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A Rebuttal to "Was Michael Jackson a Pedophile"

This is not how I prefer to spend my Sunday afternoons, but after seeing the “argument” by Se-lena, I felt compelled to respond.
TL;DR: Se-lena’s post is a weak argument, and relies on readers to take the post at face value, uses only a single bias source as reference, and relies on salacious rumour and lurid innuendo to make the “appeal to emotion” logical fallacy in order to convince readers on the matter of Michael Jackson’s guilt of alleged child molestation.
This rebuttal will go through Se-lena’s post nearly line-by-line and will examine how flawed the argument is.
As we all know, Michael Jackson loved children. He turned his estate into a child’s paradise. He invited hordes of children to ride rides and visit his zoo. He says that in children, he sees “the face of God.” Some say Michael only felt comfortable around children and was child-like himself.
You go no further to expand upon it and examine as to why Jackson had an affinity with children. From the age of six, Michael Jackson, along with his older brothers, spent long hours after school in band rehearsal at home, afterwards, the Jackson brothers would travel for hours into the city to perform in clubs and bars alongside drag-shows and strip-tease performances.
By the time he was a teenager, Jackson was already a rather seasoned performer, and as a performer at Motown, Jackson lamented the long recording hours.
“I would do my schooling with a tutor which was 3 hours, and right after that I’d go to the recording studio and record… for hours and hours until it was time to go to sleep… I remember going to the recording studio, there was a park across the street and I’d see all the children playing… and I would cry, it made me sad that I would have to go and work instead.”
I ran into a thought-provoking article titled Profile and Common Characteristics of a Pedophile.
The article you found “thought-provoking” was written by Charles Montaldo. His bio on ThoughtCo is as follows:
  • Former licensed private investigator
  • Worked extensively with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies investigating crime and fraud
Montaldo has zero experience in psychology, developmental psychology, or victims of child abuse. This is your first weak source.
Psychopathology and Personality Traits of Pedophiles” on Psychiatric Times [by Lisa J. Cohen, PhD, and Igor I. Galynker, MD, PhD] does not corroborate on almost any of the points you refer to. Even the WikiHow article “How to Identify a Pedophile" doesn’t corroborate with your linked article well.
Your first instance of the logical fallacy “Appeal to Emotion." This is a particularly disingenuous means of forming an argument. The abuse of a child is, of course, a particularly disturbing subject, but in Western modes of legal proceedings, we do not judge a crime based on how we feel - judgement is passed on evidence, reasoning, and fact. It’s how we, as a society, prevent mob mentality and lynching
But then there were his “special” friends.
“Special” is a subjective term.
These were young boys, typically around the age of 10-14, whom Michael spent inordinate amounts of time with. He took them along on tours and trips, had them appear in his music videos and commercials, and lavished them with expensive gifts.
“Inordinate” is again, another subjective term. You also fail to mention that with each of these people you list, their parents and siblings were also with them.
Four of these boys have accused Michael of molestation. A few claim that nothing inappropriate happened.
“A few” — you mean the majority of the people who have spent time with Jackson.
The elephant in to the room is that they tended to be very attractive boys.
As people pointed out in the comments section, this comment of yours is completely inappropriate, and subjective for that matter.
Jordan Chandler [1993 accuser]
Jimmy Safechuck [2014 accuser]
Emmanuel Lewis [Emmanuel is 13 in this picture; he has a growth disturbance.]
Jonathon Spence
Wade Robson [2013 accuser]
Brett Barnes
Macauley Culkin [Home Alone star]
Omer Bhatti
Gavin Arvizo [2005 accuser]
[This is not a comprehensive list.]
Aren’t lists fun? You fail to mention that Gavin Arvizo, Macauley Culkin, Brett Barnes, Emmanuel Lewis, Jordan Chandler, and Omer Bhatti all have sisters who spent equal amounts of time with Jackson. You can read the entire court transcripts from people such as Karlee Barnes, Chantal Robson, and Joy Robson here
A quick Google search reveals some questionable photos of Michael with these boys.
Again, “questionable” is a subjective term.
What exactly is “questionable" about this photo? It looks like they’re playing.
link - Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on in this picture? Is the baby bottle on the window sill for Michael??
Michael Jackson owned animals, remember? Infant chimpanzees [which Jackson often times let indoors] are bottle fed.
link - Check out where Michael's left hand is.
Again, what is “questionable” about this photograph? His hand is on his leg, outside of the clothing.
And again, what exactly is “questionable” about this photographs? This is clearly part of a photoshoot. Have you ever been in a photoshoot? There’s usually a photographer telling you how to pose.
You’re relying heavily on innuendo for these photos to be “questionable.”
link - This is Michael holding Jordan Chandler, his 1993 accuser, in his lap at the World Music Awards. Note that Jordan is old enough to be in 8th grade, i.e. way too old to be sitting in anyone's lap.
You know who else is there, with their head in Jackson’s hand? Lily Chandler. You’re being incredibly selective to show only photographs of Jackson with Jordan. Here is another photo of the same event. Here’s another photo of the same night
[According to Diane Diamond in this documentary, Michael was bouncing Jordan up and down and whispering his nickname, “Rubba,” over and over into his ear. People sitting nearby were feeling uncomfortable, and one of Jackson’s managers suggested that the boy go back to his seat. I don’t know where Diane got this scoop.]
Jackson’s “manager” you refer to is actually Bob Jones, Jackson’s former publicist. So right there your “documentary” has credibility issues.
Michael especially enjoyed holding hands with his young friend, Jimmy Safechuck:
Again, you rely on innuendo.
Characteristics of a “fixated” pedophile:
“…the offender has not fully developed and shows characteristics of a child. […] this type of offender is often unable to attain any degree of psychosexual maturity and, during adulthood, has had virtually no age-appropriate sexual relationships […] The fixated offender is more likely to choose victims who are male and not related to him. […] They typically recruit, groom and maintain children for a continuing sexual relationship.
This point of yours relies on readers not knowing that there is strong anecdotal evidence that Jackson was sexually interested in women. You also fail to mention the fact that Jackson was twice married, to Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe.
Jackson’s romantic relationship with Presley dates as far back as February 1993 [Taraborrelli, (2004), 507.], and Presley was quite candid that they had a healthy, sexual relationship.
“ ‘Apparently, Michael Jackson is a freak in bed,’ said Lisa’s friend Monica Pastelle. ‘Lisa said he was amazing, and she’s been around. Everyone was saying “No way, Lisa. It can’t be true…” However, she wasn’t joking, and it wasn’t long before she didn’t think it was funny either.” [Taraborrelli, (2004), 552].
Presley maintains, even after death, that they had a genuine romantic relationship.
Debbie Rowe also maintains that Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s second child, was conceived naturally.
Michael loved having sleepovers with his boys. Even friends like Brett Barnes and Macauley Culkin, who testified that Michael never molested them, admitted to sharing a bed with him. [Macauley testimony] [Brett Testimony]
“Most preferential child molesters usually work toward a situation in which the child has to change clothing, spend the night, or both. […] Spending the night with the child is the best way for sexual activity to progress.”
---Child Molesters: A Behavior Analysis [link]
Again, you’re relying on innuendo. You also seem to have just a single source of information: MJFacts — which, much like your post, relies heavily on innuendo.
In 1993, a 13-year-old boy named Jordan Chandler accused Michael of sexual molestation. Michael paid him upwards of $15 million to resolve the case.
Jackson’s insurance agency footed the bill. It was an unanimous decision by Jackson’s legal council and Jackson was pressured to resolve the case by his music label, Sony Music.
In preparation for the court proceedings, Jordan was put through a battery of tests, including an interview with a psychiatrist. The transcript of this interview is available online.
“Battery of tests” — and yet you fail to expand on this. On June 10th, 1993, Anthony Pellicano interviewed Jordan: “ ‘I decided to be straight with the kid,’ Anthony would later recall. ‘It was serious business. There was no time to be delicate. I asked him, have you ever seen Michael Jackson naked? Has he ever seen you naked? Have you ever done anything sexual with him? The kid looked me straight in the eye and said, “No. No. No.” I believed him.’ Anthony spoke to Jordie for more than an hour and, he says, was convinced that nothing inappropriate had ever occurred between him and Michael.” [Taraborrelli, (2004), 481.]
You also fail to mention the circumstances of Jordan changing his story: according to his own father, Jordan was placed under the influence of Sodium Amytal during a “dental procedure”. Evan Chandler, a dentist, had previously asked Jackson for money, for funding for his movie ambition, and even a condo built onto his house! All before Evan accused Jackson of molesting his son.
Sodium Amytal is a barbiturate — a psychotropic drug.
“It’s a psychiatric medication that cannot be relied on to produce fact,” says Dr. Resnick, the Cleveland psychiatrist. “People are very suggestible under it. People will say things under sodium Amytal that are blatantly untrue.”
According to Jordan, the situation escalated when him and Michael were in a hotel room with the flu, and Jordan’s mother and sister were sent off shopping with Michael’s credit card. Michael’s old manager corroborates this story in this documentary (at 21:42), claiming he recalls the day when Jordan and Michael were alone in the suite with the flu.
Again, that is Bob Jones, Jackson’s former publicist - NOT his manger. Little lies like this damage the credibility of your argument. Jones was also has a number of credibility issues himself, including being very strapped for cash in the early 2000s.
Jordan says that Michael used code words for sexual language.
“An erection was ‘lights.’”
“Cum was ‘duck butter.'”
[Jimmy Safechuck also recalls Michael using code words such as “bright light, big city” for an erection and “duck butter” for semen.] [source]
James Safechuck made his accusations 20 years after the Jordan Chandler allegations, and 10 years after Chandler’s deposition was illegally leaked online. You also fail to mention that Safechuck had signed legal declarations in 2005 that Jackson never molested him, and that Safechuck’s allegations are based heavily on the discredited writings of NAMBLA member Victor Gutierrez
Michael explained to Jordan that others have been “conditioned” to believe that sexual acts between a boy and a man are wrong.
And yet this is the complete opposite of Wade Robson’s allegations.
Nay-sayers believe that Evan Chandler cooked up this story and coached Jordan into telling it. I’ll say, if the story is a fabrication, it truly is a Machiavellian feat. Particularly impressive is young Jordan’s ability to tell it in chilling detail.
Again, you’re committing a logical fallacy with this point. You also blatantly ignore the fact that by Evan Chandler’s own admission in the book he ghost-wrote with his brother, Ray, he rehearsed Jordan as to what to say.
The 1993 case has a lot of internet mythos surrounding it, so let’s debunk some of them.
Jordan Chandler admitted to lying.
I had witnesses who were going to come in (and swear under oath) and say he told them it never happened and that he would never talk to his parents again for what they made him say
Jordan Chandler’s father committed suicide after Michael’s death out of guilt.
Jordan Chandler applied for legal emancipation from his parents in 1996. In 2006, Chandler's son accused his father of attacking him with a barbell, choking him and spraying his face with Mace
A recorded phone conversation proves that Evan Chandler was trying to extort Jackson for money.
In the transcript, we see that Evan genuinely suspects that Michael and Jordan are having a sexual relationship and is angry at Michael for alienating him from Jordan. There is not a word about extortion, money, or making false allegations.
If I go through with this, I win big time. I will get everything I want…". Sounds like extortion to me.
Why did they accept money?
Because Evan Chandler had requested money from Jackson before making the allegations. Because The Chandler’s filed a civil suit for financial compensation, not a criminal suit.
Skeptics often point to the flaws of June and Evan Chandler as corroborating evidence of extortion. However, the direction of causality is not clear. Due to the nature of what Michael was doing (lavishing families with money and gifts in exchange for undue amounts of time alone with their sons), only dysfunctional families would have landed in Michael’s net to begin with.
They weren’t dysfunctional. Evan Chandler was mostly absent in his ex-wife’s and son’s lives before Jackson came into the picture. In fact, Chandler owed $68,000 in child support payments to his son. He was clearly uninterested and uninvolved.
Alleged comment from Michael’s former publicist:
“And yes, he chooses people carefully – these dysfunctional families of these kids who all looked alike.”
Utter heresy and not even accurate according to your own allegations. And again, the publicist who was heavily in debt when he was selling stories.
Let’s talk about those photos of Michael’s genitalia.
There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information about this on the web. After a lot of research and hair pulling, these are the only facts I could confirm with credible sources:
Jordan correctly identified a dark spot on the lower part of Michael’s penis, as per this legal document: Page 1, Page 2
Two individual sheets of court deposition aren’t “credible sources”. Thomas Sneddon was accused of having a “vendetta” against Jackson and even went as far as planting incriminating fingerprint evidence against Michael Jackson.
Shortly after these photos were taken, Michael thought it best to pay Jordan $15 million instead of going through with the case. [The photos were taken December, 1993; the settlement document was signed in January, 1994.]
“Shortly” — more than a month. And again, if Jackson molested Jordan, why would he be subjected to a strip search in the first place? Why wouldn’t he settle before the search? HAD Jackson’s penis matched the description by Jordan Chandler, Michael Jackson would have been arrested on the spot.
Alright, so it looks like Michael was probably guilty in 1993.
With your completely bias and fallacious means of arguing, sure.
But what about Gavin Arvizo in 2005?
FWIW, the body language between Gavin and Michael in Living With Michael Jackson [1:14:05] is very disturbing. Gavin is holding hands with Michael and resting his head on Michael’s shoulder with a submissive expression. Most teenage boys would be embarrassed to act this way with an unrelated man, but Gavin has clearly been groomed to believe this is normal behavior.
When this interview took place, Jackson had not seen the Arvizos in months. In fact, it was Martin Bashir who suggested Gavin hold Jackson’s hand
Like other accusers, Gavin claimed Michael used code words, such as “Jesus juice” for wine.
I can’t be the only one who can vividly hear Michael say “Jesus juice.”
Another “Appeal to Emotion” logical fallacy.
Regardless of the jury’s decision, the trial transcripts reveal a lot of information that suggests Michael was indeed a pedophile.
No, it doesn’t.
A hub of Michael’s former employees testified to witnessing sexual behavior with boys.
The “Neverland 5” were former employees who filed a wrongful termination suit against Michael Jackson. Jackson countersued and won. Each of the “Neverland 5” were found to have stolen from Jackson and during the suit, on the advice of their lawyers, they sold fake stories to the press for money..
Q. Does it refresh your recollection about the jury in Santa Maria finding that you had acted with fraud, oppression, and malice against Mr. Jackson?
A. Yes.
Q. That's what they held, right?
A. That's what they -- yeah.
Read THE ENTIRE transcripts, not just the bits you like.
Two legal photography books featuring nude boys were found in Michael’s bedroom.
One was inscribed: “From your fan, Rhonda XOXO 1984.” It was found still in wrapping paper.
The other was inscribed: “Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys faces, this is the spirit of Boyhood, A life I never hand and will always dream of.” [Jones, (2012), 294.)
Michael sure kept a lot of pornography in that home of his where he regularly entertained children. Pornographic magazines were strewn about Neverland with reckless abandon
No, they weren’t. The majority Jackson’s playboy and hustler magazines were kept in a locked briefcase, and the unannounced police raid occurred when Jackson was in Las Vegas. When Jackson was not on his property, only house keepers were allowed access to his bedroom.
Adult pornography is frequently left out for the children to “discover.” A collection of adult pornography is effective in sexually arousing and lowering the inhibitions of adolescent boys. This is the primary reason why preferential child molesters collect adult pornography.
--Child Molesters: A Behavior Analysis [link]
And yet again, your only source of information is the bias MJFacts.
What’s the deal with Wade Robson? Why did he testify in court that Michael never touched him in 2005, but accused him of molestation in 2013?
When asked in an interview about why he defended Michael in 2005, Wade says:
“This is not a case of repressed memory…I never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me. But I was psychologically and emotionally unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”
Wade Robson clearly knew that child abuse was wrong. Here is his sworn testimony in 2005 in full
Q. And are you aware, as you sit here today, that there’s been allegations that Mr. Jackson molested you?
A. Yes.
Q. Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever molest you at any time?
A. Absolutely not.
Q. Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever touch you in a sexual way?
A. Never, no.
Q. Mr. Robson, has Mr. Jackson ever inappropriately touched any part of your body at any time?
A. No.
But how could he not understand? He was 22 years old when he defended Michael!
As disturbing as it is, the offender-victim bond can persist into adulthood. One “boy-lover” molester said:
“There are several men today, whom I mentored when they were boys, who hold me in much higher esteem than they did their absent/no good/worthless fathers. They still call me for advice, I’ve even stood in as Father or been the Best Man at their weddings. That says a lot of where I stand in their hearts.”
This is a truly disturbing source you cite. No where on the internet have I found any psychological paper describe this argument of yours, and your only source comes from a “pedophile”.
Of course a pedophile would say the children they abuse are not victims. This is ridiculous of you.
Wade Robson’s mother also gave testimony in 2005 in defense of Michael. While she testifies that she never saw anything inappropriate between Michael and Wade, she admits that Michael would call her, sometimes late at night, to bring Wade over for a “sleepover.”
Wade’s mother complied with these requests.
Joy Robson even slept in the same bed herself as per her testimony [Read the WHOLE thing].
Q. Why were you letting Wade spend those evenings with Mr. Jackson?
A. Those evenings just happened because they were having fun together. They would play till all hours of the night. They would watch music videos. They would watch cartoons. And they'd basically just go to sleep.
Q. Did you do that with Mr. Jackson as well?
A. Yes, I did.
Q. How often?
A. A couple of times.
Wade has accused Michael of lewd acts including oral sex and sodomy.
Are you feeling nauseous yet?
Again, ANOTHER logical fallacy of “Appeal to Emotion
Blanca Francia’s testimony of seeing Michael and young Wade showering together.
Blanca Francia testified under oath in her two sworn depositions in 1993/4 AND in her 2005 court testimony that she did NOT see Wade Robson. She testified that she saw “shadows” and that the only person she could see and hear was Jackson!
The only time she ever claimed to “see” Wade Robson was when she was PAID $20,000 by Diane Diamond for her tabloid TV show Hard Copy! For Blanca Francia, $20,000 was more than her annual salary.
My hot take on Wade: it's bonkers to suggest that Wade would concoct an elaborate lie to tell in court, globally smear the name of his dead friend and mentor, put him and his family in danger of MJ's loons, and irreparably tie his image to being one of Michael's victims, all for a small chance to win $1 million [and he has even less to gain from the new documentary.]
And yet another subjective argument. Wade Robson was asking for upwards of $2.2 BILLION - your “$1 million” is simply a lie, and your claim that he has “less to gain from the new documentary” is unsubstantiated speculation. Robson’s lawsuit is pending an appeal. He has everything to gain.
Let’s talk about Omer Bhatti.
In 1997, Michael brought a young Norwegian boy, Omer Bhatti, to live with him in Neverland. He is the boy in this unsettling photo.
More appeal to emotion and innuendo.
It’s hard to find credible information about Omer. However, we know that he lived in Neverland with Michael for many years, and the two were so close that Omer sat with Michael’s family at his funeral.
You say it’s hard to find “credible information” and the next sentence is “we know that he lived with Michael for many years.” You’re taking advantage of your readers with this language.
What was their relationship? Nobody knows for sure, but based on Michael’s track record, we can fathom a guess.
More lurid innuendo and baseless speculation. Weak argument.
There was a rumor that Omer is Michael’s illegitimate son. The Jackson family even corroborated this rumor.
However, Google is telling me this is Omer’s father, Riz Bhatti. Omer looks a lot like this guy.
What is the point of this information? What exactly are you trying to argue here?
MJFacts:The rumor served two purposes – one, it would satisfy the curiosity of those who wondered at the propriety of a 40 year old man who had a 13 year old boy staying in his house; and two, it would help bolster [Jackson’s] almost nebulous heterosexual credentials.”
And yet again, more innuendo and speculation. Weak argument.
Omer’s story is probably the most disturbing because he stayed with Michael for a long time, and based on photographs, it looks like Michael might have been trying to fashion a co-parent out of Omer. This might sound too bizarre to be true, but it becomes plausible considering Jimmy Safechuck’s story of Michael conducting a phony marriage ceremony between himself and young Jimmy. Omer seems to have gotten an extended stay in Michael’s life (Michael kept him around well beyond puberty), so perhaps Omer being a fixture in the lives of his children explains this.
Yet more salacious speculation and lurid innuendo. You rely on nothing but people approaching this with the presumption of guilt. The exact opposite on how our Western legal system is structured.
Safechuck’s story, again, is lifted from a discredited journalist and NAMBLA member’s book.
Omer has given some interviews, and when asked about the allegations against Michael, he gives a curious reply:
“I don’t wish to say too much about it, but I will say Michael in many ways was very innocent. But you can’t expect everybody to have the same view on everything. […] To him certain things were natural and completely innocent, things that not necessarily all people would view the same way.”
You’re injecting your own subjectivity into this. Here you have a man saying Michael Jackson was innocent and yet you somehow twist it. Your own source does not support your claim, and yet you are erroneously trying to make a square peg fit into a round hold.
Some other relevant relevant links…
Michael’s sister, La Toya, accusing Michael of pedophilia:*** link, link, link
LaToya was forced to make these statements under duress by her abusive husband Jack Gordon.
Following their divorce, LaToya recanted what she had said. Gordon was using LaToya and her name to arrange interviews and make money off the 1993 allegations.
Conrad Murray (Michael’s former doctor) is asked point blank if he thinks Michael was a pedophile (at 10:00). His reply is…interesting.
Conrad Murray is a completely disgraced former doctor to Michael Jackson. He is the man who was convicted of Jackson’s manslaughter, had his medical license revoked, and has served jail time. Murray can only make any meaningful money by selling completely unsubstantiated stories to the press.
A court document which indicates that a photograph of a nude boy, “believed to be Jonathan Spence,” was found at Neverland. [Jonathan is the boy whose upper thigh Michael is holding in this picture.]
No photograph was ever found of such a thing. If it had, Michael Jackson would have been arrested there and then on the spot for possession of child pornography.
An FBI document about an incident on a train. Michael brings a boy with him on a train whom he calls his “cousin.” At night, a woman hears disturbing noises from Michael’s compartment where he is with the boy, to the point of alerting the train’s conductor. [This document can be found in Michael’s FBI Vaults.]
This is almost meaningless. Actually reading the FBI document, this complaint was filed days after Jackson’s 1993 allegations were made public, and says nothing as to what the conductor saw, simply that someone “heard” something and waited 17 months to say anything to authorities.
A man in this documentary (8:45) tells his story about receiving frequent phone calls from Michael as a boy. One day, Michael calls him to tell him he is masturbating.
Terry George’s “phone sex” story is almost equally meaningless. George, who interviewed celebrities over the phone as a teenager, only made this “phone sex” story after the 1993 allegations and sold his story to the press for money. Although he claims to have recorded many phone calls he had with celebrities, he could not produce a tape of the alleged phone call, and when he DID give tapes of himself speaking with Jackson to the press, he had edited out Michael’s brothers speaking in the background in order to make it sound like it was just himself and Michael.
An excerpt from An Agoraphobic’s Guide To Hollywood: How Michael Jackson Got Me Out Of The House. A screenwriter recalls visiting Michael and witnessing an interaction between Michael and a young boy that left her feeling uneasy.
Yet again, more innuendo and speculation.
Sean Lennon, who was friends with Michael as a boy, released a music video that blatantly portrays Michael as a child molester [fair warning, the video is pretty disturbing.] Quite the cruel video to release about a dead friend had Sean thought Michael innocent.
This is a new low point for you as far as your innuendo and speculation goes.
Sean Lennon, in an 1998 interview where an interviewer was trying to get him to say something bad about Jackson:
Q: Well, like, what was it like having Michael Jackson, speaking about masturbation, you know, hang out with you when you were younger?
Sean: Michael Jackson. Listen.
Q: That must have been a traumatic experience.
Sean: Look, I resent any accusations that you might be implying about Michael Jackson because he is a really good guy.
[Macaulay Culkin on how him and Michael became friends: “He just kind of called me randomly, like, out of the blue…”][source]
Very selective quote, especially coming from a video where Culkin completely defends Jackson.
Here’s another video: “At the end of the day, we were friends.”
At this point, you might be thinking: holy hell, Michael was obviously a pedophile! Why is anyone even debating this??
More logical fallacies.
The MJ Estate has done a bang-up job of cleaning up Michael’s image after his death. Documentaries that portray Michael in a laughably idealistic light have been put out.
This isn’t even an estate endorsed documentary. Blatant lie. It’s by Potato part of ITV Studios and was distributed by Channel 5 UK.
The motive to clear Jackson’s name is obvious: a man’s art is worth more when he is dead, and the vindication of Michael is paramount for maximum cash-in on Michael Jackson nostalgia.
More baseless speculation. Somehow it’s an alien idea to you that people defend Jackson because he was innocent?
There is another reason for the muddy waters: Michael Jackson’s fan cult.
Almost every single link of yours is to MJFacts. This does not make for a credible argument. A credible argument draws from a variety of reputable and verifiable sources.
Amazingly, in the year 2019, I am seeing this behavior on Reddit. Soon after a post about the new documentary from Wade and Jimmy is made, a detailed comment will appear with distorted information to make Wade and Jimmy look like liars (and yes, they love to point out how Wade defended Michael in 2005!). To the untrained eye, the poster looks like they know what they are talking about, and the comment gets up-voted by the hundreds.
I can say the exact same thing to you.
It’s clear as day—these people aren’t interested in engaging in informed debate about Michael. They have decided, for their own emotional reasons, to believe he is innocent, and willfully ignore information that might suggest otherwise.
All the information you’ve linked is crap.
Even though Michael is dead and gone, and I have nothing but sympathy for his family, it is important that we talk about him honestly, and acknowledge what he actually was. His victims deserve better than to be called liars and gold-digging opportunists, and see their molester be idolized and made excuses for.
Again, you approach this whole thing under the presumption of guilt. You approach everything with innuendo, you approach everything presuming he is guilty, and everything you see only affirms this attitude. I could have Macauley Culkin, Keiran Culkin, Brett Barnes, Karlee Barnes, Kellie Parker, Sean Lennon, Jonathan Spence, Talun Zeiton, Emmanuel Lewis, etc, etc, all look you straight in the eye and swear nothing happened, and you won’t believe them.
I avoid arguing with people like you because it’s the equivalent of trying to tell a flat earth conspiracy theorist that the world is round. There is nothing, no amount of evidence which will sway your opinion, your mind is made up, so why bother?
[A big shout-out to MJFacts.com for helping me see light.]
If I wrote an essay, article, argument, anything, with just a single, bias, prejudiced source, I’d be laughed out of the room. This is not an argument you’ve made, it’s a diatribe.
***On La Toya Jackson
Since I cited her in the post, I don’t think I can get away without talking about this.
In 1993, La Toya gave some very impassioned interviews about Michael’s pedophilic behavior and how she would not stand for it as an abuse victim herself.
But in 2005, she retracted these claims, joining the Jackson clan’s chorus of “Michael is so misunderstood.”
What the hell?
The story is that when she accused Michael, her abusive ex-husband and manager forced her to read from a script. He did this so that La Toya would “get publicity” and “sell records” (an interesting approach; I’ve never heard of somebody becoming famous because their brother is a pedophile.)
Personally I think this is a hunk of bull, otherwise La Toya should probably go into acting next because she is very convincing in those clips.
More speculation. You go on a great big spiel about “believing victims” but sweep LaToya and her experience of abuse under the rug.
La Toya talks in this interview about having a difficult time leaving her family as an adult and only being able to leave when she got married. Sadly, after her divorce, it seems that she was roped back in. Whether it was for emotional or financial reasons, or she was coerced, I don’t know, but she got right back to the business of covering for her family members.
She also retracted statements about her father’s abuse.
Call me crazy but I think she was telling the truth the first time.
You’re crazy. And to synch the completely flawed argument you’ve made, you end it with more speculation.
You have completely relied on people believing your argument without questioning it, you link half-truths or blatant lies. Despicable.
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