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I know this is a bit late and all, but well done on the choice not to get a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, not only is the device flaw filled, but the Sony Support will blame anyone but themselves, what happened to me is i got a new Z5c which was to replace my Z1c which was an amazing phone, and i noticed from the start the phone was hotter when.

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Download the latest version of Sony LIV for Android. Lollipop firmware update is now live for Sony Xperia C3 owners across a number of regions. Sony and its competitors are upset that Google hasn't done enough to crack down on infringing content in its search results, and that the company has lobbied against proposals like the 2020 Stop.

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Sony Entertainment Television (India). The Sony hack: how it happened, who is responsible, and. Welcome to the Ideas Wiki, a collection of ideas that you can change.

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Drones are dumb. Here's how the illusions should have worked in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Drones are not intimidating.

For the last few years, SONY has been trying to insert drones into action scenes and the outcome is always the same...lame. Here's an example from Venom.
  • Drones always look slow
  • Drones always look fake
  • Drones always look weak
And there's a good reason for that. If they weren't weak, or they were really fast, then they'd be overpowered. So instead they are always underpowered, which makes them lame. And I think the only reason SONY is doing this is because they sell drones (it's product placement.)
Furthermore, in Far From Home, the way drones work don't make any sense.

Drones don't make sense.

For example, in this scene we clearly see that the drones are on a pre-set program. So...how are they also able to react when unexpected things happen?
And how exactly do they do some of this stuff? How do drones make huge waves...these aren't fake waves, they actually soak people. How? And how on earth was Mysterio able to whip together such complex illusions for Peter personally, when there were so many unknowns?
Like...did he know a train was coming right then? How was he able to perfectly predict that Peter would be there at that exact time?
Finally, and maybe most of all...how the hell do drones cast darkness? There's no such thing as black light.
The way the drones are supposed to work just isn't believable. But there was a simpler way.

Mysterio's illusions should have used augmented reality

Augmented reality is that thing where you hold up your phone and it shows things that aren't there. I believe Pokemon GO was the first thing to take this idea mainstream.
And it would have been perfect for a modern day Mysterio.
So here's how it works:
  • There is this mysterious new app maybe called the Mysterio app
  • It advertises itself as a "secret" app that lets you see through a window to another dimension
  • And that dimension overlays ours, but there are spooky monsters and stuff - sort of like the other dimension in Stranger Things
  • If you are in the right place at the right time, you can use the app to watch these monsters fight a character called Mysterio, who is a hero in that dimension
But here's the thing. At first it's all in the app...but after a while Beck starts blowing things up, and turning on smoke machines, and using other tricks so that these battles in the "other dimension" start causing actual damage in the real world. Or so it appears.
Eventually, after a few heroic battles, Mysterio figures out a way to communicate with the real world, then finally he figures out how to get out of this dimension into our world - the real world.
Now of course this is all staged - it's all a trick. But it's very convincing.
So when Beck comes through this portal for the first time wearing the full Mysterio suit, people really believe it, that he's some hero from another dimension who was able to pass through to our world. And he immediately has a cult of fans.

Mysterio's motive

So what's his motive?
  • World domination?
  • Is he an ex-employee of Stark, looking for revenge?
  • Does he want to steal Spidey's girlfriend?
Nope, nope to all of that.
Mysterio's motive is fame and money. And that's it. He just wants fame and money.
And he's willing to trick kids and teens and whoever else falls for it. He's a con artist. You see, Spider-Man's a small-scale superhero. He doesn't need the world to be ending to do the right thing. If he realizes Mysterio is a con artist, he's going to stop him - especially if he's been blowing stuff up and that might hurt someone.
This also sheds all the connections to SHIELD and Stark and all that baggage stopping Spider-Man from feeling like his own hero. He shouldn't always be living in the shadow of Stark's legacy.

Well...what about EDITH? How does this change the plot of the movie?

Stark did leave Peter with one thing - the Iron Spider suit.
And I think that's something Mysterio could work with. If he hacked into the Iron Spider's cameras and sensors, he could trick it into feeling like augmented reality too. This is how he could make Peter feel like he's surrounded by very vivid, very personal illusions.
And eventually he could hack the suit further, maybe taking control of the legs and forcing Peter to jump off a bridge and almost drown for example.
This would give Peter a good reason to ditch the suit - something crucial that's missing from Far From Home. In the film we got, he just leaves it at home. This isn't good enough, there should be concrete reasons in the lore for why the Iron Spider suit is not ideal for Peter (otherwise why wouldn't he wear it all the time?)
  • The Iron Spider suit should slow him down
  • It should make him over-confident when he's not wearing it
  • It should be hackable
  • It should be a water hazard (too heavy)
  • And most of all, it should mess up his Spider-sense
We saw in Infinity War that the Spider-sense has something to do with his skin, so if he's wearing thick armor it logically follows that his Spider-sense would be very dulled.

But how does this make the movie better?

While you're reading this post, you might think this sounds like a petty issue. Complaining that the drones don't make sense...really? In a movie where a kid has super-powers because he got bit by a spider?
But I think there's a lot of benefits:
  • First of all, yes...an augmented reality app plus some real-world tricks would be much more realistic than magic do-anything drones
  • Second, I'd argue that augmented reality apps are more relatable to the average audience member than attack drones
  • Third, shedding the Stark suit is enough to show symbolically Peter moving on without allowing Stark to overshadow everything
  • Fourth, this eliminates all the story problems created by EDITH (Why weren't the drones used in Endgame? Didn't Stark learn his lesson from making Ultron?)
  • Fifth, this stops the subtle side-stepping of Peter's original A.I. Replacing Karen with EDITH and acting like she never existed was not cool.
  • Sixth, this allows Peter to choose between pursuing the problem (vs looking away.) With the story we got, he's mostly on the defensive which makes him a less active, less heroic character
  • Seventh, it reduces the scale immensely, making it feel more like a Spider-Man movie. Helping SHIELD fight a horde of drones from a space satellite doesn't feel like Spider-Man.
  • Eighth, it also feels more true to the character of Mysterio. Again, a horde of drones from a space satellite doesn't feel like Mysterio, who's more about being sneaky with special effects and smoke and shadows.
  • And last, but not least, it makes the world feel bigger. This way not everything is Stark's fault, and it doesn't feel like Spider-Man's just there to clean up his mess again.
I think of all of these, the one with the most potential is the fourth point.
Peter shedding the Iron Spider suit is a crucial scene of contrast for the character. It tells a story with visuals/symbolism. The reason I say this is because in the first film (Homecoming) the major turning point for Peter's character arc is when Tony takes away his suit.
Since then, of course, Tony has died.
So if he chooses to get rid of the Iron Spider, it shows him both growing up and moving on. He's letting go of his grief, but he's also officially showing the world that he's his own hero. He's not Iron Man Jr.
Thanks for reading
submitted by NealKenneth to fixingmovies

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