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Using a BottomNavigationView is a common use case for this, where you may have sibling screens that are not hierarchically related to each other and may each have their own set of related destinations. Author: anders_k Date: 2020-12-27 14: 09: 58 +0000 (Sat, 27 Dec 2020) Log Message - Updated. I love vanilla gameplay and add to that with these mods, striving to keep the core gameplay in place.

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Begone multi-hack tool 1.0. Back to top #7 ZZZ02 Posted 30 May 2020 - 09: 53 PM. ZZZ02. RobCo Terminal Operating System: Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission.

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Category People & Blogs; [HOST] BeGone Multi-Hack Tool Preview - Duration: sucrose, views. Serial Number Resource: e Computer Secure The Complete Resource Site for computer security - updated regularly. Spyware programs can collect various types of personal information, such as Internet surfing habits, passwords, logins, PIN numbers etc.

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It also includes all of the frequently asked questions from our customers. I would just like to show how simple it is. This is more of a public awareness post. Here are a few tried-and-tested methods to teach your pup bite inhibition – the ability to use their.

Demi-Fiend isn't multiversal nor the strongest shin megami tensei protagonist

That sounds pretty false i know but yeah im serious. Hitoshura (AKA Demi-Fiend) is nowhere near the strongest Shin Megami Tensei protagonist nor a multiverse busting guy, hell he might even be persona protagonist tier and today im gonna "correct" (or debunk) the multiverse destroying Fiend and compare him to other protagonists from his series.
1-Multiversal Demi-Fiend claims
^ the vids that are meant to prove DemiFiend is multiversal
He destroyed the amala universe
The game never said that tbh. here's the first conversation with kagatsuchi
"how can you be the one standing before me? Why have you been chosen? I came into being for the creation of the new world.(note: see how he says world singular instead of worlds referring to the world that is to be be created after the conception of the vortex world is complete) and those with reasons came here to make their visions reality. alas their dreams were shattered and the possibility of the new world ( again world,singular,meaning only one world ) has been crushed forever......by the hands of a demon. Persuaded by the fallen angle, you destroyed the seeds of creation, denying reincarnation of the world ( again singular, referring to the creation of a new world after the old world fell under the conception and became the vortex world ) With the cold heart of the demon you rejected the possibility of evolution. By casting aside your humanity you became the incarnation of bane itself. Begone accursed one! I shall never forgive you for the death of the world( again singular ). My light searing with anger, shall wipe you from existence!"
not convinced ? Lucifer also states that
" kagutsuchi lost it's light.... by the hand of a demon. the world will never be born again.( even lucifer uses world{singular} not worlds, which implies again that only one world the vortex world is destroyed and nothing but that) Creation is no longer possible. Be born, Grow ,die and be born again that was the way of the world(again singular) one demon has changed that. A world (see A world ),populated by man kind and destroyed this cycle is what maintains time: when the cycle stops so does time. and now time has met her death. in place of the creation of the new world(again singular not plural)a new power of darkness emerged reigning over chaos, heaping death upon death. You must no longer have any notion...of where your strength will lead you. The great will will curse you for going against his way, and place a heavy burden of atonement on your shoulder, which you shall bear for all eternity. Fear not,for by receiving that curse can you truly walk the path of conquest(implying that they will conquer the rest of the worlds). But first ,I must know the extent of the power of darkness you hold within. Behold the supreme power of darkness created by none other than the great will himself...."
but we literatly see that on screen
We only see three explosions wich refer to the three realms of the world
but he ended the cycle of death and rebirth
well yes , he ended it by destroying one universe and its kagatsuchi
but we see nothing after the boss
This "nothing" is the shadow vortex where destroyed worlds go just like Aradia's world
but he defeated the omnipresent kagatsuchi
Kagatsuchi isnt a singular entity. There are multiple kagatsuchis that exists. The one that came literatly exists just to recreate that one universe
but he defeated Beelzebub
The only thing we know about beel that he was metatron before metatron came and demi-fiend before demi-fiend came . Than some unknown shit happened and he's now just some fly looking demon who takes souls to abyss
but he defeated the voice of the universe Metatron
Being called "voice of universe" doesnt mean he has multiverse lungs. Metatron is a guy (or many guys{2:45} that represent YHVH's voice, why you ask ? because YHVH resides in a universe far above his creation. Whenever a human beleives that god talked to him its actually Metatron .
but he defeated Lucifer.
Lucifer was simply testing him as he said "But first ,I must know the extent of the power of darkness you hold within." implying that he doesnt use his full power but wants to see if Demi-Fiend's worthy or not
so what are Demi-Fiend's best feats ?
Defeating high-tier demons (Metatron,Norse demons,hindu demons...) wich puts him at universe+/multi-universe level. He also has good hax like negating/absorbing pretty much every type of attack and mastering magic.
2-Comparing Demi-Fiend to the other protagonists:
1-Nanashi/Abel/Hibiki Kuze (DeSu2)= literatly became god
2-Flynn/Akemi Nakajima/Liberation protag= Defeat a full powered Lucifer
"If creation is the work of God, destruction is the work of Lucifer" -Kazuma Kaneko (proving Lucifer is multiversal)
3-Tadano/Space marine= defeats the ouroboros the Concept of infinity and becomes a better divine version of doomslayer
4-Aleph/Hideto= Overthrows YHVH and his godly race army
5-Atsuya Tuzuki (MT protag)= Bad ending confirms he surpasses satan
6-Kyouji Kuzunoha(AKA Jouhei)= Defeats Demiugre (who swatted metatron
7-Raidou Kuzunoha= Said to surpass YHVH
8-Ideo Hazama=
Welcome to my world. Until yesterday, I was extremely talented, but still ultimately human. But now, I am the ruler of the Demon World having received the omniscient, omnipotent power. The denizens of the Demon World call me the Deity Emperor. You have been blessed with a once in a lifetime privilege to behold me. Your fate, whether you live or die, is now entirely up to me. You'd best put on a good show. -HAZAMA AT THE START OF SMT IF...
9-Tamaki Uchida (AKA Jin Aoki)= Defeats Hazama and his warped mind
10-Minato/Makoto= Universe arcana
11-Yu= has the World arcana (wich is probably the same as universe arcana as World is XXI in Rider-Waite Tarot and Universe is XXI in the Thoth) even if you dont count that defeating ameno-sagiri puts him at universe level
12-Ren= Defeats Yalda both
13-Tatsuya Suou= Can change reality even without xiabalba or the crystal skull (this event led to the sequel eternal punsishement)
14-Kazuya (SMT1)= Defeats high-tier demons
15-Soul Hackers protag= Becomes the strongest summoner even defeats the kuzunoha twins
16-Serph= Defeats Demi-Fiend
Considering SMT is hard to powerscale (Not many cutscenes,turn based battles,generaly no speed feats...) ppl automaticly assumed Hitoshura is multiversal, i mean yeah he looks cool and his game is the best in Atlus history but multiversal is kind of a misunderstanding.
submitted by S-A-Lk to CharacterRant

For all fellow BBS players. Please Read!

I haven't posted for a while. Life has been hectic as of late. However, I must do this for my bretheren.
🙏 In the name of the Goddess Rukia, The Mayuri Gospel, The Ganju Disciples,the Renji Requiem and Yami Monks. I hereby wish and grant the rainbow showers to my brothers and sisters so they can live on gracefully with their fire pulls. May the free single or free multi give you Ulquiorra or all the characters you would like to acquire. Begone 4 star light of despair. Amen 🙏 ✝
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