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Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1 - Play Game Online

MegaGames - Game Trainers, Cheats, Mods, Fixes, News and additional reading. Playing the hedgehog of the ultimate gaming experience for sound and new, voice-racing is a very popular classic. Sonic the Hedgehog Review my link. Notify me about new: Guides. All published images, comments or other files do not serve any commercial purpose and are property of the respective creator.

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ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING my explanation. Sonic Generations - Free Download https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=625. Arthur Rock (investor and venture capitalist) helped them find investors, while Max Palevsky was on the board from an early stage. Firmware comes in a zip package, which contains Flash File, Flash Tool, USB Driver, and How-to Flash Manual. Fire tablet devices automatically download software updates when connected to the internet.

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Addition New Version; A New Version of Super Sonic Mania have been Released with new stuff, See the stuff here: 1) Fix Ultra Hyper Sonic's Crouch Animation 2) Chaos 0 is now Sand Plant Boss 3) Fix Fleetway Super Sonic palette when you're turning into Ultra Hyper 4) Added Safe Chaos Spear 5) Purple Hill Music replaced with Green Hill Music from Mania (until I. Publishing to the Web Building Android APKs Publishing to iOS Optimisations Online Game Design Courses. Classic Sonic 3 Sonic for 1.9 Beta and 1.8 [Sonic Boll. Sonic generations 3 rom hack update 1. Sonic Generations Confirmed for PC Digital Download.

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Reviews There are no reviews yet. We have some progress, unfortunately since most of us are busy with university, it's not as much as we had hoped. This hack aims to remain faithful to the original levels and gameplay while providing many new improvements such as new audio and visual style, new music zone. Romhacking.net - Games - Sonic the Hedgehog.

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The project is now being restarted from the base Sonic MAX Engine, and will hopefully be more stable and of better quality than the previous versions. Super Meat Boy, Comic Jumper, Pinball FX 2, and Hydrophobia compose first autumnal counterpart to popular Summer of Arcade program; Plants vs. Zombies, Sonic Adventure to be pre-promotion. Free and instant download. Sonic Time Twisted is a #SonictheHedgehog #fangame inspired by #Sonic CD and Sonic 3& Knuckles. Visits 32, 515 (1 today) Last Update 4 years ago.

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Play the fun rom hack Sonic Next. Chhota Bheem and the throne of Bali tamil movie download 720p hd The Sims 4 Language Pack SKIDROW Multi17 40 Avid Pro Tools 2020.1 Crack Torrent Link Download! Alternate titles to the hack: Sonic Generations 3 (old name), Sonic and the Lost Generations. First released in North America, Europe, and Australia on June 23, 1991, the game is the first installment in the Sonic 1 Beta Remake series, chronicling the adventures of the titular character in his quest to defeat the series' antagonist Dr. Robotnik. Compatibility with this software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup.

Looking for some help with first 1440p 144hz set-up with 1800 euro budget

After having laptops for the longest time for University work, I have saved up some money to build my first pc, but i'm a bit lost on all the different options out there. My budget is around 1800 euro including monitor.
What will it be used for:
Gaming (WoW, Destiny 2, single player story games like Red dead Redemption). I would like it to be able to run most modern games in 1440p on high/ultra settings.
Some light 3D-Moddeling and rendering: I work at an Architecture firm where the actual large renders are outsourced. It's more for making some small adjustments and doing some basic test rendering when i'm out of the office/working from home, using 3DS-Max.
This is the list I came up with so far. My questions for the build are:
Is 32GB memory overkill? I know rendering/modeling require a lot of memory, but as its just some light modeling/rendering would 16gb be sufficient?
Whats the best options for a motherboard with WiFi. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to use a cable connection and really need WiFi. Or would be one without and a separate WiFi connector be better?
Is the GPU sufficient? It's the one part I'm the least sure about. With the latest driver updates the GPU should be pretty stable now, and is performance wise around the same level as a 2700 super. Just not sure if its enough for what I want.
Do i need additional fans with this set-up? The case includes 3 fans, and most reviews say the fan coming with the CPU is actually pretty good. Just dont know if i should get an additional one for the GPU.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor €293.95 @ CD-ROM-LAND
Motherboard MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI ATX AM4 Motherboard €202.95 @ Megekko
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory €173.85 @ Megekko
Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive €122.85 @ CD-ROM-LAND
Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive €43.94 @ Megekko
Video Card Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB PULSE Video Card €427.95 @ Azerty
Case Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ATX Mid Tower Case €99.95 @ Paradigit
Power Supply SeaSonic FOCUS 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply €99.85 @ Azerty
Monitor Acer XF270HU 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor €319.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €1784.29
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-03-29 12:31 CEST+0200
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[RG350 for DUMMIES] Connect to PC / Flash sdcard / Install simplemenu / Add game pics

Let's get started.
-----------Apps/Files you'll need<------------
Download: Win32 Disk Imager
Download: DiskGenius
Download: Filezilla (Client)
Download: SimpleMenu-RG-350.opk (scroll down for link)
Download: Skraper
Download: Irfanview (optional)
Download: RG350 BASE 1.5 firmware
Download: RG350 BASE 1.5 HDMI PATCH (top right of page for link)
Download: 7-zip (optional, to open zipped files)
(Mac users, see bottom)
-----------Things you'll need<------------
--SD card - 8gb or bigger, preferably class 10
--SD card reader (or a slot in PC)
--small screwdriver (bits may not reach)
--RG350 ....(350M,280M,350P should be similar, but YMMV)

SAVE A LINK to the RG350 - RG350M - RG280M repositories:
(this is where you can download firmware images, stock emulators and games, extra games, emulators and app .opk files<)
Main Repository
RG350: APPS-GAMES-EMULATORS <---(should work for all models)
RG350M: APPS-GAMES-EMULATORS <---(should work for all models)

-----------Connect PC to RG350 with USB cord<------------
--(On RG350) open the "Network" app
--Enable: "Allow login without password"
--Connect RG350 "USB2" to PC with the provided USB cord (or same type)
--(On PC) install Filezilla Client
--(On PC) open Filezilla and input:
[Username] root
--Then click [Quickconnect]
--(In Filezilla) click “Server” dropdown and make sure “Force showing hidden files” is selected
--*You're in! Using Filezilla, browse right side panel. That's your RG350 internal SDcard. Click any of the [?] links for access to those folders. You can exit the Network app on the RG350, that setting will remain until we re-flash the sdcard. But it only needs to be set once after every re-flash.

-----------BACKING UP WHAT YOU HAVE<------------
using Filezilla, drag the entire contents of your RG350's....
....folder to your PC. /media/data/home is where the really important stuff is like settings and bios files. Some bios files ship loaded with the unit but are not in the stock image. Same with any game roms that may have shipped with the unit. Stock image will not contain any of them. Yank anything out you wish to retain later. Grabbing the entire data folder ensures you got everything it shipped with. It's not critical, but I would do it, just to be safe. I also would store the original card, keeping these files intact there too.
**Game roms that shipped with unit are located here:
(if you grabbed the whole /data folder, you got that 10GB of roms already)
*you can copy them back to the same place after flashing if you wish.
***Alternatively/additionally, you can also create an image of the original sd card that shipped with the unit. Skip down to near the very end of this post to "Backup your perfected setup in a custom image" and follow those steps with the OEM card to save a backup image of it.

-----------Flashing an image to SD card<------------
*Unplug any other USB drives to ensure you don't erase the wrong drive.
--verify which drive letter has your SD card
--open win32diskimager
--click the dropdown on top right to select your sdcard
*Verify it's the correct drive, it should be a USB drive. If it's been used in the RG350 already it'll be ~399mb
--click the folder icon
--navigate to and select the image you downloaded (RG-350_BASE_v1.5_231019.img)
--click "Write"
--confirm overwrite with [Yes]
*that's part's done, but the card isn't ready quite yet...
BTW - If windows wants you to fix errors on any RG350 SD cards you insert: Just close that popup without scanning for errors. Fixing any “errors” with windows will possibly screw up the card and you'd need to start over. It's probably doing that from taking the card out improperly (by not using the "Safely remove Hardware and eject media" link in the tray). It should be fine. (But try to remember the link)

-----------Re-sizing your SD card image<------------
*The SD card we just flashed needs to be in the PC
--(on PC) open “DiskGenius” and select your SDcard on the left
--(In DiskGenius) right click the PINK colored partition labeled “Primary”
--now click “Extend Partition”
--Input the desired size in the “New Capacity” box
*by default, the app will fill this box, using all free space on card.
--click [Start] ...and [Yes]
--Remove card using the "Safely remove Hardware and eject media" link in Windows 10 tray
*That's it. The card is now ready to be inserted into the RG350 internal slot.

-----------Opening the back of the case to access SD card<------------
**RG350M,RG350P, 280M - both cards are outside, skip this section**
--Turn off the RG350
*You may need a special, small tool set. Standard bit sets can't reach the screws.
--Using a proper fitting (small) phillips screwdriver carefully unscrew the 4 screws
*The screws may not pull out easily, but they fall out on their own. Keep track of them.
--Use your fingernail to slightly open the edge up.
**Don't yank it off, the battery is attached to the back cover with a wire.
--Carefully move the cover so it's off enough to access the SDcard.
**No need to unplug it, just let it hang off the edge of unit. There is plenty of slack in the wire.
--Carefully remove the sticker from the card. It will just fall apart.
--Remove SDcard.
--Make sure there isn't any sticker left inside the slot.
--Put SDcard with the fresh image into slot.
--Replace the cover. Snap it closed.
--Put the screws in, but don't strip them. They just need to be snug, not super tight.
--Test the unit.
**If it does not start up, start over and re-flash the card. Verify it was all the way in the slot 1st.

-----------Installing the HDMI patch<------------
\*the version of simplemenu we are using will not run without this patch (I don't know why)*
--Unzip the file you grabbed earlier and extract the file “rg350-update-2020-05-04.opk”
--create an APPS folder on your external sd card (if not already done)
--place “rg350-update-2020-05-04.opk” into this APPS folder (using card reader or filezilla)
--(on RG350) with SD card inserted, go to “applications” tab
--(on RG350) run the app: “OS update CN”
--follow on screen instructions & click [start]
*After you install the patch, you can remove it from your APPS folder.

-----------SETTING UP SIMPLEMENU<------------
**NOTE -- If you are running some other version of simplemenu, this stuff should still apply. If simplemenu won't start, find a version that does with your firmware and then proceed. 
\*This ironically named app is not actually simple to set up. It's simple to use as a GUI. Well worth the effort to get running right. Especially nice looking with pictures.*
--create an APPS folder on your external sd card (if not already done)
--place “SimpleMenu-RG-350.opk” into this APPS folder
--Put sdcard back into the RG350
--(on RG350) “Applications” tab, run “Simplemenu”
*simplemenu should open up. We need it to run once to create the simplemenu folder
--(from Simplemenu) click (Start) button. Select “quit” (default launcher must be set to “no”)
***If simplemenu won't open, delete the file “last_state.sav” from .simplemenu folder
--plug USB cord into RG350 (USB2) and to your PC.
--(On PC) open Filezilla Client
--next to [QuickConnect] click the dropdown arrow and select “[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])”
--On the right side panel, click “? home”
--expand “.home” with the [+]
--navigate to .simplemenu ( /media/data/local/home/.simplemenu )
*If you were already connected to Filezilla, you may need to hit refresh button to see the simplemenu folder
--(in Filizilla) drag the “section_groups” folder somewhere onto your PC. /media/data/local/home/.simplemenu/section_groups
--Back it up in a zipfile (so you can start over if need be, or for reference)
Fixing simplemenu settings for any console:
*Note -- all the .ini files in section_groups can be modified
--(on PC) in the /section_groups folder we just extracted, let's open “consoles.ini” with notepad
*The top of that file (in notepad) looks like this:
[CONSOLES]consoleList = NES,SNES,MASTER SYSTEM,SEGA GENESIS,SEGA CD,SEGA 32X,PLAYSTATION,NEO GEO,PC ENGINE,PC ENGINE CD,ATARI 2600,ATARI 7800,COLECOVISION [NES] execs = /media/data/apps/fceux.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/NES/ romExts = .nes,.zip [SNES] execs = /media/data/apps/PocketSNES.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/SNES/ romExts = .sfc,.zip 
*We need to make some adjustments for games to show up and to run. *.ini files are case sensitive. “sdcard” is not the same as “SDCARD” It must be perfectly matched. Let's say your SNES roms are in a folder called “Super Nintendo” within a “roms” folder on your external card labeled “SDCARD” and you wish to use the emulator: “snes9x.opk” and some of your games have “.smc” extension as well as “.sfc” extensions (but none with “.zip”). We would change lines for [SNES] to:
[SNES] execs = /media/data/apps/snes9x.opk romDirs = /media/SDCARD/roms/Super Nintendo/ romExts = .sfc,.smc 
*save that file in notepad.
*using filezilla, drop your new “consoles.ini” file back into the “section_groups” folder and overwrite it.
*that's it for one console. Run simplemenu. The Super Nintendo should now show up with games in simplemenu and run with the emulator you've selected. I like to test things before changing too many settings. If it isn't working, check your spelling and remember it's case sensitive. Also make sure filezilla actually uploaded your new settings file. To be sure, you can delete the old .ini file in the RG350 and drop the new one in after that.
Adding a new console to simplemenu:
*to add a new device, you need to add it to the list on the top of the .ini file with the exact same name as the settings below. Here, we're going to add the Nintendo 64. So the file looks like this, by default:
[CONSOLES]consoleList = NES,SNES,MASTER SYSTEM,SEGA GENESIS,SEGA CD,SEGA 32X,PLAYSTATION,NEO GEO,PC ENGINE,PC ENGINE CD,ATARI 2600,ATARI 7800,COLECOVISION . . . (....skipping to end) . . [ATARI 7800] execs = /media/data/apps/ProSystem.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/7800/ romExts = .a78,.rom [COLECOVISION] execs = /media/data/apps/colem.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/COLECO/ romExts = .col 
*we just need to add some lines. Copy any one of the consoles as a template and paste it below the colecovision. Change the lines to:
. (...only showing end of file) . . [ATARI 7800] execs = /media/data/apps/ProSystem.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/7800/ romExts = .a78,.rom [COLECOVISION] execs = /media/data/apps/colem.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/COLECO/ romExts = .col [NINTENDO 64] execs = /media/data/apps/mupen64plus.opk romDirs = /media/sdcard/ROMS/N64/ romExts = .z64 
*Now we just need to add it to the list so it will show up. Where you place it in the list determines the order it shows on the device. We'll just add it to the end, but you can place it in the middle, with other Nintendo consoles, if you wish. (Delete any console from the list you don't want to show up in simplemenu.) So now the top line should look like this:
*save the *.ini file in notepad and replace the file on the RG350. Test it in simplemenu.
*if something isn't working, check that your lines are typed out perfect. The name/location of the emulator, the name/location of the folder the roms are in and the name of the file extensions are all critical to this working properly. Once you get 1 or 2 of them working, the rest should be a snap to figure out.
**be careful if thinking of using the "Default Launcher" setting. For my RG350, it just didn't work. For my RG350M, it blackscreened my RG350M until I re-flashed the card again. (this is why you make backups of any changes you make). Within 10 minutes, I had a fresh card again, all my settings back and everything was fine.
***Add both cases to your file extensions. (.pbp,.PBP) I am doing that now with every game type, just to be sure it scrapes them all. I think some of my sets need both lower and upper case of the same file extension to get all the games to show anyways. (.smc,.SMC).
So something like this:
[SNES] execs = /media/data/apps/PocketSNES.opk romDirs = /media/SDCARD/ROMS/SNES/ romExts = .sfc,.zip,.smc <--------------[we're looking here]------------- 
[SNES] execs = /media/data/apps/PocketSNES.opk romDirs = /media/SDCARD/ROMS/SNES/ romExts = .sfc,.zip,.smc,SFC,.ZIP,.SMC <--------[still looking here]---- 
**Simplemenu, by default, is looking for your roms in: /media/sdcard/ROMS It wants your SDCARD to be named sdcard. I tried to rename my SDCARD in lowercase and gave up. So in notepad, I just batch renamed everything that was called "sdcard" to "SDCARD/roms". Click (In notepad) click [Edit]"Replace" (or use ctrl-H). If you are facing a similar dilemma, save some typing, do this batch rename inside all of the .ini files.

To change an emulator. Edit the file and save the file again, reload it to the RG350.
Example: change snes9x.opk to PocketSNES.opk
[SNES] execs = /media/data/apps/snes9x.opk <----[just change this line]---- romDirs = /media/SDCARD/ROMS/SNES/ romExts = .sfc,.zip,.smc 
From ^that to this:
[SNES] execs = /media/data/apps/PocketSNES.opk <----[the emulator has been changed]--- romDirs = /media/SDCARD/ROMS/SNES/ romExts = .sfc,.zip,.smc 
**If your games won't show up, it's either looking in the wrong place (romDirs) or it's looking for the wrong thing (romExts). Double check those lines. If only some games show up, it's the last line. Add the proper extensions (check if upper or lower case... or use both).

**If you want to have games for one console on both memory cards, (such as huge playstation libraries) on the romDirs line, add a comma (no space) then the 2nd folder name. I'll add one called /media/data/local/ROMS/PS/ below:
 (default: simplemenu looking for roms in 1 folder) [PLAYSTATION] execs = /media/data/apps/pcsx4all.opk romDirs = /media/SDCARD/ROMS/PS/ <----[EXT]---- romExts = .img,.bin,.PBP,.pbp,.IMG,.BIN (modified: simplemenu looking for roms in 2 folders) [PLAYSTATION] execs = /media/data/apps/pcsx4all.opk romDirs = media/SDCARD/ROMS/PS/,/media/data/local/ROMS/PS/ <----[EXT,INT]--- romExts = .img,.bin,.PBP,.pbp,.IMG,.BIN 
Simplemenu will list the folders in order, 1st to last, it won't mix them alphabetically together, so you may want to split A-L / M-Z when moving roms and keep the folder names in the right order.

Simplemenu Hotkeys:
\(key is shown in simplemenu if you change theme)*
[L1]-[R1] select console
(B) change section group
(A) select section or game
(Y) full screen mode
(X) save highlighted game in favorites list
[L2] open/close favorites list... (X) deletes games from list
[START] opens main menu and settings

**If your favorites list quits working, go into your .simplemenu folder and open the file "favorites.sav" with notepad. Delete all the lines and then save it and put it back in the .simplemenu folder. (or make a new empty file with that name and drop it in). You will lose all your favorites, but it will work again. You can try deleting games one by one from the lines of code until it works, but the easiest way is to just re-favorite them again.

-----------Generating and tying custom pictures to every game with Skraper<------------
\(re-written to simplify process on 8/1)*
*Now that you have a slick interface, it's time to improve it further with game images.
--put your external SDcard into a card reader. (see below for internal roms)
--(on PC) Install skraper and open it. Create an account if you wish (not needed).
--Choose "Recalbox" as the "Front-End"
--Click on the (+) button on the bottom left to add console(s) (you can use “wizard” if you wish)
--For each console, point the the "Games/Roms folder" to your roms for that console.
--Make sure your file extensions for each game type are in the extensions list. Add missing ones
--Once you have added all your systems, Click on “ALL SYSTEMS” on the left side
--Click the “Media” tab
--Select the image style you prefer
*I like: “Internal mix” / “3 IMAGE MIX” for simplemenu's full screen browse mode.
--Click “MEDIA” tab. And go down to the “output folder”, set that to: %ROMROOTFOLDER%\media
**(I think ^that is the default)
--set [x] “Resize width” to 320
--set [x] “Resize height” to 240 (retaining aspect)
***(or 640x480 for 350M)
--pick one of your systems on the left panel again. (do 1 at a time)
-Click the “Play” button on bottom right. Your .png images should end up in a /media folder in each romset folder.
**Adjust Skraper settings to however you wish. That's the beauty of this app.
--When it's done, eject card with "Safely remove Hardware and eject media" Windows link.
--pop your SD card back into the RG350 and test.
**If you have 1,000s of roms, it will take hours. Consider doing one console at a time. It scrapes about 250 per hour (with default 1/10 engines active).
**(on RG350) While inside simplemenu, press [start] for settings. Change the layout to "TRADITIONAL" or "CUSTOM" to get images to show in lists. Change the theme too.

**NOTE – Skraper seems to be offline a lot. It seems to work best in the evening (or I hit a 24hr limit). If you try to scrape and keep getting yellow lines of HTTP errors, try again later. **if you have roms scattered in different folder structures, each game in its own folder, you may have to adjust them later. (or it might work fine) This works best (easiest) with roms all residing together. (I'm looking at you, mess of Playstation games).
**simplemenu will not resize large images to display properly, you'll want images on the RG350 to be exactly 320x240 or less, for the best results. You will likely end up with a bunch of 240x240 (or for the RG350M, 480x480) image sets. That's going to work perfect.

*For internal roms, you need to generate the pictures on the PC so we'll need a matching romset on the PC. Then drag the entire media folders with those pictures over to the internal card's rom folders once done. (See 2 sections down)

\*(if you already generated 320x240 images in Skraper, skip this section)*
----------- Re-size full-size images using batch mode in irfanview <------------
\*(if you already generated 320x240 images in Skraper, skip this section)*
--(on PC) open the app “irfanview”
--Click “file” tab and select “Batch conversion/rename”
--in “Batch conversion settings” select [PNG Portable Network Graphics] and click [Advanced]
--Select “RESIZE” and set “Width” to 320, “Height” to 240
--In the top right of the “Batch conversion” window, navigate into one of the media folders Skraper created.
--Down below it, click on “Add all”
--under “Output folder...use $D and anything you add after will be created in image parent folder:
**If you use that, all of the images will end up in the new folder [media] in new folder [fixed] in parent folder. It can make multiple [fixed\media] folders for all consoles at once if you add all images. Or use whatever, like: $D\240p (or) $D\RG350
--Click “Start Batch”
**NOTE - the images may come out as 240x240, 200x240, 320x200 (etc) and that's OK. It's preserving the aspect ratio of a pic that isn't 4:3. We want pixel perfect and those^ examples still are. They won't get stretched by simplemenu.

-----------Where to place the game pics<------------
\*(if you already generated 320x240 images on your SDcard in Skraper, skip this section)*
Simplemenu is looking for matching images to be in “media” folders. Each folder filled with roms should have a “media” folder in it. Inside that media folder will be all of the images with names that match the roms outside the folder. Say you have:
SDCARD/roms/Genesis/Sonic the Hedgehog (JUE) [!].zip
--You'll want the media folder with the associated image here:
SDCARD/roms/Genesis/media/Sonic the Hedgehog (JUE) [!].png
**It would look like this inside of a rom folder filled with NES roms:
[media] <-------your folder filled with matching .png images 720.nes 1942.nes 1943.nes 1944.nes 1999.nes A Nightmare On Elm Street.nes Abadox.nes Action52(Unl).nes 
....and if you clicked that media folder, inside would look like this:
720.png 1942.png 1943.png 1944.png 1999.png A Nightmare On Elm Street.png Abadox.png Action52(Unl).png 
If .png pics are in a [media] folder with the games, and the file names match up perfectly with the games, they will show in simplemenu. If they are oversized, they will be zoomed in. (you really want 320x240 to be the max size used, 240x240 is also perfect)
If you made irfanview generated batch images inside “fixed/media” folders (etc), those images need to be placed into their respective /media folders on your RG350, but not still inside of “fixed” folders. On the RG350 the .png files need to be directly inside of a /media folder which is inside the parent rom folder to work.

----------- Why isn't simplemenu showing my pics in the game lists? <------------
By default, simplemenu is not set to show images in lists.
--open simplemenu
--Press [start] to open the menu
--change LAYOUT to get your pictures to show. There's 4 options. I like "custom"
--I also like to use the gbzremix THEME. It changes the font and has reminders for hotkeys.
***You may have generated .jpg images. (or the wrong size if they are working but zoomed) Simpleview needs .png files. Just use the irfanview guide above to batch convert them into .png files. Doesn't take long.

**simplemenu TIP: Want less sections? (so all your consoles, handhelds, home PCS show in one list) Just add all of the consoles and handhelds together in one .ini file. Just use the same formatting and paste them together. Add the new consoles to the top list. You can move the unused sections from the section_groups folder into another folder you create there. (or move them to an "originals" folder on PC). Or delete them.
**simplemenu TIP: Want more sections? Grab a set of 'ini/.png files and drag the to desktop. Rename them what you want section to show up as. Use Paint to recolor the .png file or add your own (in same format and 320x240. I created a custom "translated" section that picks up my folder "TRANSLATED". This could be used to create a children's section group with rom folders that only have kid's games. Or all RPG lists. Whatever. You might need to duplicate roms (or not), but play around with it.
**simplemenu TIP: if you dive into the simplemenu subfolders, you'll find the themes. You can replace any images with your own, just use the same name and format. I haven't gotten my custom section to scrape the custom theme folder, but I did replace the ugly red X .png that shows up with what I wanted.

-----------Backup your perfected setup in a custom image<------------
After all the setting up, tweaking and image tying, you can make a backup.
--open win32diskimager
--click the folder icon
--select a place you want to save your backup image
--In the "file name" box, give your image a name (xyz.img ...you need to add that extension)
--Then click "Read"
*that's it. When you re-use this custom image, you won't need to resize it in diskgenius. You can just flash it and drop the sdcard right back into your RG350. All your perfect settings work again!

-NOTES: Use your own discretion but updating your firmware (flashing a new image) just means your SD card. Changes made are not permanent to the RG350 and have no effect on internal hardware. (it's not a point of no return like updating the bios on a PC or the firmware on a TV can be). You are safe to tinker. Reverting back to a good image is easy. Save the original internal SDcard as a backup. That way if you can't make this work, you can always just pop your old SD card back in there and it will be like nothing happened. Use a 16GB or larger card, avoid cheap ones, use name brand. Ensure the card is as fast as the original [w = 80/17mb/sec]. It already has a class 10 speed card. Just not U3 class for ~4x write speed. Use "ATTO disk benchmark" to test cards speed if unsure. Don't swap in a slow card by mistake.
Can't connect RG350 to your network/PC? Setup an appropriate network driver (pre Windows 10). Extract the ZIP file, right click on .inf files, select "Install" / "Open." Ignore unsigned driver errors. https://github.com/retrogamehandheld/RG-350/blob/mastedrivers/windows/RG350-signed_driver.zip
Need replacement thumb grips? Playstation Vita grips fit. I used this cheap, $6 set: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C6MXIU8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A15LTP8W0D5KCA&psc=1
Playstation roms - some not running? Make sure you have the bios file scph1001.bin inside your internal SD card in the folder: \data\local\home\.pcsx4all\bios and try converting the roms to pbp format. I converted all of mine (one by one). It was worth it. They are smaller and all reside in same folder. Use the app PSX2PSP 1.42 to do the conversion. I also batch rename the EBOOT.PBP files with Bulk File Renamer. (can rename files to the names of parent folder, you'll see why...).

MAC: for alternative software, try these: (cannot confirm if these work)
for: Win32 Disk Imager (use "balenaEtcher")
for: DiskGenius (use "gparted" or "Paragon Partition Manager")
for: Filezilla (Filezilla for Mac: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?platform=osx )
...(the Paragon software is not free. It's floating around. if you have the paragon software running with an ext4 partition mounted, win32diskimager will not start. Unmount partition and it will)
I am still learning. These are just some of the ways to make things work from a lamen's point of view.
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submitted by Jerry_in_WA to RG350

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