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Arsenal Career 2021/22 season beginning with dynamic potentials in FIFA 19 (Ultimate with sliders and Fifers realism and 2020 mods)

Arsenal Career 2021/22 season beginning with dynamic potentials in FIFA 19 (Ultimate with sliders and Fifers realism and 2020 mods)

My starting XI
So I recently started a career mode with Arsenal to get ready for FIFA 20. I used Fifers realism and 2020 mods. The first one introduces a plethora of fixes and improvements, including a milder form of dynamic potentials. That's why a lot of young players are still developing (except for the ones that have been playing first team). I used to use a 4-3-3 attacking but felt like Pepe was getting too tired going from RW to defence as I use him to carry the ball forward in a fast manner. So I have done loads of transfers as you are about to see in a bit. I tried to keep it realistic but some transfers might not seem so at first. So I will try my best to explain all. I finished 4th (yea the memes) in the PL first year, got knocked out of Europa in the semis by Besiktas and lost the FA cup final to Chelsea 3-2. Not the most successful season. Then I developed the players I had and changed up my tactics a bit, also supplied the team with some transfers, and won the Premier League in Anfield with 99 points, with City at a 95 and ManU at 93, Liverpool at 85. Also won Champions League after knocking out 2 German teams with Bayern and RB Leipzig on my way to the final and Juventus at Stadio Olimpico. Got knocked out of the FA cup at the Round of 16.

My bench and first 4 reserves
You might be wondering why most of the bench is easy XI material. Well there are a couple of reasons. Some positions' overall calculations don't really prioritise what I do in the roles I want the players to play. For example Tierney has better heading stats (Jumping, length, Heading Acc.) than Gaya and therefore fits my system of very narrow and tight defending more. Szcznesny and Horn alternate as there is barely any difference between their stats, but Horns diving is better, when Szcznesnys reflexes are the superior, so they usually alternate between teams that take long shots and team that like to build up and shoot only when they are in the box.

The majority of my reserves
I try to rotate players a lot and don't have a 2nd team sheet as to not effect the form of the players too bad. If a developing player is surrounded by developed players, they play better, therefore increasing their overalls.

the rest of my reserves

Now onto the transfers. The realism mod also influences the values of the players. In chronological order:

Start of 19/20:

  • Tierney: Has been my starting left back for the 2 seasons I have played. No injuries, no let down matches. Always on point both on attack and on defence. My instructions for the lb position were the most demanding ones and he would finish every match at minimum orange stamina. His defensive and offensive stats are both stellar. He is also my 4th captain now, behind Ozil, Ozyakup and Holding. Bought him for 27 million, no regrets.

  • Pepe: Bought for 80 million. Wasn't amazing in the first season but shone in the second season, being my top scorer despite Lacazettes shocking start with 8 goals in 4 matches. His defensive instruction was to get back so he can receive the ball quickly, find Ceballos or Ozil, and make a run behind Lacazette or Aubemeyang (who I sold to Real for 92,5 million :( sorry Auba) and relieve the defence a bit for one of them to score. In the second season I decided to leave it on balanced and make Bellerin/my new cb handle that duty, which worked much better.

  • Saliba: Was rotation in the first year and loaned out during the second. I like his stats a lot now so he has gone above Sokratis in the pecking order.

Winter of 19/20:

  • Ceballos: Couldn't loan him so just bought him for somewhere around € 70m. He fit very well into my tactics and became a very good pairing with Ozil. With Torreira however, they became an aerially inefficient combination, therefore I had to play him with Guendouzi most of the time.

  • Brahim: Loaned him in for a short term trial period so he would be a back up option to Iwobi who was starting as Lacazette was injured.

Start of 20/21:

  • Brahim: Liked him a lot and he had a 14 million release clause which was almost the same as his value so just used that as an option to buy.

  • Pavard: Needed a centre back who could play make from the back as Pepe was getting too tired and missing out on attacks trying to be the bridge between defence and Ozil/Ceballos. He wasn't a full on starter at first as he could play as an RB, which is a position I was short on, so he was depth for some time.

  • Akanji: The big buck spending of this summer. Bought him for 72 million and he has improved immensely. He is fast and pretty tall. Makes for a good pairing with Holding. Kept the CB from Bundesliga theme going with him and Pavard that Arsenal has going on. Thankfully neither turned out to be a flop.

  • Sarr: My last CB transfer. Bought him as a rotation as he could play both LB and CB. As you have noticed the centre backs I have bought cover the entire defence line on paper, which is why I bought them in the first place. They gave me a much needed depth. Sadly he could never get enough game time and was pretty bad at LB so I sold him for 72 million as he was my second highest market valued CB after Pavard, and barely played. Saliba was going to overtake him in the pecking order. Young CB from France anyone???

  • Gaya: Always felt like an Arsenal type of player to me. He has been the back up for pretty much the entire left side and is, again, amazing to play with. Don't see him overtaking Tierney but he agreed to an important role and is the best back up LB I could as for. Wouldn't have bought him if he hadn't agreed to an important role though.

  • Ozyakup: Homegrown CM who was vice captain at Besiktas. Needed a back up for Ceballos with similar qualities and lower wages/demands/price so went with him. Also helps me with the PL rules. 8 million. 2nd vice captain.

  • Ward-Prowse: Another player I have associated with Arsenal for some reason. He played mainly at CM bu his crosses are amazing so despite his low pace he can still make do at RM. 11 million.

  • Szczesny: Once a gunner, always a gunner. Bought him back for a hefty 50 euros but he conceded the least amount of goals out of any keeper so I'm not complaining. Initially bought as a back up for Leno, ended up overtaking him and directly leading to his departure, as he went to Juventus.

  • Richarlison: Scored 29 goals with Everton and had an amazing season with no injuries overall in the 19/20 season. I needed a back up for LM and ST, found both in the same player for a price of 43 million.

Winter 20/21

  • Dembele: After selling Auba to Real for 92.5, and making Richarlison my main LM, I needed a new back up striker who could develop to a new Lacazette, but could still hold his own in mid-to-high table matches as I hate to buy or play with players that are in the beginning of their careers with no experience and playing them in the main team because Sofifa said they have high potentials. He ended up having the best match to goal ratio out of any striker, so I would say he was worth the 32 million.

  • Rice: Rotation for Torreria and Guendouzi. Also wanted him to develop under those two. He is a jack-of-all-trades and can play CB. Fit nice into my team when paired with Ward-Prowse or Ceballos. He was very shortly linked with Arsenal this transfer season aswell, although we ended up buying none of the players we were linked with in the beginning, which was for the better.

  • Horn: After selling Leno I realised during the season that Martinez wasn't the best back up so I signed Horn. Might be the most unrealistic here as he was an 86 sub keeper, and tbh there was nothing wrong with Martinez, but I payed for it with him wanting to leave at the end. I am trying to salvage him more now and will pay more attention to both his and Szczesny's playtime.

Start of 21/22 So Far

  • Havertz: The big boy signing of this summer window. Needed someone who would replace Ozil in a year and Havertz' contract was running out in a year so I jumped at the opportunity. I feel like I have to explain this further because it is the most unrealistic out of all in my opinion. He is a shining star from Bundesliga who went to England for a high fee (67 million despite the single year on his contract which devalued him from a certain 120), to a club that had recently started getting momentum that is pretty successful (Sane, De Bruyne, Pulusic). I am not starting him in the first XI yet, as Ozil is muh captain and has some crucial stats that are better than Havertz. I will slowly get used to him and start him ahead of Ozil as the season progresses though.

  • Laird: I needed a rotation for LB and RB after selling Kola, this guy fills both, while also developing. He is pacey and has good defensive stats. He might be the next big ManU regret. 15 million.

  • Debuchy: A Lichtsteiner like signing that is supposed to be above Laird on the pecking order for a couple of months. Cost me barely anything at 4 million and gets 23k wages, also accepted a Sporadic role. Dream back up of back up. Also my RB position has become unrealistically young, had to balance it out.

  • Mangani: Generated LB that turned up at the Free Agents. He is an academy player in my book (the mod nerfs youth academy).

Transfers that are on their way: Zaha for 30 million from Hoffenheim and David Luiz for 8 million from Valencia.

Lessons Learnt from this Career Save

If you want to enjoy a realistic career mode:
  1. Ignore the overalls and play players based on how they play (which is basically performance) and their contracts. Makes the save a lot more fun.
  2. If it is realistic in your head and you arent exploiting a game system like potentials, you are less likely to get bored.
  3. Dont bloat your squad and sell some players. This might seem a little absurd coming from a guy who bought 23 players in 3 years but I didnt include the players I loaned out/sold. The game gets very boring if your reserves could win the PL while your subs could win the Champions League and your Main team is basically Classic XI from the earlier FIFAs. (I know my bench is very good too but they are there because the main team performed better).
  4. If you play on PC keep an eye out on the mods. If you can get through a couple hours of pain and regret while trying to set them up and dealing with the issues, they can significantly improve your game experience.
  5. Dont format career posts this way and document your stuff better if you are going to post them on the sub. :)
  6. Don't make a second team. Having your entire rotation system on the tip of a single button/flick takes so much tactic and planning out of the game and will diminish your enjoyment in the long run.
  7. Don't sim matches. If you feel like you can't play, don't play. Play a different game or call it a day. Don't sim matches. You have to be in the match to observe how your players are playing and change up your team plan accordingly.
  8. Don't fully stack on youth scouts. 3-4 players coming through a year is fine. Even 1 is good enough. Don't overtrain your young players and let them develop like real players do, with time and in a balanced manner.
Can't believe I forgot this
  1. For fucks sake, stop blaming the game. It might truly be the games fault that you missed. Something might honestly be bullshit. Doesnt matter. Blame yourself. If a shot went off the post it probably wasnt the best shot. If you conceded a goal after a defender failed to clear it, then maybe next time dont clear with that player. You will get nowhere thinking the world is against you.

This took me a couple of hours in writing so please don't bully me for buying Akanji or Havertz. Plz.
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Match Thread: Belgium vs Tunisia [World Cup - Group G]

Belgium 5-2 Tunisia

REFEREE: Jair Marrufo
STADIUM: Spartak Stadium
TIME: 14:00 CEST
Date & Tournament Team Score Team
June 7th 2014 (FRIENDLY) Belgium 1-0 Tunisia
Mertens 89'
June 10th 2002 (WC 2002, GROUP H) Belgium 1-1 Tunisia
Wilmots 13' Bouzaiene R. 17'
Fun Facts:
Belgium has played twice against Tunisia. The most recent one was a friendly in 2014, where Mertens scored a late goal. The second was a group stage match in the 2002 Japan-South Korea World Cup, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Wilmots was the lone scorer for Belgium that day. Raouf Bouzaiene scored for Tunisia. He played as a defender. This goal was his first and only goal in a FIFA tournament. Belgium ended up being second in Group H with 4 points, while host team Japan took the lead with 7. Unfortunately Belgium faced Brazil in the round of 16 and they lost 2-0. Brazil eventually won the tournament in 2002 and became the world champions. You may have heard about Wilmots recently. He was the Belgium trainer during the 2014 World Cup and EURO 2016. He left his coaching position after the 3-1 loss against Wales in the EURO 2016 quarter finals. That fucking Sam Vokes header did the job. Or should I say killed the job? Well, that was the fun fact tangent for this match thread. See you at the next one!
GROUP G Played Goal difference +/- Points Form
Belgium 1 +3 3 W
England 1 +1 3 W
Tunisia 1 -1 0 L
Panama 1 -3 0 L
Date Team Score Team
June 18th 2018 Belgium 3-0 Panama
Mertens, Lukaku 2x
June 18th 2018 Tunisia 1-2 England
Sassi (P) Kane 2x
June 23rd 2018 14:00 CEST Belgium - Tunisia
June 24th 2018 14:00 CEST England - Panama
June 28th 2018 20:00 CEST England - Belgium
June 28th 2018 20:00 CEST Panama - Tunisia
Belgium Tunisia
Possession 54% 46%
Shots (on target) 8 (7) 5 (2)
Corners 1 1
Free-kicks 8 6
Off-sides - 2
Yellow cards - 1
Red cards - -
Belgium info Tunisia info
1. Courtois (GK) 1. Ben Mustapha (GK)
2. Alderweireld 2. Ben Youssef S. 40'
5. Vertonghen 73' 4. Meriah
15. Meunier 11. Bronn 18' 22'
20. Boyata 12. Maaloul
6. Witsel 9. Badri
7. De Bruyne 13. Sassi 14'
11. Carasco 17. Skhiri
9. Lukaku 16'&48' 33' 7. Khaoui 11' & 77'
10. Hazard (C) 6'(P) & 51' 8. Ben Youssef F.
14. Mertens 10. Khazri (C) 36' 93'
Belgium info Tunisia info
12. Mignolet (GK) 22. Hassen (GK)
13. Casteels (GK) 16. Mathlouthi (GK)
3. Vermaelen 3. Ben Alouane
4. Kompany 5. Haddadi
8. Fellaini 6. Bedoui
16. Hazard T. 14. Ben Amor
17. Tielemans 15. Khalil
18. Januzaj 18. Srarfi
19. Dembele 19. Khalifa
21. Batshuayi 90' 20. Chaaleli
22. Chadli 21. Naguez
23. Dendoncker 23. Sliti
0': Annnnnd we are reaaaaaady for the national anthems!
0': Never forget that the cameraman had to go up 30 cm after finding the shot of Mertens. Why put Mertens and Vertonghen next to each other? Too much shade man.
0': The Tunisian coach Nabil is very emotional after hearing his national anthem. The last world cup for Tunisia was in 2006.
0': You know it's going to be a bad day for Tunisia when the VAR ref is Geiger. Aka the man who asked for Pepe's shirt during the Portugal-Morocco match.
1': And we're off! Let's hope for a great clash between these two great teams.
1': Free kick for Belgium. KdB takes it but it's an easy catch for the Tunisian keeper Ben Mustapha.
2': A foul on the Tunisian player but the ref lets the game continue. Lukaku finds a lot of room and makes a run towards the Tunisian goal. Mustapha leaves his line and blocks his shot. WHAT A GREAT SAVE BY BEN MUSTAPHA!
4': Ben Youssef with a foul on Hazard. Just inside the box. The ref decides it's a penalty for Belgium.
5': The VAR tells the ref he made a good decision and Hazard gets to take the penalty.
6': GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR BELGIUM. Hazard takes the penalty and keeper Ben Mustapha is nowhere near his shot. 1-0 for Belgium. Watch (Thanks to genier66)
11': Khaoui injured after a collision. He's up and playing now.
12': Lukaku with a great assist towards Hazard. Hazard with a soft finish which Ben Mustapha catches easily.
13': Another foul on a Tunisian player this time it's Khazri. The ref doesn't give them a freekick and let's the game continue. Sassi and the other Tunisian players are mad! Sassi gets booked yellow for protesting.
14': GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR BELGIUM. No mercy for Tunisia in this fast paced game. Mertens with a pass onto Lukaku who finishes it off into the corner. 2-0 For Belgium Watch (Thanks to genier66)
18': GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR TUNISIA. A freekick for Tunisia results into a great turnaround in the match. Khazri with the great freekick and Bronn with the finishing header. 2-1 for Tunisia! Watch (Thanks to Ziqsu)
22': Bronn our goal scorer for Tunisia is injured and streched off the field. It's a sad day for Tunisia. Bronn is very emotional. Tunisia getting ready to substitute.
24': TUNISIA SUB Bronn out for Nagguez
26': KdB with a pass onto Lukaku. Lukaku with a mediocre finish. Ben Mustapha leaves his line to block his shot. Minimal contact between him and Lukaku.
27': Ben Youssef loses the ball and Witsel gets a chance to have a shot on goal. His shot gets blocked. Corner for Belgium.
28': First corner of the match is for Belgium. Weird corner. Leads to nothing.
30': Sassi with a shot on goal. It's goes off to the side.
31': Tunisia putting on the pressure on Belgium. Lukaku injured on the sidelines.
32': Sassi with another shot on goal! This time it's Courtois who blocks his shot.
34': Boyata with a hard tackle on the ball. Naguez tumbles over. His attack gets cut short.
35': Kazhri grabs his ankle. He's injured. It seems that he wants to continue. He's off to the sides for a bit.
38': Lukaku and KdB attempt some tiki taka. Ben Mustapha is onto them and leaves his line to grab the ball.
38': Ben Youssef F. with an attempt on goal. His shot goes over.
40': A lot of injured players for Tunisia this match. Ben Youssef S, the defender is injured. He gets stretched off the pitch as well. Tunisia getting ready to sub.
41': TUNISIA SUB Ben Youssef S out for Ben Alouane
42': Tunisia with a corner. Khazri takes it and passes it onto his teammate. The shot ends up in Courtois hands.
42': Vertonghen now sitting on the pitch as well. Skhiri lighty touched him and he went down. Now he's up again.
45': Four minutes of added time!
45' + 1: KdB with a great run the on right hand side. He runs and runs and runs but decides to pass it onto Lukaku. Lukaku can't really reach it.
45' + 4: GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR BELGIUM. Some bad defending from Tunisia leads to the third Belgium goal. Meunier with a pass onto Lukaku who finishes it off in the corner. 3-1 for Belgium. Watch (Thanks to triza)
45': And the second half has started. We have seen some great stuff the first half. Hopefully it continues now!
49': Great start from Tunisia! They are putting the pressure on Belgium.
50': Badri with a shot on goal but alas, it's an easy save for Coutois.
51': GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR BELGIUM. In a blink of an eye, Belgium turns the pressure around. Hazard with a great run towards the goal. Alderweireld with the great pass towards the box. Hazard passes the Ben Mustapha and he finishes it off. 4-1 For Belgium Watch (Thanks to triza)
56': Belgium is getting ready to sub Fellaini onto pitch. Who will he sub?
59': BELGIUM SUB Lukaku out for Fellaini
It's our goal scorer Lukaku! 4 goals in 2 matches. He got injured in the first half so the trainer probably wants to let him rest for a bit.
59': TUNISIA SUB Sassi out for Sliti
Tunisia is subbing as well!
61': BIG CHANCE FOR BELGIUM! Carrasco with a great shot on goal but it touches the bar!
63': And suddenly it's raining in Russia. A lot like English and Dutch weather. One moment you're chilling in the sun, the next your drenched and wished you stayed home with a cup of tea.
68': BELGIUM SUB Hazard out for Batshuayi
Another sub to rest a Belgium player. Hazard 2 goals in 2 matches goes off to the sides to take a rest!
68': Carrasco with a run towards the goal! Ben Mustapha leaves his line and grabs the ball.
69': Good freekick for Tunisia taken by Khazri. Fellaini with the clearing header.
70': Vertonghen has a headache after a collision with Sliti. He's off to the sides for a bit. Big problem for Belgium if he's injured. Because Kompany is injured as well.
76': BIG CHANCE FOR BELGIUM! Batshuayi with a great chance to score. It was an open goal. But there is Meriah with the clearance of his life. He blocks the shot, just millimeters from the goal line.
79': BIG CHANCE FOR BELGIUM! And another great chance for Batshuayi. Carrasco with a great pass towards the goal. Batshuayi with a shot that bounches off the bar back into the box. Batshuayi was a little bit offside. So maybe it would've been cancelled.
80': BIG CHANCE FOR BELGIUM! And YET another great chance for Batshuayi. His shot on goal is blocked by this amazing keeper Ben Mustapha. Corner for Belgium.
81': Belgium corner doesn't lead to anything.
86': BELGIUM SUB Mertens out for Tielemans
86': BIG CHANCE FOR BELGIUM! IS THIS BATS' DAY? I THINK NOT. Another chance that he couldn't finish.
90': GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR BELGIUM. AND THERE IT FINALLY IS FOR BATSHUAYI. Tielemans with the great pass and he FINALLY finishes it off. 5-1 For Belgium Watch (Thanks to triza)
90': 3 added minutes!
GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! FOR TUNISIA. Naguez with a great pass on Khazri and he finishes it off! Nice way to end the match with your head held high, Tunisia fought hard. But Belgium is just so creative and has a lot of great quality players! 5-2 for Tunisia! Watch (Thanks to triza)
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