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Throwback Write-Up #24: Tricky - Maxinquaye

Artist: Tricky
Album: Maxinquaye
Release Date: 20 February 1995
Listen: Spotify
Apple Music


Maxinquaye is the debut album by British rapper and producer Tricky. Having garnered a lot of unexpected positive attention from critics and audiences alike upon its release in early 1995, it later became the cornerstone of the genre now known as trip-hop.
I decided to do this write-up for several reasons, one of them being that I think this genre deserves more attention on this sub and among hip-hop heads in general. Tricky’s sampling skills are up there with the best beatmakers of the 90s and his combination of muttered, almost spoken word rapping and use of female vocals to depict the internal anguish and the reality around him is unquestionably unique. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, there’s no better place to start, especially if you’re a fan of creative sampling and music that envelops you and takes you to another place.
Furthermore, it is a fascinating story on a personal level. It’s the story of a regular guy continuously falling upwards into rather unwanted success, coming into his own as an artist and coming to terms with fame and attention. It is also an important piece in the puzzle of how trip-hop as a genre came to be. Tricky wasn’t the first artist to combine the signature elements of it, but his distinctive approach certainly stood out among his contemporaries and made him into one of the figures synonymous with trip-hop as a whole. I go pretty in-depth on who Tricky is and how the pieces of the puzzle fell together since the accounts of his life that can be found online are rather disjointed. If you’d rather only read about the musical contents, feel free to skip to the section titled “Brand New You’re Retro”.
One last thing I’d like to note before we begin: Tricky is a pretty enigmatic figure, and a lot of the sources that can be found on the internet contradict each other. That’s why I decided to go to the ultimate one: his 2019 autobiography “Hell Is Round The Corner”. There is a chance, as there always is with this sort of thing, that the narrator is unreliable, but if there’s no way to know the truth, and that’s how the artist wants to be seen, and it makes for a good story, why not?
With that said, let’s start with the following question: what the hell is trip-hop anyway?

Dance music for the head

Trip-hop is the oldest of hip-hop’s British cousins, which happens to be unfortunately, even if understandably, overlooked in the hip-hop circles. As with the younger and more popular grime, trip-hop traces its roots to electronic music while pulling influences and certain elements from hip-hop. The genre largely abandons the gritty realism and lyrical prowess of American MCs of the time, focusing on creating an entrancing melancholic atmosphere with heavy use of slowed down samples and female vocals.
“What we were trying to do was create dance music for the head, rather than the feet” – Daddy G of Massive Attack
The genre was born in Bristol, where a collective known as The Wild Bunch started making waves in the St. Paul’s neighborhood in the second half of the 80s. Their music was inspired by the multicultural nature of Bristol and combined dub, punk, hip-hop and reggae, and they played it at parties that they threw around the neighborhood. The Wild Bunch was eventually chiseled out into a group called Massive Attack, with another on-and-off member, Tricky, continuing to be an occasional collaborator. Together with the group Portishead these three artistic entities now form the Holy Trinity of trip-hop:
  • Massive Attack, probably the most famous act of the bunch, is led by Robert “3D” Del Naja, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and graffiti artist (some even allege that he and Banksy are the same person), and the only member who has never left the group. The list of their collaborators is too long to recite, and this collective nature of music creation is vital to Massive Attack’s ever evolving style.
  • The members of Portishead come from a little bit of a different background than the others, pulling influence from noir movie soundtracks and jazz, among other things. They also started making music in a more intimate, bedroom setting, as opposed to The Wild Bunch’s block parties. Over the course of 29 years and only 3 albums, Beth Gibbons remained the sole voice of the band.
  • Where others continued to develop the mellow sound of trip-hop, Tricky pushed the envelope and continued to experiment, eventually straying pretty far from where the genre started. He could be described as the wild card of the scene, always going against the grain and being on his own wavelength.
Today I’m going to try and shed a little bit of light on the latter’s shadowy figure.

The Tricky Kid

Adrian Nicholas Matthew Thaws was born in 1968 in Bristol to an Anglo-Guyanese mother and a Jamaican father. Maxine Quaye took her life when her son was only 4 years old. Roy Thaws wasn’t in Adrian’s life much, because Maxine’s uncle Martin decided Roy was to blame for her death and promised violence if he ever saw him again. Adrian’s childhood was spent in Knowle West, a poor and predominantly white neighborhood in Bristol, with various members of his extended family.
Two prominent motifs in Tricky’s autobiography are his family’s mixed ethnicity and their violence that surrounded him throughout his early years. These themes have obviously impacted his personality and informed a lot of his music later on, as has the fact that Adrian’s first memory was his mother lying in a coffin. Nevertheless, he grew up a pretty normal kid, getting into trouble and listening to music. While he did dabble in crime as a youth and even went to prison for a little while for using forged currency, by his own admission Adrian was too soft for that and definitely didn’t want to come back to the cell. While some of his peers continued on this path, he started to dodge collective activities, which earned him the moniker “Tricky Kid”.
As it usually happens with great innovators, young Adrian listened to a very diverse array of music as a kid. The first record he ever heard was Billie Holiday, who will come as an important point of comparison later. Then there were Marvin Gaye, various reggae artists, glam icon Marc Bolan and pioneer of electronic music Gary Numan. The Specials were the first music band Adrian could actually relate to: they were black, they were white, and they were British. Although they didn’t have much contact, Adrian’s grandfather, known as Tarzan the High Priest, was a prominent member of the soundsystem culture in Bristol. As Tricky Kid got a little older, he started spending more and more of his nights in various clubs and at parties, just looking for a good time, some music and something to smoke.
Adrian started writing poems very early, at the age of five according to his family. Rapping came about 10 years later, when he’d be handed a mic at a friend’s party and start freestyling for fun. Fun was a big thing for Tricky: that was all he ever really pursued, not thinking too much about the future. He was pretty much the last person to see potential in himself at basically any point in his early years (you couldn’t even say “early career” because he never considered that a possibility). A common acquaintance introduced Adrian to The Wild Bunch, an amalgamation of a Jamaican soundsystem and a hip-hop crew, all with a local spin to it. Still in the name of fun he started rapping at the parties they threw around the neighborhood. Eventually he spontaneously moved to a squat in London and could be found wherever there was a good time to be had. At that time The Wild Bunch became Massive Attack, some members splintered off and the group started on a more business-oriented path. Tricky still commuted to Bristol to do things with them from time to time, but it was becoming a burden for him.
On October 15th, 1990 the Tricky-produced Massive Attack single “Daydreaming” was released. It was one of the songs that later defined the sound of the group and the genre as a whole: slow-paced melody, female singing and understated rapping. For Tricky, however, it wasn’t a stylistic decision: he was simply too shy to mimic the prominent American MCs of the time, so he did it the way he knew how. The song sounded like barely anything before it and made huge waves. An album, Blue Lines, followed suit, as well as more studio time, video shoots and touring. All of that went against Tricky’s “live in the moment” attitude, so he started to show up less and less often, eventually leaving the band altogether.
A pivotal event in Tricky’s life happened around 1992/93: walking along the street near his cousin’s place he met a teenage Martina Topley-Bird sitting on a wall, humming to herself. They went to the studio almost immediately (studio time was actually given to Tricky by an acquaintance who couldn’t use it) and recorded several tracks. Tricky didn’t have the highest opinion of himself as a vocalist, so he felt flattered and validated when he first heard a woman’s voice singing his lyrics. The track that came out of that session was “Aftermath”.
Massive Attack weren’t interested in the track, which Tricky didn’t think much of. He would sometimes play it to people, but otherwise didn’t have any particular plans. The final push to release it himself was given to him by his cousin, and the money for it by a random acquaintance who promised to finance Tricky’s next musical endeavor should he decide to take the step. He pressed and sent out some vinyls of “Aftermath” to radio stations and record labels in London. Six weeks later he got a deal with Island Records.

Brand New You’re Retro

The single was a success: it was getting radio play and raving reviews. However, that was the only solo track Tricky had recorded up to this point. No less than a year had passed since the recording session and he completely lost touch with Martina. However, Tricky knew that that was the voice of his music, saying she was the new Billie Holiday. He managed to track her down in Bristol, by which time “Ponderosa” was ready to be recorded. After that one started gaining traction as well, all that was left to do was an album.
Island was on the lookout for something off the beaten path, for artists with a vision. And while Tricky was a visionary, he didn’t see himself as an artist yet. Therefore, he was heavily managed, pushed and set up for success by the label heads who took a personal interest in him. At that point Adrian moved into an apartment in London, shut the door and started creating.
Tricky’s approach to music-making was entirely chaotic. According to his own claims, lyrics just come into his head. His mother used to write poems as well, but she never had the audience, so at some point Adrian began thinking that she was speaking through him. The first verse on “Aftermath” begins with the lines
Your eyes resemble mine, you’ll see as no others can
Here, inherit my kingdom, speak of our people’s plan.
He had no children at that point, and only later realized what those lyrics might have meant. Then he just put the freshly written pages into the hands of Martina Topley-Bird and ushered her into the booth. Neither did he think she needed to hear the music first, nor did it concern her. Most of what can be heard of her on the album was recorded in one take. Redoing something was not Tricky’s MO.
When it comes to beats, Tricky at one point decided that a rapper is nothing without a producer, and he didn’t want to depend on anybody in that regard, so he started to teach himself. Since he had no knowledge of music theory, no concept of pitch, time signatures or other “rules”, Tricky just tried to reproduce what he heard in his head. He would sit on the floor with an Akai S1000 sampler and a pile of records and just splice things together. Whatever was lacking was recorded and sampled in-house.
When I say “he”, that’s not entirely true, that’s how Tricky himself recalls the events. Island Records employed the help of Mark Saunders, an engineer previously known for his work on The Cure’s Disintegration, who claims to have helped bring a lot of Tricky’s ideas to life. The musician would tell Mark what to do, the latter would say that that’s the incorrect way to do it, but after Tricky’s insistence something beautiful and unexpected (from an outside perspective) would come out. But it was just what Tricky heard in his head. He just kept fiddling with whatever he grabbed off the floor. It was deemed either brilliant or garbage within minutes. Saunders was also the one to play the instruments Tricky needed in addition to the vinyls along with a couple session musicians. Since Tricky didn’t bother keeping track of what was used, it took the label three months to clear all of the samples.
As mentioned before, Tricky’s mother was an important, if somewhat mythic, figure in his life, and he wanted to honor that. At first, he wanted for Martina and him to be a band called Maxinquaye (not Maxine Quaye, because then people could think that was just Martina’s name). The label convinced him to stick with the name everybody knew him by, and that became the album’s title. Same as the title was connected to a dark memory, the contents were very much the same way. Tricky put his all into this album, baring his soul and reaching into the deepest corners of his mind.

Track by Track

1. Overcome
The album opener and third single features lyrics previously rapped by Tricky on the Massive Attack song “Karmacoma” off of Blue Lines, now sung by Martina Topley-Bird. The musician himself claimed that while he gave the verse to them, it was still his verse, therefore he could give it to Martina as well.
Backed by an unchanged eerie-sounding loop of Shakespears Sister’s “Moonchild” with drums unwaveringly marching on through the track, vague flute and keyboard passages weaving in and out, Martina paints a picture of a moment in time, happening in two places at once: it’s a couple walking together while a war is raging in Kuwait. It’s surreal, impressionistic, blurry, but incredibly vivid.
2. Ponderosa
The album’s second pre-release single contains percussion off of an Indian singer Jagjit Singh’s song “O Maa Tujhe Salaam”, as well as a drum break from Manzel’s “Midnight Theme”. What sounds like another slow, but rhythmic jam with Martina’s voice going from a whisper at the start into her normal singing voice goes mad with discordant notes played on a keyboard towards the end.
For the first time on the album Tricky can be heard not even rapping, but what sounds like ranting seemingly behind Martina’s voice. This will not only be a recurring stylistic device on this record, but also in Tricky’s music as a whole. Putting the spotlight on his female counterpart, he feels brave enough to reinforce his words coming out of her mouth with his own voice.
The lyrics are again a stream of consciousness, enveloping the listener with the confusing, unfiltered thoughts in Tricky’s mind.
3. Black Steel
Yes, this is a cover of Public Enemy’s “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” off It Takes A Nation…. Tricky was very appreciative of the American hip-hop of the 80s, Rakim and Chuck D being the rappers he mentions most. This cover was a way for him to pay homage and maybe bring their music to a new audience in Britain. It was the first of many covers Tricky did over the course of his career. The decision to cover this exact song might have been in response to the Gulf War of 1990/91.
The original is, of course, a 4-verse story of a Black man who goes to prison for refusing to do his military service. The Tricky version is much more disjointed, repeating the first verse throughout the whole song to a guitar-driven accompaniment of the band FTV. What was initially supposed to be a very sparse instrumental with only a percussive loop taken off an almost random Indian cassette suddenly turned into a fiery banger when Tricky invited the techno-rock band he heard at a concert to perform on his album. He didn’t remember what they sounded like after the night out, so he was skeptical when they finally arrived at the studio. Nevertheless, Mark Saunders had a vision of what they could do and with almost no direction the band went all out. The guitar you hear on the song is actually a Korg M1 keyboard. The drummer was told something in the style of Sex Pistols.
Tricky still wasn’t enthusiastic, but after Mark compiled the parts he liked with Martina’s vocals, he was on board, only adding a short phrase in the middle of the track himself. Martina Topley-Bird is in the eye of this storm, singing from the original perspective of a man, expressing disappointment in a system that’s failing him. This is also the only song on the album written from an explicitly male standpoint.
4. Hell Is Round The Corner
This is the big one. A song that still causes controversy between trip-hop fans on whether Tricky ripped off Portishead or it was the other way round. Whatever the case may be, both of these stone-cold classics of trip-hop sample the beautiful, timeless groove of Isaac Hayes’ "Ike’s Rap II". Portishead went the love-making anthem route, while Tricky put his own, slightly creepy spin on it. The story goes that that was the rare track where Tricky definitively knew what he wanted to do. Some add to that story that he heard the Portishead demo given to him by his manager the previous night and completely forgot that part.
Tricky finally takes center stage on this song, employing his soon-to-be signature whispered rapping, while Martina sometimes joins him from the background. The lyrics are heady, hard to make sense of. As was the case with “Overcome”, some of them could be previously heard on Massive Attack’s “Euro Child”. The song title comes from a conversation Tricky had with an acquaintance. “Hell? Hell is ‘round the corner, mate!” he spoke of the Bristol ghettos.
5. Pumpkin
This track is a relative change of pace, featuring the first of two guest vocalists on this album, Alison Goldfrapp. A much bolder singer, she is in full eclipse on the first verse which is loud and expressive compared to the subtle and subdued performance of Martina Topley-Bird. Tricky joins in murmuring later on over the beat sampling the drums and at several points the guitar melody from The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Suffer”. The title of the songs seems to have no relation.
6. Aftermath
Martina returns on the song that started it all. An almost 8-minute-long soundscape, it puts her haunting voice on full display, once again complimented by Tricky’s muttering. As well as being the longest song on the album, it is also the containing the most samples and interpolations. A pitched down Marvin Gaye melody, a slowed down LL Cool J drum, a line of dialogue from “Blade Runner” to allude to Tricky’s mother, and a couple of lyrics taken from The Young Rascals and Japan and rapped in a silky, tortured voice.
7. Abbaon Fat Tracks
This drugged out slow burner with an Arabic motif doesn’t have any listed samples (although the main melody probably is one) except a piece of movie dialogue, what it does have are easily discernible lyrics about a steamy night. Once again leaning into his feminine side Tricky describes sex in excruciating detail, almost like under a lens, using Martina as a ventriloquist’s doll. He also concedes that he doesn’t only resort to weed anymore, something he was strictly against before all the attention.
Personally, I don’t see how it sounds like ABBA on fat tracks, but that’s where the title apparently comes from.
8. Brand New You’re Retro
This song was conceived when Tricky suddenly realized everything he heard on the radio was just recycled ideas of the past. Britpop sounded like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones; other people were charting with straight up soul music. That’s what Tricky’s manifest is – he’s brand new, everyone else is retro.
To get his idea across he uses an immediately recognizable bass line from Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, as well as coming back to It Takes A Nation…, this time to borrow a fuzzy sound effect from “Mind Terrorist” and a lyric from “Prophets of Rage”. Another banger on the album, it’s no wonder what connects it to the other one is Public Enemy.
9. Suffocated Love
On this track, Tricky and Martina tell a story of a relationship where both parties get what they want – he is in a more submissive position, simply enjoying the sex, while she is the dominatrix who’s just in it for his money. All of this set to a Gladys Knight & the Pips sample with a repurposed and barely recognizable violin from a Chantels song.
10. You Don’t
This lush and distorted beat was created in collaboration with Howie B, and the track features Ragga, another guest vocalist. Like Alison Goldfrapp earlier, she gets to show off the full range of her talent while going back and forth with Tricky who just repeats the refrain here, as if defending from her onslaught.
11. Strugglin’
Easily the most disturbing and uncomfortable song on the album, that was the catch Tricky left on the back end for the unsuspecting listener. It feels like Tricky is alone inside his mind here, even though Martina sings throughout, it feels like it’s coming from another place. Tricky is scrambling for words, mumbling, talking to himself, manically giggling and coughing at a point. You can hear the pain in both of their voices.
The song is rich with sound effects: at various points you can hear water drops, a Polaroid going off (or a cocked trigger and a creaking door) and a ticking clock.
Legend has it that when one of the label representatives heard this song for the first time, he came out of the studio red as a beetroot. That’s when Tricky realized that his music was affecting people.
12. Feed Me
The album closer once again gives Martina the opportunity to send the pair off in their signature style. She’s singing about an existential struggle, he’s low in the mix, talking to himself again. A short KRS-One sample comes in in the middle, then elements of the song fade away one by one until the listener is left alone to contemplate.

Hell Is Round The Corner

In line with the label’s desire to break the boundaries, Tricky was marketed as an alternative and ambiguous figure. He was at the forefront of British black music, but he didn’t really represent that due to his upbringing. He was a rapper, which is an inherently masculine image, but for the promotional photoshoot he posed in a wedding dress with Martina as the groom. While sequencing the album together with his manager, Tricky frontloaded the singles to then catch the listener off guard with the edgier, more eclectic sounding tracks on Side B. Tricky only cared about his music: fine, he would release an album, but he’d never sell out, never go mainstream. It would be the music that no one was making and no one has heard before.
Then, on February 20th, 1995 the album came out and blew up magnificently. For weeks after it was all everybody talked about in Britain. The critics loved it, the indie scene loved it, but nobody predicted that the general public would fall in love with it. This twisted, tortured, intimate record was talked about at middle-class dinner parties. David Bowie became a fan, wrote a fictional, very Bowie-esque piece for the Q magazine, wrote a letter to Tricky and went to his concert. It was pandemonium. Tricky absolutely hated it.
“If I supposedly invented it, why not call it Tricky-hop?”
The first thing Tricky couldn’t cope with was the sudden spotlight on him. He was recognized wherever he went, and his time was not his anymore. Secondly, his music was promptly christened by the press as trip-hop, a term he absolutely loathed. That, as well as “the Bristol Sound” made no sense to him, since everybody described by that term was doing different things in different places. And of course, people wanted him to tour.
After a miserable experience touring with Massive Attack for their first album Tricky decided he would not play a concert again. He didn’t like being on stage in front of the crowd, he didn’t like the vast amount of space there was with just the turntables and he didn’t like the DJ just playing the album. However, his manager convinced him to get a band, put it together herself, and it started slowly working out. Tricky also decided to perform in complete darkness, which wasn’t an artistic choice, but rather a way to cope with the stage fright. The public once again swallowed it up, calling him a genius.
“Who likes trip-hop? Well, fuck off home then!”
After a short while, the industry caught on and the novel, groundbreaking sound of Maxinquaye wasn’t the sound of Maxinquaye anymore, it was the sound of the moment. Of course, Tricky was disgusted.
His musical alliance with Martina Topley-Bird was also a romantic one at the time of recording of Maxinquaye, and they had a daughter a month after the release. It was, however, too much too soon, and the couple didn’t last. Their professional relationship existed a little longer, but she wasn’t his only muse and his main voice anymore.
For his next album, Tricky challenged the audiences to try and follow him, as he recorded a new album in the span of a month. It would be bolder, less accessible, nothing like the now trendy Maxinquaye, a big “fuck you” to the people who thought Tricky could be put in a box. It would feature more collaborators, a Björk on the rise to superstardom among them. It would be his transformation, a first of many to come. It would be called Nearly God.
But that’s a story for another time.


Tricky went on to have a very successful solo career spanning over 25 years now. Successful, of course, when you keep in mind what he was interested in in the first place. He has a dedicated fan base, a broad catalogue with each album being very different from the others. He has travelled all over the world, lived in many different places, now residing in Berlin. He is even back as an official member of Massive Attack, although they’ve only released about ten songs, depending on how you count, over the last decade. Once a young and carefree musician, Tricky is now a veteran, a mastermind who collaborates almost exclusively with lesser known artists and gives them the opportunity to shine. He is back in the underground, back to relative obscurity, doing what he always wanted to do – whatever the hell he puts his mind to.
That obviously didn’t come immediately as he spent some time in the mainstream: he was very prolific in the second half of the 90s, had a role in Luc Besson’s “The Fifth Element” and later even featured Alanis Morissette, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cyndi Lauper on his album (incidentally my favorite of his) before going into a hiatus. There were scandals, controversies and bad blood.
An uncompromising artist, unafraid to make mistakes and learn along the way, always paving his own way, Tricky is a visionary and truly a monumental figure in music. Even if his influence is not as apparent nowadays, he probably likes it this way. All of that makes me a fan. Thank you for reading.

Feed Me

If you’d like to get into trip-hop after hearing Maxinquaye, I’d recommend anything made by Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead and Björk in the 90s. Then there is Endtroducing..... by DJ Shadow, which is somewhat similar, but you should have heard that by now. Then there is this list of 50 best trip-hop albums by Fact Mag – they seem to know their stuff.
Some of my personal favorites include Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By by Lovage (it’s Dan the Automator, Kid Koala and Mike freaking Patton, yo!), Never, Never, Land by UNKLE and Carboot Soul by Nightmares On Wax.
If it’s Tricky you’re after, he just had an album come out two months ago, it’s good! It’s called Fall To Pieces. My favorite one is Blowback, otherwise he has something for everybody in his discography. He started making louder music in the 2010s, intense in a different way, that was an interesting change of pace.
And I would definitely, definitely recommend the autobiography that came out a year ago. As I mentioned at the beginning, I based a lot of my write-up here on what I found out from that book, but you should still read it yourself if you get the chance. It’s sincere, simple, funny and riveting. You can feel that that’s a recording of a living person recounting their pretty crazy life. If you liked the Gucci Mane book, this should be right up your alley. An interesting point – although it’s an autobiography, Tricky often “passes the mic” to his friends, people he worked with and members of his family. It’s a unique take and it works very well.


  1. Have you heard of trip-hop as a whole and Tricky in particular before? If not, do you feel compelled to explore some more?
  2. What are your favorite songs on the album?
  3. I’m interested in people’s interpretation of the lyrics, not being big on that myself. What do you make of what Tricky is saying on his debut?
  4. Do you hear the influence of this album in other people’s work? What are some examples in other genres?
  5. What do you think trip-hop would look like if Tricky took his career more seriously early on and stayed with Massive Attack?
  6. What do you think of Tricky’s development as an artist? Do you think he ever topped Maxinquaye? What’s your favorite album of his?
submitted by Chaotic_Gold to hiphopheads

updated output log errors

This is a followup thread from yesterday. My game is refusing to start, showing me that there was an error with my mods and forcing me to restart. Below is the output log that was generated after i followed a tip from azethegreat, he said that it'll be more useful this way. Can anyone figure out what's causing the bug, this was happening before the update

Initialize engine version: 2018.4.14f1 (05119b33d0b7)
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
Version: Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]
Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (ID=0x1b81)
VRAM: 8088 MB
Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly
- Completed reload, in 0.096 seconds
Initializing input.

Input initialized.

Initialized touch support.

UnloadTime: 0.527800 ms
[09:13:15.821] [1] [INFO] KProfiler: Start
[09:13:15.922] [1] [INFO] Applying resolution 1920x1080 u/144hz (fullscreen: True)
[09:13:15.922] [1] [INFO] Low Res Textures? No
[09:13:15.926] [1] [INFO] release Build: AP-398437
OSname=Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit
CPUmodel=To Be Filled By O.E.M. (To Be Filled By O.E.M.)
CPUtype=AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
GPUname=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
GPUgraphicsDeviceVersion=Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]
System Language=English
[09:13:16.773] [1] [INFO] Initializing at 2020-03-07 09:13:16.773
[09:13:16.774] [1] [INFO] Save path: C:\Users\tze rui\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded
[09:13:17.181] [1] [INFO] Using builtin mod system.
[09:13:17.181] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Enable All Mods Button:1855960639] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.183] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: EnableAllModsButton.dll
[09:13:17.291] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ Enable All Mods Button ] with version 2019.9.7.5
[09:13:17.293] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Build Over Plants:1835394161] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.293] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: BuildOverPlants.dll
[09:13:17.321] [1] [INFO] Build Over Plants Mod Loaded
[09:13:17.321] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Wall Pumps and Vents:1845579729] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:17.322] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: WallPumps.dll
[09:13:17.345] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Simpler Pip Plant Rule:1859560108] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.346] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: SimplerPipPlantRule.dll
[09:13:17.354] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Geyser Calculated Average Output Tooltip:1706181611] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.355] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: GeyserCalculatedAvgOutputTooltip.dll
[09:13:17.359] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ Geyser Calculated Avg Output Tooltip ] with version 2019.9.5.0
[09:13:17.360] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Better Air Filters:1718888149] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.360] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: better_air_filters.dll
[09:13:17.363] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Bigger Capacity:1720247784] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.364] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: BiggerCapacity.dll
[09:13:17.365] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] Loading config.json
[09:13:17.420] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] Conveyor - multiplier 1, new capacity 20
[09:13:17.420] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] Conveyor - multiplier 1, new capacity 20
[09:13:17.447] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] Elements stacking changed to 99999 kg
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] Announce harmony patches
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> Game.OnPrefabInit
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> ValveBase.OnSpawn
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> Battery.OnSpawn
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> PowerTransformerConfig.CreateBuildingDef
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> PowerTransformerSmallConfig.CreateBuildingDef
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> Storage.OnSpawn
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> FuelTank.MaxCapacity
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> OxidizerTank.MaxCapacity
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> Wire.GetMaxWattageAsFloat
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> Generator.WattageRating
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> SolidConduitDispenser.ConduitUpdate
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> ElementSplitterComponents.CanFirstAbsorbSecond
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> WoodLogConfig.CreatePrefab
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> TableSaltConfig.CreatePrefab
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> RotPileConfig.CreatePrefab
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] -> ModsScreen.BuildDisplay
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Steel Needs Less Lime:1731326363] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.462] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: SteelNeedsLessLime.dll
[09:13:17.512] [1] [INFO] Steel recipe found! Modifying...
[09:13:17.512] [1] [INFO] Iron: 70 kg 75 kg
[09:13:17.512] [1] [INFO] Lime: 10 kg 5 kg
[09:13:17.512] [1] [INFO] Steel recipe successfully modified
[09:13:17.512] [1] [INFO] Transpiler complete
[09:13:17.576] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [FreeCamera:1737603705] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.576] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: FreeCamera.dll
[09:13:17.588] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Pipe Pressure Valve:1730126196] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.588] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: PipePressureValve.dll
[09:13:17.595] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Stop Sublimation While In Storage:1735543242] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.595] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: NoSublimationWhenItemsAreInStorage.dll
[09:13:17.598] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Half Door:1766168866] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.598] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: HalfDoor.dll
[09:13:17.603] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Self-sealing Airlocks:1735550356] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.603] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: SelfSealingAirlocks.dll
[09:13:17.606] [1] [WARNING] Missing Anim: [0xDB3DCF89]. You may have to run Collect Anim on the Assets prefab
[09:13:17.610] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Piped Electrolyzer:1737026266] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.611] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: PipedElectrolyzer.dll
[09:13:17.617] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Suit Docks Store 75kg Oxygen:1706161210] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.617] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: SuitDockStores75Kg.dll
[09:13:17.622] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ Suit Dock Stores 75kg ] with version 2019.9.5.0
[09:13:17.622] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Refined Metals Usable As Raw Metals:1729816134] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.623] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: RefinedMetalsUsableAsRawMetals.dll
[09:13:17.626] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ Refined Metals Usable As Raw Metals ] with version 2019.9.5.0
[09:13:17.627] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Plan Buildings Without Materials:1717526174] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.628] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: PlanBuildingsWithoutMaterials.dll
[09:13:17.630] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ Draw Buildings Without Materials ] with version 2019.9.5.0
[09:13:17.631] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Power Tweaks:1716259377] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.631] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: gas_filter.dll
[09:13:17.632] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: gas_pump.dll
[09:13:17.633] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: jukebox.dll
[09:13:17.633] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: power_door.dll
[09:13:17.634] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: smart_bin.dll
[09:13:17.643] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Deconstructable POI Props:1715248368] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.644] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: DeconstructableProps.dll
[09:13:17.662] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Compact Info Cards:1852314427] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.662] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: CompactInfoCards.dll
[09:13:17.668] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [No Drop // by u/Ony 👾:1868454866] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.668] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Mod.NoDrop.dll
[09:13:17.720] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [WGSM - World Generation Settings Manager // by u/Ony 👾:1833427385] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.720] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Mod.WorldGenTraits.dll
[09:13:17.747] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Mole Miner:1950944765] (provides DLL)
[09:13:17.747] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: 0Harmony.dll
[09:13:17.747] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll
[09:13:17.747] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Assembly-CSharp.dll
[09:13:17.748] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Mole Miner.dll
[09:13:17.748] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll
[09:13:17.749] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: UnityEngine.dll
[09:13:17.964] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [[DEPRECATED] Conveyor Rail Filter:1738906344] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:17.965] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ConveyorRailUtilities.dll
[09:13:17.984] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ Conveyor Rail Filter ] with version 2019.9.5.0
[09:13:17.985] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Notepad:1996618130] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:17.985] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Notepad.dll
[09:13:18.001] [1] [INFO] Generated C:/Users/tze rui/Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/strings_templates/notepad_template.pot
[09:13:18.001] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Starmap Queue:1907780517] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.001] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: StarmapQueue.dll
[09:13:18.040] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Candidate version from StarmapQueue
[09:13:18.040] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod StarmapQueue initialized, version
[09:13:18.040] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Canister Fillers:1824410623] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.041] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: MoreCanisterFillersMod.dll
[09:13:18.050] <<-- CaiLib > Loaded [ MoreCanisterFillersMod-merged ] with version 2020.2.7.37889
[09:13:18.057] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Smart Mop // by u/Ony 👾:1863275516] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.057] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Mod.SmartMop.dll
[48;5;23m [SmartMop]: Loading config file: C:\Users\tze rui\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\config\1863275516\config.json [48;5;0m
[48;5;23m [SmartMop]: Loaded config.json [48;5;0m
[48;5;23m [SmartMop]: Loaded: True [48;5;0m
[48;5;21m [SmartMop]: Version: initialized [48;5;0m
[09:13:18.068] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Fast Save Enhanced:1867707267] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.069] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: FastSave.dll
[09:13:18.077] [1] [INFO] [PLib/FastSave] config.json was not found; using default settings
[09:13:18.087] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Candidate version from FastSave
[09:13:18.087] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod FastSave initialized, version
[09:13:18.088] [1] [INFO] [PLib/FastSave] Registered mod options class FastSaveOptions for FastSave
[09:13:18.088] [1] [INFO] [PLib/FastSave] FastSave in mode: Safe
[09:13:18.089] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Expanded Lights:1871382174] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:18.089] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ExpandedLights.dll
[09:13:18.108] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Candidate version from ExpandedLights
[09:13:18.108] [1] [INFO] [Expanded Lights] Started with version
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.Cone
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.Beam5
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.Circle
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.OffsetCone
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.FixedSemi
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.Semicircle
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] [PLib/ExpandedLights] Registered new light shape: SkyLib.LightShape.OffsetSemi
[09:13:18.109] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Sensors for conveyor:1905942092] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:18.110] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: SolidSensors.dll
[09:13:18.119] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Customize Plants:1818145851] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.120] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: CustomizePlants.dll
[09:13:18.121] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: FumLib.dll
[09:13:18.171] [1] [INFO] Loading: C:\Users\tze rui\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\Customize Plants.json
[09:13:18.218] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Customizable Speed:2002421412] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.218] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: CustomizableSpeed.dll
[09:13:18.238] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Candidate version from CustomizableSpeed
[09:13:18.238] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod CustomizableSpeed initialized, version
[09:13:18.242] [1] [INFO] [PLib/CustomizableSpeed] Registered mod options class SpeedOptions for CustomizableSpeed
[09:13:18.242] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Tweaked Biological Cargo Bay:1891479671] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.242] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: TweakedBiologicalCargoBay.dll
[09:13:18.245] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Wrangle Fliers:1872051674] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.245] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: WrangleFlyers.dll
[09:13:18.268] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Aquatic Farm:1910961538] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:18.268] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: AquaticFarm.dll
[09:13:18.276] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Fashionistic 2:1997194271] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:18.276] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Fashionistic.dll
[09:13:18.308] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Butcher & Fishing Stations:1907824546] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:18.308] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ButcherStation.dll
[09:13:18.369] [1] [INFO] BasePacuConfig CreatePrefab Transpiler injected
[09:13:18.454] [1] [INFO] RanchStation.Instance FindRanchable Transpiler #1 injected
[09:13:18.454] [1] [INFO] RanchStation.Instance FindRanchable Transpiler #2 injected
[09:13:18.490] [1] [INFO] CreatureDeliveryPoint RefreshCreatureCount Transpiler injected
[09:13:18.504] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Settings Change Tool:1843647561] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.504] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: BulkSettingsChange.dll
[09:13:18.519] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod BulkSettingsChange initialized, version
[09:13:18.523] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [No Pointless Scrollbars:1959130035] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.523] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: NoPointlessScrollbars.dll
[09:13:18.610] [1] [INFO] - version: 2020.2.10.58558
[09:13:18.610] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Better Info Cards:1960947963] (provides DLL)
[09:13:18.610] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: BetterInfoCards.dll
[09:13:18.674] [1] [INFO] [PLib/BetterInfoCards] config.json was not found; using default settings
[09:13:21.999] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod BetterInfoCards initialized, version
[09:13:22.001] [1] [INFO] [PLib/BetterInfoCards] Registered mod options class Options for BetterInfoCards
[09:13:22.001] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Show Building Ranges:1960996649] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.001] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ShowRange.dll
[09:13:22.013] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod ShowRange initialized, version
[09:13:22.013] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Thermal Interface Plate:1938747693] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.013] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ThermalPlate.dll
[09:13:22.021] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod ThermalPlate initialized, version
[09:13:22.023] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Research Queue:1893887916] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.024] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ResearchQueue.dll
[09:13:22.134] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod ResearchQueue initialized, version
[09:13:22.134] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Efficient Supply:1874600082] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.134] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: EfficientFetch.dll
[09:13:22.151] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod EfficientFetch initialized, version
[09:13:22.156] [1] [INFO] [PLib/EfficientFetch] Registered mod options class EfficientFetchOptions for EfficientFetch
[09:13:22.156] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Falling Sand:1855163252] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.156] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: FallingSand.dll
[09:13:22.175] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod FallingSand initialized, version
[09:13:22.175] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Claustrophobia - Stuck Duplicant Alert:1836997281] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.176] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Claustrophobia.dll
[09:13:22.189] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod Claustrophobia initialized, version
[09:13:22.194] [1] [INFO] [PLib/Claustrophobia] Registered mod options class ClaustrophobiaOptions for Claustrophobia
[09:13:22.195] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Medium Power Transformer:1854420483] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.195] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Kelmen.ONI.Mods.Power.Transformers.dll
[09:13:22.196] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Kelmen.ONI.Mods.Shared.dll
[09:13:22.206] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Queue for Sinks:1881925531] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.206] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: QueueForSink.dll
[09:13:22.227] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod QueueForSink initialized, version
[09:13:22.227] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Blueprints:1814341183] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.227] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Blueprints.dll
[09:13:22.257] [1] [INFO] [PLib/Blueprints] Registered mod options class BlueprintsOptions for Blueprints
[09:13:22.262] [1] [INFO] Blueprints Loaded: Version 2.2.301.0
[09:13:22.262] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Sweep By Type:1863428350] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.262] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: SweepByType.dll
[09:13:22.281] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod SweepByType initialized, version
[09:13:22.285] [1] [INFO] [PLib/SweepByType] Registered mod options class SweepByTypeOptions for SweepByType
[09:13:22.286] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Pliers:1848884654] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.286] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Pliers.dll
[09:13:22.317] [1] [WARNING] [PLib/Pliers] PUtil.InitLibrary was not called before using PAction.Register!
[09:13:22.318] [1] [INFO] Pliers Loaded: Version
[09:13:22.318] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Drains:1866754178] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.318] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: Drains.dll
[09:13:22.331] [1] [INFO] [Drains] Started with version
[09:13:22.332] [1] [INFO] [PLib] Mod Drains initialized, version
[09:13:22.336] [1] [INFO] [PLib/Drains] Registered mod options class DrainOptions for Drains
[09:13:22.336] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content DLL [Drag Tool Area:1835851890] (provides DLL)
[09:13:22.337] [1] [INFO] Loading MOD dll: ShowAreaInBoxTool.dll
[09:13:22.342] [1] [INFO] [ShowAreaInBoxTool] Loading mod version 2020.2.7.37889
[09:13:22.358] [1] [INFO] [PKeyBinding] Registering 1 key binds
[09:13:22.362] [1] [INFO] [PLib/Blueprints] Registering 10 key binds
[09:13:22.363] [1] [INFO] [PLib/Pliers] Registering 1 key binds
[09:13:22.437] [1] [INFO] Localization.Initialize!
[09:13:22.439] [1] [INFO] AquaticFarm Loaded: Version
[09:13:22.440] [1] [INFO] ButcherStation Loaded: Version
[09:13:22.448] [1] [INFO] Test Data Location / docs / C:\Users\tze rui\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded
[09:13:22.448] [1] [INFO] Test Data Location / local / C:\Users\tze rui\AppData\Local\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded
[09:13:22.450] [1] [INFO] Test Data Locations / C:\Users\tze rui\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\test / write True / read True / removed True
[09:13:22.450] [1] [INFO] Test Data Locations / C:\Users\tze rui\AppData\Local\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\test / write True / read True / removed True
[09:13:22.452] [1] [INFO] Logged into Steam with ID:76561198188336557, NAME:ironboy32
[09:13:22.453] [1] [INFO] [Account] Requesting auth ticket from Steam
[09:13:22.459] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content LayerableFiles [Traits Now Included:1831266098] (provides LayerableFiles)
[09:13:22.463] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Using version
[09:13:22.472] [1] [INFO] [PLib/FastSave] Created PLightManager
[09:13:22.538] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] PLib patches applied
[09:13:22.541] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Wall Pumps and Vents:1845579729] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.582] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [[DEPRECATED] Conveyor Rail Filter:1738906344] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.589] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Notepad:1996618130] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.601] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Expanded Lights:1871382174] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.614] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Sensors for conveyor:1905942092] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.631] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Aquatic Farm:1910961538] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.636] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Fashionistic 2:1997194271] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.691] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Butcher & Fishing Stations:1907824546] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.702] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Thermal Interface Plate:1938747693] (provides DLL, Animation)
[09:13:22.705] [1] [INFO] Loading mod content Animation [Drains:1866754178] (provides DLL, Animation)
[48;5;23m [WorldGenTraits]: GlobalAssets_Awake [48;5;0m
[09:13:23.848] [4] [INFO] [Account] Got login for user KU_a3ZJpzOg
[48;5;23m [WorldGenTraits]: Version: [48;5;0m
[09:13:25.056] [1] [INFO] === WallPumps v. 2.1 LoadGeneratedBuildings ===
Loaded mod: HalfDoor, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
[09:13:25.069] [1] [INFO] Prefix
[09:13:25.073] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Register strings for 1 buildings
[09:13:25.101] [1] [INFO] [PLibPatches] Register techs for 1 buildings
[09:13:25.812] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] PowerTransformer - multiplier 1, new capacity 4000
[09:13:25.815] [1] [INFO] [BiggerCapacity] PowerTransformerSmall - multiplier 1, new capacity 1000
MissingFieldException: Field 'LogicOperationalController.INPUT_PORTS_0_0' not found.
at BuildingConfigManager.RegisterBuilding (IBuildingConfig config) [0x00131] in <62de69961f464b72923c510914d6557e>:0
at (wrapper dynamic-method) GeneratedBuildings.LoadGeneratedBuildings_Patch20(System.Collections.Generic.List`1)
at LegacyModMain.LoadBuildings (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] types) [0x00050] in <62de69961f464b72923c510914d6557e>:0
at LegacyModMain.Load () [0x00042] in <62de69961f464b72923c510914d6557e>:0
at Assets.CreatePrefabs () [0x00000] in <62de69961f464b72923c510914d6557e>:0
at Assets.OnPrefabInit () [0x0031c] in <62de69961f464b72923c510914d6557e>:0
at KMonoBehaviour.InitializeComponent () [0x00068] in <47504a45704048478872cc29d12c0f37>:0
Rethrow as Exception: Error in GameAssets(Clone).Assets.OnPrefabInit
at KMonoBehaviour.InitializeComponent () [0x000b1] in <47504a45704048478872cc29d12c0f37>:0
at KMonoBehaviour.Awake () [0x00008] in <47504a45704048478872cc29d12c0f37>:0
UnityEngine.Object:Internal_InstantiateSingleWithParent_Injected(Object, Transform, Vector3&, Quaternion&)
UnityEngine.Object:Internal_InstantiateSingleWithParent(Object, Transform, Vector3, Quaternion)
UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(Object, Vector3, Quaternion, Transform)
UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion, Transform)
Util:KInstantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion, GameObject, String, Boolean, Int32)
Util:KInstantiate(GameObject, GameObject, String)
(Filename: <62de69961f464b72923c510914d6557e> Line: 0)

[48;5;24m [WorldGenTraits]: CustomGameSettings_OnPrefabInit [48;5;0m
Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0)

Unloading 859 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 34596.
Total: 67.364500 ms (FindLiveObjects: 1.899100 ms CreateObjectMapping: 1.254800 ms MarkObjects: 63.498700 ms DeleteObjects: 0.711400 ms)

Unloading 3 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0)
UnloadTime: 2.982500 ms
[09:13:26.620] [1] [INFO] Error occurred with mods active. Disabling all mods (unless dev mods active).

Unloading 3 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 36407.
Total: 78.379800 ms (FindLiveObjects: 1.927400 ms CreateObjectMapping: 1.027500 ms MarkObjects: 75.332300 ms DeleteObjects: 0.091900 ms)

[09:13:26.748] [1] [INFO] -- MAIN MENU --
[48;5;24m []: MainMenu_OnSpawn [48;5;0m
[09:13:26.872] [1] [INFO] Screen resolution updated, saving values to prefs: 1920x1080 @ 144, fullscreen: True
[09:13:27.469] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Build Over Plants
[09:13:27.471] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Traits Now Included
[09:13:27.477] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Simpler Pip Plant Rule
[09:13:27.484] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Geyser Calculated Average Output Tooltip
[09:13:27.492] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Better Air Filters
[09:13:27.497] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Bigger Capacity
[09:13:27.509] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Steel Needs Less Lime
[09:13:27.520] [1] [INFO] publishing mod FreeCamera
[09:13:27.535] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Pipe Pressure Valve
[09:13:27.581] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Stop Sublimation While In Storage
[09:13:27.589] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Half Door
[09:13:27.589] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Self-sealing Airlocks
[09:13:27.598] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Piped Electrolyzer
[09:13:27.602] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Suit Docks Store 75kg Oxygen
[09:13:27.611] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Refined Metals Usable As Raw Metals
[09:13:27.617] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Plan Buildings Without Materials
[09:13:27.625] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Power Tweaks
[09:13:27.629] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Deconstructable POI Props
[09:13:27.638] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Enable All Mods Button
[09:13:27.644] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Compact Info Cards
[09:13:27.648] [1] [INFO] publishing mod No Drop // by u/Ony 👾
[09:13:27.652] [1] [INFO] publishing mod WGSM - World Generation Settings Manager // by u/Ony 👾
[09:13:27.653] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Mole Miner
[09:13:27.660] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Better Info Cards
[09:13:27.663] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Show Building Ranges
[09:13:27.672] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Queue for Sinks
[09:13:27.680] [1] [INFO] publishing mod [DEPRECATED] Conveyor Rail Filter
[09:13:27.689] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Notepad
[09:13:27.711] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Starmap Queue
[09:13:27.712] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Canister Fillers
[09:13:27.715] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Smart Mop // by u/Ony 👾
[09:13:27.717] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Fast Save Enhanced
[09:13:27.722] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Expanded Lights
[09:13:27.727] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Sensors for conveyor
[09:13:27.729] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Customize Plants
[09:13:27.737] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Customizable Speed
[09:13:27.760] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Tweaked Biological Cargo Bay
[09:13:27.765] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Wrangle Fliers
[09:13:27.814] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Aquatic Farm
[09:13:27.826] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Fashionistic 2
[09:13:27.840] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Butcher & Fishing Stations
[09:13:27.851] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Settings Change Tool
[09:13:27.854] [1] [INFO] publishing mod No Pointless Scrollbars
[09:13:27.856] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Thermal Interface Plate
[09:13:27.861] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Research Queue
[09:13:27.867] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Efficient Supply
[09:13:27.872] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Falling Sand
[09:13:27.873] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Claustrophobia - Stuck Duplicant Alert
[09:13:27.881] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Medium Power Transformer
[09:13:27.883] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Blueprints
[09:13:27.886] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Sweep By Type
[09:13:27.893] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Wall Pumps and Vents
[09:13:27.903] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Pliers
[09:13:27.905] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Drains
[09:13:27.910] [1] [INFO] publishing mod Drag Tool Area
[09:13:27.934] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Build Over Plants
[09:13:27.936] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Traits Now Included
[09:13:27.939] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Simpler Pip Plant Rule
[09:13:27.940] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Geyser Calculated Average Output Tooltip
[09:13:27.941] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Better Air Filters
[09:13:27.943] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Bigger Capacity
[09:13:27.944] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Steel Needs Less Lime
[09:13:27.945] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod FreeCamera
[09:13:27.946] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Pipe Pressure Valve
[09:13:27.947] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Stop Sublimation While In Storage
[09:13:27.948] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Half Door
[09:13:27.949] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Self-sealing Airlocks
[09:13:27.950] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Piped Electrolyzer
[09:13:27.951] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Suit Docks Store 75kg Oxygen
[09:13:27.952] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Refined Metals Usable As Raw Metals
[09:13:27.953] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Plan Buildings Without Materials
[09:13:27.954] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Power Tweaks
[09:13:27.956] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Deconstructable POI Props
[09:13:27.957] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Enable All Mods Button
[09:13:27.958] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Compact Info Cards
[09:13:27.959] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod No Drop // by u/Ony
[09:13:27.960] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod WGSM - World Generation Settings Manager // by u/Ony
[09:13:27.961] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Mole Miner
[09:13:27.962] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Better Info Cards
[09:13:27.963] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Show Building Ranges
[09:13:27.964] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Queue for Sinks
[09:13:27.965] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod [DEPRECATED] Conveyor Rail Filter
[09:13:27.967] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Notepad
[09:13:27.968] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Starmap Queue
[09:13:27.969] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Canister Fillers
[09:13:27.970] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Smart Mop // by u/Ony
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[09:13:27.973] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Sensors for conveyor
[09:13:27.974] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Customize Plants
[09:13:27.975] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Customizable Speed
[09:13:27.976] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Tweaked Biological Cargo Bay
[09:13:27.977] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Wrangle Fliers
[09:13:27.978] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Aquatic Farm
[09:13:27.980] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Fashionistic 2
[09:13:27.981] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Butcher & Fishing Stations
[09:13:27.982] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Settings Change Tool
[09:13:27.983] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod No Pointless Scrollbars
[09:13:27.984] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Thermal Interface Plate
[09:13:27.985] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Research Queue
[09:13:27.986] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Efficient Supply
[09:13:27.987] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Falling Sand
[09:13:27.988] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Claustrophobia - Stuck Duplicant Alert
[09:13:27.989] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Medium Power Transformer
[09:13:27.990] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Blueprints
[09:13:27.991] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Sweep By Type
[09:13:27.993] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Wall Pumps and Vents
[09:13:27.994] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Pliers
[09:13:27.995] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Drains
[09:13:27.996] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Drag Tool Area
[09:13:28.006] [1] [INFO] Using local MOTD at version: 9, web version at 7
Setting up 3 worker threads for Enlighten.
Thread -> id: 2e9c -> priority: 1
Thread -> id: 5658 -> priority: 1
Thread -> id: 61e4 -> priority: 1
submitted by ironboy32 to Oxygennotincluded

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