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A 25 year old Senior Accountant making $71,000 in New York City spends money on Bumble premium.

Here is my week from 9/14-9/20, all masked up.
*mental health, body image and food discussed\*
Section One: Assets and Debt Use this section to explain your current financial picture at large.
  • Retirement Balance and Investments: 4000
  • Equity if you're a homeowner: None, hoping to someday buy outside NY.
  • Savings account balance: 24,000
  • Checking account balance: 27,000
  • Credit card debt: -80 (Autopay 250 every two weeks, paused the autopay bc I lost the card oops, so now I have a debit of 80)
  • Student loan debt : merit scholarship for undergrad, family and I paid for grad school. (I handled living expenses by working as a TA, lab tech, tutoring...)
  • Expectation for Higher Education: Yes, both of my parents have masters degrees and covered the bulk of graduate school tuition. They think of children as a long term investment. To them, the long term security of having a child that is self reliant and can be a source of care and comfort later on was worth more than the short term gratification of buying a boat or a fancy car. They also don’t really live to project a certain image, though that may be the puritan upbringing talking.
  • Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parents educate you about finances? They talked to me about saving and not getting a credit card until I was a junior in college.
  • What was your first job and why did you get it? My first job was working at a cafe on campus freshman year. I usually had 2 or 3 jobs on campus after that first semester. You can’t TA class or lab until you’ve passed the course yourself.
  • Did you worry about money growing up? Did you worry about money growing up? I never worried about money growing up, but I was very conscious about spending it.
  • At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net? I became financially independent when I graduated from grad school.
  • Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? if yes, please explain. I think so. I know my grandmother earmarked money for tuition, but I never saw the specific numbers because my parents were in charge of whatever she left when she passed.
Section Two: Income
Main Job Monthly Current Take Home:
  • Pre tax income: 5440
  • 401k contribution: 3260
  • Tax and other deductions such as medical insurance: (includes Federal, state and city) ~730
  • Take home pay: ~1450
  • Side Gig Monthly Take Home
  • No side gig, but last year I thrifted and sold the pieces that didn’t fit me. Designer, and sold to therealreal. Just for fun. My favorite find was a black Fendi dress that still lives in my closet.
Any Other Monthly Income Here
  • No other income, although my friends and I toyed with the idea of an Only Fans. I would attach a wish list that’s just cleaning supplies, brita filters and a printer ink cartridges.
Section Three: Expenses
  • Rent: 1875 (I live alone in a one bedroom apartment in LIC)
  • Renters / home insurance: None, my building doesn’t require it. (Why don’t they though…my Ukranian landlord has many secrets.)
  • Retirement contribution: I’m playing catch up on retirement savings by contributing the max percentage I can until further notice. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay with my current employer or current location until my recent promotion so most of my money went to savings instead of retirement. Our match is bad.
  • Savings contribution: Please see above.
  • Investment contribution: Please see above. I have a pretty low risk profile so the investments I do make are along the line of ETFs at most. No day trading going on here. Wash sale rules exist. To be honest it is my worst nightmare to get a firm email saying that I traded something that was a conflict of interest. Fines and a hold on promotion have happened to others. It goes on your perm record.
  • Debt payments: No debt.
  • Donations (please specify if monthly or annual): No consistent monthly or annual donations. I think my most recent donations were to a friend’s leukemia marathon, Brooklyn Bail and random Goodwills around the city.
  • Electric+gas: 70
  • Wifi/Cable/Landline: 50
  • Cellphone: 26
  • Subscriptions: Netflix (family account) + Amazon prime, annual 119. The two day delivery saves me on toilet paper, dish soap and other items I buy in bulk. Have you ever tried taking the subway with a year’s worth of paper towels, laundry detergent and tampons? I remind myself that I really made someone laugh that day. Now half of the 6 train knows I prefer a regular tampon and liner combo.
  • Gym membership: I recently canceled my gym pass since I haven’t taken a class since early March. Through the firm’s health initiative I bought a Pilates mat, resistance bands and a set of free weights for home workouts. I’m keeping my current measurements, covid be damned.
  • Pet expenses: No pets. It just isn’t in my budget right now. I die of jealousy when I see other people’s pets though. A elderly chihuahua mix in Brooklyn, chunky B&W cat in Rochester and evil tabby on vacation at Hilton Head comes to mind.
  • Car payment / insurance: No car.
  • Regular therapy: No therapy. I’ve never formally looked into it, but my coworkers said that they couldn’t get the firm’s health insurance to cover or have a decent co pay on it. A shame, really. Maybe if we all got therapy we would mass exodus the firm? The one coworker who started going to therapy straight up left and moved to Omaha. I suppose there’s less stress if half the population is just scarecrows. These days I think the majority of the population is somewhat mentally ill, but only the privileged get it diagnosed and treated, while the vulnerable just struggle unknowingly or strapped for resources. And the severely mentally ill and vulnerable just get gunned down by the police. Hopefully someday we will make the jump from therapy as an health add-on/splurge to a health necessity.
  • Paid hobbies: Does dating count as a hobby? I’m paid in free drinks.
Section Four: The nitty gritty
8:30AM: I wake up and make coffee out of my two year old coffee maker. I use trader joe’s light roast ground coffee. I finish the last of the oat milk. I need to pick up more milk/milk substitute.
9:00AM: Work. I can’t tell if I’m rested or not. I woke up in a panic around 3 AM two nights in a row. It’s probably my period hormones. I’m also wearing bikini bottoms as underwear.
11:30AM: Leftover chicken and couscous that I made last night. Fried some chilis in oil and added a runny egg on top.
5:00PM: Do I dare nip out and pick up some milk? I do it and bring my work phone. Almond breeze is on sale for $3.99.
6:00PM: I am technically not on a client today, so I sign off.
6:30PM: Dinner is frozen trader joe’s meatballs and asparagus and some noodles I found in my fridge. I really, really love trader joe’s. Their wine store should have a punch card. One free bottle every ten bottles purchased. I have a glass of sonoma valley chardonnay.
7:30PM: I drop to the mat and do 50 reps on each side of my favorite abs, legs/glutes and arms moves. Accouterments include resistance bands and free weights. Takes about 30 minutes.
8:30PM: Someone asks me out for Thursday. I text back yes. While we’re on this dating topic, have you noticed that Bumble removed their two free advanced filters? I cave and get the lifetime premium version. $149.99. I don’t think I’ll disclose what two filters I care about, but feel free to guess and judge. laughing crying emoji
9:00AM: Cold snap last night, and my forgiving bed is oh so forgiving.
9:30AM: Coffee with almond milk and work. But first, I order tea tree oil from amazon with a gift card. $9.00 It’s my antiseptic of choice (diluted) when something isn’t severe enough for neosporin.
12:30PM Lunch is chicken and couscous again. Today I add parm to the whole mess.
3:00PM Stretch break. I drink water and eat strawberries. Is health and wellness my passion now?
5:00PM Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Time for BBQ salmon and asparagus. Also time for wine. I shoot a quick email even though it’s annoying to be emailing after 5pm.
7:30PM I half heartedly workout but I’m a little distracted. My friend got stood up by a first date today. I was skeptical about this prospective date, but I’m glad my friend didn’t waste any more time on this person. Better luck next time!
10:00PM Bedtime. Asparagus makes my pee smell weird.
8:30AM: Up and at them. Coffee with almond milk in hand.
9:00AM: I moved up today’s first meeting so that I can…
9:30AM: ...also attend a second meeting for another team.
1:00PM: Third meeting of the day. I’m basically late because I got distracted making a flowchart of first date protocols. I guess my friend getting stood up yesterday really ticked me off. The flowchart walks you through everything from matching to walking into your first date venue. My neurosis has no bounds. The flowchart is shared in the group chat. I eat lunch.
2:00PM: I signed up for a professional organization talk on epidemiology. The registration fee is $25 but the firm will pay for it.
3:30PM: Trading desk calls me and I accidentally hang up the first time because I didn’t save their number. I call back and work ensues. I thank him for calling and he says it’s nice to talk on the phone now (wfh problems). I say that it’s better than mumbling to yourself which I do nowadays. We laugh.
4:00PM: A different friend refuses to cut things off with an awful ex. She has previously admitted she is terrified of being alone. I beg her to focus on studying for her certs. She’s a grown woman with a full time job and volunteering hours. She doesn’t work for Teaching A Grown Man How to Act, Incorporated. I offer to slap her for free, friends and family discount.
6:00PM: It is time to venture out and get some vegetables. I have one more serving of asparagus, but I just can’t. Can’t. Not tonight. I buy four small tomatoes on the vine, one large green bell pepper and one jumbo eggplant. $4.59
6:30PM: Dinner is the remaining trader joe’s turkey meatballs and roasted eggplant. I don’t know what liquid smoke is (lol a chemical) but it makes the smoked paprika smell SO good. Also a glass of wine. The chardonnay is now kicked.
9:00PM: Early bedtime.
9:00AM: And my friend (birthday girl) invites me to go to the Hamptons with her and three others this weekend. It is technically a kidnapping since they’re whisking the girl clowning over her ex out of the city so she physically cannot go see him. I have such intense FOMO I can feel my eye twitching. One of the few blessings of wfh. Birthday girl is doing remote law school with Cornell and Clown girl is taking a firm sabbatical to study. And I suppose I shall wither away in my apartment - Whiny girl. There are too many variables for me to be comfortable going (people and location wise), and I don’t want to be holding everyone back or bringing people down. A friendship that insists upon agreement on all things is not worth its name.
2:00PM: Eating leftover meatballs and eggplant. Got a surprise email that I’ve been awarded a monetary performance bonus. This could be in increments of a couple hundred dollars up to maybe a thousand. I’ve received 2 grand this year. (Not included in the salary above, but I utilize it as part of my salary since it’s a known fact my line of work is underpaid compared to industry.)
4:00PM: Date asks to reschedule for tomorrow. Apologizes profusely but I’m annoyed...maybe? To be completely honest, I’m too giddy over the surprise $600 to be anything but :p!
6:00PM: I heat up chicken shumai and have a tomato. I can’t explain my meals today.
7:00PM: Seltzer, strawberries and raw thai chilis. It’s a virgin cocktail! With a bite.
7:30PM: Workout time! I have my favorite videos for abs and lower body. Arms and shoulders are the bane of my existence, but that’s when I use the free weights and just count reps as I watch Netflix.
10:00PM: I fall asleep rewatching old episodes of Madam Secretary. Ah, to imagine a parallel universe...
9:00AM: Today is payday. I check and see that my 401k max deduction has kicked in. Guess who now has a bi weekly take home of ~700? This girl. I’ll be close to my max contribution by 12/31. I don’t have many feelings about it, since math wise it’s just a rebalancing between my checking and retirement and a bit of tax deferral. However, This does mean that next I have to keep an eye on interest rates and get firm pre-approval for HYSAs that I’m interested in. Independence is paramount but sucky. Please leave your recommendations below! I’ll check to see if I’m able to open an account with them. Fingers crossed interest rates recover by next year.
12:30PM: Work is slow today. I heat up the rest of the chicken shumai and roast another batch of eggplant. Since I’m already there, I make another batch of chicken/tomato/couscous/parm. This will be dinner and probably lunch at some point.
*Fridge report: we now have one tomato and one green bell pepper left! I am very good with my protein, fat and fiber. But I struggle with adding carbs because I used to count macros in my “dua lipa is my religion” phase in school. Have you seen her arms? Her abs? Her voice? I made it to 130 lbs but it wasn’t sustainable since my natural state is around 120 lbs. I was eating peanut butter at midnight just to make my goals. And there were never enough carbs or sugar allotted for the day, so I became very stingy with them. Now I remind myself that at least one meal a day has to have some sort of rice, couscous, pasta, potato or farro base. Still not a fan of sugar. Dessert, in my opinion, is a wellness/mental health/social thing. Not really a part of my food pyramid since I get enough sugar from my fruit and vegetables. *
7:00PM: I walk to my date. It is so windy by the water that the menu is torn from the laminate and I watch as the next table’s burrata rolls off their plate. Date walks me home.
9:00PM: I group facetime with my college friends. We debrief on a weekly basis. The Seattle engineer sends us a link of a 25 year old Youtuber closing on a place in Palm Springs and how much she spent in a week. $400 on plants!? The one in med school invites us to come visit, although she warns that her rotations take up the bulk of her time. The civil engineer in LA brainstorms ways to get out of chit chatting with her housemates when she gets home. I do an OOTD of my old reformation dress that I wore that day.
9:00AM: I have a headache. Might have been the wind last night or the fact that I kept my bedroom window wide open. I read emails in bed. No work fires. I think about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What an exceptional woman. There is no room for mediocre women in the world, but so much room for mediocre men.
12:00PM: I get up. Chug water, coffee and take Advil. The day will come when this post hangover checklist no longer works. I pick up large brown eggs on sale for $2.99, Eggos - two boxes on sale for $4 and two packs of ramen. Total: $11. I eat my eggos with butter and honey. I glance at the nutrient breakdown - it’s almost real food. I clean the apartment.
6:30PM: I call my parents. Mom rambles on about orchids and my dad asks whether or not you could get addicted to workout endorphins. I send my dad a couple of medical journals with contradicting opinions. That’ll keep him occupied for the night.
7:30PM: I put on a jacket and meet my date. I’m still wearing the same dress. Have you seen the Netflix show, Dating Around? There’s live music at the venue. The server shows us exactly how they want us to sit so we’re far enough from the other outdoor diners. It is cold. I ponder on how well the 25% indoor capacity will work come 9/30.
10:30PM: Bedtime.
10:00AM: I get up and respond to texts. I feel so lame compared to some of my friends. How are people awake at 2AM? It throws off the next day for me. I take my multivitamins and brush my teeth with my troll’s toothbrush. (Kid toothbrushes are smaller and they’re easier on my gums.) Am I both a child and grandmother in a singular flesh prison?
1PM: Scavenge my own leftovers. I will have to do another big food shop next week. I usually spend $100 every two weeks on groceries. It is strategic. Think staples of frozen chicken tenderloin, seafood, veggies and fruit. I usually have two types of liquor and either wine/hard seltzer on hand. My alcohol budget is $100/month.
2:30PM: I order shampoo from Amazon with my gift card. What shampoos do you like? I got the Ren Pure biotin and collagen one, a staple since school. No sodium chloride, sulfates or dyes. Very bland packaging, just the way I like it. (*$7 for 32oz.) I have stubborn hair. She wears me - I don’t style her.
6:00PM: I head to my date downtown. We walk the dog. Talk about pet insurance.
10:00PM: I mentally go through my work checklist for the upcoming week as I wind down. I sleep better when I can visualize what is ahead. Uncertainty is not exciting for me, although I dare say learning to manage uncertainty will be one of my major plot lines in this lifetime.
Week breakdown:
Food + Drink : $19.6
Fun / Entertainment : $150
Home + Health: $10(gift card)
Clothes + Beauty: $7.6 (gift card)
Transport: prepaid metro card $0
Other: My monthly home expenses were also charged this week. Please see above. ~$150
Initial thoughts:
I am so excited. It’s not every day I allow myself to fight with strangers on the internet. But now that I am the subject matter, takes earrings off
Final thoughts:
This was a standard week for me. I enjoy the pendulum metaphor, where you don’t try to pit priorities against each other or try to cover all bases all the time, but try to swing back and forth as needed. Some weeks are work heavy, some weeks are dedicated to family or friends, some weeks I’m helping with firm volunteer targets. It is a privilege to be able to swing back and forth without consequence. I also received confirmation from NY Division of Housing that my apartment is in fact rent stabilized. I also see the rent charged for tenants dating back to 1990. This is fascinating.
Friendship time: 1.5 hr facetime. 1 hr phone call.
Dating time: Three evenings.
Family time: 2 phone calls.
Education time: 1 professional talk, half a book. The book had a sensitive subject matter that still lingers, albeit negatively, in my mind.
Career time: Standard. Positively recognized.
Social justice/Volunteer time: Lacking this week. I would like to donate something in memory of RBG, please recommend? Doesn’t have to be political, but female empowerment would be nice.
All in all, good hustle out there! Grab an orange slice, walk it off. Onto the next.
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Japan - Top 500

Inspired by Lonely Planet, I decided to make a "Top 500" list for Japan. A bit overkill, perhaps.
A brief explanation of the methodology: the list mostly breaks up Japan into municipalities, though in some cases where different parts of the municipality are obviously separate (in the case of islands, for example), two spots in the same municipality might appear on the list separately. A few regions (consisting of multiple municipalities) are also grouped together. Either because they're an obvious region to visit (like the islands of Awaji and Shodoshima), or because I think they're particularly interesting as a whole, and worth highlighting that way (for example, the Sanriku coastline appears very high on the list, but none of the individual municipalities along the coast would merit a place in the Top 50 by themselves).
Another warning: this only includes places I've been to, so no, uh, Tokyo Disneyland.
I don't expect anyone to read the whole list, but feel free to poke at my top choices if you like. Or perhaps to get inspired... ;-)
  1. Nara - The heart of ancient Japan
  2. Kyoto - Capital for centuries, as much history as the rest of the country combined
  3. Tokyo - The heart of the world's biggest metropolis
  4. Hagi - Fabulous gem of an old town, in a beautiful, out-of-the-way location
  5. Ikaruga and Horyu-ji - Japan's finest temple
  6. Nagasaki - Once Japan's gateway to the outside world
  7. Daisetsuzan - Mountain wilderness of the highest order
  8. Hakodate - Hokkaido's finest city, with 2 active volcanoes in the municipality
  9. Kanazawa - Grandest of the castle towns, with a famous garden
  10. Miyajima - Gorgeous island, gorgeous shrine, pretty deer
  11. Matsue - Beautiful castle, nice old town, lovely sunsets
  12. Shimonoseki - A little bit of everything in this surprisingly interesting city on the strait
  13. Koyasan - Go back to the world of Kobo Daishi
  14. Aizu Plain - Numerous historic sights and treasures in a beautiful region
  15. Sanriku Coast - Beautiful, tragic, miles and miles of dramatic coastline
  16. Oze National Park - Fabulous mountains and wetlands on the edge of Kanto
  17. Naha - The historic heart of Okinawa, and former seat of the kings
  18. Kibi Plain - Not really a plain, but this is one of the most interesting corners of the country
  19. Mt. Iwate - Hachimantai and the other highlands surrounding the mountain are a major highlight
  20. Hiraizumi - Home to Japan's first National Treasure building.
  21. Otsu - Overlooked, Otsu has temples as interesting as Kyoto's and a fraction of the tourists
  22. Kamakura - Former capital, with temples, surfers, and lovely little hikes
  23. Nikko - Elaborately decorated temples and shrines in a forest of beautiful cedars
  24. Hirosaki - One of the country's best preserved castle towns, with architecture from all eras
  25. Inuyama - Fine castle, fine teahouse, and a full day at the Meijimura
  26. Mt. Unzen - Beautiful, dominant volcano, with hints of danger all around
  27. Maizuru - Beautiful naval town, on a natural harbour made in heaven
  28. Dazaifu - The historic heart of Kyushu
  29. Uji - Japan's oldest shrine buildings, and one of its finest temples
  30. Arita - Japan's most interesting pottery town, a real gem
  31. Matsumoto - Very attractive city in a very attractive setting
  32. Iwami Ginzan - Fascinating old mining center with lots in the surroundings. World Heritage Site.
  33. Mt. Bandai - Beautiful, beautiful mountain, lovely to hike in the snow
  34. Asuka - The oldest political center in Japan, fascinating ancient sights
  35. Mt. Fuji - Yes, I know you want to climb it, but still….
  36. Tajima - Best known for Kinosaki Onsen, the coastal and mountain scenery here is sublime
  37. Mt. Aso - Extraordinary geography
  38. Kawachi-Nagano - Nice temples and scenery in the south of Osaka
  39. Yoshino - Cherry blossoms and Go-Daigo
  40. Obama (Fukui) - Interesting little town, with numerous temples scattered around bucolic valleys
  41. Ueda and Bessho Onsen - Lovely historic corner of Nagano Prefecture
  42. Shimanami Kaido - Bike, walk, or drive the bridges of the Inland Sea
  43. Ishigaki - Some of Okinawa's best preserved history, and lovely beaches
  44. Matsuyama - An ancient onsen and impressive castle are highlights in Shikoku's largest city
  45. Fukuoka - Lovely livable city, on the shores of Hakata Bay
  46. Ryusendo Cave - Really, really beautiful cave, with underground lakes
  47. Kumano Shrines and Kumano Kodo – Three interesting shrines, linked by many hiking trails
  48. Kochi - Beautiful castle, alcoholic locals, and Japan's best street market
  49. Osorezan - Stunning, one-of-a-kind temple in the middle of nowhere
  50. Hirado - Lovely island, with interesting history and great views
  51. Shiretoko - Land of the grizzlies
  52. Iya Valley - Remote, hidden valley in the interior of Shikoku, a land from another time
  53. Kita-Kyushu - Industry and karst
  54. Yamaguchi - Lovely mix of sights, in a city that was once one of Japan's largest
  55. Himeji - Japan's finest castle, which overshadows the city's other interesting sights
  56. Kyoto's Kizugawa River Valley - Fabulous region for old temples and statues
  57. Sasebo - The stunningly beautiful scenery surrounding the city make up for everything else
  58. Izumo - Famed and interesting shrine
  59. Sakurai - Nara town with some fabulous temples and shrines
  60. Dewa Three Mountains - Shrines, hikes, and mummified monks
  61. Lake Towada - There's nothing to do here, but who cares when it's this beautiful?
  62. Nagahama - Some of Lake Biwa's best scenery, numerous historic sights, and a very famous eagle
  63. Ise - Feel the soul of Japan
  64. Oki Islands - Stunningly beautiful, remote archipelago
  65. Kirishima - Volcanic playground
  66. Iriomote - Mangroves and tropical forest, as unique as it gets in Japan
  67. Sekigahara - Site of Japan's most important battle, and a lovely place to walk around
  68. Fukuyama - Industrial city best known for Tomonoura, but with many other attractions
  69. Yamaguchi Karst - Japan's grandest cave, and largest karst region
  70. Matsushima - Famed scenic spot, does what it says on the tin
  71. Aomori - Down to earth prefectural capital, with good food and Jomon sights
  72. Onomichi - Interesting old town noted for its temple walk (and its cats)
  73. Karatsu - Beautiful castle town, crazy pine beach, and the fascinating Nagoya Castle
  74. Kurashiki - Nice old town, lovely Western art museum
  75. Hakone - Overdeveloped, but still home to many gems
  76. Hikone - Japan's second finest castle, in a nice lakeside setting
  77. Mt. Ishizuchi - A nice hike, and the mountain is surrounded by some beautiful hidden valleys
  78. Southern beaches of Okinawa - Sobering, somber reminders of WWII
  79. Bizen - Interesting old pottery town with the country's finest Edo era school
  80. Hideyoshi and the Kuma Valley - Lovely hidden valley with lots of traditional architecture
  81. Misumi West Port - Very well preserved Meiji era port, built by a Dutchman
  82. Hiroshima - More than just the bomb, thankfully
  83. Izumi, Kagoshima - Go in winter for a view of cranes you'll never forget
  84. Kashihara - Famous shrine, and fabulous old town
  85. Ashikaga - Home of one of Japan's Shogun families, there's a beautiful temple and old school here
  86. Shirakawa-go - Spectacular, but go there during a pandemic
  87. Tenri - Find a new religion! Or hike through the Nara Valley.
  88. Tamagawa Onsen and nearby Mud Volcanoes – Radioactive onsen
  89. Takamatsu - Japan's best gardens in a pleasant seaside city
  90. Oga Peninsula - The kids will be scared!
  91. Azuma-Kofuji - Lovely mountain and hiking area, with some nice onsen nearby
  92. Yokohama - Modern port city, with nice hints of the past
  93. Koshu and the east of the Kofu Plain - Lots of history, but more grapes
  94. Nagoya - Best appreciated for its day-trips, the city still has some great museums
  95. Shonai Plain - More rice than you could throw at a giant's wedding
  96. Gojo - Interesting little town, with an ancient temple and one of Japan's oldest houses
  97. Tagajo - Fascinating ancient castle, just outside Sendai
  98. Shimanto Peninsula – Scenic corner of Shikoku with good snorkelling
  99. Kure - Enjoy naval delights and WWII history
100.Okazaki - Plenty of history in the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu
101.Akan-Mashu National Park - I might like this place more if it wasn't constantly foggy
102.Kobe - A diverse city, with lots of low-key sights, but no star attraction
103.Gokayama - Lovely mountain villages, famous for their grand farmhouses
104.Kumejima - Beautiful island in Okinawa, with the right amount of tourist infrastructure
105.Sapporo - Bland and modern, but with some interesting colonial era sights nonetheless
106.Abashiri - Former prison colony on the chilly Okhotsk Sea
107.Kusatsu Onsen - The huge onsen pool makes this popular onsen town unique
108.Takaoka - Nice old castle town with a beautiful Zen temple
109.Sendai - Badly bombed in WWII, but some nice relics survived
110.Mito - Interesting home of some of the Tokugawas; go for the plums!
111.Gifu - Pleasant, relaxed city on the edge of the Nobi Plain
112.Three Temples East of the Lake - In the hills south of Hikone, these are 3 wonderful temples
113.Narai - Very well-preserved and large post town on the Nakasendo
114.Osaka - Horribly rebuilt after WWII, this is mostly a city of eating and shopping
115.Western Izu - Rugged and remote, with bad roads, but beautiful
116.Lake Suwa - Lake surrounded by lovely scenery, famous for its shrines and silk
117.Tsuwano - Pretty little town in a small valley in the middle of nowhere
118.Sakai - Enormous kofun!
119.Taketomi - Okinawa's best preserved village
120.Hamamatsu - The municipality is huge, including many places of interest outside the urban area
121.Kofu - Get your Takeda Shingen on!
122.Joetsu - Or root for his rival, Uesugi Kenshin!
123.Mikasa, Hokkaido - Interesting old mining sites
124.Tokamachi - Beautiful corner of Niigata, with Jomon pottery and an interesting gorge
125.Naruto - Famous strait, and Germans
126.Uda - Temples and old towns in the interior of Nara
127.Nemuro - Scenic and interesting peninsula and town
128.Usui Pass - Historic pass on the Nakasendo, with a lovely old railway line turned into a hiking trail
129.Fuji Five Lakes - Very, very touristy, but still with plenty of interest
130.Koka - Large and diverse region: Shigaraki, the Miho Museum, and much more
131.Hachinohe - Interesting mix of sights in this heavily industrial city
132.Hikosan - Beautiful holy mountain in Kyushu, possible to climb even in winter
133.Noto Peninsula - Rugged, remote, and pretty
134.Tomioka - World Heritage Site silk factory
135.Ichijodani - Well preserved excavation of a large medieval town
136.Omuta/Arao - Interesting old mining sites on the Kumamoto/Fukuoka border. World Heritage Site.
137.Kawagoe - See how the Shoguns lived. If only they'd pedestrianize it!
138.Iwakuni – More than just a bridge
139.Kazuno – Mineland, and Japan's version of Stonehenge
140.Wakayama - Pleasant seaside city
141.Uchiko - Nice old town that grew up manufacturing wax, of all things
142.Miyama - Interesting traditional village in the mountains of northern Kyoto
143.Amanohashidate - But isn't it just a sandbar?
144.Takayama - Famous old town in the valleys of Hida
145.Yokosuka - Make like Perry and visit Yokosuka!
146.Iwade and the Kinokawa River Valley - Japan's largest Tahoto, by far
147.Kaga Onsen - Interesting region in the south of Ishikawa
148.Shodoshima - Get away from the touristy coast, and enjoy the island's beautiful interior
149.Esashi - Hokkaido's best preserved Edo era town
150.Kosaka – Stay in a train hotel
151.Shizuoka - Tokugawa Ieyasu, and strawberries
152.Daisen - Beautiful mountain, that never wants to be climbed
153.Imari - Lovely little pottery town in the hills behind the city
154.Kagoshima - On the edge of a massive caldera, Kagoshima's draw is location, location, location
155.Okayama - Nice garden
156.Fujinomiya - Nice waterfalls, shrines, and of course, views of Fuji
157.Tokoname - Pottery by the airport
158.Castles of Okinawa - Spread all over the main island, a distinctive leftover of the region's history
159.Tsuyama - Interesting city in the bowels of the Chugoku Region, with lots to see and do
160.Akita - Some low-key sights, including a great ancient castle
161.Obi - Very pleasant old castle town in the south of Miyazaki
162.Usuki - The only stone Buddhas designated National Treasures
163.Yuzawa, Akita - Interesting volcanic sights outside of town
164.Watarase Railway - Scenic railway into the mountains behind Nikko
165.Mt. Hakusan - There's nearly always snow up there somewhere!
166.Kakegawa - Interesting castle town, though it's seen better days
167.Boso Peninsula - Actually have fun in Chiba!
168.Iga - Basho and ninjas
169.Sakurajima - Drive or cycle around one of the country's most active volcanoes
170.Ankoku-ji's Sutra Repository – In Hida, a fabulously unique building
171.Konan, Shiga - 3 lovely temples in this town on the Tokaido
172.Tsuruga - Interesting town on a beautiful bay, with lots of power!
173.Yoichi - Whiskey!
174.Zao - Impressive volcanic scenery in the heart of Tohoku
175.Lake Inawashiro - Go camping by the lake shore, or see where the Taisho Emperor "camped"
176.Ina Valley - Scenic valley in Nagano, best known for Takato Castle and its cherry blossoms
177.Taimadera - Fabulous ancient temple in the Nara Valley
178.Suruga Bay Ferry - More than a public ferry, a chance to see Fuji like Hokusai
179.Tojinbo and around - Famous volcanic cliffs, and an interesting old port
180.Mini Shimanami Kaido - String of islands in the Inland Sea connected by bridges, but only in one way
181.Lake Toya - Beautiful lake, with volcanic destruction to see
182.Izunokuni – Reverberatory furnace, and nice Buddhist statues
183.Asago – Famous Takeda Castle, and more interesting mining site
184.Katori - One of the nicest historic areas in Kanto
185.Kaminoseki - Interesting town in the Inland Sea whose glory days have long passed
186.Iwaki - Odd, industrial region, with one stunning temple
187.Azuchi Castle – It has an era named after it
188.Munakata - World Heritage shrines
189.Erimo - Seal your trip with a seal
190.Rabbit Island – Rabbits, and ugly WWII history
191.Kunisaki Peninsula - Scenic region of Kyushu, with interesting old temples
192.Kushimoto - Nice scenery, weird museums, interesting snorkeling
193.Zenko-ji and Matsushiro - The heart of Nagano City has some very interesting sights
194.Fukui Dinosaur Museum - Excellent museum, well designed for both kids and adults
195.Kameoka - Interesting town to the west of Kyoto
196.Muroran - Scenically located city in Hokkaido
197.Tsumago-Magome - It's overrated, but is still a nice enough historic hike
198.Kaimondake - A very conic mountain
199.Matsusaka - Pleasant old castle town, famous for its beef
200.Omi-Hachiman fire festival – Watch it all burn, in this nice old town
201.Kakogawa River Valley - Plain enough region, but with some spectacular temples
202.Sanbutsu-ji - Unique temple in the mountains of Tottori, with a very mysterious Treasure building
203.Shikoku Karst - Not exactly Guilin, but the scenery isn't bad
204.Ogata - The village in the lake. Like a piece of Holland in Japan.
205.Nikaho - Interesting seaside town in southern Akita
206.Awaji Island - Largest island in the inland sea, with a wide mix of sights
207.Yufuin - Climb a volcano, relax in a bath
208.Ota, Gunma - Home of Subaru, but also a really lovely castle
209.Kokubunji, Tokyo and around - See the Kokubun-ji, visit the Edo Museum
210.Sasayama - Interestingly shaped castle, and one of Japan's 6 ancient kilns
211.Usa - Has one of Kyushu's finest shrines, and also one of its finest temples (Ryugan-ji)
212.Tatsuno - Two very nice old towns in Tatsuno, one on the coast; also beautiful plum blossoms!
213.Sakaide - Big bridge, big factories, beautiful fall leaves, one of Japan's oldest shrine buildings
214.Jinai-machi – Top class old town in Tondabashi, easily accessible from Osaka
215.Fukushima nuclear disaster surroundings - Go and see the pheasants taking over
216.Ozu - Pleasant little old town
217.Takachiho - Scenic gorge in a very beautiful spot
218.Izena - Rather unique little island in Okinawa
219.Yame - Has some nice old towns, and a very impressive wisteria plant
220.Yoshinogari - Japan's finest Yayoi site
221.Yonezawa - Kenshin's final resting place
222.Chikuho - Interesting region, once the fuel for Kyushu's industry
223.Mino City - Nice old town, and an old suspension bridge
224.Matsumae - Interesting little temple town behind Hokkaido's only typical Japanese style castle
225.Niigata - An interesting older town survives, and there's some nice coastal scenery
226.Kizu Three Rivers Delta - Interesting region, with big rivers and some former riverside port towns
227.Izu Skyline - Beautiful road taking in the stunning scenery of the Izu peninsula
228.Seto, Aichi - Nice pottery town, with a great pottery museum
229.Otaru - Overdeveloped tourist town, but at least there's a nice rail museum, and some herring houses
230.Uwajima - Bulls! Also a beautifully located castle town.
231.Seki and the Suzuka Pass - Finest post stop on the Tokaido
232.Sadamisaki Peninsula - Narrow but very rugged, home to some of the worst roads in the country
233.Lake Tazawa - Scenic lake
234.Tsukuba - Famous mountain, and space museums
235.Tottori - Sand dunes! At least you can camp on them
236.Ine - Unique village of boathouses, near Amanohashidate
237.Togakushi - Nice shrines in the mountains behind Nagano City
238.Nagato - Prime Minster Abe's home, with a whale fetus cemetery
239.Ryuga Cave - Stalactites and Stalagmites
240.Saito, Miyazaki - One of the most interesting kofun sites in the country
241.Etajima - Beautiful island with a naval history
242.Iwashimizu Hachiman-gu – National Treasure shrine on a hill overlooking the confluence of rivers
243.Kujukuri Beaches - 99 Li of sand and surf
244.Nihonmatsu - Interesting castle in Fukushima's main valley
245.Hofu - Some historic sights in the land of the Mori
246.Kumamoto - The castle is battered, but still standing
247.Hita - Toyotomi Hideyoshi thought this could be the capital of Kyushu, for some reason
248.Eihei-ji - Famous temple in Fukui
249.Mt. Asama and Karuizawa - Volcanic fields, boutique shops
250.Yubari - Melons, anyone?
251.Yamagata - Not the most exciting city in Japan, but it has the oldest Torii gates
252.Iki - Beautiful little island, away from it all
253.Shimoda - They didn't send Perry to a bad place, did they?
254.Shimabara Penisula - With lots of nice castles, and a brothel district in Kyoto named after it
255.Lake Nozori - Beautiful manmade lake in the borderlands of Gunma
256.Eiho-ji - There's not much else in Tajimi, but this Zen temple is stunning
257.Kashima, Ibaraki – Famed shrine, and even more famed football team
258.Sanbe-san – Lovely old volcano, with a nice hot spring on its slopes
259.Hachioji – Tombs of Emperors, castle of the Hojo
260.Oshika - "Big Deer town", in the Minami-Alps
261.Fukaya, Saitama - Some interesting sights from the early industrial era
262.Akkeshi - One of the oldest towns on Hokkaido
263.Nihon-ji Temple - Spectacularly large Buddhas overlooking Tokyo Bay
264.Kuju Mountains - With Kyushu's highest peak
265.Utsunomiya - For the Oya caves, and endless ramen restaurants
266.Chimikeppu Lake - Lovely hidden lake in very natural scenery
267.Chikubu Island – Pricey to visit, but interesting buildings and artifacts at this tiny Lake Biwa island
268.Ieshima – Interesting small island group close to Himeji, with lots of riding in the back of kei trucks
269.Mima - Nicely named town in Tokushima, with a great old town
270.Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum - Great airplane museum, at Japan's second oldest airfield
271.Gujo-Hachiman - No, you can't eat that!
272.Yasugi - Famed Adachi Museum near the ruins of a formidable castle
273.Takehara - Scenic coastal scenery, and a nice old town
274.Takasaki's stele - Three ancient stele on the city's outskirts
275.Cape Hedo and northern Okinawa - Remote, mountainous, and rather beautiful
276.Mt. Ikoma - Interesting mountain on the Osaka/Nara border, with a mix of the old and new
277.Murakami - Pleasant, very low-key castle town with nice samurai houses
278.Saku - Relaxed corner of Nagano, with an interesting star-shaped castle
279.Kusatsu, Shiga - Nice lakeside, nice post town
280.Choshi - Best known for its fishing fleet, but with an old lighthouse and plenty of good scenery
281.Kaminokuni - Little known, but has fascinating historic sites from Hokkaido's earlier history
282.Chiran - Best known for its kamikaze museum, but also with a nice old town
283.Saga - A handful of sights in the old castle town
284.Kotohira - Shikoku's most popular shrine
285.Takahashi, Okayama - Pleasant town with an original castle keep
286.Kitsuki – Nice little samurai town in Oita
287.Kushiro wetlands - Large wetlands, noted for their cranes
288.Kasamori-ji – Breathtaking temple in rural Chiba, built on giant stilts
289.Ayabe - Would you like to visit an underwear factory, perhaps?
290.Omachi - Has a nice town in the Matsumoto valley, and beautiful scenery in the Alps
291.Maglev Testing Site, Yamanashi - See the future today
292.Korankei - Pretty little gorge, and pretty little old town
293.Noboribetsu - Hokkaido's most famous onsen, with an impressive "hell"
294.Shima, Mie - Very scenic bay
295.Kumagaya - Ugly town, but one spectacular shrine
296.Shimamui Coast - Gorgeous coastline in Hokkaido, beyond which women were once not allowed
297.Sagami River of northern Kanagawa – Very scenic corner of Kanto
298.Iwamura and Taishomura – Two interesting, distinctive, old towns in Ena, Gifu
299.Honjima - Nice, quiet island in the Inland Sea, with nutria
300.Muroto Peninsula - Scenic cliffs in Shikoku
301.Kaibara – Pleasant little castle town, in Tamba City
302.Kurume - Not an easy place to love, but there's enough of interest about
303.Lake Kasumigaura - Lovely lake with nice cycling trails
304.Miyoshi, Hiroshima - A confluence of rivers, with nice scenery and low-key sights
305.Ushimado - Very nice little seaside village, now a low-key resort
306.Kurobe Gorge - Scenic gorge downstream from the country's tallest dam
307.Ichinomiya, Aichi - Handful of historic sites, and very nice cherry blossoms
308.Omi, Nagano - Cute little town, with a lovely village shrine and pretty lake
309.Kannon-ji, Kagawa - There's a 300 year old sand sculpture on the beach here
310.Sannohe and Nambu – Visit the old homes of the Nambu clan
311.Dorohatcho – Very scenic gorge in the Kumano region
312.Nanao - Nice onsen, nice castle
313.Biei – Scenic countryside in Hokkaido
314.Saijo and Higashihiroshima - Sake, and one of the country's best Kokubun-ji ruins
315.Tome - Bringing the rice to the river
316.Aki, Kochi - Nice old town noted as the home of the founder of Mitsubishi
317.Tateishi Jomon Archeological Museum - In Chino, Nagano, with some lovely Jomon artifacts
318.Hidaka Subprefecture - Lightly populated region of Hokkaido, with Awaji relics and an Ainu museum
319.Niihama - Ugly industrial city, but there are nice mine remnants in the hills above town
320.Yanai - Pleasant little old town: "Let the turtles cross the road"
321.Yamazaki – Whiskey, and Japan's oldest teahouse, on the Osaka/Kyoto border
322.Imizu - Industrial port city with an interesting ship museum
323.Hitachiota - Retreat of the Mito daimyo
324.Amakusa Islands - Archipelago with a remote feel, and Christian history
325.Taku, Saga - With an interesting Confucius temple
326.Atsumi Peninsula – Scenic peninsula with nice wild beaches on the Pacific side
327.Kurayoshi – Nice old town, that could do with more visitors!
328.Fukiware Falls and Numata - Interesting waterfalls, near a nice old castle town
329.Mogami River – Fast-flowing river much appreciated by Basho
330.Suo-Oshima - The people of the island disappeared, and left a Hawaii museum in their wake
331.Churaumi Aquarium - Said to be the country's finest, with famous whale sharks
332.Kamaishi Hasino Mine – World Heritage Site, interesting look at old iron production
333.Toyama - Some pleasant older neighborhoods, and a nice canal
334.Udo Shrine – Scenic seaside shrine in Miyazaki
335.Akizuki - Overtouristed old samurai town in Fukuoka
336.Hakuba - Top ski resort in the northern Alps
337.Expo Park, Osaka - Nice ethnography museum on the grand old Expo grounds
338.Mt. Gozaisho – Easily accessible mountain on the Mie/Shiga border
339.Zenpuku-in and Choho-ji – Two temples with Treasures south of Wakayama-shi
340.Tono – Isolated, traditional town in Iwate
341.Nozawa Onsen - Nice little onsen town, with free onsen
342.Toyota factories - Ever wondered where your car came from?
343.Yuasa and Hirogawa – Twin towns in Wakayama: soy in one, an old tsunami wall in the other
344.Shinshiro - Site of a famous battle
345.Oboke/Koboke - Scenic gorge in Shikoku, with a tobacco museum nearby
346.Ninohe – Interesting castle, and the northernmost ancient temple in the country
347.Yahiko - Niigata Prefecture's most important shrine
348.Kiryu – Interesting old silk manufacturing center
349.Zentsu-ji - The namesake temple here was the birthplace of Kobo Daishi
350.Seikan Tunnel Museum, Hokkaido – Learn about this insane tunnel under the sea
351.Hyuga – City blessed with a beautiful coastline
352.Wazuka - Most of Uji's tea is grown here
353.Morioka - Pleasant enough prefectural capital
354.Tamana - Let's you experience the history of land reclamation on the Ariake Sea
355.Date, Hokkaido - Founded by the Date clan, has some nice colonial era sights
356.Osafune - Japan's best known ancient sword-making center
357.Motorcar Museum of Japan – The highlight of Komatsu
358.Tedori River Valley – With some lovely little gorges cut by the river
359.Kashima, Saga - Nice little old town by the sea
360.Mutsu - Meiji Era naval base, with some basic naval sights
361.Oita - Not the nicest prefectural capital, but it'll keep you occupied if you're stuck there
362.Mashiko – Has some nice temples, in a quiet corner of Tochigi
363.Tomogashima - Lovely lighthouse and military ruins at the gate to Osaka Bay
364.Mt. Tsurugi – Shikoku's second highest mountain, with grassy highlands
365.Imutaike - Nice little crater lake, lost in Kagoshima Prefecture
366.Shibata - Some interesting remnants of the old castle town here
367.Shimanto River – River of many tributaries and turns, with some good camping
368.Masuda, Yokote – Nice old town where people live in converted storehouses
369.Itoigawa – Learn about jade
370.Yokkaichi - Factories, factories, factories. And a nice moving bridge.
371.Yoro - Has a nice park with a waterfall, with views over the Nobi plain
372.Obuse – Once the home of Hokusai
373.Traditional iron making furnace of Unnan – Rather unique, but in the middle of nowhere in Shimane
374.Toyohashi - Big industrial city with an old castle
375.Kaiyodai Observatory - View the curvature of the earth, and hundreds of Hokkaido's cows
376.Tsushima – Interesting town near Nagoya, with some buildings of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
377.Nankoku - The symbol of the town are airplane hangers which look like mini hills
378.Yukuhashi, Fukuoka - Mildly interesting, especially the ancient castle
379.Yoshida-Koriyama Castle - Mountain stronghold of the Mori Clan
380.Michinoku Folk Village – Lovely outdoor museum in Kitakami, Iwate. Free to visit!
381.Kuon-ji - Very grand temple complex in the south of Yamanashi
382.Kofun of Fujiidera and Habikino – Less spectacular than Sakai, but still quite nice
383.Wakasa, Tottori - Nice little town in Tottori, with a few notable sights
384.Marunuma Reservoir – In upper Gunma, a pretty little lake with an interesting dam
385.Chita Peninsula - Not Japan's most interesting peninsula, but at least you're not in Nagoya anymore
386.Hamada - Remote town in Shimane, with an aquarium
387.Yamadera - Tohoku's best known temple is very, very tuff
388.Trappist Abbey, Hokuto – A little bit of medieval Europe in northern Japan
389.Umaji - Lovely little village in a very remote corner of Shikoku, smelling like yuzu
390.Chiune Sugihara Museum, Yaotsu – Contemplate the Holocaust, then visit a nearby hydroelectric plant
391.National Route 292 – Take a scenic drive on Japan's highest National Route
392.Kakunodate – Pretty little samurai town
393.Maruoka Castle - Japan's oldest keep
394.Yaizu Alps – Range of low hills next to Shizuoka, with interesting villages, and the Tokaido
395.Mt. Haruna – Nice volcano with a crater lake and lovely shrine
396.Kumagawa – Pretty little post town on the "Mackerel Route" out of Obama
397.Naruko Gorge – Scenic gorge, though most of the hiking trails are closed
398.Itami, Hyogo - Sake breweries, and an airside park
399.Jogashima – Scenic island at the tip of the Miura Peninsula
400.Hakkoda Mountains – Site of a great tragedy in the Meiji Era
401.Osugi, Kochi – Claims to have Japan's tallest tree, a soaring cedar; Shikoku's oldest building is nearby
402.Handa – You've always wanted to visit a vinegar museum, haven't you?
403.Awa, Tokushima – Japan's only 2-tiered wooden pagoda, and some weird rocks
404.Furano – Flowers, flowers everywhere
405.Maniwa – Dams, rivers and an old school, in the mountains of Okayama
406.Takahama, Fukui – Scenic seaside town, with a nice temple, and monkeys
407.Araiwa - Very, very friendly traditional village in Nakanojo, Gunma
408.Uonuma – Famed for its rice, but with some very nice traditional houses as well
409.Nobeyama Station - JR's highest station, in a nice highland region on the Nagano/Yamanashi border
410.Senju-ji – Nice temple, the highlight of Tsu
411.Hyonosen – Hyogo's highest mountain, on the Tottori border
412.Teba Island - Small, interesting inhabited island off the coast of Tokushima
413.Toyama/Niigata border – Scenic spot where the Kita-Alps meet the sea, with some crazy old roads
414.Nagatoro - Nice little riverside town in Saitama
415.Oma - The northernmost point in Honshu. Go eat some tuna!
416.Nakaumi – On the Shimane/Tottori border, an interesting tidal lake with nice bridges and causeways
417.Akashi - Has a nice castle. And octopus.
418.Chiryu – Nice little town on the Tokaido, in the busy plains of Aichi
419.Oguni, Yamagata - Small, remote scenic place in the middle of nowhere
420.Toyokawa - Once the center of Mikawa, today best known for its shrine
421.Seiyo – Pleasant old town, with the Ehime Museum of History
422.Hanaoka, Odate – Somber reminder of WWII forced labour
423.Hiwasa - Pretty seaside town in Tokushima, though the turtles don't come here no more
424.Nakatsu - Little castle town that lost its status when the daimyo moved to Kokura
425.Nagaokakyo – Former capital of Japan, before the short move to Kyoto
426.Tendo – Town famous for making shogi chips
427.Katsuura – Dull morning market, but there's some nice scenery
428.Open Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses – Nice museum, in Toyonaka, Osaka
429.Joge Old Town – In Fuchu, Hiroshima, a pleasant and very friendly little town
430.Naoshima - Art and the Inland Sea
431.Chausuyama - Tallest mountain in Aichi, developed as a highland resort
432.Nishinomiya - Named for a shrine, but best known for its baseball stadium
433.Mt. Mikami – In Shiga, lovely little mountain with a lovely shrine dedicated to it
434.Wasabi Farm - The main draw in Azumino, Nagano
435.Yakage, Okayama – Nice post town on the old Sanyo road
436.Taishaku Gorge – Pleasant gorge, in Hiroshima
437.Isahaya Bay dike - Crazy engineering project, that can be driven across
438.Tokushima – Not a very exciting city, except during its dance festival
439.Ashiya – Good hiking, and no pachinko parlours
440.Ono, Fukui - A town that's seen better days
441.Shibetsu – Nice scenery, and lots of salmon
442.Ako - The 47 Ronin came from here
443.Kasama - Nice enough little old town, in Ibaraki
444.Yosano, Kyoto – Home of Kansai's oldest train
445.Kasaoka - Home of the world's only horseshoe crab museum
446.Odawara - Site of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's famous siege
447.Shiogama Shrine - Impressive shrine near Sendai
448.Hashikura-ji – One of Shikoku's loveliest temples, with a great udon shop at the bottom
449.Ichinoseki – Noted for 2 gorges
450.Echizen City – Make paper, visit shrines, dream up The Tale of Genji
451.Memambetsu – Pleasant town by a bay in Ozora, Hokkaido, where you can pick your own shellfish
452.Ino, Kochi - Take a tram, make some paper
453.Komoro Castle - Nicely located castle, with a couple of original buildings
454.Ashiu Forest – About as close to virgin forest as you get in Kansai
455.Nuclear Power Plants of Wakasa – These ones haven't blown up yet! And there's even a museum at one.
456.Narita - Visit a temple, catch a flight
457.Hachigata Castle – Large, impressive castle ruins in Saitama
458.Echizen pottery center – Least interesting of the 6 ancient kilns
459.Zuisen-ji – In Toyama, a very elaborately decorated temple in a town of wood carvers
460.Ouchi Juku – Very touristy little post town
461.Chikuma – Pleasant enough, has some interesting rice terraces
462.Takashima – Torii gate in Lake Biwa, and some nice scenery
463.Shonai Peninsula – Scenic peninsula it Mitoyo, Kagawa, with nice views of the Inland Sea
464.Kumihama Bay – Pretty inland bay in the north of Kyoto, with good beaches nearby
465.Mino Kokubun-ji – Nicely presented Kokubun-ji, out in the countryside of southern Gifu
466.Chizu - Pleasant enough little old town, on the road to Tottori
467.Yanagawa - Over touristy, underwhelming town famous for its canals
468.Marugame Castle - Japan's smallest original castle keep
469.Sakuma Dam and Reservoir – Impressive dam in a remote, scenic location
470.Yawatahama Port – Ugly town, but the ferry ride in or out is spectacular
471.Inakadate – Yes, it's in the Inaka! Forget the rice field art, just eat the peaches.
472.Nakatsugawa – Former post town on the Nakasendo
473.Doshi, Yamanashi – "Mecca of Autocamping"
474.Asahikawa – Blink twice, and you'll think you're in the American mid-West; but at least it's not Obihiro
475.Ishioka – Ancient capital of Hitachi
476.Yamanaka Castle – Nice views from this Hojo castle protecting the Tokaido road up to Hakone
477.Otaki – In Chiba, has a nice little castle town
478.Soma - Depressingly abandoned castle town in the coastal plains of Fukushima
479.Suzuka – Home of motor racing in Japan
480.Minamata – Best known for a disease, but now with a nice seaside park
481.Ishioka First Power Station – Interesting old hydropower plant, with Japan's oldest concrete buildings
482.Fireflies of Kamigori – There are some great spots in the town to see the little bright critters
483.Kosai and the birthplace of Mr. Toyota – The one who founded the Toyota company of course!
484.Okawa, Kochi - The least populous municipality on Japan's main islands
485.Fruits Line, Fukushima – Scenic drive on the outskirts of the city, past lots and lots of fruit orchards
486.Yuzawa, Niigata – It takes an awful lot of imagination to conjure up the world of "Snow Country"
487.Usuzumi Zakura, Gifu – An awful lot of fuss for just one cherry blossom tree!
488.Kamogawa – Overdeveloped resort town, but there are some lovely views
489.Tanize Suspension Bridge, Nara – Not for the faint of heart!
490.Yamato River Valley – Scenic route through the hills between Nara and Osaka
491.Wind turbines of Kamisu – Strangely appealing industrialized beach scene in Ibaraki
492.Hojo Railway – Cute railway line in rural Hyogo, with historic stations
493.Kira, Nishio – Town in Aichi. Would you like some Hawaiian sand on your beach?
494.Nakayama Tunnel – The longest hand dug tunnel in Japan, in a remote village in Nagaoka
495.Kariya Highway Oasis – A highway rest stop, but a pretty one, with a nice park and a Ferris wheel
496.Odate-Noshiro Airport – Odd airport that's been developed as a tourist attraction
497.Miyakonojo – Dull town, lovely views of Kirishima
498.Shinjo, Okayama – Remote Village with a post town, and a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere
499.Ogaki – Historically significant castle
500.Obihiro – The city's main claim to fame is that glenski lives there
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