Spaniard faithful in the crowd. The glorious lyrics of the Soviet-era Russian national anthem is belted out by an overwhelming Russian majority.
-1': A coin is flipped and sides are chosen. Akinfeev shakes hands with Sergio "Fuck" Ramos. Spain will start us off.
10': Zhirkov goes in with his boot high on Nacho, leaving Nacho writhing (?) on the ground in pain. Dangerous free kick for Spain.
11': SPAIN HAVE TAKEN AN EARLY LEAD! It's that man, Sergio Ramos, who pops up to poke the ball home from the resulting freekick! Spain 1-0 Russia
12': So it appears that the ball came off of Ignashevich. Own Goal strikes again!
23': Isco performs a bit of magic, flicks a sombrero over a Russian head before being brought down by Golovin.
33': The crowd resort to entertaining themselves with a Mexican wave. The wave has been the most interesting part of the game for the last 10 minutes.
36': First opportunity of the game for Russia! Dzyuba struggles to get the ball to Golovin, Golovin cuts inside and lashes his shot just wide.
40': PENALTY FOR RUSSIA! Pique earns a yellow card after blocking a header with his hand following a corner! Dzyuba steps up to take the penalty...
41': DZYUBA SENDS DE GEA THE WRONG WAY AND EQUALIZES! Russia are level and Spain protest to no avail. Game on! Spain 1-1 Russia
2 minutes of added time
45+1: Diego Costa has two chances foiled by Akinfeev. A sublime defense-splitting pass puts hi through on goal but he's blocked by Ignashevich. Seconds later, Isco crosses to the far post but Costa heads right into Akinfeev's hands.
Spain STATS Russia
1 Goals 1
72% Possession 28
3 Attempts 5
0 Corners 3
1 Yellow cards 0
0 Red cards 0
Yuri Zhirkov is replaced by Vladimir Granat.
50': Diego Costa heads an indirect free kick high. Iniesta and Lucas Vázquez are seen warming up.
54': Kutepov is booked by the referee.
61': Aleksandr Samedov comes off to a standing ovation from the Russian crowd. Denis Cheryshev replaces him as Russia look to take the game to Spain.
65': Russia going all out here as they use their last substitution. Fyodor Smolov comes off the bench to replace goalscorer Artem Dzyuba.
66': The legend makes an appearance for Spain's first substitution. Iniesta ends David Silva's participation in the match.
70': Attacking change as the more offense-minded Dani Carvajal replaces his Real Madrid teammate, Nacho.
75': The Spanish are being whistled with every pass they make. Russia are firmly entrenched in their half, waiting for the opportune moment to counter attack.
80': Diego Costa makes way for Iago Aspas. Both teams have no substitutions left.
85': Iniesta rockets a half-volley on target but Akinfeev saves low and to the right! Close for La Furia Roja!
90' Russia are in set piece purgatory. Spain have an indirect free kick and four successive corners in the span of 2 minutes but fail to make them count. Ramos heads the last corner ovah di bah.
4 minutes of additional time
90+3': Heart attack for Spain as Kudryashov cuts inside into the penalty area and drives the ball just meters off target!
KICK OFF First half of extra time begins!
97': Russia have made the first ever fourth substitution in World Cup history. Kuzayev makes way for Aleksandr Yerokhin.
100': Aspas and Asensio combine for the latter to shoot straight at the keeper Akinfeev.
103': Fernando Hierro follows suit with the fourth substitution. Marco Asensio is replaced by Valencia CF's Rodrigo.
105': An accurate depiction of how the game has gone for Spain so far.
109': Rodrigo breaks free of Kutepov and bears down on goal, forcing a brilliant save from Akinfeev! A follow up attempt from Aspas is blocked! Spain are pushing forward in numbers now...
111': Only Smolov is outside the Russian penalty area as Pique crashes a left foot shot against the sea of Russian defenders. It is ALL Spain so far.
115': We're going to VAR! Ignashevich looks to have grabbed Pique's shirt in the area...
116': No penalty! The referee waves play on.
118': The game is winding down. The heavens have frowned on this game as rain begins to pour down. A penalty shootout is looming...
1 minute of added time
120+1': Rodrigo has one last shot but Akinfeev once again sweeps up the ball.
Spain Penalties Russia
Iniesta 1-0
1-1 Smolov
Pique 2-1
2-2 Ignashevich
Koke 2-2
2-3 Golovin
Ramos 3-3
3-4 Cheryshev
Iago 3-4
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