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Hacked war thunder patch 1.27 games

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Aug 14th 2020, 18: 32 GMT. With illuminated pinpoint scope. View Profile Private. God of Thunder: File Archive v1.20 [129 KB] File Archive v1.30 [128 KB] No-CD Instructions v1.20: Install the game - Full Installation. Download the file and put it in your War Thunder file.

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Browse the top Mod DB addons to download customizations including maps, skins, sounds, sprays and models. War Thunder: Questions answered by Trojan and Borisych. ALSO CONTROL YOUR APPS. Daily updates of everything that you need know about what is going on in the military community and abroad including military gear and equipment, breaking news, international news and more. War thunder patch 1.27 games.

Looks like the economy is here to stay

So this was just posted on the War Thunder forums by one of the devs...
Quoted for those of you who do not have accounts
No hot leaks, i'm giving you facts. What is F2P now, without spending a single dime
  1. The economy model change was inevitable for a number of reasons. There will be no 1.27 economy anymore.
  2. Changes in the income are mostly for 0-12 levels. As you can see from tables in the OP, farming lions on lvls 3-6 is not so profitable now. No more aces farming lions in 0-3 lvl sandbox (we had more than 25% of players doing this before the 1.29). On the contrary, the most profitable planes now are 8-11 levels (really, try it!). Check the income bonus percentage for every plane, and you see what I mean.
  3. Income for 12-20 lvls remained almost the same. Really strong planes (top-tiers and jets) could be played in 'plus' only by skillful pilots. It's normal. We don't want dozens of MiG-15 in every battle. Playing the strong plane is challenging, even with premium. Fair enough, don’t you think?
  4. Income is growing from level to level for all players of any skill from 0 to 10th level.
  5. You won't play in 'minus' till levels 10-12 now. If you're newcomer, ask more experienced players, what they had before 1.29 starting from 7-8 levels, ask about repairing costs in percentage of income. This is over now. Even totally unlucky and failed battle will bring you some lions. Your personal combat skills are not so valuable before ~10-12 lvl, you may fly bad and still earn - it just takes more time.
  6. You may easily develop and buy one branch of a tech tree from 0 to 12 lvl in accordance (more or less) to your XP level. New level - new plane. No some extraordinary combat skills required for this. Want more planes, more branches of the tech-tree, new skills for your crew (qualification) - play longer, or play better, or buy Premium. Fair? Fair.
So, speaking in general: Do we think, that’s new economy is about how things should be now - yes, we do. There will be changes - more or less obvious - in gameplay (accordingly, in economy), there will be fixes and corrections, of course, but the whole idea will remain for now.
So, it looks like the new Hitlerbux economy is here to stay. I have to say that with the recent changes to Lions, even with Premium this grind is now more painful than shoving a Xtreme 3D Pro up my ass. I'm seriously considering just quitting the game at this point, because with this nerf Gaijin is basically requiring that at some point down the road, you are going to have to purchase Lions (that is unless you have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to grind out Lions).
submitted by McDeth to Warthunder

Unofficial transcript of Dev Q&A from this Friday - 25/05/13

Hey guys, I attended the Dev Q&A which was held yesterday (Friday the 24th)with Trojan, Borisych, Senio, Scarper BVV_d (Gaijin's ammo specialist) and Alex Polyakov (War Thunder Senior Programmer) who joined later on in the session.
During the Q&A I transcribed the questions and answers, mainly for myself for later reading but I'm posting this here too so everyone can have a look, since it does take Gaijin some time to transcribe and post it on their forums, since they don't work on weekends.
Important to note that this is an Unofficial transcript - I left out certain questions which did not add to the discussion (Like questions on future development), but I did try and transcribe the devs answers as accurately to their word as possible.
Here it is:
  • Q: Why can I set certain parts of a plane multiple times on fire, like the wing for instance?
    • A: This is the current situation, there will be changes in how ammo will work as it is still being worked on.
  • Q: Why is mouse aim and instructor more resistant to damage than other control
    • A: This is not true, the DM is similar for both. There is no change in the DM between mouse-aim and joystick. The instructor helps you or your enemy to compensate for his mistakes, that's why it seems that with instructor you can withstand more damage.
  • Q: Is there a reason why certain planes with 12.7mm planes have more punch than other planes with .50 cals (they kill them faster)
    • A: I think this is because of the different tolerance levels of damage for each plane you are attacking, or it could be related to the different parts of the plane you are hitting.
  • Q: There is a glitch in spotting in FRB, on some distances it is rendered well, on others it is rendered as a black dot and sometimes it disappears
    • A: Hang on, it will be sorted out. We can't elaborate further than that but it is coming.
  • Q: It seems that Hispano cannons are not performing as well as the Japanese cannons or Germans MG, is it a bug or is it supposed to be like this?
    • A: First you have to wait for the upcoming update, most weapons, including Hispanos were changed or improved as well as the other cannons from other nations. Hispanos will be a bit more precise, they will have a better explosive effect and thus it will be more efficient than it currently is. For Germans the MG cannon will have better fragmentation or splash effect from the HEI Minengeschoß rounds. So basically hang on tight an wait for the upcoming global patch - there are more surprises in it.
  • Q: It looks like there is an historical inaccuracy in the Ki-61 models - The Ki-61 1c should have HO-5 20mm japanese cannon and not the German MG151. The 1a 388 model should have the german MG151
    • A: It could be that this is fixed in the next global update because they did a lot of work on the planes and guns which are currently in the game. We will however check it again, if we are wrong and what is in the game is historically incorrect - we will fix it ASAP.
  • Q: Is there any plans to change the look and feel of how the cannons and the projectiles are fired - like giving them a shotgun effect with more recoil?
    • A: As we said earlier, the Hispanos and other guns will feel different inthe next update. The recoil is calculated by the physics, FM and the location of the cannon in the plane. As all Hispano cannons are mounted in the wings the recoil effect is always higher and feels heavier than engine cannons like Germans for example. The Hispano cannon shells are very heavy and their velocity is also very high. The combination of those have an effect on their recoil pattern. Either way we feel that the recoil, gun drop and the way the bullets behave is historically accurate.
  • Q: Will we be able to mount different ammo belts to specific machine guns in a certain plane? For example, in US planes when we have 6 MGs we have just one ammo belt for all 6
    • A: Yeah we know about this issue, unfortunately it won't be in the upcoming update, but we are planning to implement it.
  • Q: Is the Type-99 mk2 performing correctly in HB at the moment or is it over-performing\under-performing?
    • A: Regarding the current version of the game - In 1.29 they are not correctly implemented in comparison to other cannons, but in the upcoming global update there are many changes to guns and ammo belts. They will perform similar to Hispanos because the weight of the shells and their velocity is similar. There is currently a difference however between the HE ammo belt and the AP in terms of performance (one is currently better than the other), but they are not over-performing by any means.
  • Q: Some of the load-outs of UK and US are not on par, like the mosquito which has an incorrect bomb load, are there going to be different bomb types as well?
    • A: The most popular types of bomb loads during WW2 will surely be implemented, more will come and be introduced as time goes on. Also more bombs will be implemented, unfortunately we cannot say if its coming in the upcoming update but either way the correct bomb loads will be implemented and different bombs will come.
  • Q: When you have a damaged wing, it doesn't behave like it should. if you pitch up it rolls left and if you pitch down it rolls right, it acts like an anchor weighing you down instead of giving a-symmetrical lift
    • A: The problem you are talking about will cause a change in plane behaviour for sure - We will look into it ASAP and fix it if this really is a problem\bug
  • Q: With the addition of the extra DM that you can take since last patch, are there any plans to make a "decal" system to reflect the correct damage inflicted to your plane (one bullet shot at you - one bullet seen on the plane where you got shot)?
    • A: This "issue" is connected to the graphical load of GFX cards. We do want and we wish to make it, so that what you see on the plane represents the correct damage you inflicted or received, whether it is the amount of bullets or the type of damage from the different ammo types for instance. However, this is very hard work and it takes a lot of parameters to implement it correctly. We have to make compromises because some GFX cannot handle that much graphical fidelity. You will however see an increase in graphical variety of the damage inflicted Soon™
  • Q: Will we see a bomb bigger than 4k lb?
    • A: Most definitely yes. Heavier bombs will be introduced at some point
  • Q: When using .50 cals it seems to take 600 rounds to take out plane, are they currently under-performing?
    • A: The .50 cals weren't super effective historically, you need a lot of guns for them to be effective. We think that in the game they are performing pretty close to historical accuracy.
  • Q: Do all the rounds in this game have the correct ballistic co-efficiency and is there a damage curve which reduces their effectiveness in regards to range?
    • A: Yes it is calculated but it will be more accurate in the upcoming update. The higher the caliber the more the loss of energy, cannons are less efficient in longer ranges than .50 cals for instance, since the projectiles have different characteristics like air resistance, weight etc. It will be changed in the upcoming update and it will be much more detailed.
  • Q: How do you get the stats on the bullets and the damage that they inflict, do you use statistics? What methods do you use?
    • A: The ballistics are calculated from real documentation, we try to make it as real as possible since obviously we cant take out planes and start shooting at each other IRL
  • Q: Do you plan on adding more shell racks and variety?
    • A: Most definitely yes. As an example you will have a new belt for the Stuka G1 & G2 (37mm cannons) with only HEF shells which will be more effective for hunting bombers. There will be more ammo belts for other planes as well this was just an example.
  • Q: Hit detection, sometimes i see damage decal without getting damage message, does this mean that the damage is detected and applied? There is a hit but no XP and Lion reward
    • A: when you see the damage decal, it means that the plane has experienced some damage, We know about this issue where you do inflict damage but it is not critical and you do not get a "hit" message - sometimes we do not count damage taken or inflicted by you if its not critical, it is something that we will have to work on, but improvements are coming.
  • Q: Mouse aim users can pull off maneuvers which Joystick users cannot even try to attempt, this is unfair and hurts the joystick community, are there any plans to change or fix this situation?
    • A: We want to implement different filters for you to use when you queue up for a match like "no mouse players" for example, but currently there aren't not enough online players to justify it. Regarding mouse aim - yes it is a very easy mode like point and shoot. Each control method has its advantages and disadvantages, a good Joystick player can be as capable if not more capable than a mouse aim player. But yes we are working to give more hardcore players satisfaction in the gameplay. The game will evolve as more users will join, we do want more and more people playing on realistic settings rather than arcade and mouse-aim.
  • Q: Economics, do you plan on making further changes to economy?
    • A: We will have a special economy update deployed, before or after the global update. It will be balanced between 1.27 and the current 1.29 economy. Majority of people will benefit from this update. So a dedicated economy update will come soon!
Continued in comments
submitted by darkflare42 to Warthunder

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