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A PvP Analysis On The New "Unova Week" Pokémon

Leaf Bugs and puffballs and Bouffs... oh my! And even flying monkeys squirrels, too! (Ah, the birth of many memes in that last link there... ANYway....)
Hello again, fellow travelers. I'm your friendly neighborhood PvP guy, back again with some PvP analysis the new batch of Pokémon entering the game in just a few hours with the arrival of the third and last week of Go Fest rewards: Unova Week.
We are getting the return of Genesect, and also a quartet of all-new Pokes to play around with. And yes, they ALL four have PvP implications, including a couple that may see Ultra League Premier Cup play right out of the gate!
So let's take a look. I'll start with the one that I personally think may have the most going for it (and the one I selected will likely surprise you, as it did me, to be honest!), but definitely touch on the pros and cons of all four. Here we go!


Normal Type
Attack: 119 (118 High Stat Product)
Defense: 114 (118 High Stat Product)
HP: 137 (137 High Stat Product)
(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-13-11, 1500 CP, Level 20.5)
Attack: 155 (151 High Stat Product)
Defense: 151 (152 High Stat Product)
HP: 172 (179 High Stat Product)
(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-14-15, 2498 CP, Level 37.5)
Yep, out of the four new Pokémon, I chose THIS, the bigger, beefier cousin of Tauros, of all things. Why? You'll see soon enough... it's in the moves, ones which have poor Tauros eating its heart out.
But before we get to those intriguing moves, let's first spend a minute looking at the actual Pokémon that carries them. Bouffalant is what Tauros has always wanted to be in PvP. They both have roughly the same Defense, but Tauros has about 10 more Attack, and to compensate, that means it has about 20 less HP than Bouffalant. Bouff is actually a decently bulky boy, with about the same overall bulk as things like Clefable and Vigoroth, and a bit higher than things like Venusaur and Swampert, to give a couple frames of reference. It's no tank, but it's not frail either. Bouffalant can take some punishment and keep on trampling.
As a Normal type, of course its main concern is Fighters. But beyond that, Bouffalant can take full advantage of its relatively good bulk and hold out for a while, because unlike most Pokémon, that one vulnerability is it. And it double resists Ghost damage, which is handy to have an leads to some wins we'll look at soon.
So, decent bulk and a typing that has one mortal enemy but stands up to punishment from others. That's about the gist of it, so let's move on!
Fast Moves:
Mud Shot (Ground, 1.5 DPT, 4.5 EPT, 1.0 CD)
Zen Headbutt (Psychic, 2.67 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD)
Neither has STAB, but the choice here should be pretty obvious. Zen Headbutt is a TERRIBLE PvP move that drags down anything stuck with it. (See Cofagrigus, Regigigas, and so many others, including poor Tauros.) Conversely,Mud Shot--while not a move that's going to deal tons of damage on its own--tends to instead lift things UP thanks to its crazy good energy generation. (Tied with Psycho Cut and Thunder Shock for best in the game behind only the insane 5.0 EPT of Lock-On.) Mud Shot should be enough to grab attention from the get-go... IF it has decent charge moves to go along with it.
Thankfully for Bouffalant, it does....
Charge Moves:
Stomp (Normal, 55 damage, 40 energy)
Megahorn (Bug, 100 damage, 55 energy)
Earthquake (Ground, 120 damage, 65 energy)
Skull Bash (Normal, 130 damage, 75 energy, Increase Self Defense +1 Stage)
So first let's talk about Stomp, as it's a move you don't often see in use. At 55 damage for 40 energy, it is an exact clone (other than typing, of course) of the many Elemental Punches out there (Fire, Ice, Thunder), as well as Mud Bomb, Seed Bomb, and Blaze Kick. And while some other overpowered moves deal more damage for the same cost (Surf deals 65, Doom Desire deals 70, and Hydro Cannon deals a whopping 80!), 40 for 55 is a pretty good deal, and plenty good enough to overwhelm unprepared opponents. Bouffalant, thanks to its Mud Shot, can literally fire Stomps off just as fast and just as frequently as Whiscash and Stunfisk can spam their Mud Bombs, and often for the same amount of rapidly increasing damage. That alone is enough to wear down things like Haunter and tanky Munchlax in Great League and their counterparts Gengar and Snorlax in Ultra League, along with Alolan Muk, Typhlosion, Clefable, Magnezone and Electivire (where Mud Shot's Ground damage pulls its weight too, of course) and others.
But that's all just the appetizer. The main course is the trio of big closing moves. Earthquake can combine with Mud Shot for the full Ground moveset, and is just a great move in terms of energy-to-damage ratio. Megahorn was buffed not long ago into a Shadow Ball/Stone Edge clone, with a nice clean 100 damage for only 55 energy (strictly better than the Thunderbolts and Ice Beams and Flamethrowers and Energy Balls and such that cap out at 90 damage for the same cost). And Skull Bash, probably made most famous by Lapras, will kill most things dead if unblocked, and at worst will at least provide a potentially match-swinging Defense boost to the user. And here's a fun little nugget: thanks to Mud Shot, Bouffalant has the fastest Megahorn and Skull Bash in the game. Nothing else with Megahorn has a fast move that exceeds the 4.0 of Fury Cutter, and while Skull Bash can be reached as quickly by Raichu with Thunder Shock, you are realistically never going to actually see a Raichu with Bash, and the closest thing behind that is, yes, Lapras with its Ice Shards generating a mere 3.33 EPT.
And so those are the moves we are generally best taking advantage of, as there are a number of things with Mud Shot/Earthquake (like the Galarian Stunfisk that was EVERYWHERE in Great League this GBL season). So let's focus on the others, starting in Great League.
Mud Shot/Stomp/Megahorn in Great League stacks up like this against the "core meta", the mons most commonly seen and the "best" overall. No, that's not a long list of wins, but look at the names on it: big beefy tanks like Cresselia, Umbreon, Hypno, Lapras, and Munchlax. Speedsters like Haunter, Alolan Raichu, and Abomasnow. Flexible and often hard-to-handle-without-hard-counters Ferrothorn, Shiftry, and Zweilous. It's a short list, but it's a really GOOD list, don't you think? That kind of win spread could (and perhaps should) find a place on some teams.
And that's just the surface. With very good PvP IVs, you can get Whiscash and Shadow Victreebel (another one that can be incredibly difficult for most mons to handle). With a single Mud Shot of energy lead, Bouff can add Sableye, Meganium, and Whiscash. And with TWO Mud Shots of energy, very realistic if the opponent tries to swap something in against Bouff, you can now beat things like Stunfisk and Swampert. Getting interesting yet?
Hopefully, because we're far from done. How about Skull Bash? This leaves Bouff with two charge moves of the same type--and a type that is super effective against literally nothing--but the raw power may be worth it. As with Megahorn, the initial returns look rather tepid. We see the same wins over Cresselia, Hypno, Haunter, Shiftry, Abomasnow, Lapras and Munchlax, but several things that were weak to (or at least took big neutral damage from) Megahorn and lost--Umbreon, Zweilous, Ferrothorn, Alolan Raichu, Abomasnow--escape from Skull Bash's neutral (or resisted, in Ferro's case) damage. But the gains are impactful too: Stunfisk, Whiscash, Swampert (normal and Shadow), and Wigglytuff and Clefable. Those are all good pickups.
Initially, taking things up to ideal PvP IVs seems to make no difference. But as we did with Megahorn, let's assume that folks will swap things in to Bouffalant at some point to try and take it out. Giving Bouff a single Mud Shot lead gives it Alolan Marowak, Meganium, and then Umbreon and Zweilous as with Megahorn, regardless of "default" IVs or even #1 PvP IVs. However, give it that (again, very realistic) two Mud Shot lead and suddenly there's a BIG difference. Average IVs grants four new wins: Dewgong, Mantine, Venusaur, and the return of Alolan Raichu, but top notch PvP IVs DOUBLES that with four addition wins over Sableye, Shadow Hypno, Shadow Victreebel, and potentially even Toxicroak, something which should curb stomp a Normal type like Bouffalant, but in actuality cannot reach even a second Mud Bomb before Bouff gets in a Stomp AND a Skull Bash. Just in case you needed reminding how crazy fast things charge with Mud Shot.
But things get far more interesting in Ultra League. While Megahorn here is still rather limited even in ideal circumstances (top IVs and Premier format), it's worth noting that it wrecks most Grasses, Electrics, and things like A-Muk, Scizor, Feraligatr, Typhlosion, and Clefable. But even with that same energy lead we've looked at before, it mostly just does more of that: gaining mostly Grasses, with only Obstagoon and (barely) Swampert entering the win column.
However, Skull Bash is much different story. Even with default IVs and no energy advantages, Bouffalant has at least the potential to shake things up. It beats (in no particular order) Shiftry, Gallade, Gengar, Snorlax, Alolan Muk, Clefable, Granbull, Feraligatr, Milotic, Blastoise, Magnezone, Electivire, Typhlosion, Sceptile, and Abomasnow, as well as Origin Giratina. That's more like it! Giving it good IVs has the looks of a true contender in the right hands, with new wins against Charizard, Togekiss, Honckkrow, and Articuno. And with even just a single fast move of energy, look out, Ultra Premier Cup!.
So I think that's more than probably anyone expected to hear on Bouffalant. Here's hoping it becomes available outside of the New York area at some point, as Niantic has decided to make it another regional exclusive. (UGH!)
Now there are more Pokémon coming than just Bouffalant, of course. While its potential performance in Ultra League especially merited it "headline" status for this article, let's look briefly at the others as well.
  • LEAVANNY, the final evolution of Sewaddle, is an pretty rare Bug/Grass type. That typing combination is very much blessing AND curse, with vulnerabilities to Ice, Poison, Rock, Bug (ironically) and DOUBLE vulnerabilities to Fire and Flying, but on the flipside, resistances to Electric, Water, and Fighting, as well as double resistances to Grass and Ground. It also has some good moves from both typings, with a choice of the potent Razor Leaf or the steady Bug Bite, as well as nice spammy moves from the Grass (Leaf Blade) and Bug (X-Scissor) sides as well. The main problem is that it doesn't really have a closing move. Leaf Blade certainly hurts with its crazy 70 damage for only 35 energy, but that isn't enough to put some opponents away. But it still does some serious work. With Bug Bite, it's an above average Grassassin, slaying the vast majority of Grasses including Meganium and, uniquely to Bug Bite, Shadow Victreebel, Razor Leaf Tropius, and usually-problematic-for-other-Grassassins Shiftry and Ferrothorn. Running it as a Razor Leafer gives you a mostly normal Razor Leafer performance, though you get some wins you do not consistently achieve with other Leafers, like Medicham, Munchlax, Scrafty, and Meganium, thanks in large part to that unique Bug typing and damage output, with X-Scissor, like Leaf Blade, being cheap enough to be impactful even with low-energy-gaining Razor Leaf powering it out. Leavanny also gets big enough for Ultra League, and there we see more of the same: a relatively standard and straightforward Razor Leafer that also beats stuff like Sceptile and Meganium, or a relatively rare at Ultra level true Bug that hates on Grasses and Darks, but can also do some Water things with wins over Blastoise, Feraligatr, Milotic, and Poliwrath. Nothing here says "breakout imminent!" or anything, but Leavanny does enough that it does fit some teams nicely, and you should probably expect to see it pop up here and there as early as this weekend in Ultra League play. Pay VERY close attention to what fast move it is using before deciding how to tackle it... it makes a rather huge difference.
  • I think more popular but overall perhaps a little less impactful will be WHIMSICOTT, the evolution of Cottonee. Not because it's not potent, because it is, and in two different roles we'll look at in a second. But more because unlike Leavanny's rather unique melding of Bug and Grass, Whimsicott doesn't do anything truly unique. Like Leavanny, you can run it as a Razor Leafer, though one with more expensive charge moves, with Grass Knot costing 50 energy and Moonblast up at 60, both far higher than the 35 energy cost of Leaf Blade and X-Scissor. And probably not even worth mentioning is Hurricane, which costs 65 and doesn't provide the kind of coverage a Grass OR Fairy would really want. Yes, Whimsicott is a Grass/Fairy type, so to briefly highlight that: weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Steel, DOUBLE weak to Poison, and resists Dark, Fighting, Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water, and double resists Dragon. Like I said, Flying damage from Hurricane does little to address what it's not already rather strong against, so just stick with on-type Grass Knot and Moonblast. ANYway, back to its Razor Leafing ways, it IS notable that it beats Umbreon thanks to its Fairy subtyping resisting Dark damage... not many Leafers can claim that. But again, beyond that, it's basically your run-of-the-mill Razor Leafer. So, too, is is a rather standard Charmer should you opt to go that route... but again, with one big glowing exception: Azumarill. Whimsie can (and probably should) actually just Charm down Azu thanks to its Grass subtyping making Bubble merely tickle, and reducing even the mighty Hydro Pump Azu uses to beat Wigglytuff and Clefable and the like to less than 50 damage. On the flipside, Ice Beam HURTS, but Whimsie can eat one and still emerge victorious thanks to the light cumulative Bubble damage. That Grass typing also makes it better than most Charmers at handling opposing Grasses like Meganium and Victreebel (the latter of which rips through Clefable and Wigglytuff and most other Charmers). So with somewhat unique wins over Umbreon (among RLers) and Azumarill (among Charmers), maybe there's more merit here than I initially gave credit for!
  • And finally, we have EMOLGA, the cute little electrified flying squirrel. Like, literally Flying, as the first non-Legendary Electric/Flying type we get to play with in PoGO. That typing combination leaves only two vulnerabilities--Ice and Rock--while affording resistances to Bug, Fighting, Flying, Grass, Ground, and Steel. Things like Emolga should be able to take advantage of that and run with it, but unfortunately, Emolga mostly doesn't. Part of it is due to the fact that Niantic chose to saddle it with the lackluster, boring Aerial Ace as its only Flying damage output, though at least that's sufficient (thanks mostly due to the fact that it also has fast-charging Thunder Shock as a fast move) to take out most Grasses that don't have a direct answer to Flyers (such as Tangrowth with Rock Slide, Abomasnow with Ice moves, Cradily and Ferrothorn and, yes, Whimsicott), wins that include Venusaur and Meganium and Tropius and Victreebel and Vileplume. And also Fighters like Medicham, Machamp, Scrafty, and Toxicroak. And it spams enough Electric damage to outduel Registeel (it helps that it resists Flash Cannon AND Focus Blast), Munchlax, and Haunter. But this is also an Electric type that really stuggles against stuff like Azumarill and Dewgong that Electrics can often race to victory, with that Flying side being more curse than blessing in those cases. Emolga WILL show up, but you really get a better performance out of Zapdos when you have the option of both, and as Emolga has to be nearly maxed to reach even 1500 CP, you're actually not saving all that much (if anything!) trying to run it over a double moved Zappy. It works, but it's outclassed before it ever arrives on the scene.
And while there are other things coming back like GENESECT, it's hard to discuss without knowing what new moves (if any) it will be running with, so I'll hold off on further analysis there... for now. So let's wrap this up with a quick TL;DR:
  • BOUFFALANT is okay in Great League, but could be a breakout star in Ultra League, especially Premier Cup... if played right. It relies at least somewhat on Stomp baits, but it runs the fastest Megahorn or Skull Bash in the game, and that's no small thing.
  • LEAVANNY and WHIMSICOTT aren't anything groundbreaking, but have some nice niches and come with some unpredictability, as their roles change rather significantly depending on chosen fast move. Either can be a Razor Leafer with some small (but impactful) caveats, and then Whimsie can alternatively run as a Charmer with some unique resistances, and Anny can run with Bug Bite as a unique Bug/Grass hybrid that balances those two sides pretty well thanks to its spammy moves of each type.
  • EMOLGA will generate some buzz (oh, the puns, they BURN us, Precious!), but don't be shocked if it fizzles out a bit as people realize Zapdos is better and somehow even cheaper, since Emolga has gotta be nearly maxed to play even at Great League level. That's a real shock to the system, eh? (Okay, okay... I'll stop now. 😅)
And that's it for today! Good luck hunting down the new stuff and putting it to good use in PvP! Less than seven hours to go from the time of this posting until Unova Week begins.
As always, the simulated battles above from my go-to simming resource at PvPoke.com are a good start to the story, but they are certainly not the whole story. Run some sims yourself, do some playtesting with these new toys yourself, and please: discuss! I always love to hear your feedback and any discussions that come out of these deeper dives.
Until next time, you can always find me on Twitter for near-daily PvP analysis nuggets, or Patreon with an exclusive tie-in Discord server you can access to get straight through to me and pick my brain.
Continued thanks to my PvP friends, local and around the world, who have lent their own ideas and suggestions over the last year and a half and helped teach me to be a better player and student of the game. And thank you for reading! I very much appreciate you taking the time, and sincerely hope this helps you out as you consider using--and almost certainly facing--these new Pokémon. Best of luck, good hunting, and catch you next time!
submitted by JRE47 to TheSilphRoad

Patch Notes

Greetings MechWarriors!
Before we begin this week's patch, we would just like to take a moment once more to thank everyone who helped us out throughout the data center migration process.
Whether you were testing out the new features in Public Test, informing fellow-players of the event, monitoring the website, or are involved in providing feedback for our continuing efforts to improve connectivity in various regions of the world, or whether you were simply leaving us well-wishes throughout the process, we grateful for you.
This week's patch will be a bit softer than usual as a result of both that maintenance and the Labour day weekend: We are making all Camo Specs available for both the Clan Mechs as well as the Vindicator and introducing a few Clan weapon balance changes. We are especially eager to hear about whether our bug fixes have resolved memory allocation errors for players encountering the 3-GB Barrier issue on 32-bit systems, an issue triggered by our continuing efforts to improve the visual appeal of our newest maps.
We are also excited for the first ever Lance Challenge, which we hope will combine the best aspects of previous challenges with the added benefit of focusing on the Group queue. This challenge will be available once the patch has completed. We hope to see you on the battlefield for this event!
  • All Clan Skins unlocked for purchase
  • All Vindicator Skins unlocked for purchase
  • The 'Yard Sale' Warhorn unlocked for purchase
  • Portions of the hit mesh around the Vindicator's helmet have been changed from center torso to the appropriate side torso.
  • Taskbar icon will now flash whenever a map load has completed if the game is not in the foreground.
Weapon Balance
IS ER Large Laser
  • IS ER Large Laser heat down from 8.5 to 8.0
  • IS ER Large Laser duration increased from 1.0 to 1.25 1.5
Clan ER Large Laser
  • Clan ER Large Laser damage down from 11.25 to 11.0
  • Clan ER Large Laser heat penalty down from 12.0 to 4.0
  • Clan ER Large Laser long range (max damage) reduced from 890m to 740m
  • Clan ER Large Laser max range (falloff to zero damage) reduced from 1780m to 1480m
  • Clan ER Large Laser duration down from 2.0s to 1.6s
Clan ER Medium Laser
  • Clan ER Medium Laser base heat increased from 5.0 to 6.0
  • Clan ER Medium Laser long range (max damage) reduced from 450m to 400m
  • Clan ER Medium Laser max range (falloff to zero damage) reduced from 900m to 800m
  • Clan ER Medium Laser duration down from 1.3s to 1.25s
  • Clan ER Small Laser base heat increased from 2.0 to 3.0
  • Clan ER Small Laser long range (max damage) reduced from 200m to 150m
  • Clan ER Small Laser max range (falloff to zero damage) reduced from 400m to 300m
Clan Large Pulse Laser
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser damage down from 11.8 to 11.6
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser heat penalty increased from 2.8 to 4.0
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser base heat increased from 8.0 to 9.0
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser long range (max damage) reduced from 600m to 525m
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser max range (falloff to zero damage) reduced from 1200m to 1050m
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser duration down from 1.3s to 1.2s
Clan Medium Pulse Laser
  • Clan Medium Pulse Laser base heat increased from 5.5 to 6.0
  • Clan Medium Pulse Laser long range (max damage) reduced from 400m to 330m
  • Clan Medium Pulse Laser max range (falloff to zero damage) reduced from 800m to 660m
  • Clan Medium Pulse Laser duration down from 0.9s to 0.85s
Clan Small Pulse Laser
  • Clan Small Pulse Laser base heat increased from 2.4 to 3.4
  • Clan Small Pulse Laser long range (max damage) reduced from 180m to 150m
  • Clan Small Pulse Laser max range (falloff to zero damage) reduced from 360m to 300m
Clan LRMs
  • Clan LRM-5 cooldown increased from 3.25s to 3.5s
  • Clan LRM-10 cooldown increased from 3.75s to 4.0s
  • Clan LRM-15 cooldown increased from 4.25s to 4.5s
  • Clan LRM-20 cooldown increased from 4.75s to 5.0s
Clan Streak SRMs
  • Clan Streak SRM-4 cooldown decreased from 5.25s to 5.0s
  • Clan Streak SRM-6 cooldown decreased from 7.0s to 6.0s
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved some memory allocation errors (mainly on 32-bit systems)
  • Improved IS map loading/unloading, again to lighten the memory load.
  • Fixed an issue where the generic clan icon is not appearing correctly
  • Various bug fixes related to unit creation and the IS map.
  • All Inner Sphere 'Mechs have a new seat that allows for better visibility when free-looking with Track-IOculus Rift.
We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield! - The MechWarrior® Online™ Team
submitted by firezx to OutreachHPG

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