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Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption by Petroglyph Games - retail v1.1 patch. Our protagonist, Tyber Zann and his goals. Gears Tactics walkthrough and guide Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen walkthrough. Star wars forces of corruption patch 1.5. One day the Earth will become too small for the humans and they will start looking for a home on other planets in distant galaxies. Forest Fight 2 is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption by _237th_SC_Com_Bly. Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (PC) overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Characteristics 2 History 3 Behind the scenes 4 Appearances. Any 1.00.55911 1.01.58910 1.01.58931 1.01.58933 1.05.48824 1.05.48825 1.120.663024 1.121.663024. News I found that to help track hackers Intel added a serial code to the Pentium 3 that is broadcast when connected to the internet with all internet related messages. Star Wars: Empire at War - FOC Mini Mod 1.5 - Empire at site link. This is a mini-mod designed to change the game balancing in a few key ways. Following are the list of in-game options with the recommended settings that you can tweak in the graphics option menu of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Discuss: Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (PC) Sign in to comment. Force Bending now reduces the activation time of Dark Infusion by 0.5 seconds. That way, you'll be able to get a good idea of what you want to do, and you'll see the warnings and tips in there. GameCopyWorld - News for February 2020 https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=697. Apply the official SW: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption v Patch. Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell! A vehicle registration plate, also known as a number plate (British English) or a license plate (American English), is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes.

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1 Top mods at Star Wars: Empire at War Nexus - Mods and 36%
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3 Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption, game 56%
4 Mailanka's Musings: February 2020 60%
5 Strategy Guides: Free Texts: Free Download, Borrow and 84%
6 Possible Solution: Game not launching/Mods not working 86%

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Blog-masfreeze: Daftar Lisensi dan Serial Number Software. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you. Roark Garnet was a Human male from the planet Socorro. Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC Best Mods. It would seem this is screaming to be fixed. No manual - anyone got a link for where one could be found. Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC Downloads.

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Star Wars: Empire at War – Forces of Corruption: the eight-month-in-dev expansion. Star Wars Rebellion - Support for the game and its editor RebED, and other Star Wars mods such as HW2 Warlords. This is the recent patch released for Star Wars: Empire at War directly from LucasArts.

Newbies guide to /r/elitedangerous

When I first stumbled into EliteDangerous, I remember being overwhelmed by the many abbreviations and slang terms being used. After hanging around for a few months they all become second nature, but for the new commanders I thought I'd put together a quick reference.
This is not meant to be a replacement for the excellent Elite Wiki, and it has grown rather larger than I originally intended, but hopefully it will be of some use.
Obviously at under 100 hours I am still a newbie myself, so please let me know if I've got anything wrong.
EDIT: Massive thanks for all the additions and corrections. I've amended most of the them as best I can and will continue to do so.
  • AFMU: Auto Field Maintenance Unit. A module that can repair other modules. Very useful for explorers in non-inhabited space where that are no stations to repair you.
  • ASP: A type of ship owned by a newbie who has made the fatal mistake of believing their Asp is an acronym. Attracts pedants. Advisable to upgrade to...
  • AspX: Asp Explorer. A type of ship. A favourite for explorers and often found in front of things.
  • BB: Bulletin Board. Mission board found on stations.
  • BGS: Background simulator: The overall simulation of the economic and political development of the galaxy - runs on FDev's servers in the background (hence the name) and is affected by all the actions of players solo, private and open.
  • C&P: Crime and Punishment. An oft vaunted panacea for the Ganker problem. Many believe that appropriate swift retribution by System Authority ships would dissuade Gankers from attacking unarmed ships.
  • CG: Community Goal. Special time restricted missions supplied by FDev that promote community engagement and often drive the background story. Good for making credits, but also often over very quickly if lots of people jump on the mission.
  • CMDR: Commander
  • Conda: Anaconda. A type of ship.
  • CQC: Close Quarters Combat Championship. A separate game mode focusing on PvP combat in special arenas. Waning popularity. Possibly due to its separate nature and lack of impact on the rest of the game, and difficulty of finding matches.
  • CZ: Conflict Zone. An area in space where two factions are fighting for control of a system. You can join either side but CZs require a high level of skill to survive due to the number of ships.
  • DBOBE:David Braben O.B.E (Order British Empire). See David Braben below.
  • DBS: Diamond Back Scout. A type of ship.
  • DBX: Diamond Back Explorer. A type of ship.
  • ED: Elite Dangerous
  • EDDB: Elite Dangerous Database. (eddb.io) A third party website useful for finding market prices and trade loops
  • EDSM: Elite Dangerous Star Map. (www.edsm.net) A third party website useful for logging your explorations.
  • FA: Flight Assist. Turning FA off makes your ship harder to pilot, but allows more control and advanced manoeuvres.
  • FAS: Federal Assault Ship
  • FD / FDev: Frontier Developments. The software company that makes Elite Dangerous.
  • FDL: Fer-de-Lance. A type of ship. Combat oriented and previous ship of choice for PvPers, but the recent balancing patch appears to have reduced its dominance.
  • FdL: Faulcon deLacy. The ship manufacturer behind the Sidewinder, Cobra and Anaconda.
  • FSD: Frameshift drive. The core drive of your ship, affecting supercruise speed and jump range.
  • GF: Good Fight. Sometimes sent in local chat by PvPers
  • GG: Good Game. Sometimes sent in local chat by PvPers
  • HazRes: See RES
  • HCS: See Voice Pack.
  • HiRes: See RES
  • HOTAS: Hands On Throttle and Stick. A popular way of controlling the game via a physical throttle and joystick that match the in game depiction of your pilot's controls. More immersive and arguably easier to control than a mouse / keyboard setup. Also see X52.
  • KGB FOAM: A handy acronym for remembering which star types can be scooped for fuel
  • KWS: Kill Warrant Scanner. A scanner that can be used to tell if pilots are wanted in other systems, allowing kills and increased bounty.
  • LoRes: See RES:
  • LS: Light seconds: A measure of distance. The distance light can travel in one second.
  • LY: Light years: A measure of distance. The distance light can travel in one year.
  • Mat: Material. Various materials can be found on planet surfaces and by mining asteroids. Can be used to synthesise useful things such as SRV fuel.
  • MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online game. Elite is an MMO. Or not according to many.
  • NB: Nav Beacon. A beacon near the system star where NPCs spawn, and where system info can be obtained by scanning.
  • NMS: No Man's Sky. A game similar to Elite that has attracted criticism.
  • NPC: Non Player character (computer controlled character)
  • o7: A salute (o is head, 7 is arm)
  • P2P: Peer to peer. Networking model used by Elite. Player PC's talk directly to each other rather than talking to a central server like many MMOs. Has caused lots of issues in the past but recent fixes seem to have improved matters greatly.
  • PA: Plasma Accelerator (weapon)
  • PSA: Public Service Announcement
  • PvP: Player vs player. PvP players tend to enjoy combat and roleplay against other players.
  • PvE: Player vs environment. PvE players tend to enjoy exploration and other non-combat roles, or combat against NPCs instead. PvE players sometimes use dedicated PvE groups such as Mobius to avoid interacting with PvP players.
  • QoL: Quality of life. Changes that make the game easier / less annoying to use. Generally small tweaks.
  • RES: Resource extraction site. Areas found in asteroid belts and rings where mining takes place, and where NPC pirates spawn. Good places to bounty hunt since system authority ships will help you. LowRes / HiRes / HazRes refer to different RES intensities which affect the type and skill of NPC ships that spawn.
  • RNG: random number generator. Much of Elite content is procedurely generated, and/or random.
  • SA: System Authority. The police. They will help you if attacked, or attack you if wanted. Note systems with warring factions can have SA ships from both factions present.
  • Sag A: Sagittarius A*. The black hole at the center of the galaxy. A popular destination for tourists and explorers.
  • SDC: Smiling Dog Crew. A PvP player group generally regarded as Gankers (I think?)
  • SC: Star Citizen. An ambitious game similar to Elite that is still under development.
  • SC: Supercruise. Flight mode used to fly faster than light around a single system.
  • SLF: Ship launched fighter (Requires Horizons). A small fighter that can launch directly from the ship, and be piloted by the player directly, or other players come 2.3
  • SR: Silent Running. A ship mode that reduces heat output in an attempt to prevent being detected and scanned.
  • SRV: Surface Reconnaissance Vehicle (Requires Horizons). A six wheeled moon buggy used to traverse bumpy planet surfaces and make VR users throw up.
  • T6: Type 6 - Space van.
  • T7: Type 7 - Space lorry.
  • T9: Type 9 - Space warehouse.
  • UA: Unknown artefact. Rare alien thingies found floating around in some systems. Will scan you. Unknown if related to Thargoids.
  • UP: Unknown Probe
  • UF: Unknown Fragment. Obtained by shooting Unknown Artefacts.
  • USS: Unidentified Signal Source. Fly closer to find out what it is.
  • X52: A HOTAS made by Saitek. The in game graphics are directly modelled on the X52, making them a popular controller despite issues with build quality. X55 and X56 are similar but more expensive.
10 year plan: Frontier developments have at least ten years worth of development ideas acording to David Braben, although they are currently running a little behind schedule.
13th legion: A PvP player group generally regarded as Gankers.
1984: Year the original Elite was released. Much of the reason for the relatively large Forum Dad subsection of the community.
1st rule: Never Fly without a rebuy. The considered wisdom that only fools fly a ship without sufficient funds to pay the insurance cost of replacing your ship if it is destroyed. Without such funds you are forced to take a loan, or use the free Sidewinder which effectively loses you any capital you had tied up in your ship. If you cannot afford the rebuy, then buy a cheaper ship and use that instead until you can.
A Rated: A ship loadout where all / most modules are of class A, which are the "best", and most expensive by some margin. To outfit an A rated ship will often cost many times the original price of the ship.
Asp in front of things: A common meme brought about by tendency of explorers to post pretty screen shots of stellar scenery with an AspX sat in the foreground, due to it being a favourite explorer ship.
BB Flipping: Logging in and out of Open / Solo while docked at a station in order to force the station bulletin board to update with new missions. Used for Mission Stacking. Considered an exploit by many. FDev do not approve.
Beagle Point: The furthest point from earth reachable by CMDR Kamzel who first crossed the Galaxy as part of the Distant Suns expedition, and named after his ship. 65k ly away. A popular destination for masochists.
Big 3: The three biggest playable ships. The Anaconda, Federal Corvette and Imperial Cutter. The Beluga is larger but was added later, plus it looks silly.
Bookwinder: A pre-galactic-map-bookmark era convention that lead to thousands of Sidewinders being purchased as bookmarks by commanders so they could have a convenient icon displayed in the galactic map.
Boost: A short burst of speed available by engaging your afterburners. Drains engine capacitor. Boost must be mastered for combat.
Bubble (The): The "small" (300 ly) region of the galaxy colonised by humans, and where stations are available. Most players inhabit this area since travelling large distances outside requires preparation and appropriate ship loadouts. The extent of the bubble can be seen in the Galaxy map by changing to Powerplay display mode.
Buff: To improve, make better.
Carebear: Disparaging term used to describe PvE players who play in Open and who do not wish to have their game spoiled by unwanted combat, or specifically by Gankers. Such players often play in Solo, or on dedicated PvE servers such as Mobius.
Colonia: The new name for the location of Jaques station. 22k ly outside of The Bubble and a popular destination for explorers. A new bubble is being formed there via various Community Goals.
Combat logging: The practice of disconnecting from Open or private servers when under threat of losing your ship in combat. Favoured by Gankers. Otherwise universally frowned upon and FDev will allegedly ban users who do this regularly if they are reported, although there is some controversy over whether they do this affectively.
Couchpit: A HOTAS setup for use on an armchair or sofa. Favoured by some for comfort and the lack of space for a dedicated cockpit.
D Rated: A ship loadout where all / most modules are of class D, which are generally the lightest, and therefore maximise the jump range of the ship.
David Braben: All hail Lord Braben. Co-creator of the original Elite in 1984, and CEO of Frontier Developments. Not to mention promoter of the Raspberry Pi.
Dank: Current slang for "good". See also dope, cool, rad, hip, wicked, mint, groovy, excellent, sick, smart, ace, awesome, fresh
Debug Cam: CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE will allow you to view your ship from outside with a limited steerable camera. May become obsolete / improved once 2.3 drops.
Dirty Drive: (Requires Horizons). Thrusters that has been engineered to provide more output at the expense of more heat and greater power draw.
Distant Worlds: An annual expedition where many hundreds of commanders fly to some remote galactic location together.
Dual Sticks: A controller configuration where people prefer two joysticks, rather than the one stick and one throttle of a traditional HOTAS setup. One stick controls standard pitch and roll while the other controls lateral thrusters. The default XBOX controller config is a two stick setup, but dual stick generally refers to two full size joysticks.
Dope: See Dank.
Engineers: (Requires Horizons). Engineers can modify ship modules in various ways to improve them, generally at the expense of other properties although there is a lot of RNG involved. Engineers must be unlocked by doing various missions and finding materials for them. Initially considered an unreasonable grind, engineers have been made somewhat easier in later patches, but are still a fair time sink.
Exploit: A way of making lots of credits by abusing a game bug or glitch. For example Mission Stacking. Frowned on by some, a justified anti-grind by others.
FA-Off-Lord (or FAO-Lawd): A player who has mastered the art of using fixed weapons with flight assist switched off permanently, and has mastered their manoeuvring and time-on-target to levels that seem absurd or impossible. Pilots that have recently made the switch to permanent FA-off with fixed weapons are said to have "ascended"
Formidine Rift: An area 10k ly away from earth mentioned in the book Elite:Reclamation, and where recently abanded settlements have been found.
Forum Dad: A commander of a certain age who has actual real life commitments and responsibilities, such as a wife, children and work. The Forum Dad generally has limited free time compared to younger commanders so cannot dedicate weeks of grinding to engineer their ships. Many Forum Dads have played and followed Elite since the original 1984 release.
Founder's World: Earthlike world which requires you to be a kickstarter backer, or rank of Elite to access. 10% off everything at Jameson Memorial
Freewinder: The free Sidewinder that is always available to the player as a replacement ship.
Freagle: The free Eagle that is available to kickstarter backers.
FSD Boost: Temporarily increasing your jump range by using Jumponium.
FSD Supercharge: Temporarily increasing your jump range using a Neutron Boost.
Fuel Rats: A dedicated group of players who rescue commanders who have run out of fuel.
Ganker: Someone who likes annoying other players. Generally by destroying newbies or other defenceless ships for no reason.
Girlfriend: Rarely seen life form that impinges on gaming time. There are mythical reports of girlfriends that also play ED but these are rapidly upgraded to wives.
Git Gud: Corruption of "Get Good". Originated in the unrelated game "Dark Souls" and used to instruct CareBears to improve their combat skill instead of complaining about Gankers. CMDR Rinzler o7o7o7 of the SDC has an entertaining and informative video series of the same name.
Gimbal Scrub: Derogatory term for players who rely on gimballed weapons, especially if they are piloting an expensive ship that would infer a large play time and thus better skill. Can suggest that players have used exploits to prematurely upgrade their ship ahead of their ability.
Griefer: See Ganker.
Grind: Unreasonably repetitive or pointless actions required to achieve goals in game, meaning advancement is a product of time rather than skill.
Hi Wake: Slang for jumping to another system, named after the high energy wake you leave behind at the jump point. A popular way to escape pirates. See also Lo Wake.
Honk: Firing your Discovery Scanner. Named after the satisfying foghorn like noise it generates.
Hop: See Jump
Horizons: Season 2 content for Elite Dangerous. Currently a separate purchase. Not required to play, but adds major content such as planetary landings, Engineers, ship launched fighters and soon Multicrew.
Hutton Mug: A rare commodity only available from Hutton Orbital. Also available in real life.
Hutton Orbital: Infamous due to its large distance from the system star, meaning around 1.5 hours in supercruise to get there.
Hutton Truckers: Both an in game faction and community player group who undertake delivery missions.
Hyperdiction: Similar to Interdiction only being pulled from Hyperspace rather than supercruise. Currently the only things that can do this are the Thargoid ships recently encountered, hence the term is synonymous with a Thargoid encounter.
Hyperspace: The dimension of clouds and weird noises you find yourself in when jumping to another star system.
Immershun: See Muh Immershun.
Instance: Like many MMOs, rather than a single universe containing all players, ED temporarily splits players into smaller groups that share the same instance for technical and playability reasons. Players in different instances cannot see or interact with each other. This has caused problems in the past where players in the same Wing end up in different instances after a jump, but it looks like many of these problems have been fixed.
Interdiction: Being forcibly pulled out of supercruise by another player or NPC using their Frame Shift Interdictor, usually for piracy reasons.
Iridium Wing: A player group dedicated to guarding explorers as they return to the bubble with valuable exploration data.
Jaques: Jaques station tried to jump to Beagle Point but failed and ended up nearer to the center of the galaxy. A new mini bubble is forming around it known as Colonia.
Jump: Travel to another star system via Hyperspace.
Jump range: Distance that can be travelled between stars in one jump. Depends on ship type, current weight and FSD drive. Larger jump range means quicker travel. Can be boosted via Neutron stars, or Jumponium.
Jumponium: Slang for a synthesised material used to temporarily increase your jump range.
Lave Radio: laveradio.com. A ED podcast.
Lo Wake: Slang for jumping to supercruise in the same system. Named after the lo energy wake you leave behind at the jump point. See also Hi Wake
Log: See Combat logging
Loadout: A combination of ship modules and their various ratings. Different loadouts are optimal for different scenarios. eg. Jump rang is more important than weaponry when exploring.
Mailslot: The rectangular entrance to stations. Mortal enemy of the Beluga.
Manual: Yes, there is one. Highly recommended reading. https://community.elitedangerous.com/
Mile wide inch deep: A common criticism of Elite of debatable accuracy. Mile wide refers to the large (entire galaxy) play area. Inch deep implies there is little to do in that area, despite the inch taking several hundred hours in which to become proficient.
Mission stacking: Obtaining many duplicate or similar missions via BB flipping that will all payout after a single completion of the mission goals. Considered an exploit by many.
Mobius: elitepve.com. A private ED group where PvP is restricted to very specific areas. Many PvE players use Mobius to enjoy Elite without the threat of Gankers.
Muh Immershun: Disparaging term used to refer to players who value immersion / realism over convenience. For example ship transfers were originally going to be instant, but some players felt that this was not realistic and after a community poll FDev introduced delayed transfer. Many players were unhappy about this. The recent announcement of instant telepresence for multicrew gaming in 2.3 caused fears that a similar scenario would occur, but this does not look likely.
Nerf: Make worse. Decrease effectiveness.
Neutron Boost: The jump range of your ship's FSD can be dramatically increased for a single jump by supercharging it in the stream of a Neutron star (or less so at a White Dwarf). However, this is dangerous due to the loss of ship control.
Neutron Highway: A community created route to Sagittarius A* that includes many Neutron stars allowing jumps to be Neutron Boosted.
Obsidian Ant: Popular mellifluous YouTuber and Elite vlogger responsible for introducing ED to many people. I believe he now has a station somewhere and voices the comms chatter.
Open: Online game mode using Frontier's servers to interact with other human players.
Pip: Unit of energy being channeled to a system capacitor from the ship distributor. 4 pips is the maximum amount any one system can take, and can buff the system further.
Powerplay: Participating in the background political simulation of Elite by swearing allegiance to a particular power. Can earn player rewards at the expense of more systems being hostile.
Rank up: Certain ships can only be obtained by having a particular rank with a particular power (eg. Imperial Cutter). Ranking up is achieved by running missions for that power.
Rares: Rare goods that can only be purchased at a certain station or system. Can be sold elsewhere for good profit. eg. Hutton Mug.
Rares Loop: A trade loop that incorporates stations selling rare goods. Can be an efficient way to make credits for early traders with little cargo space.
Rats (The): See Fuel Rats
Rebuy: The cost, or paying of, the insurance value of your ship after it has been destroyed in order to get an equal replacement. See 1st Rule.
Rift: A VR headset made by Oculus / Facebook.
Ruins: (Requires Horizons) Surface locations containing ruins of alien origin. Originally very rare but more and more are being located. Currently a source of a high paying mission.
Season: A set of Elite expansion updates roughly rolling out over one year or more, although this is nothing official. Each season has several major updates. Horizons is the second season and is a separate purchase.
Scoop: Obtaining ship fuel by skimming close to certain types of star with a Fuel Scoop.
Sidey: Slang for Sidewinder.
Sockbot: https://www.reddit.com/EliteDangerous/comments/3sz817/learn_how%0A_to_get_ripped_in_4_weeks/cx261wx
Sol: Earth's star (the sun), and system name.
Solo: Game mode where you play on your own and will only encounter NPCs.
Space Legs: Community slang for the assumed future patch that will add the ability to walk around your ship, stations and planets. Longed for by some, but likely a long way off.
Space Loach: Friendly looking knitted worm thingy found in some FDev videos.
Suicidewinder: Appears to have several meanings, all related to deliberately dying in a SideWinder, since it is the cheapest ship and so least loss. 1. Using one to warp back to the bubble from Colonia by selling your expensive ship at Jaques, buying the Sidewinder, self destructing in it then selecting the Freewinder to warp back. 2. Griefing players at stations by flying into them in a Sidewinder, causing them to be wanted for murder and the station to blow them up. 3. Deliberate death by System Authority in order to remove bounties on your head.
Surprisewinder: A–rated, heavily engineered Sidewinder with skilled pilot in charge. Can be very [not]nice surprise for potential attacker. Sometimes can be found flying in formations – when the potential attacker realizes what happened when his hull is melting, sometimes he ends on rebuy screen screaming «Oh no! Not the beees, the beeeees!!!»
Synthesis: Combining collected materials into useful items. Eg SRV fuel, Jumponium.
Thargoids: Name of the alien race in the original 1984 Elite, and assumed race of recent alien encounters in ED.
Trade loop: A route between two or more systems where goods can be bought and sold for a profit at each stop. See EDDB
Voice Attack: 3rd party software that can be used to drive Elite actions via voice commands. Useful for VR where you cannot easily see your keyboard.
Voice Pack: 3rd party software from HCS that adds many more ship voice responses. Many famous voices available. Eg William Shatner, Brent Spiner etc.
Vive: A VR headset made by HTC / Valve
VR: Virtual Reality. Elite supports VR very well and is the first AAA game to do so properly. VR headsets provide proper stereo visuals and full head tracking, meaning you can look around your cockpit and track other ships naturally, and even get out of your seat. The downsides are low resolution compared to monitor setups and very high system demands. VR users describe the difference as "flying a spaceship rather than playing a game"
Wife: A Girlfriend with buffed sarcasm.
Wing: A group of commanders that fly together.
Witchspace: In the original game Witchspace was a distinct dimension where the Thargoids lived, but now seems to have become a synonym for hyperspace.
submitted by Gaz-a-tronic to EliteDangerous

PTR Patch 1.30 Live | Anti-Cheat | New Mappool | New Balance

The PTR is a Public Test Realm to test and gather feedback on changes that Blizzard wants to implement into Warcraft3. Please let us hear your thoughts and ideas about Patch 1.30. Also, if you encounter bugs or glitches, report them into this thread.
Download Windows Download Mac Note: The PTR is only available in English and located in US West. Your ping might suffer because of this
Blizzard Forum Post - Features Blizzard Forum Post - Mappool Blizzard Forum Post - Balance

Helpful Discord Channels

Connect with other players to find games and discuss balance * Back2Warcraft * WC3 Gym * Warcraft 3 United

B2W Summary Videos

Other Reviews

Grubby: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ToD WTII


  • Updated anticheat to keep the Horde at bay
  • Unit button locations and hotkeys adjusted for consistency


  • [Mac] Joining a custom game no longer results in a crash
  • [Mac] Loading a saved game no longer results in a crash
  • [Mac] Client no longer crashes when switching between expansions
  • [Mac] Cinematics work again
  • [Mac] Switching between fullscreen and windowed mode no longer causes menu/text misalignment
  • Stun works again if the target has already been stunned by an illusion
  • Using Town Portal on a moving Tree of Life can no longer cause the spell to interrupt and grant temporary invulnerability
  • Units that can only attack other air units (or groups of units that include one of these units) can attack move to areas where there are trees again
  • Dropped items can no longer be stacked on top of each other
  • Cursor matches the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider again
  • Players can rejoin a saved multiplayer game again
  • Clan Message of the Day can be set again
  • Intro cinematic displays again
  • Text scales correctly and is no longer cut off In Windowed Mode
  • After loading a saved game, portraits no longer stretch the width of the screen
  • Ambient sound has been returned to ambience
  • Hero glow for player 12 is consistent with original version again
  • Korean and Chinese installation names of Warcraft III on Windows 10 OS no longer say "StarCraft" in those languages
  • Setting 3 of "Set Ally Color Mode" no longer changes the team color of neutral creeps
  • Team and color no longer reset when clicking on the dropdown arrow in Lobby
  • The cursor no longer disappears behind the black bars of the main menu
  • The scoreboard no longer truncates when a timer is present
  • Tooltips for Keeper of the Grove's Learn Tranquility, Blademaster Critical Strike, and other Critical Strike abilities have been updated to properly reflect changes made in 1.29.0
  • IME no longer creates a green box in non-enUS clients
  • Opening preferences no longer generates an error
  • The map pool from Random Team has been mirrored to Arranged Team
  • “/fps”, “/apm” and “/ping” visibility will be retained between games




Water Elemental Level 1: Decreased Hit Points from 525 to 500 Increased damage from 18 - 22 to 19 - 23
Level 2: Decreased Hit Points from 675 to 625 Increased damage from 31 - 39 to 33 - 41
Level 3: Decreased Hit Points from 900 to 825 Increased damage from 41 - 49 to 44 - 52
Brilliance Aura Level 2: Decreased mana regeneration from 1.5 to 1.25 per second Level 3: Decreased mana regeneration from 2.25 to 1.75 per second
Mass Teleport Increased Area of Effect from 700 to 800

Units & Upgrades

Militia Decreased duration from 45 to 40 seconds
Footman Defend Defend consistently reflects damage from piercing attacks again Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 40% Reflection damage reduced from 100% to 90%
Priest Dispel Magic Increased cast range from 500 to 600 Added a 5 second cooldown Applies to Doom Guard (Creep); Doom Guard (Summoned); Pandaren Brewmaster (Storm)
Spell Breaker Spell Steal Cooldown increased from 3 to 6 seconds
Mortar Team Decreased half damage radius from 150 to 100 Decreased quarter damage radius from 250 to 200 = -20% (0.1x) Fragmentation Shards Reduced half damage radius from 275 to 225 Increased quarter damage radius from 250 to 275 Reduced bonus damage for half damage radius from 18 to 15 Reduced bonus damage for quarter damage radius from 12 to 10
Flying Machine Increased Hit Points from 200 to 250 Increased Gold cost from 90 to 100 Increased Damage from 14 - 15 to 18 - 19 (air-vs-air only) Flak Cannons Now unlock with Keep
Siege Engine Increased Supply cost from 3 to 4
Improved Masonry Level 1: Increased from 100G/25L to 125G/50L Level 2: Increased from 125G/50L to 150G/75L Level 3: Increased from 150G/75L to 175G/100L
Ivory Tower Increased lumber cost from 20 to 25 Reduced stock from 3 to 2
Orb of Fire Increased hero bonus damage from 5 to 10 Increased splash damage radius from 140 to 150 Increased gold cost from 275 to 325



Blademaster Reduced Agility from 24 to 22 Able to path through intended items during Wind Walk again

Units & Upgrades

Headhunter Increased Hit Points from 350 to 375 Increased Regeneration Upgrade from 0.8 to 1.0 Hit Points per second Berserker Increased Hit Points from 450 to 475 Decreased the increased damage debuff from 50% to 40%
Bat Rider Increased bonus damage from 13 - 15 to 16 - 18 Liquid Fire Reduced the attack speed debuff from 80% to 60%
Shaman Increased Hit Points from 335 to 350 Increased bonus damage from 8 - 9 to 10 - 11 Mana regeneration increased from 0.67 to 0.72 Purge Decreased mana cost from 75 to 65
Witch Doctor Mana regeneration increased from 0.67 to 0.72
Tauren Totem Now unlocks with Stronghold instead of Fortress Now trains Spirit Walkers and Spirit Walker upgrades
Items Scroll of Speed No longer applies to Goblin Sappers
Reinforced Defenses Reduced from 200 to 150 lumber Unlocks with Stronghold instead of Fortress
Spiked Barricades Level 2: Reduced from 175 to 125 lumber Level 3: Reduced from 275 to 175 lumber



Lich Frost Armor All Levels: Reduced slow duration against all units from 5 to 4 seconds

Units, Upgrades & Items

Acolyte Increased Hit Points from 220 to 230 Increased Hit Point Regeneration while on Blight from 2 to 4 per second Increased armor from 0 to 1 Increased movement speed from 220 to 250
Crypt Fiend Using Crypt Fiend's burrow/unburrow no longer resets the cooldown for the Web ability
Necromancer Raise Dead Increased base summon duration from 40 to 45 seconds Unholy Frenzy Reduced drain from 4 to 3 Hit Points per second Cripple Reduced mana cost from 175 to 150 Skeletal Longevity Increased duration time from 15 to 20 seconds Increased cost from 50 to 75 gold Skeletal Mastery Now unlocks with Halls of the Dead Skeleton Warrior Increased Hit Points from 180 to 190 Skeleton Mage Increased Hit Points from 230 to 240
Obsidian Statue Reduced Hit Points from 550 to 500 Destroyer Reduced Hit Points from 900 to 850 Reduced Orb of Annihilation bonus damage from 20 to 15 Devour Magic Decreased damage against summoned units from 180 to 160
Frost Wyrm Reduced Frost Breath attack duration on Heroes from 10 seconds to 3 seconds


Haunted Gold Mine Reduced Blight radius from 960 to 768 Reduced cost from 255G/220L to 225G/210L
Necropolis Reduced cost from 255 to 225 gold Reduced build duration from 100 to 90 seconds
Ziggurat Increased Hit Points from 550 to 600


Cannibalize Ghoul and Abomination Decreased the duration from 33 seconds to 20 seconds Ghoul Increased healing from 10 to 16 per second Abomination Increased healing from 15 to 25 per second
Disease Cloud (Abomination) Increased damage from 1 to 2 per second Reduced duration from 120 to 90 seconds
Exhume Corpse Now generates Crypt Fiend corpse instead of Ghoul corpse


Orb of Corruption Decreased armor reduction from 5 to 4
Sacrificial Skull No longer requires Graveyard to purchase Decreased stock regeneration from 60 to 45

Night Elf


Demon Hunter Reduced Agility from 22 to 21 Reduced Metamorphosis duration from 60 to 45 Killing a Demon Hunter at the end of its Metamorphosis no longer prevents Metamorphosis from being used for the rest of the match
Keeper of the Grove Force of Nature All Levels: Reduced mana cost from 125 to 100

Units, Upgrades & Items

Archer Increased Hit Points from 245 to 260
Huntress Sentinel is researched by default Moonglaive now unlocks with Tree of Ages
Glaive Thrower Increased bonus damage from 36 - 53 to 51- 68
Druid of the Talon Increased cost from 135 to 150 gold Faerie Fire Reduced duration on units from 90 to 70 seconds Reduced duration on heroes from 60 to 40 seconds
Hippogryph Hippogryph Taming is researched by default
Hippogryph Rider Increased Hit Points from 765 to 780
Dryad Abolish Magic Reduced damage against summoned units from 300 to 250 Applies to: Eredar Sorcerer, Naga Couatl, Centaur Sorcerer, Polar Furbog Shaman, Forest Troll Shadow Priest, Kobold Geomancer, Mur'gul Snarecaster, Nerubian Seer, Salamander Seer, Watery Minion Snarecaster, Tuskarr Healer, and Ice Troll High Priest
Druid of the Claw (Bear Form) Decreased bonus damage from 29 - 44 to 25 - 40
Mountain Giant Decreased cost from 425 to 350 gold Decreased Supply from 7 to 6
Chimeras Decreased half damage splash radius from 125 to 100


Moon Well Increased mana regeneration at night from 1.25 to 1.50 per second
Ancient of War Reduced Hit Points from 1000 to 900 Reduced bonus attack damage from 44 to 36
Ancient Protector Reduced build time from 60 to 55 seconds Decreased rooted attack cool down from 2 seconds to 1.7 seconds (24.75 to 29.12 damage per second) Decreased uprooted attack cool down from 1.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds (19.67 to 21.07 damage per second)
Chimera Roost No longer requires Ancient of Wind to build



Goblin Alchemist Healing Spray Level 1: Healing decreased from 40 to 30 Level 2: Healing decreased from 55 to 45 Level 3: Healing decreased from 70 to 60 Transmute Increased conversion factor from .8 to 1.25
Goblin Tinker Reduced Armor from 4.5 to 3.5 = -22,3% Pocket Factory Pocket Factory now has Heavy Armor instead of Normal Engineering Upgrade Level 1: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 4 to 4.5 seconds Level 2: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 3.2 to 3.5 seconds Level 3: Increased spawn interval time for Clockwerk Goblins from 2.56 to 3 seconds Cluster Rockets Level 3: Increased Damage for Cluster Rockets from 27.5 to 30.5 p.r.
Naga Sea Witch Mana Shield Level 1: Increased damage absorbed from 1 to 2 Level 2: Increased damage absorbed from 1.5 to 3 Level 3: Increased damage absorbed from 2 to 4
Pandaren Brewmaster Breath of Fire All levels: Increased mana cost from 70 to 75 Level 1: Reduced damage over time from 7s to 5s = -28,6% reduced max damage from 520 to 480 Level 2: Reduced damage over time from 14s to 10s reduced max damage from 1000 to 720 Level 3: Reduced damage over time from 21s to 15s reduced max damage from 1360 to 1080

Units, Buildings & Upgrades:

Cannibalize (Creeps) Creep cannibalize changed from 10hps to 12hps Duration reduced from 33 to 20
Purge Reduced damage to summoned units from 400 to 200


Boots of Speed Now have a stock of 2
Book of the Dead Changed number of Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Archers from 4 each to 3 each Changed HP of Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Archer from 180 to 190

Mappool Changes

1v1 2v2 3v3
Amazonia Avalanche LV Battleground
Concealed Hill Bridge Too Near LV DarkForest
Echo Isles Centaur Grove GnollWood
Last Refuge Furbold Mountain V3 Monsoon_LV
Northern Isles Gnoll Wood Mur’gulOasis_LV
Plunder Isle LV Lost Temple RollingHills
Swamped Temple V2 Phantom Grove LV RuinsOfStratholme
Terenas Stand LV Synergy Big Paved StranglethornVale
Tirisfal Glades LV Tidewater Glades LV ThunderLake_LV
Turtle Rock Turtle Rock TimbermawHold
Twisted Meadows Twisted Meadows UpperKingdom
4v4 FFA
Battleground_LV Deadlock_LV
BlastedLands Deathrose
Deadlock_LV EmeraldShores
Feralas_LV FountainOfManipulation_v1.1
Friends Marketsquare
GoldRush Monsoon_LV
GolemsInTheMist_LV Mur’gulOasis_LV
MarketSquare NeonCity
Mur’gulOasis_LV SilverpineForest
Northshire_LV TwilightRuins_LV

Map Changes

(2)Amazonia Reduced the number of Wand of Illusion and Sentry drops by creating proper level 2 Charged items drops
(4)Avalanche_LV Swapped Mercenary Camp with Fountain of Health Swapped Tavern for Mercenary Camp Added a Tavern to the center of the map Relocated creep camp to prevent accidental agro
(4)BridgeToNear Relocated creep camp to prevent accidental agro
(2)ConcealedHills Cleaned up tree placement
(8)Ferelas_LV Pushed back several expansion goldmines and creeps to prevent accidental agro
(8)GolemsInTheMist_LV Relocated the 2 Mercenary Camp creeps further to prevent accidental agro
(2)NorthernIsles Cleaned up tree placement
(4)PhantomGrove_LV Red camps are two levels harder now - Item drop is unchanged Replaced the level 3 Ghost with level 3 Skeletal
(2)SwampedTemple_V2 Removed all custom data Cleaned up tree placement General map clean up from removing the custom doodads
(2)TerenasStand_LV More building area at start locations Swapped creep camps at the expansions - closer expansion is the easier creep camp now Level 8 Wizard no longer agro's on passing units Swapped the Mercenary camp location with the green creep camp - these buildings are now further away from start locations Fixed pathing around Mercenary Camps
(8)TwilightRuins_LV Swapped the remaining Goblin Laboratories on the outside of the map with the Goblin Merchant's at the center of the map The center creep camps that dropped level 1 permanent items now drop level 1 power-ups
World Editor changes can be seen and discussed at Hive Workshop
Please let us know your feedback and thoughts in the comments. Bugs and issues can be reported here
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