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Stalker clear sky patch 1.5.10 worldwide

R/stalker - According to PCGaming Wiki, Patch 1.0006 (the

PlayOnMac will allow you to play your favorite games on Mac easily. NOT apply to Australian or other language. Clear Sky v Patch - Retail This patch updates your STALKER Clear Sky install to version This patch is only for digital download versions of the game.

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Stalker shadow of chernobyl all patches worldwide file mod db. S. T. A. L. K. E. R: shadow of chernobyl game patch v. 1. 0005 us. Changes: 1. Switching multiplayer game to GSC server Because of the declared closure of GameSpy multiplayer game services, we made our own server intended to replace GameSpy. Steam, Origin, Uplay - We Have Them All.

Stalker download patch

STALKER Clear Sky (SCS) is a sandbox shooter in the style of Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2. As with those examples, SCS is a long game as compared to many more linear FPS games. Hello guest register or sign in. After turning to the dark side of the Force, he became known as Darth Vader, a Dark Lord of the Sith and Sith apprentice to Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious.

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Clear Sky improving both the download and retail versions of the game - saved games will be. Clear Skies is an all inclusive package, designed towards a single vision, with a consistent level of quality and attention to detail. Saved games from versions - will work with version.

Peninsula Clarion, October 12, 2020 by Sound Publishing

Changes - Fixed critical bug. Crack Autocad 2020 Gratis Baixaki Semc Flash Driver Install Relic Of War Hacked Premium Instadesk For Mac Full Allan Border Cricket Game Full Jude Movie Dvdrip 2020 Epson Lq-300 Ii Driver For Windows 7 32bit Torrent Pcb Barrel Cracking Download Netgear 3300 Router Manual Software. It also fixes many game breaking bugs, improves overall performance and fixes some problems with Tages DRM.

Key generator s.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Patch 1.5.10

No ads Join a Studio team. Download Netgear 3300 Router Manual Software https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=677. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=675.

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Drifter (as she is for a direct attack. Clear Sky (S: CS) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Xeppapro. STALKER Clear Sky Patch 1.5.10 [S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=667.

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Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to have issues with the retail version it say no disk when I apply. Pym Technologies posts on Google+ saying "Hope van Dyne leads team of new scientists on a special project. This installer has been approved by the team.

Activation key s.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky: Patches, Updates, Addons

Downloads - Stalkers of the Zone - Mod DB. Clear Sky v Patch - Legacy Digital Distribution This patch updates your STALKER Clear Sky install to version This patch is only for digital download versions of the game. Dumb Scientist – Abrupt climate change.

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Clear Sky v [EFIGS] Retail Patch. This version patch fixes issues with Alt + Tab. STALKER Clear Sky Walkthrough by Buchtis.

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To solve the problem, please, follow the link below where you check and change the old key with a. The latest version of the game is Patch This version allows for additional effects with DirectX 9 rendering that were previously reserved only for the DirectX 10 renderer. Amazon.com: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - PC: Video Games https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=684.

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Clear Sky improving both the download and retail versions of the game - saved games will be compatible with patch Changes: Added the possibility for admins to take screenshots of a player's screen (as an anti-wallhack-cheats measure) by console commands (make_screenshot, screenshot_all). Make the most of your time on the pitch by wearing the correct footwear for firm ground surfaces. Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to offer, along with the personal works of members from.

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Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to offer, along with the personal works of members from studios. News Clear Sky activation issue solution 7 July 2020. Stalker clear sky patch 1.5.10 worldwide.

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Clear Sky on STEAM and experience problem activating/running the game. The X-ray Engine is a DirectX 8.1/9 Shader Model 3.0 graphics engine. Up to a million polygons can be on-screen at any one time.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky GAME PATCH v.1.5.10 ENG/PL

Crack Autocad 2020 Gratis Baixaki Semc Flash Driver Install Relic Of War Hacked Premium Instadesk For Mac Full Allan Border Cricket Game Full Jude Movie Dvdrip 2020 Epson Lq-300 Ii Driver For Windows 7 32bit Torrent Pcb Barrel Cracking Download Netgear 3300 Router Manual Software Arma 3 Steamworks Fix Aliensense Facial Recognition Software Freddy Vs Jason Game To Play. STALKER: Clear Sky - v1.5.10 Patch (Retail) - Free Download. The extra time consists largely of traveling from one place to another, but this format also facilitates a more complex scheme of interaction between the player and the game environment.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky PC Downloads

Patch Download Version [Patch] Posted over 10 years ago; 5 downloads; The patch optimizes the performance of Clear Sky approximately 5 %. In addition to that the patch improves the overall stability of the game and fixes potential load/save issues. Install this program. Size 78.64mb (82, 456, 210 bytes) Downloads 25, 030 (9 today.

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl all patches Worldwide file

Clear Sky Trainer, Trainers, Cheats, Editors and Hacks to enable you to use in-game cheats and unlock game features. STALKER Clear Sky Patch Patches & Updates STALKER Clear Sky Patch Patches & Updates STALKER Clear Sky Patch Patches & Updates Patch Patches & Updates. Stalker Clear Sky Patch 1.5 10.

ANALYSIS: brief analysis & overview of Dr. Robert Duncan, ex-Illumati Leo Zagami & PsyOp specialist Dr. Michael Aquino on Demons, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Psycholoical Operations (on Mind, Heart & Soul), Subconsciousness, Programming, Information Warfare - cults/sects/societies

Analysis of CIA scientist Dr. Robert Duncan, ex-Illumati & ex elite Freemason Leo Zagami & PsyOp specialist Dr. Michael Aquino. First Duncan’s material:
  1. "Project: Soul Catcher": Volume 2 details the CIA's practices of interrogation & cybernetic mind control in their pursuit to weaponize neuropsychology. It covers the art of bio-communication war. Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered. Mind control & brainwashing have been perfected in the last 60 years. Hacking computers & hacking into individual minds are similar. The 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines & soulless men.
  2. "How to tame a Demon" (kan hittas online i PDF): This self-help book is useful for people who have been brought into a secret government program often described as MKUltra or Monarch mind control programming. The programs have hundreds of purposes & has continued under many budgets & secret project names in the pursuit of the ultimate war weapon & political control.
I read his book # 2 at an early stage which did not give me an answer. What I took for granted is that the "Gang Stalking" purpose was to create constant paranoia. Another thing I noticed was his definition of "demon":
*"*The Catholic Church used exorcism to cast out demons who were possessing people. In modern times many labeled mentally ill can be described as demonically possessed. In today’s world there is a group within the government that is using a transmitted technological demon that can induce symptoms of what would appear to be both demon possession & mental illness. This worldwide, remotely transmitted technological demon was originally unleashed upon humankind under the guise of “national security, but is now being used as an instrument of oppression, tyranny, totalitarianism, & world domination. This book hopes to help people learn how to tame that demon.
A person who is targeted by this technological demon or is subjected to any form of government harassment or terrorism is known as a "Targeted Individual (TI)”. There are a vast number of Targeted individuals in today’s society. That number grows larger everyday as these technologies advance & the conquest for world domination proliferates.
The experiences of targeted individuals have many commonalities. This short self help book hopes to bring these different experiences together & offer some solutions to alleviate further trauma & mental scarring through understanding & some practical advice.
We will take a journey from all the different perspectives of these experiences to help combine the jargon from many different fields. When one starts down this path of being victimized by this "demon", they ask themselves many questions & often come up with the common answers, but get tricked into going down the wrong path which will lead them to misguided theories & false conclusions often against their best interests. Unfortunately by the time most people read this book they have made many mistakes & walked down a confusing undesirable path.
This book is written in a very different style than most. It is a book of the most commonly asked questions from people about the topic of government mind control projects. The questions are answered as briefly as possible so that the reader can grasp the fundamentals of what to expect during the experimentation, interrogation, & programming*. But first let us take the time to read & understand the following terms for our mutual language in order to understand on how tame this demon."*
What Duncan writes about is an "A.I." who manipulates social media to attack a target's psyche - to make one "obsessed". I have written about these attacks several times here & how they are done:
"What or who are they programming? They will claim that the social engineering has to do with the Bible & the characters that were "Gang Stalked" (i.e. Jesus, most popular one). As I said before, "Spiritual Warfare" is "Hybrid Warfare" in modern age, with elements from Psychological Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Information Warfare & so on. They indeed employ many tools, tactics & methods from many fields - such as recruiting civilian informants & agents ("Gang Stalkers") online & offline. They have recruited key family members of mine - they all believe in the Mind Cults objective & have done so for 10 years. They also recruit people a targets contacts online with ease. Furthermore, they monitor a target's online activity 24/7 (seriously). This online operation is a part of Information Warfare where key objective is to hijack social media accounts, pages & groups. For this understanding, see the Netflixdocumentary "The Great Hack" (2019) - they have done this to me since 2013 a few months before Snowden revelations.
Actually, it's "Information Warfare" at its core as technical information warfare includes hijacking accounts (hacking, convincing or paying the account holder), pages (create new ones or take over existing) & groups (infiltrate with fake accounts) online to use to send messages to the target for influence or manipulation (especially when the target is isolated & only have the Internet as contact to outside world). This is what the "A.I." is. Moreover, most account holders willingly agree to post or even give the login details to the perpetrator organization as to post specific posts at specific times. This is the essence of social media warfare (information warfare). By allowing them to access your account, you're accomplice to a major federal crime. They seek INFORMATION DOMINANCE against a target. More than this, they seek to have the target under constant influence through subliminal & non-subliminal messages in media, social media, friends, family, various society agents & so on.
Not to mention the "A.I." that as deployed against me at the same time in 2013 - that "A.I." in actuality is Information Warfare that works with the same principles as described in the Netflix documentary "The Great Hack" (2019) - Cambridge Analytica used big data on US voters to create small group psychological profiles which they used social media advertisement & social media operations to affect the voter for Trump's advantage. Every voter got hypertargeted with specialized advertisements & social media posts in so far as to swing their opinion to the Republican vote & against the Democratic candidate - they CREATE A SPECIALIZED REALITY FOR A SMALL GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL, this is in their full power already in 2013. I told people about this, yet they used it in 2016 election & in 2019 the public finally understood what I was talking about prior to Snowden revelation. Even FBI's James Comey helped Republicans win by his own manipulation of media by strategically using FBI's investigation on the Hillary e-mails in the last weeks prior election day. It was, indeed, a co-ordinated effort reminding me what they do to real targets. This is the system targets are subjected to - the "Beast system".
Evidently, it was the right-wing Neo-Conservatives behind all of this social media & "A.I." manipulation of 2016-election partly funded & backed by a few technology billionaires of interest regarding this "A.I." deployed against me in 2013 & on 2016-election, such as
+ Peter Thiel - Technology entrepreneur & investor. Founder of the private intelligence "agency" "Palantir" which deal with Big Data Analytics. He is also a co-founder & friend of Elon Musk. Openly supported Trump campaign. Palantir has worked with CIA & NSA since its start in 2004.+ Robert mercer - Hedge Fund Manager. PhD in Computer Science. Principle funder of Cambridge Analytica. Supported Trump campaign."
Thus, "they" abuse extreme resources to make people "obsessed" by a technological “demon A.I.”. There are so many religious tones & that the Christian right-wing used "A.I." to win the 2016 election that indicates what kind of elite is actually behind it all - the spiritual elite ("Illuminati") who worship "spirits". As I said, it is an outward cult / sect from Christian fundamentalists (loves Trump) but can also be from the Catholic Church, the Vatican (Jesuits) or Zionism (loves Trump). But in reality, it is an elite among elites who control the TI / GS program.
I have not read book # 1 but I know it via other sources & comments. They basically want to steal your soul (& others') & put it into circulation on the Internet. Soul can very well also be "spirit" or more concretely the consciousness or personality - that's why they are so interested in knowing everything about a target & also the subconscious which represents 90% of the total personality. The subconscious is generally difficult to access but can be affected by subliminal messages which they use. Another thing that affects a personality & subconscious "effectively" is trauma which "Gang Stalking" creates. As I have come to the conclusion before, it seems to be a mix of religion & technology but I see it as they use religion to get away with unethical, immoral & illegal "research" but also real operation to influence a target.
Dr Robert Duncan’s confession from 2014:
"R. Duncan" <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). com> wrote:
Dear John A. & others whose full time jobs are accusing.
I have been trying to confess for a long time. I am a perp. I am paid by the US government to conduct psychological experiments on you. I am deceitful sometimes & I am wrong sometimes. I even accidentally tell you a truth now & then. But they dock my pay when that happens.
So, now that you have a full confession. Can we move on & have constructive conversations even knowing that I am trying to hurt you through intentional bad information & theories? Greed is what drives me. I get extra-CIA pay when I can lead you towards irrational & unfounded belief systems. Perhaps it is good mental exercise to be able to critically reason while knowing that a sophisticated perp like myself is guiding you away from God & truth intentionally?
Perhaps like with evolution theory, we should separate church & state. Use one as a personal guidance & an information drug to inspire you, & the other that has proven more useful in predicting the immediate future & to explain the physical world where brain chemistry & the mind intersect. Always be skeptical of information that you read. This should not be something new. However, personally attacking someone shows a lack of ability to understand the science & argue on that basis. We are back to the Christian inquisitions & will get nowhere*. Just assume in every email that you are required to think for yourself & not be lazy wanting to rely on someone’s reputation. In fact, in a perfect intelligent meritocracy, where no names were attached to information exchanges, you would have to learn to do this.*
Why does thinking & arguing in a professional exchange about this topic in a scientific & strategic manner, pain you so much? Why do you spend so much time talking about the useless & nonsensical aspects? Get over your classicism & take everyone as if they have something important to say. Filter, don’t respond negatively. I for one have nearly fully given up my defense research & public speaking because of the constant barrage of negativity. I found that I can help more people & other groups with other problems who are more grateful of my sacrifices. You aren’t winning allies or friends & you haven’t figured it out that negativity is highly infectious & the most obvious quality to instill into people & groups to isolate & disassemble them. If you haven’t figured out just the very basic psychological strategies being used against a group assembling by reading military & CIA methods, you haven’t progressed in this chess game at all. This is why I have lost hope."
Book # 1 was published in 2010 & # 2 2014 & recognition is from the latter part of 2014 - what made Duncan confession? Probably a second shooting done bt a T.I. which occurred in 2014 by Myron May (first was by Aaron Alexis in 2012).
Duncan just admits that he is greedy & employed by the CIA "demon" - with the goal of “leading one away from God”. All conspiracy theorists & Christian fundamentalists hate the CIA & see it as the Devil's hand in the world (as well as with the NSA). In these circles, everyone knows that Satan's goal in the world is to have all of humanity under Satan's (mind) control. Free will is God’s gift. There is a popular conspiracy that a possible super intelligent "A.I" (a real A.I.) will be possessed by Satan & rule the world because an A.I. will be a psychopath in nature & lack a soul. This is very popular in the spiritual elite (Illuminati) as well as conspiracy theorists & analysts.
Even self-proclaimed ex-Illuminati Leo Zagami writes exactly the same thing in his fairly new book "Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66: "The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, & Robotics" from 2019*:*
"From Rome, the home of exorcism*, comes the latest shocking book from the most controversial Vatican insider of all time. Zagami reveals to the world for the first time with new compelling evidence, the sabotage of the* Catholic Church & the most sinister plot ever-devised by Cyber Satan & his Legion to enslave humanity through the use of Artificial Intelligence & robotics*,* with the help of the Vatican Jesuits & the upcoming One World Religion*.You will read how the Second Vatican Council has literally opened the Gates of Hell, the links between the film The Exorcist, 2001 Space Odyssey & the United Nations & their evil push for Transhumanism, & an in-depth look into the secrets behind the Black Mass & Exorcism. Not for the faint of heart, this latest book by Zagami is sure to open your eyes to the future Cyberhell that awaits us all."*
Leo once again tells the truth behind the elite as he did in the late 2000s. This is simply how the Western spiritual elite (Illuminati) thinks. If nothing else, I myself have been exposed to this A.I. since 2013 which I tell you about earlier. Christian fundamentalist, radicals & terrorist might share this view as well.
Then we have the infamous TI / GS founder PsyOp specialist & ret. US Army Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Michael Aquino (from Italy) who also founded the Satanist "Temple of Set" where "Black Magick" & being one is God on their own is central. His book "MindWar" from 2013:
"In 1980 an obscure internal U.S. Army concept paper, “From PSYOP to MindWar”, accidentally became public. Though only a brief, theoretical speculation, it exploded into the focus of alarmist rumors & debates for the next three decades. Is the government involved in invasion of the mind beyond the blundering, haphazard legacy of the infamous MKULTRA experiments? Even more unsettling, do such efforts extend beyond conventional scientific research to dark & arcane arts whose very existence is the stuff of legend?
The answers are here, in this book by one of that 1980 paper’s co-authors, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino. Originally intended for the eyes of government policymakers alone, it is now openly available. Ironically MindWar is unclassified only because a level high enough to embrace it has never been anticipated or even conceptualized.
For millennia violent warfare has been the scourge of humanity, & all attempts to end it through negotiated or imposed peace have brought only temporary respite. On the premise that war is endemic to the human disposition, MindWar proposes to eliminate its killing & destruction by replacing it with a far more powerful kind of war - one which focuses on the human mind both individually & collectively. The persons & property of people are removed as targets, replaced by the divisive situations & problems originating in their consciousness*.* These are then controlled, adjusted, & reformed to produce a harmonious & cooperative total environment.
The price for this solution is that, for the first time in practical history, the actual machinery of human thought is accessed, by the methodical application of science, psychology, & esoteric arts of antiquity. MindWar assumes, as did the ancients, that the ultimate aspiration of mankind is to the Good. But, like the Manhattan Project which rashly opened an earlier genie's bottle, MindWar could be misused with even more ominous consequences*. Devised to save humanity, it could also supersede it.*
A multiphase sequence of their interaction in a MindWar campaign is outlined, with the international crisis resolution procedures of the United States modified to facilitate it. In a forthcoming second volume, the structures & programs to implement this will be discussed in detail."
Aquino thus wants to take over everyone's way of thinking & thus destroy free will through psychological operations that attack neuro-based thought pathways to avoid "hot" war with material destruction & physical death - that is his whole thesis. Instead, he wants to kill everyone's free will & thus soul - that's how the elite of the elite thinks who controls these weapons & instructs. What he simply means is to program people's subconscious through these specific psychological operations where the "soul" sits - his thesis is to replace one's personality or suppress it or take out one's soul which can be seen as free will or "real free will” in the hope of winning on the enemy's "Mind, heart & soul" - all three work interdependently. For example: if you ever been heartbroken, you know that thinking becomes difficult & one becomes depressed (in the soul - the spark of life is lesser).
ALL this is connected with A.I., secret research & technological development which will be their super weapon in influencing the mind, heart & soul. It's just a matter of time. What is happening in the TI / GS society is a form of research (along with actual operations & social engineering) in all these futuristic areas in that e.g. build algorithms for an A.I. by collecting data from target interactions online & offline as well as patterning behavior, relationships, brain, emotions & so on. If you do not yet understand what is happening behind the doors of the spiritual & scientific elite, you will eventually fall for their manipulation - society is bombarded by psychological operations that affect mind, heart & soul already by technology such as social media, TV, advertising, music & so on. Society has become accustomed to the way life is. Those at the top know the truth which is that 95% of the population must be controlled in some form in order for them to carry out their plans as they wish. They use targets just as Duncan wrote in his acknowledgment: psychological experiments & some kind of "artificial telepathy" via social media & social circle, creating "super soldiers" via information dominance, testing a form of A.I. & how it calculates the target's behavior, etc.
In the end, it can be secret research concerning also spiritual aspects such as exorcism, angels / demons, the soul & the Bible using technology & physics such as Quantum Entanglement. Or that’s what they want all of us to believe so they can continue to do their very unethical, illegal & immoral operations & research. The likely sponsors are: Freemasons, Catholic Church (Vatican/Jesuits) & or Zionists (Israel). There can be many purposes for several actors.
submitted by Undefined2020 to Gangstalking

Booking Lucha Underground Season 5 - Episode 11: Gold Rush (another important note)

So...been a while.
So, I know I said last episode I don’t want to spend time rewriting old episodes. But I tried writing this but it was too confusing, I was making too many edits. I had recently read the lore of season 4, and leaned the entire season was building to season 5. But when I started this I was doing it as a fresh new start, where everything else prior was irrelevant. But I was still trying to tie up loose ends. It was all too confusing and I’m sorry, so I’ve gone back and edited every single episode to fit the narrative Season 4 set. Now I’m not asking you to read 10 episodes just to be up to date, that’s ridiculous. I’ve instead made a TL;DR for each episode, where I try and summarise each episode so you can catch the gist, but if you really want you can reread. I’m sorry for this inconvenience but I felt it necessary to continue this. With that being said...
Welcome to The Temple!
Vipress, Puma King and Dario Cueto meeting:
The show starts with the Aztec warriors in their underground bunker. This is where they met at the end of Season 4, with a vague bit of light shining through the ceiling to hit the floor. Dario Cueto sits down in a standard foldable chair, unusual to his usual padded one + fancy desk. He gets out immediately, subtly saying he is too good for that as soon as Puma King enters. He shakes his hand, and then kisses Vipress’. she raises her eyebrows after a glance and asks Dario why El Dragon Azteca Jr. isn’t here like promised. “Well he couldn’t make it, but I’m here as we’ve yet to meet.” Vipress doesn’t look too pleased. Dario offers a seat but she denies. Puma takes it instead. Dario then quickly introduces himself, finishing off with “but of course you know that.” “El Dragon Azteca Jr. is a good man, but amongst the Aztec warriors we’ve had a bit of turbulence. That’s why Dario is here, as the dog...and not the owner...” Dario takes a moment to think how he got here, but snaps out and says that EDA wants to know of their pasts and Aztec history.
Puma King simply states he’s a warrior here to do what he does, defend his people. Him alongside his other warriors of the Jaguar Tribe have always been the most athletic of the Aztec people, so a fight club is perfect for them. Puma King then gets out the chair and looks through the small crack in the ceiling of their underground bunker, up into the sky, and says he wishes to return home one day, away from war and this life. This is all he knows, but perhaps there’s more than violence and war. Dario says he understands a life of violence, and that he hopes for the best in his future. But for now, this is where he is.
Vipress then chimes in. The Reptile Tribe have always been respected. They made themselves royalty amongst the people through their natural cunning and pride. She was just a girl, thousands of years ago. Not heir to the crown of “Kobra”, far from it. Time passed however, and she grew into the woman she is. Thousands of years ago too though, she stopped growing, as if something needed to be done before she could continue. That was to become Kobra. With the society dead, the world needed that female leader. When she arrived, she saw people who were representing her tribe, the same traits and personality, but nowhere near the prowess. She wasn’t born into it, she made herself it, just like her tribe originally. Cueto admires her drive and says that she should meet Black Lotus, they’d suit each other according to him. Cueto thanks them for the time. “You’ll go far, both of you.” he says.
Mercer, Hero of Mexico and El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Worldwide Underground - Trios Match
In the opening recap of the show (I don’t include these in the bookings because it’s just writing down what happened recently, and I do a TL;DR at the end of every episode so I don’t feel the need to recap it twice.) we see the segment of The Lord agreeing to give Mercer an opportunity. But the conditions were made clear, Mercer had no control over who is opponents or partners would be. Then in the segment before the match after the ad break, The Lord is seen handing over a wad of cash to another person’s hand, and after a camera cut is revealed as Gringo Loco. He takes the money and walks off with his crew of 4 or 6 guys/gals. They then make their entrance all together, addressed as “Worldwide Underground”. Gringo Loco is at the helm with Diamanté and KC Navarro too, but they’re joined by a different 3, two guys in leather jackets and shorts, and one girl with a bandana, leather jacket and leather pants. Gringo Loco has his tights and a denim jacket with the American flag across the back, but instead of oozing a “cool” persona like his gang, he’s more of an odd one out as he laughs and runs his mouth, with his ginger hair, shades and bandana looking more comical than cool. That is by design however. The crazy foreigner (that’s what “Gringo Loco” means in English) then runs his mouth but is cut off by the beginning of Mercer’s themes heart pounding opening. He walks out to the stage as the angelic cries sound. He then walks down and owns The Temple, everyone in awe at his presence. His mystery partners then come out, chosen by The Order. Now, we know that Mercer is a part of the Aztec ancestors, and The Order aren’t too fond of them. So, Mercer signed a deal that probably would end in chaos but hey, doesn’t everything in Lucha Underground?
His partners are that of El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Hero of Mexico. That isn’t too bad, right? EDA brought him to The Temple after all, and they’re both Aztec ancestors. Thing is though, Salina de la Renta last week tried to drive a wedge between these two men as she directly told EDA that Hero of Mexico is better than him and he’ll do the Aztec warriors more proud - oof. They come out and seem to have a mutual sign of respect, but we don’t know if that’ll last. Mercer starts off and undresses from his robe, as Gringo Loco continues to trash talk. Mercer then power walks up and offers him his hand, which Gringo takes but then Mercer immediately pulls him in, and Gorilla Presses him into the Gringo Loco’s gang! He then looks out with a tiny grin. He signals for Hero of Mexico to come in, which he obliges to, and Tope’s himself over the top rope into the gang. They catch him to break the fall as per usual, and he slides across their hands so he lands on his feet and then runs up the steps to pump the crowd up. Him and Mercer point at each other from the distance, and then Hero retreats back. Gringo Loco then enters in and slaps Mercer. He gives him a Headbutt and runs the ropes. He tries to collide a Shoulder Block, but Mercer holds his ground. Gringo Loco then kicks him in the gut and hits the Shoulder Block proper. He wipes his mouth and goes back to taunting. He throws Mercer outside where Diamanté and KC Navarro hit double Superkicks to his head. The whole gang then hold him in place for a Suicide Dive!
Gringo Loco then mocks Hero’s taunting atop the stairs, just this time air humping. He then goes back down into the ring where Hero tries to slingshot over, but EDA says he’ll handle business. Gringo is fine with this, and slaps EDA nonetheless. EDA then hits a Handspring Enziguri to Gringo and follows with a Slingshot Leg Drop! He sends him packing outside in a double-team with Mercer, as he Dropkicks him out, Mercer catches, and hits a Michinoku Driver on the outside! KC Navarro then tries to Suplex EDA out onto Mercer, but Mercer grabs him by the legs. He only lifts him onto the apron. KC Navarro then Moonsaults off his shoulders onto Mercer! His gang catch him from falling on the floor. They then separate to surround the ring. Diamanté comes in and awaits El Dragon Azteca Jr, but he’s prepared for her as he ducks a kick and grabs her by the neck. He then jumps off the apron so her neck hits off the ropes. He rolls back in and continues on. He hits a combo of kicks followed with a chop, and then goes for the Tornado Dragon, but Diamanté catches into a Suplex! She then hits a Big Boot to the head of the bent over EDA, who follows into a sitting position, and she hits a Dropkick to him there. She connects the Rolling Cutter and pins, but Hero of Mexico breaks it up. EDA then jumps out the ring onto KC with a Tope Con Hilo over the ring post!
Hero and Diamanté then go high speed. Hero immediately hits a Frankensteiner and pins but Diamanté gets out. Diamanté then runs at him but Hero arm drags, which she counters into a float over pin which Hero gets out of and hits a Roundhouse Kick, followed with a Springboard Head Scissors into the ropes, followed with a Tiger Feint Kick. He goes for a dive then, but he’s pulled out by Gringo Loco and hit with an elbow. EDA and Gringo Loco then both elbow each other, and EDA hits a Hanging Soccer Kick using the apron. Mercer then comes in and counters a Crossbody from Diamanté into a Moonsault and Battery! He tries to cover, but Hero of Mexico comes in and says he’ll finish the job. Mercer leaves, and Hero goes to hit a 630 Senton, and he does so, but he stands up afterwards, and is then rolled up by Diamanté! 1.......2.....3!!!!! The Aztec warriors lose to The Order’s hired gun off a mistake Hero of Mexico made, a man who was deemed to be better than their leader, El Dragón Azteca Jr. EDA looks at Hero with just sheer disappointed, as we cut away.
Marty The Moth Martinez promo:
The man on top of the Lucha Underground world at the moment is Marty The Moth. He recently was gifted the Gauntlet of the Gods by The Lord and his ego starts to inflate more than the Zimbabwe economy. His advances on Salina de la Renta are deeply unsettling, with Salina expressing her concern to The Lord that Marty is a dangerous man despite how he can appear normal. Its brushed off though and now Salina’s future in The Order is looking doubtful. Marty is seen in the bathroom with a picture of Salina, crumpled up and by the looks of it…potentially stained. He admires it and starts to laugh maniacally at the thought of her being his. He then starts to talk to the camera, speaking directly to Salina. Marty is a stalker, pretty obvious, but a stalker works in different ways. The most common type of stalker is one looking for power and control over another, which is something that Marty now has an infinite supply of (in his mind) and he thinks he can have anything and everything. He wants Salina for the power and the feeling that would give him. To show off this control over his narrative he has, he mentions how he has killed all those who stepped in his way. Previously Melissa Santos was the girl of his dreams, but she was a selfish bitch who ran away. He then eliminated one less wicked person from this world. And then Pentagon Jr. tried to take away all he cared about, the Lucha Underground Championship, but he was unsuccessful. Then Marty made sure he could never step up to him again. He says that after he wins the Lucha Underground Championship once again tonight and takes back what is rightfully his, he will have everything. And if Salina doesn’t want him, well that’s too bad. She will be his no matter what on earth will stop him.
The Mack, Dante Fox and Dezmond X vs. The Black Lotus Triad - Trios Cup Semi-Final Match
To refresh each member of The Black Lotus Triad: Miho (Tam Nakano), Oyuki (Hana Kimura) and Yagyu (Arisa Hoshiki). When we return from commercial Matt Striker and Vampiro are in the middle of a recap, when they’re cut off by the audience’s attention all shifting to Black Lotus perched up high in The Temple. Vampiro makes the obligatory “she is so hot, Matt” comment, before she clicks her fingers. She hops over the guardrail and stands atop the office, and looks down at the entrance way. This is when Miho, Oyuki and Yagyu all come out. Black leather pants, black brassieres, we have the three very different women all connected by one trait and one cause. Small but fiery Miho, charismatic but vicious Oyuki, and the terrifyingly dangerous Yagyu – built on nothing but anger, bloodied opponents and broken arms. They all stand in the ring as their master looks down from atop their enemies office, before she storms off through the shadows. You need to be tough to match a scary group of people, fearless, and a bit reckless. Dante Fox, The Mack and Dezmond X all meet these criteria. They climb down the stairs as the Black Lotus Triad realise they’ve met their match. Win and they can hold the Trios gold, but they must over come this opposing triad first. Dezmond X volunteers to enter first, meanwhile Miho does too. Dezmond offers a handshake which Miho accepts, and this establishes the face vs. face dynamic. Dezmond then turns around to murmer a plan, but not before he’s Germaned by Miho!!
Miho stomps on Dezmond X and takes him to the corner. She stomps and stomps down, and then runs from one corner to the other for a Kitchen Sink! She bangs the side of her knee into his head over and over, really showing their aggression. Dezmond then slides under a stomp and hits an Arm Drag. This is when the even action begins. Miho runs for him but he tosses her into the ropes. She rebounds and slides under a leapfrog, then hits the Twilight Dream! 1……2…..Kick Out!! Dezmond rolls out and then Willie Mack comes in, but he’s immediately hit with a 1399!! She tries a Tiger Suplex, but The Mack lifts her into a Samoan Drop followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press! Commentary hype up how this would crush Tam, having a man well over twice her weight jump on her. Tam then rolls out, and this is when Oyuki confidentially sets up to the plate. She looks Mack up and down, then ducks a Clothesline which makes him run into Yagyu – who decimates him with an elbow. Oyuki then hits two consecutive big boots, and when she runs back for a third, she instead hits a picture-perfect dropkick to Dante Fox! Dezmond X and Dante Fox are both now on the outside. Oyuki calls in the others of the Black Lotus Triad to come in the ring and take on The Mack. Oyuki and Miho both Irish whip The Mack into Yagyu, WHO LIFTS HIM UP AND DUMPS HIM OUTSIDE!! Mack sentons himself into his trio mates as the crowd explode for Yagyu.
The Black Lotus Triad take in the crowd until their opposition get up and are ready for a fight. All six are in the ring and each person has another from the other trio fighting them. Dezmond X flips out of a Brainbuster and hits a Pele Kick, but then is hit with a Package Piledriver by Oyuki! Oyuki is then hit with a ARKO from Fox! He goes for a Foxcatcher to Miho, who lands out and hits a double suplex with Yagyu. Miho is then taken out with a Pounce from The Mack, and then its him and Yagyu. The crowd get off their feet at this encounter, just like they did when Yagyu came face to face with The White Rabbit. Yagyu then hammers with elbow and elbow and elbow, taking The Mack to the mat as the believers unload every ounce of applause for her. She then gets up and lets out a primal scream, WHEN SHES HIT FROM OUTTA NOWHERE WITH A FINAL FLASH FROM DEZMOND X!! He then sees Oyuki on the apron and hits the X-19! Him and Mack double team with an Alley Oop + Kotaro Krusher combo!! 1…….2……3!!!! THE FINALS ARE CONFIRMED!!! They all celebrate together as they are destined for the finals. The girls walk off in defeat to a big ovation, and each of the victors bow for their good fight. The Reptile Tribe then come out, with Vipress leading the way. She declares that this occasion is suited for one match. The finals of a tournament based on teamwork, adaption, and violence. They will fight…IN A LLLLLLLLLAAAAAADDDDDDEEEEEERRRRR MAAAAAAAATTCHHHH!!
The Gift of the Gods, Rush:
When we return from commercial break, we get a quick recap of Rush winning the Gift of the Gods Championship and some big moments from that match: Dark Magic diving off the office roof, the announce table spot, and rapid fire clips of each successful pinfall until the final one, and lastly Marty coming out. Rush walks out in a clean white suit and his famed bull mask, with the sleek title wrapped around his waist. He pulls off the mask to reveal his snarling face with a wide grin plastered across. He is handed a mic, but pulls his hand away and places it to his eye in a magnifying glass shape to look at the ceiling. He then snatches the microphone and shouts out that he is “EL........IDOLO!!!!!!” He cuts a quick promo in Spanish where he says “I have reached the top...and even though I did it in an ugly fashion...I still have been chosen by the gods to be the face of Lucha Underground!” He rises his arm to the rooftops when the camera then sees a man behind him...ITS OCTANE! Octane stands behind him on crutches with a microphone. “Hijo de Puta... (motherfucker)”. OCTANE KICKS HIM IN THE INGOBERNABLES! Octane tries to use one of the crutches to batter him more, but he can’t do it and has to regain his stance in the corner. Rush then gets up and sprints at him with a Dropkick! He does a “Con-crutch-to” where he smashes Octane in the head with one of his crutches while his head is lying on the other crutch. Rush then crouches down and holds the Gift of the Gods Championship above Octane’s prone body.
Bandido (c) vs. Marty The Moth vs. The White Rabbit vs. ??? - Lucha Underground Championship
After The White Rabbit and Marty The Moth’s non-finish last week, The Lord would make a promise to the dissatisfied believers - next week they will both face off against Bandido in a Lucha Underground Championship match, in a Four-way. The fourth man will be revealed when the match happens. Bandido enters first despite being champion, The Lord subtly throwing shade his way. The White Rabbit and Marty are both The Order’s boys and so get all the pomp and ceremony for their entrances. The mystery man then walks through the curtain with a full black bodysuit concealing him. He power walks through the believers to the top of the stair way, where he tears away the bodysuit to reveal...DRAGO!!!! The dragon man receives a loud pop for his reveal out of shock. The Lord really booked one of the preliminary Aztec warriors to get a Lucha Underground Championship match, for no reason? Drago is here however, black tongue hanging from his mouth and blue scales covering his body. His pupils stare daggers through the hard camera as they do the other match participants. They all stare at each other as Shaul Guerrero runs down that it is a Lucha Underground Championship match. Marty can’t wait and goes on an early Superkick Party, throwing one at every enemy.
Bandido ducks his one and hits three Superkicks in a row. The first knocks him back, the second makes him fall into the ropes. The third then knocks him out the ring. He runs the ropes and goes to dive but The White Rabbit gets in his way. Bandido then jumps over him instead to Marty. He soaks in the crowd response and scales the ropes to jump back in. The White Rabbit catches him on the fall but drops him when Drago kicks him in the midsection. The White Rabbit then does a double clothesline! He poses in the middle of the ring with all the other competitors around him laid out. Drago rolls out and fights with Marty on the outside. Drago tries to throw him into the office wall, but Marty reverses and throws him in! Drago then lays out in front of the door. The Lord peeps through and smiles, before closing. Marty resumes his business where he stares at The White Rabbit. They tease a fight, but they instead double team Bandido. They beat down on him for a minute or so. The White Rabbit goes for a Superplex, but Bandido counters into a Blockbuster! Marty then is hit with a Dropkick after Bandido jumps off The White Rabbit’s back! He heads out to Drago and throws him into the door, knocking it open. They fight in there, meanwhile Marty sets up some tables on the outside.
Bandido throws Drago back out the office after they fight in there. Drago drags himself into the ring and takes a breather on the ropes. No time for that though as Bandido comes in with a 21-Plex! Marty rushes at him, POP-UP CUTTER! Finger gun...pow. All that’s left is The White Rabbit. He pushes a ladder into the ring and sets it up, beside the tables on the outside. Bandido bangs his head off the side of the steel. The White Rabbit makes Irish whips him and Bandido rebounds off the ropes, heading for him. He tries to throw him over his head through the ladder, sending him through the tables, but Bandido dropkicks him into the ladder! He falls back and rebounds, only to be hit with a Pumphandle Slam! Bandido can’t quite make the cover. The White Rabbit repositions the ladder and grabs the rungs to pull himself back up. Bandido then climbs up after him and they fight on the top. Marty runs in to try and push it down, but Bandido jumps off in the nick of time! THE WHITE RABBIT CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLES!!! Marty looks in shock at what he just did. He goes back out to check on him. Bandido then pulls Drago into the ring and hits a Front Flip DDT! 1..........2.......3!!!! BANDIDO RETAINS HIS LUCHA UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Afterwards Salina walks out to look on in disapproval. She shakes her head, but sees Marty and runs off. “The Moth” chases after her.
Marty and Salina confrontation:
Everyone thinks the show has ended, but after the main event we see Marty Martinez and Salina de la Renta outside the temple. Marty is trying to get intimate but Salina refuses. Marty demands she oblige and reminds her of how powerful she is. He has the gauntlet of the gods so he can do whatever he wants. Salina then slaps him and runs off into the night.
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