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More Might & Magic Heroes VII Fixes. Bas Ek Pal Telugu Movie English Subtitles Download. After that an expansion pack came out: "Price of Loyalty". Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete 4X CD-ROM Drive Just download, unzip, and play (no install required). How do you view product codes on Uplay? full article.

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Might & Magic: Heroes VII has received yet another big update, featuring fixes and improvements for multiplayer, level design, combat and general gameplay. Might and Magic 7 +2 trainer. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, and lots of pure customer love. Hp: 40: Att: 7: Def: 7: Dam: 4-8: Sp: 4 (average) FLY-Cost: 400: Roc. We have enjoyed playing all of the versions of Heroes since the first release in 1995.

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All retail software uses a serial number or key of some form. Quick tip about Basilisk II if you do not have a real old Mac: it even reads high density Mac floppy disks using a normal PC floppy drive! Trust me, the game is not performing well at all in China, having no hype or gamers discussing at all. Heroes Community - HoMM2 Museum: beta content, concept art. More than 400K cracks, keygens and patches are presented in our data base Download crack for Heroes Of Might & Magic 3.5 key generator, serial number or keygen.

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Haven - Might & Magic Heroes 7 - Heroes 7(VII). Heroes 6 https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=524. OS X El Capitan serial maker. Coming in at gb the sheer size illustrated how many issues existed with the game. I've got the german collectors edition of Heroes of Might and Magic V, I've patched it to 1.6, but I can't get the console working. Might & Magic: Heroes VII - Might and Magic Wiki.

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From Might & Magic Heroes VII Wiki - Age of Heroes. Might & Magic 6: The Chaos. Downloadable Sylvan wallpaper. Even peeps with crapy oc hardware was able to play them. Might and Magic Heroes 6 wants to prove that it still maintains the place.

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This product is a brand new and unused Heroes of Might and Magic 3: HD Edition CD Key for Steam. Heroes Of Might and Magic IV. Might And Magic 6. Might And Magic 7. Grand Theft Auto 3. Diablo I. Diablo II. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. HoMM 3 Complete: how do I play it without needing the cd https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=519. Wizard Creatures page of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 section of Age of Heroes. Might & Magic Heroes Online https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=528.

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Build: Team - 7 Hero Player Support https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=511. Might and magic heroes 7 patch 1.2. Heroes Might & Magic 6: Shades of Darkness Keys are EU version keys, sourced from the EU. They are not russian keys.

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We have used this program (in a much earlier version) in our homeschool, and found it highly effective, especially in building speed. Borland don't mention it once in Dungeons & Dreamers (2020). Just like the title says, how do you view the CD keys/product keys of your purchased games. Might & Magic Heroes Vi 1.7 keygen. Heroes Of Might And Magic 6 Activation Code https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=516.

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Hd Video Repair Utility 1.9 serial number keygen. When writing a keygen, the author will identify the algorithm used in creating a valid cd key. How Does Money Sounds In In Ita Fr German Eng Ru Mac OS El Capitan crack. Adds quick saves, playing MP3 tracks, double speed mode, mouse look, widescreens support and so on. It should run on Windows XP and Vista without any problems (no need to set compatibility with Win9x). Here is what my problem occur, when the game is about to start up/load I just get a black.

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Hero Guide - Licorice Part 1

Hero Guide - Licorice Part 1
Today, we're pleased to present you with a guide about the cute yet mighty heroine - Licorice!
1. Hero Introduction:
The gentle younger sister of Ares, Descendant of Light. Though pure of heart, she carries the consciousness of Bozel within her, and is constantly disturbed by dark thoughts. Amid the chaotic aftermath of the war, she is abducted by the Army of Darkness and becomes the leader of the Demon Tribe.
2. Talent & Skill Introduction:

Talent Details
[Might of the Demon God]
Healing increased by 20%. AoE skills grant affected blocks the [Breath of Life] effect for 2 rounds: When friendly units move to this block, 1 debuff is removed from them after taking action and they are healed. The amount healed is equal to Licorice's INT x1.
Licorice is a rare hero in the game in the way that all of her AoE skills (excluding her Fusion Power) can apply terrain effects. Her talent includes a healing increase effect and allows her to create a terrain effect that dispels debuffs and heals teammates. It is because of this that many people mistake her for a pure support healer hero at first sight. However, after she transforms, her talent applies a completely different terrain effect that causes serious problems for her enemies. In fact, a transformed Licorice can even compete with "The Real Bozel" in terms of the harmful effects she can inflict on her enemies.

Skill Details

[Demonic Advent]
[Transform] Active skill. All of your healing increase effects are replaced with damage increase effects and you enter the [Demonic Advent] status: In this form, [Breath of Life] becomes [Breath of Darkness]: When enemy units move to affected blocks, they are afflicted with 1 random debuff after taking action and take fixed damage once. This damage is equal to Licorice's INT x1.2. Can act again after using this skill. (Cannot move.) Using this skill in [Demonic Advent] status cancels [Demonic Advent]. Can act again after using this skill. (Cannot move.) (Demonic Advent cannot be dispelled and cannot be immunized against.)
[Demonic Advent] is Licorice's 1-Cost transformation skill. After using it, she can immediately take action again without moving. The first half of Licorice's transformation effect changes her healing increase effect into a damage increase effect. This convertible healing increase covers all healing from her talent, equipment, enchantments, and even her soldiers.
Licorice's transformation skill greatly improves her damage output, and allows her talent to grant all of her attacks (single-target and AoE) a maximum of 20% increased damage at six stars.
The second half of Licorice's transformation skill allows her to apply the [Breath of Darkness] effect to terrain, inflicting a random debuff on the enemy and dealing fixed damage equal to 1.2 times Licorice's INT.
★ When Licorice uses AoE skills to change the terrain, she will immediately apply terrain effects on valid targets on the affected terrain.
For Example: If Licorice uses Mass Heal on her allies when not having transformed, her [Breath of Life] will take effect on units who have not yet taken action, healing them immediately for 1x her INT and dispelling one debuff. Then, when a teammate takes action, if they're standing on Licorice's special terrain effect, they will again receive 1x Licorice's INT in healing and have another debuff dispelled.
Similarly with [Breath of Darkness] after transformation, using an AoE attack skill will immediately deal fixed damage and debuff enemies in the span. You don't need to wait for the enemy to take action on Licorice's special terrain.
Because of this characteristic, Licorice's Mass Heal can be regarded as granting 4x instant healing and 2 dispels (her base Mass Heal grants 3x healing + 1 dispel), and when using Mass Heal on herself, Licorice can even be regarded as achieving 5x instant healing + 3 dispels, as after taking action, she'll be standing on [Breath of Life] terrain and will be affected by it immediately.
Licorice's [Dark Dragon Breath] and [Dark Despair] are initially damage skills that inflict 1 debuff. After transformation, they afflict the enemy with 2 debuffs instantly. If the enemy fails to move out of Licorice's special terrain, they are afflicted with another debuff, meaning it is easy to build up three debuffs on enemies in one round (this is why she can rival even Bozel). This is more of a threat for heroes who can frequently move twice in a round:
Deedlit's talent often allows her to take two actions per round, as does Sigma's, and Angelina with Alternate + Tidal Surge will also take more fixed damage and receive more debuffs in one round on Licorice's special terrain.
It should be noted that multiple Licorices can cover each other's terrain with their skills, and they can also cover their own old terrain. For example, after transformation, Licorice's Breath of Darkness will cover her own Breath of Life. After another player's Licorice uses an AoE skill, their terrain will cover the terrain you made first with your Licorice (this is why it's better not to go first in the Arena). In addition, the terrain created by Licorice's talent lasts for 1 round, not 1 turn, which is significantly longer than the 1 turn applied to many skill effects, and won't disappear after the enemy uses an act again skill.

[Force of Darkness]
[Fusion Power] Active skill. Offensive and defensive stats increase significantly for all friendly Dark Reincarnation units within range. In addition, grants the buff: When using skills, gain a damage increase effect according to skill cooldown time. For every 1 turn of cooldown time, damage is increased by 3% (up to 20%). Lasts 4 turns. (This effect cannot stack with other Fusion Power skills.)
Licorice possesses the Dark Reincarnation faction's second Fusion Power, something many players have been anticipating for a long time. This Fusion Power increases damage in quite a simple way—the longer an attack skill's cooldown, the higher its damage will be. Damage can be increased by up to 20%. We all know that Bozel's Fusion Power can increase damage, but it only works with single-target damage when entering combat. However, Licorice's Fusion Power also works with AoE skills.

[Mass Heal]
[Heal] Active skill. Restores HP equal to 3x caster's INT to multiple units within the span. Dispels 1 debuff.
This skill was mentioned when explaining the effect of Licorice's talent before transformation. When Licorice uses this on her teammates, she'll cast 4x healing and 2 dispels, and 5x healing and 3 dispels when using it on herself. This skill is essential when you want Licorice to serve as a half healer.

[Mass Protect]
[Assist] Active skill. DEF of multiple units within range increases by 20%. Grants immunity to DEF & MDEF reduction and effects that prevent you from being healed for 2 turns.

[Mass Resist]
[Assist] Active skill. Increases MDEF of multiple units within range by 30%. Grants immunity to stuns, effects that prevent you from being buffed, and Mobility reduction effects for 2 turns.
Licorice is one of the rare heroes with both Mass Resist and Mass Protect, and these skills can also be used to create her special terrain. Mass Protect is a good choice when your opponent has Sword Dance and other AoE healing prevention skills. Mass Resist is mostly used to deal with opponents with the ability to stun, such as Angelina with her 3-Cost skill or Bozel.

[Dark Dragon Breath]
[Magic Damage] Attacks all enemies in 3 straight lines, dealing 0.36x AoE damage. Extra effective against Holy units. Deals 1 random debuff.
This AoE skill attacks in 3 straight lines, with a range of up to 5 blocks. This skill is easy to land and is suitable as a first strike in PvP. It's extra effective against Holy units, and can be used to cripple your opponent's healers and Holy units such as Yusuke and Yulia. It is also adds 1 debuff. Your best option is to use it after transforming to gain Licorice's damage bonus and instantly inflict 2 debuffs and fixed damage.

[Dark Despair]
[Magic Damage] Deals 0.3x AoE damage to all enemies within a 5-block radius and applies 1 random debuff. Restores HP of multiple friendly units within range equal to caster's INT x3 and dispels 1 debuff.
This 3-Cost skill allows Licorice's party to strike back instantly with AoE while restoring a decent amount of health to all friendly units within a 5x5 range and dispelling debuffs. With this skill, you don't need to wait for your healer to top up your HP before continuing to deal damage. In addition, with her special terrain effect, it can reverse the battle situation to a certain extent and reduce your chances of being caught on the back foot. It is also recommended that you use this skill again after transformation to produce a 5x5 terrain obstruction effect, creating new possibilities for strategic positional warfare.

[Magic Damage] Deals 0.3x AoE damage once to all enemies within 2 blocks and dispels 2 buffs.
This skill doesn't have a wide range of applications, with its small-span AOE damage which takes the caster as the center of the span. With her Fusion Power and 3-Cost skill, plus her 1-Cost transformation skill, there's really no space for it, so you should really choose Dark Dragon Breath over Retribution.

[Magic Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Deals additional damage to Infantry.
This is Licorice's only single-target attack skill, and can't be used to create special terrain. Moreover, Licorice is not a single-target burst Mage. Normally, you won't use this in PvP, but might want it for clearing monsters in PvE.

3. Skill Set Recommendation:

2C [Dark Dragon Breath] + 1C [Demonic Advent] + 3C [Dark Despair]
At present, the PvP meta dictates that Licorice shouldn't use her Fusion Power, but should instead use her two big AoE skills with her transformation skill.

2C [Mass Heal] + 1C [Demonic Advent] + 3C [Dark Despair]
In PVP, if you want to use four damage heroes, but feel you'll need help with healing, you can also use Licorice with Mass Heal, her 3-Cost skill, and her transformation skill, which is equal to bringing two AoE healing skills to the fight. Her 3-Cost skill can also flow seamlessly with the damage of her teammates to maintain continuous pressure.

2C [Force of Darkness] + 2C [Mass Heal] + 1C [Demonic Advent]
Licorice is not a single-target PvE hero, so in PvE, it is recommended that you use her for her Fusion Power and as a Dark Reincarnation healer, as she can grant the Dark Reincarnation faction greater skill damage and use Mass Heal and Breath of Life's terrain effect to restore HP. Her transformation skill allows her to act again and provide more healing, while allowing her to keep her Fusion Power up, which is useful for heroes who use up turns too quickly, such as Omega and Sonya.
submitted by Azrael_Ze to langrisser

Estimating Gold Value of Neutral Items to Help With "True" Net Worth

Ever since neutral items came out, some people have argued that they should be associated with a gold value, not for the purpose of being able to sell them, but instead to make heroes' net worth go up when they have a neutral item. Since neutral items will often provide at least some measure of survivability, it makes sense to be rewarded with more gold for killing a hero with an item that buffs their EHP in some way. As such, I've gone through the neutral items (with the exception of Tier 5's, because I have very little experience with them, and they rarely show up in most games regardless) and made rough estimates at how much they would cost if they were normal shop items. A few notes before I start:
  • Cost for all items will go up due to slot efficiency: as an example, Bracer (510g) provides the same amount of strength (and less agi/int) as 6 Ironwood Branches (300g), but because it fits in one item slot as opposed to six, it gets a hefty price bump. Slot efficiency cost goes up for each neutral item tier: 200g for Tier 1s, 400g for Tier 2s, 600g for Tier 3s, 800g for Tier 4s (with some exceptions). I apologize in advance for how many times it's restated throughout, but it helps me (and hopefully the reader) keep better track of the numbers being added up
  • Many values will be rounded to make numbers prettier on the eyes, as indicated by the ~ symbol instead of the = symbol in some equations. The maximum I will be rounding by is +/- 2.5 gold (for instance, if the product of an equation is 857.5 gold, I will round up to 860 gold)
  • Neutral item actives factor into value in addition to the attributes (stats, damage, etc.) they possess. The better the active relative to the time of the game when you'd normally carry the neutral item, the higher the gold value bump. These values might be different from what you or another player would put, because we all have different playstyles and value things differently. Full disclaimer that I am 3.6k MMR (aka fuckin noob), so take everything I say with a hefty grain of salt
  • I am comparing neutral items to normal shop items that provide similar benefits to estimate their value. For example, Craggy Coat will be compared to other armor items such as AC and Shiva's. The higher the tier of a neutral item, the higher the cost of the items it will be compared to. For instance, if a Tier 1 item provides attack speed, it will likely be compared to Gloves of Haste, whereas a Tier 3/4 item that provides attack speed will likely be compared to Hyperstone
  • Any negative attributes an item gives you will result in a gold value reduction for the neutral item. Philosopher's Stone is the best example of this, as you will see later on
  • Easier to give an example than write out the rule here: Kaya (2050g) provides intelligence, spell amp, and mana cost/loss reduction. I personally believe that the spell amp and intelligence are larger selling points for the item than the mana cost/loss reduction in most games (obviously not the case for every hero). As such, I have judged the intelligence and spell amp to each be worth about 750g, while the mana cost/loss is only worth the remaining 550g. This method of thinking will apply to some normal shop items I mention
  • Mango Tree and Royal Jelly have also been left out of these estimates because they provide value while not occupying your neutral item slot. Mango Tree in particular is difficult to judge because its value varies so much from game to game based on where it's planted and if your team even bothers to use its mangoes or not. Trusty Shovel has been left out because I can't even begin to estimate the value of what one might dig up throughout a game.
  • Final disclaimer: these values are all general, with many of them relying heavily on my personal opinion, and different heroes value certain neutral items more than others. For instance, a Phantom Lancer or Naga Siren will lust over an Ironwood Tree for the stats it provides their illusions, while a Treant Protector will love it for the active giving him more scouting/mobility potential. Regardless of the gold value on these items, they'll be worth far more in some cases and much less in others
Tier 1 Items
Arcane Ring = 1860 gold
Gives 1.5x more armor than a Ring of Protection (175g x 1.5 ~ 260g) and as much intelligence as a Staff of Wizardry (1000g). The useful active is worth an extra 400g, and slot efficiency adds another 200g on top of that. Compared to the Tier 1 items, it's noticeable that Arcane Ring has a very high "cost": even if I were to remove the 600g from the active and slot efficiency, it would still be the priciest Tier 1 item
Faded Broach = 1230 gold
25% more movement speed than a Wind Lace (250g x 1.25 ~ 310g) while also giving the user 80% of the mana of an Energy Booster (900g x 0.8 = 720g). Adding an extra 200g for having both these sweet benefits in one slot
Ironwood Tree = 700 gold
Simplest comparison is, obviously enough, 7 Ironwood Branches (350g). Once again, slot efficiency adds 200g, and I'm adding an extra 150g for the deceptively versatile active
Poor Man's Shield = 1100 gold
Assuming 300g for the Stout Shield damage block component (as it provides 1.5x the block damage as old Stouty, may he rest in mangoes peace). Gives 1.33x more agility than a Band of Elvenskin (450g x 1.33 ~ 600g) plus the additional 200g for slot efficiency
Broom Handle = 1110 gold
Once again, 1.5x more armor than a Ring of Protection (175g x 1.5 ~ 260g) while also providing 33% more attack damage than Blades of Attack (450g x 1.33 ~ 600g). The bonus attack range has never left much of an impression on me, but I'm sure it's useful in some of scenarios, so I'll add an extra 50g. Don't forget 200g for slot efficiency!
Iron Talon = 1215 gold
In my opinion, Iron Talon active is now worth at least 500g on its own since it works on ancients. It also gives Ring of Protection armor (175g) and 75% of Gloves of Haste attack speed (450g x 0.75 ~ 340g). As always, slot efficiency is worth an extra 200g
Keen Optic = 780 gold
After 200g for slot efficiency, provides 25% more mana regen than a Sage's mask (225g x 1.25 ~ 280g) and 30% of the cast range of Aether Lens (I believe Aether Lens cast range is worth 1000g; 1000g x 0.3 = 300g)
Ocean Heart = 550 gold
5 all stats, just like 5 Ironwood Branches (250g). Water regen passive is situationally useful, but in reality, it almost never kicks in for a long period of time (unless you just zonk out in the river or have Slardar Aghs), so I'm only adding 100g for it, plus, as always, the 200g for slot efficiency
Tier 2 Items
Clumsy Net = 2240 gold
6 all stats, equal to 6 ironwood branches (300g) while providing ~90% the mana regen of a Void Stone (825g x 0.9 ~ 740g). The active for this item is very good in my opinion; it's easily worth at least 800g. And finally, a new value for slot efficiency gets added on! (400g for Tier 2s)
Essence Ring = 2770 gold
Arguably the most sought-after Tier 2 item in most games. Active is worth 1000g without a doubt; it basically amounts to a self-Mek-heal, and can often make or break a fight. Also gives as much intelligence as a Robe of Magi (450g) and provides 1.11x more mana regen than a Void Stone (825g x 1.11 ~ 920g). All of this comes bundled in one slot, so we can't forget the extra 400g. Looking at the end result, it's no surprise that the best all around Tier 2 item is the most "expensive" one
Imp Claw = 2400 gold
The "active" (8 sec CD crit) is pretty good on any physical damage carry, and can help add that extra little bit of damage you need sometimes, so I'm assigning it a value of 400g. Other than that, it has the 400g add-on for slot efficiency and provides as much damage as a Mithril Hammer (1600g)
Philosopher's Stone = -900 gold
Just like Faded Broach, provides 80% of an Energy Booster's mana (900g x 0.8 = 720g). The passive gold income is not super game changing in my opinion, but it's nice on a support, so I'll give it a value of 300g. However, the attack damage reduction (which is basically equal to the inverse of 1.45x what a Mithril Hammer would provide you at 1600g; 1600g x -1.45 = -2320g) actually functions as a value reducer. Even factoring in the 400g slot efficiency additive, Philly Stoney, as I call it, comes out with a negative gold value. While I don't think this means that you should lose net worth by equipping it, it certainly shows how weak this item is relative to both other Tier 2s and normal items that you would have at around the same time in the game. To be fair, if you stick this on your position 5 that isn't going to be right clicking, it's a nice gold boost for them, but I believe there's a common feeling of dread in knowing that the Philosopher's Stone your team has could have been something that actually provides utility or damage.
Ring of Aquila = 1590 gold
I was interested to find out that, with all the recent item changes in Dota, Aquila is no longer analogous to Basilius+Wraith Band. Instead, it's a Wraith Band (with a little more agility but no attack speed, so basically the same), which is 510g, plus an aura that provides 80% of a Buckler's armor (375g x 0.8 = 300g) and ~90% of a Basilius's mana regen (425g x 0.9 ~ 380g). Adding in the 400g slot efficiency number, Aquila still ends up surprisingly "cheap" next to some other Tier 2 items.
Vambrace = 1920 gold
While it's numbers have been tweaked since its release, Vambrace is still essentially equal to two Bracers/Null Talismans/Wraith Bands (510g x 2 = 1120g). While this might seem excessive, I'm adding an extra 400g for the versatility of the item's active; being able to switch between the different attributes is a huge boost to mana and HP efficiency. Finally, there is, of course, the 400 gold slot efficiency add-on
Vampire Fangs = 1870 gold
To be honest, not sure how to value the night vision portion of this item. It technically gives more than Moon Shard, a 4000g item, but you're not buying a Moon Shard/carrying Vampire Fangs solely for that extra vision, so I'll play it safe and say it's worth 200g. After that, Vampire Fangs provides the same amount of lifesteal as Morbid Mask (900g) and about 25% of the spell lifesteal of an Octarine Core (spell lifesteal of Octarine Core is worth 1475g in my opinion; 1475g x 0.25 ~ 370g). Integrating the usual 400g slot efficiency cost gives us the final number
Dragon Scale = 1925 gold
Surprisingly straightforward: provides same armor and HP regen as a Helm of Iron Will (925g), with its Afterburn passive adding an extra 600g due to its effectiveness versus buildings and heroes with Blink Daggers. As always, 400g included for slot efficiency
Grove Bow = 1655 gold
Grants 75% of Gloves of Haste attack speed (450g x 0.75 ~ 340g) and ~70% of a Dragon Lance's attack range (which is worth 950g to me; 950g x 0.7 = 665g). Its magic amp passive isn't directly comparable to Veil of Discord (since Veil amps all spell damage, rather than just magic damage), but I'll compare them anyways since I'm lazy. Assuming Veil's amp is worth about 1000g, I'll lowball a bit and say that Grove Bow provides about 25% of that same effectiveness, especially since it's only on a single target in most cases (1000g x 0.25 = 250g). Another very inexpensive Tier 2 item, even with the 400g for slot efficiency
Nether Shawl = 2090 gold
Getting the negative armor component out of the way first, it's essentially -1.5x the armor a Ring of Protection would provide (175g x -1.5 ~ -260g). After that, it provides the same spell amp as Kaya (Kaya spell amp is worth 750g in my opinion) and the same magic resistance as a Hood of Defiance (which is worth 1200g in my opinion). As always, I'm tacking on 400g extra for slot efficiency
Pupil's Gift = 2690 gold
Very straightforward to calculate after adding 400g for slot efficiency: on a strength hero, it's equal to one Blade of Alacrity (1000g), one Staff of Wizardry (1000g), one Slipper of Agility (145g), and one Mantle of Intelligence (145g). Obviously, on an agility or intelligence hero, the "recipe" for Pupil's Gift would have slightly different items but the same gold value
Tier 3 Items
Craggy Coat = 1000 gold
Provides 20% more armor than a Platemail (1400g x 1.2 = 1680g), but subtracts attack speed equal to the inverse of ~64% of a Hyperstone (2000g x -0.64 = -1280g). Slot efficiency cost for Tier 3 items is 600g, but Craggy Coat still ends up cheaper than some Tier 1 items, showing more flaws in my method after the Philosopher's stone fiasco. However, it is somewhat representative of the item's place in a game: very useful on a support, but usually avoided by carries for something more flashy
Greater Faerie Fire = 3230 gold
While it's not a guarantee that you'll use all three charges of the heal, I still think it's pretty useful to use one or two to completely turn around a fight, so I'll assign it a gold value of 800g (note: I am assigning this heal a lesser value than that of Essence Ring due to the latter's ability to be used without consuming charges). After that, provides ~83% of the attack damage of a Demon Edge (2200g x 0.83 = ~ 1830g) and has the 600g slot efficiency cost incorporated
Mind Breaker = 4365 gold
At worst, it's Silence Strike passive is good. At best, it vaults Mind Breaker to the top of the Tier 3 neutral items in a given game. As such, I'm assigning it a value of 1200g. Also provides 4% more attack damage than a Mithril Hammer (1600g x 1.04 ~ 1665g) and ~45% of the attack speed of a Hyperstone (2000g x 0.45 = 900g). After adding the 600g slot efficiency cost, it ends up as our most expensive Tier 3 neutral item
Orb of Destruction = 2730 gold
Provides 83% of Desolator's armor reduction on attack (Desolator Corruption is worth 1500g in my opinion; 1500g x 0.83 = 1245g). I'm averaging out Orb's slow to 15%, and Eye of Skadi's slow to 32.5% (which is worth 1925g in my opinion) to help account for differences in who is wielding (Orb)/being attacked by (Skadi) each item. As such, Orb provides ~46% of Skadi's slow (1925g x 0.46 ~ 885g). After factoring in the 600g slot efficiency number, Orb ends up looking surprisingly cheap, considering how heavily it's valued compared to some of its peers.
Paladin Sword = 3555 gold
Provides 13% more lifesteal than a Morbid Mask (900g x 1.13 ~ 1020g), 81% the damage of a Claymore (1400g x 0.81 ~ 1135g), and 71% the health regen/lifesteal amplification of a Sange (which is worth 1125g to me; 1125g x 0.71 ~ 800g). After adding 600g for slot efficiency, another very expensive Tier 3 item—as it should be, considering that it can be used on basically any right-clicking carry without a hitch
Quickening Charm = 3120 gold
Provides ~38% more health regen than a Ring of Health (825g x 1.38 ~ 1140g) and 52% of Octarine Core's cooldown reduction (which is worth 2655g in my opinion; 2655g x 0.52 ~ 1380g). After tacking on the extra** 600g** for slot efficiency, it surprisingly ends up worth being more than Orb of Destruction, which is surprising considering how indifferent I feel most players/heroes are towards Quickening Charm
Repair Kit = anywhere from 3075 gold to 7075 gold
Another neutral item whose value is heavily determined by game state. If you're ahead in the game to the point where the enemy has no threat of hitting your buildings, its active is essentially worthless. However, if there is an eventual or immediate threat to your T3/4 towers, barracks, or ancient, Repair Kit's active can severely stall and even win you the game (just ask Gorgc). As such, I'll give Building Repair a range of value from 0g to 4000g just to be safe and account for the wide variety of game scenarios it appears in. In addition, it provides ~3x the health regen of a Ring of Health (825g x 3 = 2475g) and has the 600g slot efficiency cost integrated as always
Spider Legs = 2070 gold
Apparently this item grants you +50% turn rate, which I have no idea how to rate, so I'll be cautious and give it a value of 100g. Also provides 59% of the movement speed of Boots of Travel (BoT movement speed is worth 800g to me; 800g x 0.59 ~ 470g) and has a very useful active that can get you out of a pinch, help you chase, or allow you to generally move around the map much faster. I'm a little biased as someone who enjoys playing initiator heroes and melee carries that especially love the extra mobility, but I think this active is worth 900g. After incorporating 600g slot efficiency cost, ends up as the least expensive Tier 3 item besides Craggy Coat, but don't let its lack of gold value fool you: Spider Legs is still a very good item in most games
Telescope = 2745 gold
Provides 89% of a Dragon Lance's attack range (which I previously stated to be worth 950g; 950g x 0.89 ~ 845g) and 50% of an Aether Lens's cast range (which I previously stated to be worth 1000g; 1000g x 0.5 = 500g). However, providing both of these benefits as an aura is a huge bonus, especially with the cast range. I believe this aura to be worth roughly 800g, and have tacked on the 600g slot efficiency cost as always
Titan Sliver = 2480 gold
Provides 64% of a Hood of Defiance's magic resistance (which I previously stated to be worth 1200g; 1200g x 0.64 ~ 770g), the same status resistance as a Sange (which is worth 510g to me), and 16% base attack damage, which is great on some carries and mediocre on others. As such, I'll assign it a value of 600g and add the final 600g for slot efficiency per usual
Tier 4 Items
Flicker = 1340 gold
Provides 36% of Boots of Travel's move speed (previously stated to be worth 800g; 800g x 0.36 ~ 290g), with an active that I've never found particularly great, but has its use against teams that are high on purgeable debuffs. Ill assign the active a 650g value and add on only 400g for slot efficiency due to Flicker only providing two benefits, while some Tier 4 items provide far more
Havoc Hammer = 5460 gold
Another item with a strange active that's even more niche this time around. The pushback does some damage and has utility, but doesn't really prevent a hero from staying on top of you like a Huskar Q (its best comparison) would. As such, I'll give it a value of 500g. After that, it gives 72% of the strength of a Reaver (3000g x 0.72 = 2160g) and 25% more attack damage than a Mithril Hammer (1600g x 1.25 = 2000g). After adding the 800g slot efficiency cost that comes with most Tier 4 items, this item is looking a little expensive considering how unused it is
Illusionist's Cape = 5560 gold
Provides 56% of an Eaglesong's agility (3000g x 0.56 = 1680g) and 56% of a Reaver's strength (3000g x 0.56 = 1680g). The active for this item is very, very good, especially on illusion heroes, Radiance buyers, or Anti-Mage, and can even be used as a scouting tool that happens to provide some survivability. I believe its active to be worth 1400g, and finally it has the usual 800g slot efficiency cost
Magic Lamp = 2260 gold
Provides 60% more HP than a Vitality Booster (1100g x 1.6 = 1760g), but a 300HP heal/strong dispel effect is pretty underwhelming when you're already at 20% HP; I'll assign that portion of the item a value of 300g. Finally is a 200g* slot efficiency cost, which is lower than most Tier 4 items because there isn't a super high chance that its Rejuvenate passive will help turn around a fight. Pretty sure this is the worst Tier 4 item, though that's a matter of personal opinion
Minotaur Horn = 4600 gold
Provides 80% of a Reaver's strength (3000g x 0.8 = 2400g) and has an incredibly effective active despite its short duration; spell immunity is one of the most valuable things in the game, and being able to pop it on a jungle item without using BKB is very powerful. I'll assign the active, Lesser Avatar, a value of 1400g and add an extra 800g for slot efficiency as always
Ninja Gear = 4615 gold
With the 800g slot efficiency cost out of the way, provides 80% of an Eaglesong's agility (3000g x 0.8 = 2400g) and 27% of Boots of Travel's movement speed (previously stated to be worth 800g; 800g x 0.27 ~ 215g). Its active is more useful on heroes that prefer to roam the map and remain hidden while searching for information or kills, but it still provides an incredibly powerful mobility tool that pays no care to enemy vision. The active, Solitary Disguise, is worth 1200g in my opinion, and can be straight up game-winning sometimes
Prince's Knife = 1585 gold
The projectile speed increase is negligible in most situations so I won't even bother assigning it a gold value, but it does provide a Hex Strike that lasts for ~43% as long as Scythe of Vyse's Hex (Sheepstick's Hex is worth 3690g in my opinion; 3690g x 0.43 ~ 1585g). For once, I'm not going to apply a slot efficiency cost at all because this item doesn't really provide any benefits besides its Hex Strike to justify an "efficiency tax". In the end, this item has such a low value because it's extremely one-dimensional and doesn't provide any attributes whatsoever. I think it's pretty clear that this item can be very powerful in some situations but requires an overall buff to reach parity with some other Tier 4 items
Spell Prism = 6975 gold
Provides 20% more all stats than an Ultimate Orb (2150g x 1.2 = 2580g) and 80% of Octarine Core's Cooldowns reduction (previously stated to be worth 2655g; 2655g x 0.8 ~ 2125g). Also provides ~78% more mana regen than a Void Stone (825g x 1.78 ~ 1470g). With the 800g slot efficiency cost baked in, Spell Prism ends up as the most expensive item on this list, as it should be given its supremely diverse array of benefits
The Leveller = 3380 gold
Provides 9% more attack speed than a Hyperstone (2000g x 1.09 = 2180g), while the Demolish passive is only useful when hitting one type of unit (buildings). However, the item does help you kill barracks and Tier 4 towers noticeably quicker, so I'll give its Demolish a value of 800g. I'm only applying 400g for slot efficiency this time around due to the Demolish really only benefiting you in a pushing scenario
Timeless Relic = 3800 gold
Provides ~88% more spell amp than a Kaya (previously stated to be worth 750g; 750g x 1.87 ~ 1400g). The debuff duration increase is especially ludicrous on heroes with high-duration/multitudes of stuns, and it also benefits heroes that apply other types of disables or rely primarily on items to provide disable. As such, I believe the debuff duration increase to be worth 1600g, and I can't forget the usual 800g slot efficiency cost for Tier 4 items. The gold value for this item is deceptively low because it provides no other benefits, but don't underestimate it; it can be the most powerful neutral item in the game for certain heroes. If an enemy Earthshaker, Lion, or Rubick gets this item, cower in fear and buy a status resistance item immediately
Witless Shako = 4640 gold
Our final item of this list, and the final item to provide a negative effect on the user. It provides 4.8x more HP than a Vitality Booster (1100g x 4.8 = 5280g) while subtracting 1.6x the mana of an Energy Booster (900g x -1.6 = -1440g). Adding the usual 800g slot efficiency cost for Tier 4 items puts it at about the same price as
And like that, the list is finally done. There are definitely some flaws in my methodology, and even after all this, I'm admittedly not 100% sure if it's actually correct to tie a gold value to neutral items. At the very least, this was a fun exercise that gave me some insight into which items might need a bit of a buff to be completive with their counterparts.
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