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D100 Reasons two nearby villages hate one another

They hate each other with a passion, is there a why beyond "why not?"


1 A traveling merchant claimed to each town to be from the other one in an attempt to build rapport while selling powerful artifacts....that all came with terrible curses.
2 "Because they hated us first!!!"
3 Both towns claim that a flag with three ravens atop a scarecrow is their towns heritage and claim the other is trying to steal it. If adventurers happen to go through both towns and remark upon the flags similarity or assume that both neighboring towns are affiliated the towns people will become agitated.
Whether this is a comedic device, simple quest involving diplomacy to resolve the conflict or the precursor to a riot where players must subdue as many NPCs as possible without killing them to avoid bloodshed is up to the DM.
4 Nearby resources are scarce, any reasons they give for why they hate the other village will eventually boil down to "if they eat enough to live we'll starve". The players can choose to solve this problem through donations of gold, grain, seeds etc. Any druids or players with sufficient knowledge ranks in nature will gain a surprise shot of XP if they think to offer advice or magic assistance that helps them continue to grow or maximize their limited resources.
5 A serial killer is using the towns as hunting grounds and suspicions are high but particularly with any nearby unknowns, they may even suspect the PCs.
6 "It gets boring here, may as well pretend to care about something"
7 The boarders of the Southside villages feudal lord have expanded slightly do to some medieval legalease mumbo-jumbo involving the king.
They are now arguing that the Northsiders just about fall into that lords territory and are arguing they need to help pay the Southern lords tithe.
The Northern lord heartily disagrees, after all tax season is coming up and while we're at it he's certain that his village is juuuust out of the Southern lords reach.
note that sparking a peasant riot into killing one or both feudal lords or simply doing the deed/s yourself are all completely viable option to this quest. Vive la revolution!"
8 A spirit haunts the forests outside the villages and demands human sacrifices or else it will kill indiscriminately. "Better them than us"
Been awake 36 hours and am about to give sleep another shot, i'll add any more answers I can think up tomorrow and start adding any of yours
aaaaand we're back! I'll start adding by oldest entries first and should eventually get you all up there, probably taking a few breaks here and there.
9 credit - JoanaTheDummy(well, inspired by that somewhat baffling comment anyway) Tik-tok competition got out of hand
10 credit - Jakrause03 False stories about the other
11 credit - HarshMillenium An ancient blood feud between two families generations ago, that got so out of hand the whole villages got involved. No one is quite sure what started the whole thing.
12 credit - HarshMillenium One village lured a successful and popular bard away from the other. How dare they?!?!
13 credit - HarshMillenium Religious differences - both villages worship the same God, but there is a very slight difference in one tiny aspect of it.
14 credit - HarshMillenium Superstition - misfortune or bad events are always blamed on the other village, even if it’s not possible they could have done this (such as bad weather)
15 credit - ALemmingInSpace Each village believes its best baker is better than the other village's.
16 credit - texmex42 A young groom/bride(each from one of the villages respectively) , invite a powerful hag to their ceremony in the hopes that she'll return this kindness with a boon for their future. The agreement was accepted by the hag, but when the day came the villagers barred her entrance. The young bride to be ws too embarrassed to explain the situation, which offended the hag so much that she cursed the villages in retaliation with perpetual misery.
17 credit - ThursdaysTheology One village diverted a stream that both have access to, causing tension but not ecological/economic disaster
18 credit - supersnes1 One town stole the others lemon tree
19 credit - supersnes1 A long standing feud over the salvage rights of a nearby dungeon
20 credit - supersnes1
21 credit - supersnes1 Hag manipulated the towns to their current relationship
22 credit - supersnes1 One town supported the revolutionaries while the others sides with the loyalists
23 credit - supersnes1 The upstream town throws all their industrial byproduct and sewage into the river....much to the chagrin of the town downstream.
24 credit - supersnes1 Both claim to be the birthplace of a well known folkhero.
25 credit - supersnes1 They each are dedicated to different and often opposing sects of the dominant religion.
26 credit - supersnes1 Trade deals fell through between the two.
27 credit - supersnes1 The nobility of one town died during a hunting excursion hosted by the other town.
28 credit - supersnes1 The towns are ruled by opposing dragons.
29 credit - ePICFAeYL Affair! Scandal! The son of Town A Mayor was caught in bed with Town B Mayor's wife!
30 credit - supersnes1 Livestock has consistently disappeared and both towns blame the other one. Can be showcased through bizarre defenses of the town's livestock and other buildings. In actuality it's insert DND monster here
31 credit - el_wopo A pig. Just one pig.
32 credit - arual_x No one can actually remember what started the fight, and can only recall the most recent events of bickering. Turns out they’re all under some kind of enchantment and it was started by the evil mage who cast said enchantment.
33 credit- World_of_Ideas Business deal gone bad. One side didn't deliver the goods. The other side didn't pay. (goods were delivered but stolen / goods were never delivered because the payment was stolen)
34 credit- World_of_Ideas One town accuses the other of cheating at some contest during a (competition, festival) held at some point in the past. The other town is angry at being falsely accused.
35 credit- World_of_Ideas Both accuse the other of cheating at some contest during a (competition, festival) held at some point in the past
36 credit- World_of_Ideas Fighting over the same religious location. Holy site between the town that both claim is theirs.
37 credit- World_of_Ideas Fighting over the same resource (farm land, fishing spot, mine, quarry).
38 *credit- parad0xchild * Their pig mated with our prized pig, they defiled our crown jewel! The other town hates them for seducing their biggest pig with their "prize winner" in order to breed better pigs.
39 credit- Zero5-4i 8 A monster (any type) whose regional effect includes making people aggressive. If players solve the conflict the villagers turn against them instead. If 1 village is destroyed, the villagers of the other turn against each other now. The villagers don't have any good answer to why they hate the other village, they find any excuse they can to hate on them.
It could also make PCs more aggressive (either on a failed save or if they stay there too much)
40 credit- A_Heckin_Goblin Both villages claim that the other one is stealing their livestock.
One of them is full of vampires and the other one is full of werewolves.
41 credit- MyEvilTwin47 Someone from Town A made an innocuous gesture during a visit to Town B, where the gesture is considered the most offensive gesture in existence and honor demanded them to go to war. That was ten generations ago and the conflict is still unresolved. Meanwhile the gesture has been devalued to just being a little rude.
42 credit- MyEvilTwin47 Town A has started charging exorbitant tolls for Town B to transport gods on the river through town, on which their economy depends. Because a conman from Town C has tricked the ruler of Town A to buy the Unobtanium from them instead though it’s lower quality and more expensive than what Town B can provide in abundance.
43 credit- Quibblicious Each blames the other for the start of the squash wars, a nasty vegetable flinging battle years ago that has never been settled, although the reason for it has evaporated in the mists of time.
44 credit- Myriagonal The towns are separated by a river. Town A built the only bridge and charges a toll only to the residents of town B. Town B is upset by having to pay a toll every time they want to use a major roadway. (This is inspired by the Cleveland /Ohio city feud in real life history, lmao)
45 credit- UristTheChampion The first village has dammed up a river that formerly irrigated the crops of the second village.
46 credit- archDeaconstructor Village A once sheltered hated criminals from Village B, and these criminals went on to become beloved figures of Village A's community. Their legacy might even live on in the blood of some of Village A's families.
47 credit- archDeaconstructor After several centuries of digging, Village A and Village B discovered that they were burying their dead underneath the same hill, just on different sides. As their ancestral catacombs broke through to each other, they blamed each other for defiling their sacred barrows.
48 credit- archDeaconstructor A rowdy, drunk band of teenagers from Village A ended up setting fire to Village B's fields, possibly on accident. Village A absolves their children of blame and believes Village B's accusations to be ridiculous.
49 credit- archDeaconstructor Village A and Village B field two of the best teams for the duchy's regional (insert or invent sport here) contests.
50 credit- archDeaconstructor Village A and Village B claim that the same person founded their villages, but their respective tales mention different spouses. Either the other village is wrong, or their founder was an unfaithful spouse, and both are implicit insults to the founder's honor.
51 credit- archDeaconstructor Village A was mistaken for Village B the last time the centennial Imperial census came through, and so Village B never received the supplies the government had designated for them. To this day, people from Village B are likely to believe people from Village A are malicious tricksters out to swindle you of what's yours, and people from Village A tend to believe people from Village B are lazy panhandlers who think the world is owed to them.
52 credit- archDeaconstructor Village A once saved its own skin from bandits by pointing them in the direction of the (at the time) more prosperous Village B. Village A then refused to help Village B in getting back on its feet, and for a few years actually cut off all contact whatsoever out of shame. Village B got back at them by hiring mercenaries several decades later to sack Village A.
53 credit- Viscumin Village A won the regional show Goat Championship. Village B is convinced that Village A’s goat was enchanted to appear more beautiful than the, much better, goat from Village B. Village A are all a bunch of cheating goat enchanters!
54 credit- RollinThundaga After a night of drinking, the young men of one village ran to the other and stole the well bucket. This resulted in a large brawl the next day, involving the residents of both villages. The second village never was able to recover their bucket in the chaos, and it sits as a guarded trophy in the town hall of itscaptors. This happened 400 years before the party arrived.
55 *credit- *
submitted by reallyverydrunk to d100

100 Villain Concepts

100+ Villain Concepts
Have you ever had an idea for a villain, not fully fleshed out, but with a cool appearance, backstory or abilities that you just can’t get out of your head? Feel free to contribute here!
Also, I might plan to use some of these for my campaigns, so if the name Olivia Ravafiel means anything to you, please go no further!
  1. A black dragonborn warlord with part of his face melted away by acid to reveal muscle and sinew, kinda like Two-Face. Perhaps this was due to a deformity in his draconis fundamentum, that made his acid breath hard to control, or vice versa. Perhaps this was the work of a rival that he vowed to one day destroy. Maybe he hides this deformity behind a mask or visor, or broadcasts it to his victims, terrifying them before their inevitable demise.
  2. A teifling assassin, cursed with hard-to-control teleportative powers, that had the tip of his tail cut off. He replaced it with a poisoned war barb, to whip around and stab people with, and learned to control his power and use it to his advantage. His name? The Nightcrawler. (I’d recommend giving him misty step as a bonus action.)
  3. An Oblex that lives in the town’s sewers, puppeting the townsfolk
  4. An insane doppelgänger con artist with a complex Scooby-Doo-esque plan in mind
  5. A reclusive but kind old wizard-druid who loved animals and nature, and lived in the catacombs under a small village’s chapel. Despite his creepy home he was well loved among the villagers, and often helped the clerics tend to the wounded and sick. One day he stopped turning up above ground. People say he had been studying something he refused to talk about. Unbeknownst to the village, the man had discovered a book of dark magic and arcane research. The book slowly started to corrupt the old man’s mind as he tryed to learn its secrets, and with it his goals and means to achieve them. Years later, the catacombs have been sealed up for decades, and everyone thinks he’s dead, but some say they hear, now and again, tapping noises. Someone... or something... is digging!
  6. A bandit lord that’s been experimenting with hemomancy (blood magic) to create unethical new spells
  7. A False Hydra
  8. A crazy gnomish artificer that designed (and now haunts) a Death Trap Manor (bonus points if it has rooms that move like a Rubik’s Cube)
  9. An awakened farm animal seeking to spark a revolution and have its revenge on its handlers
  10. A kind old wizard, possibly with memory problems, who unknowingly became a lich. The PCs are sent on a noble quest to slay the evil Lich-King, and find this old man that wants to help them. Later they come across the Lich’s lair, only to find out the old man is the lich.
  11. As an added twist, all the evil stuff said to have been done by the aforementioned “Lich-King” or his minions, is actually being done by a dragon or other villain trying to frame the old wizard. The wizard, after the realization HE’S the lich, and there’s no way he would do this stuff, helps the players defeat the real BBEG.
  12. The Black Swan: Your players have been hunted by (or were hunting) this legendary assassin for a while now. Perhaps they were employed by the BBEG, perhaps they sought revenge for a past slight, etc., etc. But whatever the reason, it’s all come down to this... The sky sparkles with stars over the cityscape, a crisp night-air breeze drifts from the open window. There is an unnatural whoosh of air. One player stirs in his sleep, opening a single eye. It widens in horror as the tall siloheutte fills the window. The figure’s wings flare, looking every inch an angel of death as it’s plague doctor-like mask scans the room. Beady black eyes glint from behind the mask, the knife gleaming in the moonlight... Two of them are dead before they even draw their weapons, and the rest are quickly and brutally dispatched... The last one struggles to get up, but his calf was slashed horribly. In desperation he seizes a lantern and smashes it in front of him, setting a fire between him and the assassin before swinging the shattered lantern at their mask’s beak... the assassin takes the blow unflinchingly, the glass shards tearing a gash across it. As the mask falls to tatters into the flame, the adventurer recoils at the sight of his killer’s true visage: that of a beautiful white swan. The mask’s “beak” was a real beak. A swan aarockroa. As the adventurer drifted into unconsciousness, the Black Swan tore into his flesh, beak and blade working in unison, he manages to utter, “You aren’t black...” ...A drunkard stumbles out of a nearby pub, as he looks up from vomiting, he spots a black shape moving across the sky, just as he passes out he hears the words “Fire! Fire on the top floor! Fire!”.... (Sorry for the creepypasta, this is just how I visualize this villain going about things. If you want my advice, have a mystery; someone’s been brutally murdering adventurers all over the city, the building’s they’re found in burned down.)
  13. A humble peasant that fights off adventurers that think they can just tramp all over his land take what they want. The more and more adventurers he just manages to defeat, the bigger the stockpile of magic items, weapons, loot, etc. from them he collects. More and more adventurers come to get this growing pile of loot, and Humble Peasant is forced to build up defenses, tame rare creatures as guards, make traps, etc. Eventually he realizes he’s created the ultimate dungeon and no one will ever leave him alone now. Cue mid-life crisis.
  14. A Triton TidecalleMage, who has succumbed to the whispers of the Lurkers in the Deep. Now they seek the downfall of the Triton Kingdom to further their Masters Plans.(Underwater Adventures need love too.)
  15. A Eladrin Rogue, who has worked for several Enemies of Party, but always manages to get away and is incredibly smug about it. They just enjoy killing beloved NPCs and cause property damage.
  16. A Hobgoblin Warlord Artificer, who has equipped his soldiers with all kinds of Steampunk-Gear. They is hoping for World Domination(although a decent sized city would be a good start), while working on their biggest Projekt: An Iron Colossus.
  17. A Bugbear Chieftain who killed their Hobgoblin Commander and took over the Legion. Their surprising Intelligence and Wisdom has bought them the Loyalty of the entire Legion. Even the lowest Goblins feel appreciated. Now they conquered the nearest Town.
  18. A Goblin Masterthief who leads the towns Thieves Guild. Thanks to their discrete Methods of communication, almost the entire guild doesn't know their Leader is the proprietor of the "Stone Sheep" Inn by the town gates.
  19. A Copper Dragonborn Town Guard who takes bribes and works together with the Thieves Guild. They do this purely for the money.
  20. A Duergar Mercenary Captain who works for any villian who can pay their prices. They are exiled royalty of his people and wants to amass riches to prove themselves.
  21. A horrifically ugly half elf Sorcerer. She has a crooked noise, terrible skin, patch hair, etc. She is absolutely obsessed with beauty and uses magic to charm individuals she finds beautiful to follow her and worship her for her beauty. She often walks around with glamours and will go great lengths to avoid seeing herself.
  22. A golem that has become sentient, murdered it's creator, disguised itself as it's creator, and is making more bothers and sisters (golems) to take over the country by murdering and switching places with random NPCs
  23. The spirit of an ancient tyrant, who was imprisoned inside his armor .
  24. An ancient pharaoh who has risen from his ancient grave, to claim the lands that once belonged to him
  25. An industrialized nation, ruled by highly militarized necromancers, who after fusing technology and magic, they've managed to raise a powerful army of undead beings prepared for combat.
  26. A powerful gang of pirates who travel across sea, sky and land, thanks to their magically enhanced ships.
  27. A changeling serial killer named “Smiler.” They exclusively kill servants of the good aligned gods and then dress up and pose their bodies in a way that mimics that god’s physical description. The twist is that the mask they wear (white porcelain, vacuous eyes, unnaturally wide smile) actually contains the personality of Smiler and the changeling is an unwitting host. Smiler is actually a serial killer from ages past who served one of the demon lords and whose soul now inhabits the mask. They attempt to fully possess anyone who finds it or tries to use it thus continuing their killing spree across centuries.
  28. A priest of a forgotten god, who's Family used to live in luxury, being the vhosen ones of said god. Their whole Town got destroyed by extremists of another Religion in their past, and prayig to their god is now forbidden. Now the only one left of their Clan, they have to pretend to be a cleric of a local deity in order to make a living and to prevent being hunted down. The local deity ist the one of the extremists who burned down the priests home, and they long for vengence. They want to bring back their old god to it's former glory, and have already prepared a blood ritual in secret. Every person in the small village they are in got marked with an invsible rune, and will be sacrificed once the ritual is complete.
  29. A mad gnome artificer in love with a necromancer. The couple spends their time tinkering with ways to augment undead creations with cybernetic limbs and organs
  30. an Awakened flock of carrion birds such as ravens, crows, vultures, etc. They’re a hive mind, secretly plotting to start a war so the eating will be good
  31. an ancient vampire, centuries old, who is dicking around with the political factions in a large city because he’s bored
  32. a Jack-the-ripper style serial killer, who seems to be following the steps to a dark ritual. Is he mad or is there much more danger here
  33. a real estate developer who has figured out a way to legally seize all means of production in a town, making him/her the de facto ruler
  34. a barbarian warlord, scarred by a wizard’s spell and determined to save the world from the dangers of the written word
  35. a madder-than-usual but incredibly charismatic Kua-toa street preacher who has figured out how to channel other species’ beliefs into god generation.
  36. a mindflayer who claims to be exposing the lies about his species (that they’re from the far future, that they’re from the Far Realms, etc.). But are they telling the truth or are they up to something even more subtle?
  37. an elvish gourmet who has developed a taste for sentient species
  38. moonbeast who has lost its “moonstone”
  39. one of the party’s former enemies, returned as a revenant. It has a year in which to get its bloody revenge on them and will stop at nothing to do so.
  40. a dark circus cult, making its own freaks for their freak show
  41. a powerful religious group which is slowly falling into evil. They have churches and followers everywhere and even the country’s ruler is an adherent. Gradually, their methods and tactics become more and more vicious and bloody. Has their god become corrupted or are there darker force at work within the church?
  42. a sentient and predatory “leak” from the Far Realms that seems to be doing what it can to expand and force its way into the Material Plane. It’s normally invisible/undetectable due to its abnormal physics at work, but its influence can be seen in warped objects, mutated people and animals, unnatural growth of weird plants and fungi. Think “Color Out Of Space” but with an agenda
  43. a fallen godling or demigod whose followers were on the losing end of a religious inquisition. It no longer has the income of faith necessary to keep it as a deity and desires that more than anything. It’s willing to do whatever is necessary to get back to Celestia.
  44. an artificecleric of a mechanical deity who has figured out the way (special prayers/words in a lost language) to hack the Modron hivemind and ultimately reality itself
  45. Stubs, a seemingly inept and clumsy goblin scout. The party is positive they’ve killed him multiple times, yet here he is again, seemingly keeping pace with them levelwise.
  46. The PC's deceased spouse. Their love for the PC led to them refusing to pass on. They will attempt to take the PC away so they can be together, forever. In death, they have become far more manipulative and subtle than they ever were in life.
  47. A dragon, out to protect the world from an extradimensional invader. He is attempting to conquer the world in an effort to bring everyone together against the alien- which is actually not hostile.
  48. Fate itself. One of the PCs is destined to bring doom upon the land, and unless they figure out how to cheat fate or bring about the prophecy in a non-destructive way, terrible things will ensue.
  49. Leader of a crime syndicate who has developed an immunity to poisons. Often has fun confronting their posioner(s) by sipping the food/drink and trying to dicern the poison based on taste. Takes a liking to those who come up with new concoctions.
  50. Scratches, a Cranium Rat Swarm who taunts the players telepathically, refuses to leave highly populated areas, and refuses to expose more than one or two rats at a time. It uses Command and Dominate Monster to make life miserable for the party, and thinks honorable combat is stupid crazy talk. It dominates guards into attacking the party, arrest them, etc. It dominates people into assaultring them or accusing them of crimes. It Commands nearby people to strike at them or scream or dive into harms way, anything to cause problems, hurt people or the party, all the while calling them fools for not joining the collective under its illithid masters.
  51. A military general leading a medium sized militia. Not happy with the outcome of a war years past, they plan to “finish” a battle that’s already over.
  52. The leader of a deadly cult. He has convinced hundreds to sacrifice themselves to a false god, and he plans to convince thousands more.
  53. A simple baker, who sells poisoned food to the townsfolk. Whether through dumb luck or their own genius, it’s almost impossible to trace the string of illnesses back to them.
  54. A greedy religious leader, funneling donations to the church into their own pockets. Lately the donations have turned less voluntary.
  55. Deep in an alchemist’s forgotten laboratory lies a brain in a jar. The brain’s original owner is long dead, but it’s psychic influence spans miles. It’s built an army of less intelligent beings, from wild animals to the undead.
  56. A gnome druid who was made fun of by his tinkerer pals. He retreats into nature, building a nature army to return to the city to get his revenge.
  57. A lich whose body was destroyed by past heroes, but his phylactery was merely damaged. After some time, his head and one arm regenerate, attached at the neck. He is now carried around by a Goliath bodyguard, as he pursues means to regain the rest of his body.
  58. The Black Winged Maiden - This beautiful black winged Aasimar had his sense of justice distorted by the BBEG and see herself as the savior of the this world (because of her wings or just for being an Aasimar) and see the PCs (or PC) as impostors that should be eliminated. She even could be arrogant with normal people, but she should be very obsessed with the PC (s). In my campaign she was the nemesis of a PC and a very good lancer user. Also made her wings a bit more powerful, granting not only a very good mobility but also a extra defense.
  59. A military general leading a medium sized militia. Not happy with the outcome of a war years past, they plan to “finish” a battle that’s already over.
  60. The leader of a deadly cult. He has convinced hundreds to sacrifice themselves to a false god, and he plans to convince thousands more.
  61. A simple baker, who sells poisoned food to the townsfolk. Whether through dumb luck or their own genius, it’s almost impossible to trace the string of illnesses back to them.
  62. A greedy religious leader, funneling donations to the church into their own pockets. Lately the donations have turned less voluntary.
  63. Deep in an alchemist’s forgotten laboratory lies a brain in a jar. The brain’s original owner is long dead, but it’s psychic influence spans miles. It’s built an army of less intelligent beings, from wild animals to the undead.
  64. Kay'ren: A ruthless thug that, upon entering any establishment, will immediately demand to speak to it's proprietor. They will then loudly and aggressively complain about things that never happened or that annoy them about said establishment. They refuse to leave unless they receive complimentary services and physically witness the termination of several employees. If confronted and forced to leave, they will immediately begin destroying any and all products within reach and then fall to the ground wailing until the guards come to slap them on the wrist and escort them to their VERY fancy carriage.
  65. A man who came into his necromantic magic after his wife died. He delves ever deeper into necromancy to find a way to bring her back as she was, not a mindless husk or a bloodthirsty monster. So he decides to do some good while buying himself time. For the low price of a year of your life he will bring the shade back for an hour. For your soul he'll shove the shade into a corpse and bring your loved one "back".
  66. A person who believes that everyone on the world is them. Therefore in order to experience everything life has to offer they go about "helping" themselves with all the various ways on can die
  67. A group of thugs who carry the weapons and wear the uniforms of a military unit of the distant past, led by a charismatic commander with the personality of a commander of the distant past.
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