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Oblio - Wiktionary, the free dictionary https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=540. Dictionary Software - Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th Edition serial key. Oblivion patch 1.2 deutsch dictionary. In its historical sense, the name English is now conveniently used to comprehend the language of the English people from their settlement in Britain to the present day, the various stages through which it has passed being distinguished as Old, Middle, and New or Modern English.

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In addition other potential identifiers such as occupations were removed. In your Google Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, security options and privacy preferences to make Google work better for you. Skyblivion is a name that most modders of Skyrim or Oblivion may have heard at one time or another over the last 9 years. To pass into oblivion translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also 'Khyber Pass', boarding pass', forward pass', free pass', examples, definition, conjugation.

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Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary. Escape key synonyms, Escape key antonyms https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=551. Dictionary of the British English Spelling System - 5. The. Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.

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Is there a Dunmer word for "girl?" Or "young woman?" Also, are there any examples in canon of characters using the word "okay?"

I've tried to search online for some sort of Dunmer dictionary and I'm not having the best of luck finding a word for "girl." I figure it's a common enough word that there is likely some way to say it?
I did find an old thread that said the word "okay" has been used in canon, but I can't find any examples of it. Is this a confirmed word that exists in TES? Or would it be more accurate to stick to something like "alright" instead of going for the more modern "okay?"
Lastly, I understand there have been some canonical uses of the word "hell" as a swear or expletive, but that perhaps the usage of the word has deteriorated since Oblivion was established as the "Hell" of TES. How inaccurate would it be for someone in 4th Era Skyrim to be using the word "hell" as an expletive?
Any help or insight is much appreciated!
submitted by WriterWriterson to teslore

Of Nite and Dei: [Chapter 6]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Yuki groaned as she slowly felt herself coming back to reality.
A warm cloth lay draped over her forehead and eyes as a gentle hand lightly washed her face. She tried to open her eyes, only to see a dark damp close up of off-white terry cloth. She closed her eyes again and sighed.
Was she finally safe? Was she somehow rescued? Jax and Jophiel must have come for her! She knew she could put her faith in those crazy bastards!
“How long was I out?” Yuki asked, her mind racing, “What happened...?” Memories of the crash coursed through her mind as she tried to sit up.
As she did, her attention was drawn to the gentle hand that was rubbing the warm cloth over her forehead.
“Just a dream...” she said out loud.
The whole thing had to be a dream. She must have knocked her head when the asteroid collided with her ship and just been in some kind of coma since. Hopefully, she prayed, not too much time passed.
An unfamiliar voice answered her, in an even more unfamiliar language, more hisses, and growls! “Ah, ath 'er!”
Reality began to sink in for Yuki, this wasn't a dream at all! In a moment of panic, she snatched the cloth off her face and flung it away. As it slapped to the ground, Yuki blinked the moisture and the sleep from her eyes. Her arm felt weak, as did her legs, but still, her body tried to spring to life as it was flooded with adrenaline.
As she turned, she zeroed in on a red-scaled hand squeezing a fresh cloth into a basin of water. The tips of the fingers had claws. The claws were red, well-manicured, and apparently very sharp, though some seemed more sharpened than others.
Her gaze followed the hand up to the arm, which was clad in a very loose white sleeve above the forearm, a muscular one she noted. She then followed the arm to a shoulder, and soon a face. A dragon’s face, certainly male, the face stretched across a short muzzle, no more than 10cm from his actual head, his nostrils flared gently.
He smiled, sharp teeth showing his yellow eyes cheerfully looking down on her.
In his version of reality, he smiled warmly and spoke with compassion.
“Bvqr tvb 'elmh!” The red Nite said, which to him meant, “Good Morning, Miss!” - but to Yuki, it may as well have meant “I'm going to roast you, eat you, and suck the marrow from your splintered bones.”
Yuki jumped off the bed she was laying on as swiftly as she could, thanks to the adrenaline rushing through her bloodstream. As her eyes darted around the room she worked to get her bearings.
Before her was a seemingly normal examination table, where she had been laying moments earlier. It would have been a normal examination table, if not for its larger size, and what appeared to be a circular cut-out near the middle. There was sanitary paper on the cushion of the medical table. A portion of the sanitary paper was lying draped over the side in front of her, likely dragged from when she slipped off the edge.
Across from her, behind the red dragon, she spotted a counter with various medical supply jars, drawers, and cabinets. No windows existed in this room, leaving Yuki with no escape besides the single door that was behind the fearsome red dragon. He stood between her and the only exit.
Was this where she was going to be seasoned? She had no way of knowing and didn’t intend to find out. All she knew was that she had to get out of here somehow. Her heart hammered in her throat as her eyes roamed the shelves, looking for something she could use as a weapon.
Sensing her distress, the red Nite held his hands out to her, trying to calm her down. Unknowingly to him, this only made him look more menacing.
“Get the Oblivion away from me you monster!” she screeched, looking around nervously for any kind of tool or distraction. She was desperate to put distance between herself and the creature.
The room was very clean and quite well organized. All along the shelves were jars with various small sterilized needles, cotton balls, band-aids, and cotton swabs. Yuki noticed that everything was from the same company. A logo on all of them read ‘Niten Medical Services.’ At least, that is what she could have read if it was in a familiar language. She did, however, see a syringe in clear plastic wrap, and dove for it. As she grabbed it, it seemed almost comically large. The needle’s point was massive, the syringe material was thicker than what she was used to on Dei.
“Ut Oblivionis a me tibi monstrum!” The angel girl yelled to the red Nite, Serren. He may not have understood the language but he surely understood her emotion. He could sense her fear and panic, he just wasn't sure how to calm her down.
“Miss, please! I'm only trying to help- GRAH!” Serren yelped as the angel girl had grabbed the sterilized needle and rushed at him. He managed to jump up onto the examination table, his leap putting him on the far edge; he barely hung on by his toe-claws as the panicked angel shoulder checked the table, sending Serren tumbling ungracefully to the floor in a heap.
Yuki grinned wide and dashed out the door as she had managed to knock the dragon to the floor. With as much speed as she could manage she turned and shut the door tight behind her.
With her back to the wall, Yuki held the handle of the door shut. Yuki was certain she had trapped the red dragon inside. Inside where, of course, was the question. As she took in her surroundings, what she saw next made her blood run cold.
There were about twelve Nite dragons walking calmly about the hallways, all dressed in similar white nurses' gowns and garments, some wore light blue, some dark green, but all seemed to be the same style as the red Nite from inside.
Each of these Nite dragons had various colors and patterns on their scales. Some were striped with opposing colors, others had spots or blotches of slightly off-color scales on their bodies.
Their wings were all either wrapped around their shoulders or held tight against their backs, with tails held against their right or left legs as if to keep the hallway clear.
The hallway where Yuki had escaped held many doors, all with writing that Yuki didn’t understand. She glanced to her right, spotting a pair of double doors leading to still more hallways and doors. If she didn’t know any better, she would say she was in a hospital.
Is this still a dream? Yuki thought to herself.
To her left, she saw what looked like a lobby. Through the lobby, the light of the midday sun was shining through a series of pane glass windows and doors of various sizes. She was about to make a run for one of those doors, but something blocked her path.
Suddenly three other Nite, a yellow, a blue and a green, rushed by Yuki with another red Nite in a stretcher, he looked badly injured.
It looked like his arm, and the wing on his right side had been crushed by something. He was flinching in pain; two of the Nite, a man and a woman in white nurses’ gowns were talking to him, trying to calm him with soft hisses and growls.
Yuki’s hand slipped off the door handle as she pressed herself tight against the wall, hoping no one would notice her.
With Yuki’s hand no longer holding the door, Serren stepped out of the small examination room, searching for Yuki, checking his left and right as he did so.
The blue nite, wearing dark green clothing, faced Serren who had stepped cautiously out of the examination room.
"Hahvt Serren! Qh at alh vhthbr alyv! Tavnt tsyd!" she tossed him a necklace with two metals stamped on it. They looked like dog tags. Serren caught them and nodded, looking down the hallway
He looked to the tags in his hand, and then to the angel girl. He stepped toward her attempting to calm her, achieving the opposite.
The words seemed to send a shiver down Yuki’s spine, and it was then she realized that Serren had escaped!
He approached her once more. Without another thought, Yuki made a mad dash towards the lobby.
Serren called out after her as she ran, “Meyshhev y'etesver at hemlak hezh!”
They probably want to make me their next dinner... I've got to get out of this place!
As she rushed through the lobby, however, something grabbed her wrist.
“Al tezvez!” Lazzerlth shouted.
She turned to see the concerned face of Lazzerlth looking down on her. Yuki’s eyes widened in horror as she recalled the face of the dragon who had captured her. In a last-ditch effort to escape, she jabbed Lazzerlth with the needle.
Lazzerlth roared in pain and released her, allowing Yuki to dash out through the doors to freedom, or so she thought.
As Yuki passed through the glass doors of the hospital she was met with the grand sight of a massive skyline.
Glass and steel buildings reached high into the air shone brightly in the warm windy air as the sun beamed down on them.
Yuki staggered back, shocked by what she saw, unsure what to make of any of this as she craned her neck up, taking another few steps back to try and see how high the towers before her rose. Large, rounded skyscrapers and Niten dragons flying from spire to spire greeted her eyes, “this is a village?” Yuki sputtered out loud.
Yuki’s limbs began to ache, and this reminded her of her dire situation. She had injured the dragon that had captured her, now was her time to escape!
“Nurse Serren! Take these and log him in! Hunting accident!”
Serren had caught the tags, glancing at Yuki. She appeared like a frightened child before him. He moved towards her, but before he could say a word she rushed towards the lobby!
“Someone stop that angel!” Serren shouted.
That’s when Serren spotted the hunting party of Lazzerlth and Fezzick, who were waiting in the lobby. Lazzerlth rushed toward Yuki with blinding speed, grabbing her.
“Hold it right there!” Lazzerlth shouted before Yuki jabbed her with the needle.
In a flash, Yuki rushed out of the hospital.
Serren ran towards Lazzerlth, “Did she hurt you?!”
Lazzerlth glared at Serren, “no, I feel fine,” she said, showing the needle buried in her forearm.
“Let me get you cleaned up,” Serren offered sheepishly.
As Yuki’s eyes adjusted she shook the awe from her mind as she remembered what her survival book had told her. She was in the heart of a massive Niten city, albeit more advanced than she had expected. She wasn't prepared at all to handle this on many levels. Yuki took stock of what was on her, discovering she was dressed only in a hospital gown and did not even have shoes!
Nevertheless, she dashed down the sidewalk, dodging the few Nite she encountered along the way, her feet stinging with every footfall.
From out of nowhere, a Nite landed right in front of her.
The nite dragon towered over Yuki’s small form as he landed, looming over her. He gazed down at her with clear curiosity. Yellow scales glinted in the sunlight as he smiled warmly to her, showing off his teeth, “hev, terav zh Dei aneg'l!!”
Yuki saw his teeth and heard his voice, and she quickly ran past him, dodging his tail as she pushed by his large form.
For good measure, Yuki ran across the street, her feet burning on the hot asphalt as she ran.
I've got to get out of here and to the nearest forest to take cover! She thought as she panted heavily, not paying any of the Nite any more attention, hoping not to be caught. Her adrenaline was now wearing off, and she was feeling the fatigue in her limbs and body as she struggled to maintain her current speed.
Yuki’s vision began to tunnel as she tried to make her way down the now seemingly endless street towards the next intersection. The streets themselves were empty of any cars or trucks, she wondered briefly what they were for if no one was on the roads. The towers of glass and steel cast complete shadows over the street she ran down, giving her feet a welcome break from the hot concrete.
Is this street abandoned? Yuki thought to herself as she finally reached the corner of the block she was now staggering down. Crossing the asphalt was a marked set of lines, seemingly a crosswalk of some sort. A yellow light clicked on and began to flash, catching Yuki’s attention.
Yuki stopped, heaving, panting, and sweating profusely as she tried to catch her breath. Her hands-on her thighs, she looked down at her feet, which were dirty and may have had blisters.
The roar of a large engine drew her attention, and she looked upwards in time to see that there were, in fact, vehicles on the streets. Yuki was frozen in place as the truck sailed back, it’s thick tires rumbling over the asphalt street. As it passed by Yuki found her attention drawn to the back of the truck.
What she saw inside filled her with horror.
As the truck lumbered by, Yuki’s eyes were locked onto the open tailgate. As the truck shifted and bucked numerous animal carcasses shifted back and forth. Moving between the sides of meat were a pair of Nite dragons who wore leather smocks and gloves. Their feet clad in thick rubber-like boots that fit over their claws to protect from a fluid that dropped from the hanging corpses.
The nite dragons sprayed the meat in brine like substance, the salty and thick scent wafting out of the truck. The odor was enough to make Yuki gag, covering her mouth in shock.
As she had run, she had done her best to ignore the throbbing pain from the soles of her feet. The weakness in her legs was now reminding her that she had been poisoned not long ago. Specifically, her arm, which had been bitten, was weakest. She flexed her fingers, testing them. Her hand could barely close, and she wondered what she would do now.
Every corner she turned revealed a new horror to her, and her legs gave out under her. Yuki couldn’t help but whimper as the confusing and frightening scenery overwhelmed her.

Serren dressed Lazzerlth’s wound, wrapping her forearm in gauze after removing the large needle. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think she’d use the needle to harm you.”
Lazzerlth’s sighed, “I know, uh…?”
“Serren,” he introduced himself to Lazzerlth, grinning a toothy grin.
Lazzerlth noted his unusually white teeth and made the assumption he had a pretty stringent hygiene regime.
Fezzick spoke up, “now that Lazz is tended too we should probably get that angel woman back… I know she had the anti-venom but she’s probably not in the best state to be up and about.”
“At least she isn’t in the wilderness, she’s safe in the city,” Lazzerlth pointed out.
A woman in a white coat over hunter green shirt and pants marched over to the group, “Nurse Serren, please tell me where, exactly, you relocated the angel girl?”
“Doctor Terasuki!” Serren’s cheeks darkened as he turned to the blue nite, “uh, she… ran away.”
“She,” the doctor took a deep inhale through her nostrils, each flexing inward and out as she released her breath, “what?”
The three could feel the agitation from Doctor Terasuki, each staging back from the authoritative woman.
Lazzerlth spoke first, “Fezz and I have her scent, we’ll get her! We got her the first time!” and the pair rushed out of the lobby.
“Wait!” Doctor Terasuki shouted, her tail flicking in agitation as the hunting party left.
Serren frowned, “Doctor, I’m sure they’ll find her.”
“And terrify her further,” she turned to Serren, “catch up with them, and gently entice her to come back!”
“I don’t understand why she ran,” Serren frowned, “she seemed so scared.”
“If I had to hazard a guess,” Doctor Terasuki explained, “I would point to culture shock.”
“Pardon Doctor?” Serren asked, not grasping the doctor’s meaning.
“Well Serren what if you were suddenly thrust into an entirely different world, nothing familiar from the color of the sky to the shape of the buildings? I'm sure you wouldn't be calm.”
“I don't suppose I would be...” Serren nodded understandingly.
“Yes, and you, Serren, are an intelligent Niten being. The angel, however, is a primitive, so imagine how much more difficult it is for her. Nurse Serren, you've got to find her and bring her back here so we can put all of this slowly into context. If we can slowly bring her up to speed, then we can work on getting her acclimated.”
Serren nodded in understanding, “all right, I’ll get her.” his eyes lit up and he grinned wide, an idea popping into his head. Serren turned and rushed to an examination room, running out the door with a large sheet tucked under his arm.
Doctor Terasuki gave Serren an odd look as he rushed out the door. Whatever he was going to use the sheet for, he felt it was clever, that much she gleaned from his emotional state as he rushed by her.
Serren jumped into the air, flying after where he sensed Lazzerlth and Fezzick. He was concerned, however, as each of them seemed distressed.

Yuki was shaking, catching her breath, and slowly pulling herself up to her feet with help from the side of the building she had leaned against. A thud caught her attention, and Yuki saw a long shadow cast over her.
The shadow was cast by Lazzerlth, who had landed next to her. “Shelvem shevb, n'eret hemlak!” she exclaimed.
Yuki’s eyes went wide, and she screamed in fear, staggering back, stumbling as she rounded the corner, “no! Get away!” tears streamed down her face, “I don’t want to die!”
Lazzerlth took a step back in shock.
Yuki’s desperate scramble to get away was stopped as her back hit against someone’s legs. She looked up, eyes wide as she gazed up at Fezzick’s massive form. She tried to get to her feet and run forward, now barely standing, trapped between the pair of hunters. Yuki’s hands went over her head, and she closed her eyes tight as she hit her knees hard, “I can’t take it! Just make it quick for the love of the Guardian!”
Another thud now, and Yuki’s eyes looked up to see Serren standing before her. Before she could say anything, he tossed a white sheet over her.
Yuki’s breathing slowed as the cool sheet landed over her burning skin. It was a strangely calming situation, the sheet blocking out the strange landscape and hiding her from the dragons she was certain was trying to eat her.
Serren’s voice softly spoke to the other dragons, barely audible.
Lazzerlth frowned, “She’s terrified,” she noted as she looked at Yuki’s hands over her head, screaming something unintelligible to her ears.
“Non possum accipere! Lustus facere vivos pro amore Custos!” Yuki screamed.
Fezzick frowned, “Lazz-”
Lazzerlth interrupted him, “I didn’t want to terrify her!”
Fezzick forced a smile at her, "I'm sure it's just because she's never seen a Nite before, and she can’t understand us," Fezzick frowned as he tentatively approached her, “the language barrier is likely not helping.”
“She sounds like my mother did when she was killed by those rippers.” Lazzerlth was cut off by Serren as he landed in front of her.
Before anyone else could act, Serren tossed a large sheet over Yuki.
Fezzick grinned, giving an approving hand gesture to Serren.
Serren hushed both of them, “she’s overwhelmed, and frightened, let me try this if it doesn’t work you can carry her back.”
Lazzerlth gave a nod as Serren made his way to the edge of the sheet, slipping under it.
Yuki watched as the sheet’s edge lifted, and her breath hitched as Serren crawled under the sheet with her.
Yuki was about to bolt before Serren held both of his hands up, palms flat, approaching her slowly.
Her breathing was rapid as he gradually closed the distance between them.
Serren’s hand reached out to Yuki’s.
Yuki relaxed for a moment, but as Serren’s hand wrapped around her, she pulled back, gasping in pain as her withdrawal from Serren caused her arm to graze one of his claws.
Yuki fell to the concrete under the sheet and turned to Serren in shock, but for the first time, she wasn’t scared by what she saw.
A look of horror had crossed Serren’s face as he looked at the blood on his claw tip. He then turned to her wound, looking even more concerned.
For the first time, it wasn’t dread that gripped Yuki. Did she felt something from this dragon? Was it compassion?
Serren reached into his pocket, holding his hand up flat again. He pulled out a small med-kit from his pocket, showing her ointment and a rolled-up bandage, motioning to Yuki’s arm.
Yuki looked to the scratch on her arm as blood trickled over her skin, and glanced back to Serren’s hand. Yuki slowly offered her arm to him. Is he a good dragon? Is he trying to protect me? She thought.
Serren smiled at her, gently taking her arm in his hand. He applied the ointment first, causing Yuki to flinch as it stung her. “Test'er,” Serren said in apology.
Yuki looked to his reptilian yellow eyes, unsure how but knowing he was sorry he hurt her. “It’s okay,” Yuki whispered.
Serren’s eyes remained on hers as he bandaged her arm. He moved closer to her as he dressed her wound.
Yuki examined Serren carefully, for the first time up close to a dragon. She watched as his yellow eyes gazed into her own while he paid special attention to her arm. His straight horns dragged against the sheet as his head turned slightly.
She noticed the patterns of his scales, noting how they were arranged over his shoulders and neck. How the scales were smooth and covered his muscled shoulders and neck, she even noticed that, while the majority were red, little specks of black could be seen here and there. While still unnerved, this nite dragon eased her tension while caring for her wound.
But her exertion had caught up with her at last. Yuki felt herself fall forward, and as she did she held her hand out, stopping herself against Serren’s chest.
A chest that was surprisingly hard, with taut muscles.
Serren smiled warmly to her as he finished dressing her wound. “Zh besder, gebret hekl besder peshevt teyreg'e.”
Yuki didn’t understand a word he said, but the tone he used was soft, gentle, and soothing. She rested her head against his chest and gave a soft sigh of relief as his hand gently stroked her hair.
Serren’s arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to his body.
Yuki’s stomach dropped as Serren stood, lifting the small angel off the ground. His head vanished as he pulled the sheet around his neck, and Yuki felt herself getting pulled up higher so that Serren’s shoulder was now available for her to nestle her head against.
Without any more resistance, Yuki nuzzled her face into the crook of Serren’s neck, and relaxed, letting her mind drift.
“It's all right, miss. Everything is fine, just relax,” Serren said as he gathered the exhausted and terrified angel up in his arms.
He stood, pulled the sheet from his head, and made sure to get her as comfortable as possible. To his shock, the angel girl nuzzled her face between his neck and shoulder, causing his cheeks to darken.
Fezzick chuckled, “well that worked out pretty well.”
Serren nodded, “It helps if you treat her like a patient and not prey.”
“I was trying to get her back to the hospital as soon as possible,” Lazzerlth defended, “so I had to capture her. If she was a little worse for the wear, it was for her own good.”
A smile crept over Serren’s face, “hunter logic.”
“Excuse me?” Lazzerlth said, confused by Serren’s come back.
“Just like my mate, she was a hunter too, you know,” Serren explained.
Fezzick frowned, “Sorry for your loss.”
Lazzerlth sighed, “I lost my mother when I was young too. She was a hunter. When the angel was screaming it reminded me of how she died. We were ambushed by rippers,” she shuddered, “I barely got away, I owe her my life.”
“That’s why we honor you,” Fezzick comforted, “for your noble sacrifices for all of us. There’s nothing more selfless than a hunter.”
Serren’s smile faded, “Allia was less selfless than most.”
Lazzerlth’s eyes went wide, “Wait… did you say ‘Allia’?”
“As in the Allia Misho? Are you Serren Misho?” Fezzick mirrored Lazzerlth’s surprise.
Without a word, Serren took to the air, flying Yuki back to the hospital.
“Touchy subject?” Lazzerlth asked.
Fezzick shook his head, “I love you Lazz, but sometimes, you think too much like a hunter.”

Yuki opened her eyes and sat up with a start. Her heart was racing and she looked around, getting a bearing on her surroundings.
No strange examination table was there to greet her, though she was unsure where she was. She was in a soft bed, with comfortable white sheets. The floor was a hard tile surface, and on the far wall was a large mirror stretching the majority length of the wall. To the left of the mirror was a windowless metal door.
Harsh white light glowed over her from a fluorescent bulb in the ceiling.
To her left, she saw a glass of water and a meal waiting for her.
She reached for the water and drank it down quickly. She heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back against her pillow.
She looked at the tray next to her, pulling back some foil on the top back and sighed as the scent of the meat and gravy wafted up to her nose.
“Real cooked food,” she shivered and dug in. As she ate, a few questions lingered in her mind:
Where was she?
How long has she been asleep?
What was this meat?
While she was happy for a cooked meal, the meat had a taste and consistency she had never experienced before. She assumed it was some sort of processed patty in gravy and tried not to give it too much thought as she finished it.
She felt as if she had not eaten in days, and she searched the room for a clock or television which could confirm the date and time for her.
While she searched, however, she spotted her survival bag in the corner of the room! She got out of bed, finding she was far sturdier on her feet than she was the last time she woke up. Did she wake up?
She approached her bag and searched through it, confirming all of the contents were still there.
The ripper meat was missing, as were her rations. Inside she found the pistol, her flight suit, field guide, and all the other non-perishable items.
She looked at the pistol, and checked the magazine, finding it empty. “Damn it,” she cursed.
An intercom chimed, interrupting Yuki’s search.
Doctor Terasuki looked over a small tablet and rolled her eyes as she entered the room overlooking Yuki’s. She spotted Serren sitting at a table behind a two-way mirror.
“I called you as soon as she woke up,” Serren informed.
Doctor Terasuki heaved a sigh, “Fleeing from a hospital... running away from her rescuers… Of course, I’m saddled with this.”
Serren frowned at the doctor. “Dr. Terasuki? She seemed to calm down quite a bit after I covered her with the sheet.”
Dr. Terasuki nodded, “Sensory overload, that was an excellent idea, Serren.” She jotted a few more things down. “Amusing the sheet worked, I would suggest the same thing for a pet if they were panicking,” she grumbled as she watched Yuki get up and walk towards the bag with her possessions inside. “Glad to see the medication helped her recover while she rested.”
“When she woke up the first time it had only just been administered,” Serren explained.
Doctor Terasuki nodded, looking at the tablet, “Forty doctors in this entire hospital, and I’m saddled with the primitive.”
“Of those forty doctors,” Serren smiled, “You are the only one who speaks Evangelian fluently.”
Dr. Terasuki grumbled, “Regretting my thirst for literary knowledge already.” She looked through the two-way mirror at Yuki, watching her dig through the satchel that was found near her makeshift shelter. She took a deep breath and shook her head as Yuki eagerly checked the weapon. The doctor pressed a small button, activating the intercom connected to Yuki’s room.
“Miss? I'm Doctor Terasuki. How are you feeling?”
“Wait, someone speaking Evangelian?” Yuki looked around the room, first to the speaker and then the mirror, “I... I'm fine now... how did you get me out of the city? Where am I?” she noticed an odd accent to the voice. As if the doctor was speaking into a hollow cup with an ever so slight lisp. She let the pistol fall back into the bag.
Yuki’s heart leaped in her chest, “Did you rescue me?”
The doctor let go of the button, “Oh, so now she’s grateful for the rescue?” she glanced at Serren.
“Maybe because she cannot see us?” Serren reasoned.
Doctor Terasuki nodded, “Yes, of course. She probably thinks she’s back home.” She jotted something down onto her tablet “...hmm.” Doctor Terasuki pressed the button again.
“You're quite safe now Miss. You’re in an isolation room at the hospital to help you acclimate after your ordeal,” the Doctor explained.
Yuki smiled a bit, almost relieved, “Thank the Guardian... and it’s Mrs.”
There was hesitation from the voice before it chimed in, “We're going to make this as easy for you as possible Mrs… I’m sorry what’s your name?”
Yuki closed up her satchel, walking to the bed and sitting, “Yuki Karkade.”
“Well Mrs. Karkade, if there is anything you need just tap on the glass,” Doctor Terasuki explained.
Yuki stretched, taking note of how dirty she felt from her ordeal, “Uhm... Some privacy, if at all possible?”
Doctor Terasuki gave a look to Serren, “Sorry Nurse Serren, I need to study her physiology, please head out.”
“Are you certain?” Serren asked.
Doctor Terasuki narrowed her eyes, “Serren, the girl will be fine. Go assist another doctor for now, please.”
Serren’s cheeks darkened and he got up and reluctantly walked out of the room.
Doctor Terasuki pressed the intercom button once more.
“I'm the only one here Mrs. Karkade, and I'll need to study you to make sure you're all right. Now tell me if anything is bothering you,” Doctor Terasuki explained.
A look of confusion took Yuki as she undressed from her hospital gown. “Wouldn’t it be easier if you just came in here and examined me, Doctor? Oh... or would that incur a fee? I’m not sure if Fondsworth’s medical will cover this. Wait, aren’t you from the mining company?” she shuddered, “Oh! Are you from Dei Mining Incorporated?” Yuki grumbled, “I’ll never hear the end of it if our competitors are the ones who saved me.”
Doctor Terasaki stared blankly at Yuki through the glass, “...fee?” She looked down at her tablet and swiped over to a program showing a dictionary of Nite and Dei translations. “...Fondsworth? Nothing on Fondsworth… ugh…Fee, here we are. “Fee: A charge for services rendered,” Doctor Terasuki looked at Yuki strangely through the mirror, and for once in her life, she felt rather perplexed.
“This is a hospital, Mrs.Yuki, you won't owe anything. And if you prefer, I'll certainly come in, but you must promise me that you will not become frightened, try to escape or attack me. Nobody is going to hurt you. We can discuss the Fondsworth, and the recovery process too if you'd like.”
Yuki laughed a bit, “Doctor, I'm just fine... I'm not some mental patient.” She slipped out of her hospital gown and waited in her undergarments. “Though if this is some kind of free clinic, I’d want to know who’s backing you.”
Doctor Terasuki nodded and pressed the button again, “All right, Mrs. Karkade,” She moved to the door next to the mirror and opened it slowly, speaking into the room first. “Mrs.Karkade? It's Doctor Terasuki, I was speaking to you before... I’m going to be coming in now if that’s all right.”
Yuki raised an eyebrow, a bit frustrated now, “Yes, of course!” In the back of her mind, she noted that the voice still seemed to have the odd hollow sound and an even odder lisp like intonation that she couldn't place her finger on. Where is this doctor from anyway? Yuki's train of thought was halted suddenly, and she quickly regretted her invitation as she saw the large blue dragon enter the room. “...by the wisdom of Lucifer... I... I...”
Doctor Terasuki closed the door tightly behind her and smiled as warmly as she could at Yuki, her pointy teeth showing in her forced smile. “Now, now...Mrs. Karkade? You promised me you wouldn't be scared... remember?”
Yuki scooted backward and pressed herself up against the corner of the room, eyes wide as saucers. Her mind raced and she looked at her satchel, her pistol was still in the bag! It was over ten feet away, even if she made a mad dash for it, the Dragon stood between her and her only defense! She felt doom creep over her and her stomach sank.
Dr. Terasuki sighed heavily and very slowly walked over to her. “Mrs. Karkade, how many times must I tell you that I mean you no harm?” The irritation in her tone was noticeable. “We have done nothing but help you, why do you continue to insist upon fighting us? You must stop this at once!”
“A-are you with the red dragon?” Yuki stammered.
“Red Dragon?” Doctor Terasuki frowned, “oh, Nurse Serren? Yes, if that comforts you, he’s one of the nurses here.”
Yuki slowly got to her feet, “So… so you’re not with those hunter dragons?”
Terasuki hadn't expected this worst-case scenario and decided the best thing to do was to calm the poor trembling woman down. “Please calm down, Mrs. Karkade. The hunting party are the ones who brought you here initially,” she said softly as she knelt next to her. She placed her hand on Yuki’s shoulder, feeling her tense up. “Why are you so frightened?”
Tears leaked from Yuki’s eyes, “I-I don't want to die.”
“You’re no longer in any danger, Mrs. Karkade, you’re here in the city of Cairro, in a hospital. We’re here to make sure you’re perfectly healthy.”
Yuki's tears slowly started to dry at the idea of still living, “S-so you’re not going to eat me?”
“Eat you?” Doctor Terasuki scoffed, “There are no rippers here, Mrs. Karkade. What would be trying to eat you?”
“Y-you?” Yuki questioned.
The doctor's eyes went wide and her stomach didn't feel entirely stable as the sickening idea of devouring the small and defenseless being before her crept over her body. “No one wants to eat you here! You're a person! People don't eat people!” she spat out, trying to push shocking images from her mind.
Yuki's eyes now halted their downpour and she looked up at the doctor, confused, and not sure what to think now. “They don't?”
“Oh good heavens no! The thought alone makes me sick!” Doctor Terasuki explained as she calmed herself down. She knelt before Yuki to bring herself eye to eye with her. “Now, will you allow me to examine you?”
Yuki looked Doctor Terasuki in the eyes, confusion replacing her fear. Yuki nodded dumbly. “Where did you learn Evangelian?”
“College,” Doctor Terasuki said, placing a small device on Yuki’s finger while looking to her tablet, “It was an elective. I thought it would prove useful,” she grinned, “I suppose it did.”
Yuki’s brow furrowed, “I didn’t even know Nite could speak… let alone speak Evangelian.”
Doctor Terasuki lifted her own eyebrow, “I understand you’re an alien visitor, Mrs. Karkade, but that is rather insulting.”
“R-right, sorry!” Yuki apologized.
“Apology accepted,” Doctor Terasuki said shortly as she removed the device from Yuki’s finger.
Yuki glanced at her bag, How could the guide have been so wrong? Another thought occurred to her as she looked to Terasuki, Oh Guardian, if she was insulted by me thinking she can’t speak, she cannot see the field guide!
“Something on your mind, Mrs.Karkade?” Doctor Terasuki asked.
“No, no,” Yuki responded nervously, “I just-er, what are you doing?”
Doctor Terasuki had begun to examine Yuki’s wings, “how long was your mission, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Uh, well can I ask why you’re looking over my wings first?” Yuki asked.
“Well it’s just that it looks like you’ve not used your wings for years,” Doctor Terasuki explained.
“Uhm, well I haven’t,” Yuki confessed.
Doctor Terasuki jotted something down on her tablet.
“Well the first thing we’re going to need to rehabilitate,” Doctor Terasuki said, tapping Yuki’s wings, “are these.”
“Rehabilitate?” Yuki frowned, Great, Now what have I gotten myself into?
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