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Infamous 2 patch 1.04

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For those who enjoyed the experience and thinking of giving inFamous 2 another shot, SuckerPunch released today a patch that allows player to play using the.

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Patch john White - inFamous Wiki - Powers, Enemies, and

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Pro street continue bug multifix nfsps nfs pro street can't continue fix nfs pro street continue bug fix - Fixes the infamous 'Continue' bug after races (PostRace state manager exit fixer) - Uncaps the ingame framerate - Adds automatic resolution detection. Second Son is now version while First Light is now version The patch notes for both games revealed that the new patches HDR was recently added to both inFamous: Second Son and inFamous: First Light. Infamous 2 patch 1.04.

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On Windows, running "import tensorflow" generates No. Cobalt Strike Trial License Key https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=453. Nix - inFamous Wiki - Powers, Enemies, and everything that https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=456.

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  • [1.04] InFamous 2 – Page 14 – Video Games – Discuss ANY

[1.04] InFamous 2 – Page 10 – Video Games – Discuss ANY

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My heartbreaking Spider-Man for PS4 story :( [HELP]

So, after months and months of anticipation I pre-ordered the game from Best Buy and picked it up this morning about 10am. I go home, install the game, download version 1.04 and the game loads up. As soon I press continue to actually start the game, the screen freezes (and so does my heart). I tried closing the application and I got the infamous CE-34878-0 error (corrupted data).
Since then I've spent all day, 12 hours to be more precise trying to fix this. Here are the steps I went through:
  1. Tried deleting all save data, uninstalling the game and installing it again. Same error.
  2. Looked up online, saw that I would need to initialize my PS4 Pro.
  3. Had the WORST time finding a hard drive, formatting it using a Mac and getting the PS4 to recognize it had enough space to back up data. I spend hours on this, lost a bunch of videos on my hard drive, erased all the games I had...
  4. Did a quick initialization, restored the data from HD, waited for the game to reinstall. Same error.
  5. Contacted Best Buy and PlayStation. Best Buy said they'd give me a new copy, PS guy had me start the console on Safe Mode and then initialize. Did that, same thing. Then download a version of the system software (5.56) to a flash drive and initialized from that (option 7). Went through the whole process again, same error.
  6. Then I left my console doing a full initialization and went to pick up a new copy of the game. The initialization took 3 hours so I had to wait and then install the game once again... and surprise surprise! Didn't work either :'(
So after about 12 hours doing this, I gave up and drove 30min to borrow my cousin's PS4 so I could play a bit lol But this is still pissing me off a lot and it's totally ruined the initial impression of the game for me. I wanna play it on my console! Spent a bunch of money investing in the 4K setup... Any idea of what's causing this or what to do next?
I really don't wanna have to service my ps4 pro and wait a month to play this game.....
TL:DR I got the CE-34878-0 corrupted data error while starting Spider-Man on my PS4 Pro, 12 hours later I can't figure out what the problem really is or how to make it work.
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Official /r/CoDCompetitive Top 50 Players in Ghosts - #30-21

Welcome to the 3rd day of the Official /CoDCompetitive Top 50 Players in Ghosts List. You can find the hub post right here with more information. Quick notes:
  • This was a community poll, this is not my list. Naturally, there will be some weird choices. Try not to take it too seriously!
  • Give @CoD_Stats a follow on Twitter. Many of the stats used are tracked by them.
  • Discuss in the comments below who you think is underrated and overrated!

#30 - "Neslo"

Written by Adamf3690
Jeremy 'Neslo' Olsen made his breakthrough into the competitive scene fairly late compared to most of the other top tier pros. He played amazingly at MLG Anaheim on the team of Prime Example that featured Revan, Davis and Kozmo. This team shortly broke up and he managed to land himself on the newly formed Team Kaliber. Skip forward to a year later and Neslo is still on tK, He has enjoyed great success with this team securing multiple T4 finishes. Since the 11th of August 2013, tK did not place outside of the T4 for over 7 months!
Neslo's main strengths are his in-game communication and his leadership. He is not the captain of tK but he calls a lot of their plays in game and really controls the team. Another positive about Neslo is he genuinely enjoys the game; a lot of pros were talking recently in a skype call and they all agreed Neslo plays this game because he really does love COD. His dedication and determination is admirable. His expert game-knowledge means that his team excels at domination - their rotations are on point, they know the spawns inside out and they push when needed. tK went 7-1 in domination maps at the X-games.
Neslo's close-quarter gunfights are really on point - he racked up some insane K/D ratios on fast-paced maps at the X-games (1.26 Strikezone Dom and 1.3 Freight Blitz). Neslo is a very clutch player and doesn't have any clear weaknesses, He is consistent across all gamemodes and does not slack on any OBJ work, but he can also slay with the best of them.
I will post below some highlights from Neslo's gameplay:
Huge 1v2 Clutch, OpTic Gaming, X-Games. Funny remix too.
39 bomb, Freight Blitz
Strikezone Dom VS Faze Black

#29 - "MBoze"

Written by greenspheres
Marcus ‘MBoze’ Blanks also know as Money B started his Call of Duty career in Cod Modern Warfare playing Pubs with his friends. He would slowly improve at the game and when Black ops 1 came out he took Call of duty more seriously and started playing GB SnDs. During Black ops 1 Mboze would become a known SnD star and a Solid SnD player. Mboze’s Competitive career really took off in Modern Warfare 3. During Mw3 Mboze became know as one of the best SnD players in the game with winning many SnD tournaments. As Mw3 got older and the release of black ops 2 around the corner Mboze had a lot of stature in the Gb SnD community. Around this time Mboze joined his first team Icons.
Black Ops 2
With his success at black ops 1 Mboze was set for the Release of black ops 2. Mboze although mainly know for his SnD ability wasn't a bad variant player. Mboze didn’t attend the first Lan of black ops 2 because his team at the time obey couldn't attend. Mboze’s first Lan was the MLG winter championships with Soar pro. Soar finished 8th at this event and shortly after Mboze left the Soar pro team. His next Lan was UMG St. Louis where he attended with a pick up team of eGo, Revan and Studyy. Mboze finished 4th at this event.
After St. Louis Mboze would had become very known in the Call of Duty community and recognized as a pro and joined the FaZe pro team to attend the MLG Spring Championships. At this event he was teaming with Heist, Methodz and Replays and managed to get 5th.
Still looking for a T3 finish he left FaZe to join UNiTE with Nameless, Ricky and Parasite. MBoze considers Ricky and Nameless to be some of his best friends in the community and was happy with the team. It was with this team that he got his best placement as a player and his only Championship when they attended the Pax Prime Invitational. UNiTE beat complexity in the final on Raid Hardpoint. It is in this map where Mboze’s best gaming moment came, his 3 piece on the final hardpoint to win UNiTE the map a move them closer to beating CoL. Mboze’s Last event on black ops 2 was UMG Atlanta. The team was the same UNiTE that beat complexity but –Parasite +Saints. Similar to Ricky and Nameless Mboze considers Saints to be a good friend as well. UNiTE had a disappointing finish at UMG Atlanta finish 7th. Although a disappointing finish the players had good chemistry and stayed together for the start of Call of Duty Ghosts.
The First event of Call of Duty ghosts was MLG Columbus. UNiTE finished 3rd at this event and it was the last event UNiTE played. Mboze’s Next event in ghosts was UMG Philadelphia which he attended with the pick up team juKed. JuKed consisted of Mboze, SpaceLy, Sin and Saintt. They fished 6th which Mboze felt it was a good placing for a pick up team. After this event Mboze joined FaZe for a short period attending no events before joining OpTic gaming. Mboze joined OpTic after they had experienced a meltdown after placing poorly at UMG Philly seeing BigTymer retire, parasite be picked up and Dropped and Scump leaving OpTic in seemingly bad blood before returning 2 weeks later. After the roster whirlwind had stopped the OpTic gaming line up was set going into the biggest event of the year. Call of Duty Championships.
To qualify for Champs OpTic needed to go through and online qualifier then win 2 games at regionals to qualify. After joining OpTic Mboze decided to leave his home in Bayonne New Jersey to live in the OpTic House to practice for Cod Champs. OpTic gaming qualified with ease for Regionals where they were set to play Elevate then EnVy. Just like they did in the online qualifier they swept Elevate easily. EnVy also won their match which set up an OpTic v EnVy match to qualify for champs. Unfortunately optic lost which meant they had to play Curse Ny for qualification. The map count was 2-1 in favor of curse when they went to sov dom. Optic were leading throughout the match with C and B control when Curse OE’d to the C flag and secured it. Mboze rotated back and picked up a 3 piece giving the flag back to OpTic who went on to win the series and qualify for champs. At champs OpTic gaming got a third place finished, which meant Mboze walked away with $30,000.
After champs it was clear that OpTic didn’t have enough slaying power so Mboze was dropped forming his own team; OpTic Nation consisting of Killa, MirX and Ricky. In their first Lan together UGC Niagara they finished 4th outplacing their other team OpTic Gaming. Mboze most recent success was in the MLG Anaheim open bracket, which they won, Qualifying for the MLG Season 3 league.
Playstyle and Trivia
  • Mboze considers himself and OBJ player and an SnD specialist he is known his clutches in SnD and his very sneaky playstyle which makes him a great SnD player.
  • Mboze's gunskill is rated as one of the best in the game because of his unique and random movements when shooting in a gunfight.
  • The Origin of the gamer tag Mboze is considered to be a secret.
  • Mboze started to play competitively because of his real life friend SpaceLy
  • Mboze's Hometown in Bayonne New Jersey.
Money Plays

#28 - "Parasite"

Written by IPlayCoDOccasionally
Event Overall K/D Kills/Respawn Dom Caps Per Map Blitz Caps Per Map SnD K/D
PAX East/Season 1 Playoffs 1.11 26.09 3.71 2 1.68
Ghosts League Season 2 1.11 22.95 4 1.95 1.21
UGC Niagara 1.04 23.4 3.44 1.5 0.84
MLG X-Games Austin 0.99 21.85 4.25 2 1.19
MLG Anaheim 2014 0.9 20.57 4.5 1.67 1.08
Overall LAN 0.99 22.26 3.95 1.71 1

Introduction to Parasite

Parasite is 19 years old. He's been playing Call of Duty competitively since CoD 4: Modern Warfare, his first event being MLG Dallas 2011. At the time of writing this (and hopefully while you're reading this), he is playing for FaZe alongside Dedo, Apathy and Censor. He is one of only 7 people (excluding CoD XP) to have won a CoD Champs title.

Black Ops and MW3 seasons

Over the course of the Black Ops and MW3 seasons, Parasite attended 6 "major" events with 3 different teams; Ground Zero, apeX.Collapse and EnVyUs. He didn't place out of top 4 in any of these events, with his exact results being:
  • 4th at MLG Dallas 2011 with Ground Zero
  • 2nd at MLG Raleigh 2011 with apeX.Collapse
  • 4th at MLG National Championships 2011 with apeX.Collapse
  • 1st at UMG Championships with apeX.Collapse
  • 1st at Insomnia 46 with apeX.Collapse
  • 3rd at EGL 8 with EnVyUs

Call of Duty: Black Ops II season

After 6 consecutive top 4 finishes throughout Black Ops and MW3, Parasite came into Black Ops II ready to continue his success, but at UMG Chicago, the first event of the season, he could only finish in 6th with RoughneX, a team made up of him, Clayster, Intake and Rambo. Soon though, he left this team and went on to join the dominant team of the first half of Black Ops II; Impact. The team was Parasite, Killa, Karma and MiRx, and they took the community by storm. They started by winning MLG Dallas over UNiTE Gaming, before winning EGL 9 later in the month. And then, they won the biggest competition possible; CoD Champs, overcoming EnVyUs in Game 11 of the Grand Finals to win the whole thing, including $100,000 each. They continued their run of dominance, winning UMG St. Louis over EnVyUs once again, before being dethroned at MLG Anaheim 2013. Coming up to the finals of this event, while in an interview, Parasite decided to infamously fire shots at compLexity, their opponents in the finals, which eventually backfired when coL went on to beat them in the Grand Finals and dethrone them, going on to dominate the CoD scene themselves. Parasite stayed with Impact for 2 events; Gfinity 1, where they finished 4th, and UMG Atlanta, where they finished 3rd, before the team broke up and they went their separate ways for a while. A month later, Parasite was at the MLG PAX Prime Invitational with UNiTE (him, MBoZe, Nameless and Ricky), where they became the first team to beat compLexity in the finals of a tournament since their inaugural win at MLG Anaheim 2013. UNiTE then dropped MBoZe and picked up Killa, leading to a drop in form for the team towards the end of Black Ops II, finishing 8th at Gfinity 2 and 3rd at MLG Fall Invitational. Through Black Ops II, Parasite had 5 event wins, a 2nd place, 2 3rd places and 3 other placings in the Top 8, cementing his status as one of the best anchors in the game, and one of the best players at that point in time.

Call of Duty: Ghosts season

The Ghosts season didn't start well for Parasite, as, with Curse LV, he got his worst placing of all time at MLG Columbus, finishing 10th place. Though, the team learned from this, and came back to finish 3rd at UMG Philadelphia. Then, Rostermania happens, and the true sketch inside Parasite came out. He left Curse LV and joined OpTic Gaming, which consisted of him, Nadeshot, Clayster and Ricky. After 4 days of playing under the OpTic organisation, he left with Ricky to join Curse LV once again, with many believing he only went to OpTic in the first place to both gain followers and get Ricky back onto his team. Nonetheless, after Rostermania, Curse LV went on to win the playoff of the Winter Invitational, before missing out on CoD Champs after finishing 13th-16th at the CoD Champs US Regional Finals. After this disappointment, Parasite was left on Curse by himself, as all of his teammates left him. Soon after MLG PAX East, where he finished 3rd with his old teammates after MLG forced them to compete together, Parasite sketched once again, joining FaZe Black before leaving that team on the same day he joined to compete with EnVyUs instead. Under EnVyUs, Parasite finished 2th at UGC Niagara, 4th at the MLG X Games Invitational and 5th at MLG Anaheim 2014, before he was dropped by them. Afterwards, he joined up with the team he is at now, FaZe, and will hopefully stay with this team for longer than he has before.

Why Parasite is a dangerous player…

Firstly, Parasite is very versatile in his weapon choice. He used an AR in Black Ops II for the duration, before changing to an SMG to become a slayer in Ghosts. Heck, he even won a sniper tournament in Ghosts at MLG X Games! Also, he can vary his roles very well. Being an anchor in Black Ops II, he had to change his style slightly, and is now becoming a slayer, showing how good at adapting he is. And finally, he's a smart player and person, which is dangerous any way you put it.

Some of Parasite's best maps…

CoD Champs 2013 - Grand Final, Fariko Impact vs EnVyUs, Game 11, Meltdown SnD, The last map winner for Parasite and his teammates, taking the biggest prize of all
MLG X Games Austin - 1v1 All Star Sniper Showdown Final, Parasite vs Crimsix, Not really a competitive game at all, but it's pretty fun and is another win for Haggy
Gfinity 1 - Group B Pool Play, Impact vs EnVyUs, Parasite and co. shut EnVy down, sweeping them and making it look too easy
Also, Parasite's recent event results (excluding MLG Anaheim) are available here for your viewing pleasure.
Click here to continue to #27-21, or scroll down.
submitted by ArgentEtoile to CoDCompetitive

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