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My cursory review of /e/

This is a simple copy-paste of my Medium article, just without the images. It's not written with especially privacy-zealous people in mind, but it might still give you some idea of what the OS is like.
I recently got myself a FairPhone with /e/ pre-installed. Before you ask: no, I didn’t get it for free, I paid for it like a normal human being.
Oh, perhaps the worst thing about /e/ is that they’re impossible to find online because of their name, so let me get that problem out of the way first:
You’re welcome.
This’ll be more of a first impression than a thorough review. I might write another piece in a year or so, detailing my long-term experience with the OS. For now, though, I just want to share my initial thoughts.


/e/ can be described as a privacy-respecting fork of Android. In practice, this means that all the Google bits have been carefully removed.
And that was definitely the biggest selling point for me. On my previous Android phone, I spent way too much time removing Google apps, replacing stock Android apps with open-source alternatives, and sifting through the settings to minimize tracking and other spookiness. And let me tell you: privacy isn’t high on Android’s agenda.
So how does this Android-without-Google hold up?

The start

When you get your device and boot it up for the first time, /e/ walks you through a swift and transparent install process. No complaints here.
Then, you’re greeted by what’s by far the weakest aspect of the entire project: the Bliss Launcher. It looks pretty standard, until you try to modify it. Because … well … you can’t. There’s a weather widget on its own separate page, and neither the widget nor the page can be removed. This page also contains “app suggestions”, which is just a list of the four most used apps, and an online search bar. Then there’s all your apps on the page(s) to the right, and four apps down below. You cannot hide any of the pre-installed apps. You cannot change the lay-out of the home screen. You can move your apps around, and put them in folders. That’s it.
This launcher definitely seems more inspired by iOS than by Android. Maybe the idea of the /e/-team was to keep it simple, in order to make it easy for newcomers. I’m not sure if this really works for the OS, though. First of all, I suspect that /e/ is mostly an OS for power users. And second, the ultra-simplicity of the launcher clashes with the system itself, which feels decidedly more ‘Android’.
Long story short, I ditched the Bliss Launcher pretty quickly in favour of Lean Launcher.

The apps


The /e/ browser is, apparently, “a fork of Chromium/Bromite”, and it’s pretty good! Basic ad-blocking is enabled out of the box, and browsing is all-in-all a smooth experience. The default search engine is the home-grown /e/ spot, which itself is a fork of the highly private Searx. (Open source software lives and dies by forking, in case you hadn’t noticed.)
I’m not sure whether I prefer the /e/ browser to Firefox, but I understand why they went with a Chromium-based browser on an OS that has to ‘just work’ — Firefox can be a bit too fidgety for new users to use smoothly.

App store

Another interesting component is the /e/ Application Installer. It’s not a fork of any existing app store, but a newly developed app that serves APKs from a repository called cleanapk.org.
They get their open-source apps from F-Droid, which is a good thing, although they write that “packages are […] analysed for integrity”. This seems to me an unnecessary extra step, since F-Droid already analyses all of their packages. I’m not sure whether this causes any major delays between F-Droid and the /e/ app store.
This default ‘app store’ is not bad by any means. It actually has some really neat privacy features, like a ‘privacy score’ (Skype gets a 0/10, 2048 gets a 10/10) and a list of permissions and trackers for each app. And it has quite a lot of non-FOSS apps, like WhatsApp, Spotify and Facebook.
But it doesn’t have everything that the Google Play Store offers. For one of my basic-necessity apps I already had to install the Aurora Store (an open-source front-end for the Google Play Store). And if the /e/ app store turns out to delay its F-Droid packages, I might as well install Aurora Droid so that I can get these packages directly too. But even then I cannot ditch the native app store, since it hosts all the default /e/ apps. And it doesn’t allow other app stores to take over control of them.
So if you’re like me, you might end up with 3 app stores, with the default one being the most cumbersome. So honestly, although the app store is alright, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just ship Aurora Droid by default. They could add their own custom repo for all the /e/ apps, and ask users during the initialization process whether they want to have the Aurora Store for apps from the Play Store. Privacy by default, with the full Android experience as a one-click option.

Other defaults

But I’m nitpicking here. The rest of the default apps is very decent, although I’m sure that there are some that I will never use. There is CRCalc as calculator, and … well, it’s a calculator. There’s a fork of Etar as a calendar app and Open Camera as a camera, which are two very good picks. (I used both back when I was still on Android.) Contacts, dialer, file manager, gallery and keyboard are all default Android apps, and they all do the job just fine. I’m actually surprised at how usable the Android keyboard is; I might just keep using it over my previous darling AnySoftKeyboard.
The email app — inspiringly called Mail — is a fork of K9-mail, and although it looks like they’ve done a good job adding security features, I simply couldn’t get it to work with two of my Microsoft accounts. So I had to go back to (the admittedly pretty amazing) FairEmail for that.
Oh, and last but not least: everything is open source! Well, everything except the maps app, Magic Earth. It still seems privacy-respecting enough, and it uses OpenStreetMap, which is cool. But honestly, I haven’t used it much, since I prefer OsmAnd~.
Overall, there’s not really anything you’d miss in the default app selection, compared to Android’s. Notably absent is the bloat, however, that characterises most Android installs. No Facebook, no Flipbook, no Dropbox, no dozens of useless Google apps … that’s honestly the most refreshing part about /e/.

The system


The system itself is, honestly, pretty great. I was surprised to learn that the version of /e/ that’s pre-installed on the FairPhone 3 is based on Android 9, while my previous phone was running Android 10. This means that all the improvements in the system cannot just be chalked up to an Android upgrade, which makes me all the more impressed with /e/.
I love how customizable /e/ is. The notification bar can be completely wiped (which I love), the navigation bar has plenty of options, you can individually toggle the four different rotation sides, you can get rid of the brightness bar and instead control brightness by swiping over the notification bar, there’s this thing called ‘system profiles’ which lets you change a whole bunch of system settings at once … I could go on. After a bit of tweaking, /e/ really feels like my system.


Granted, there’s a few annoyances here and there. I don’t like how /e/ keeps notifying me in the settings menu that my phone is muted or that mobile data is turned off. Yeah, I know, that’s how I like it, now please leave me alone!
Another annoyance carried over from Android are the unremovable default apps. I don’t know if this is a trust issue, but if I’m never going to use your default notes app, I’d really like to be able to uninstall it. /e/ telling you no feels like a bit of a slap in the face for people who came here for more control over their mobile device. A fairly small slap, but still.
The good news is that the development team is actually working on this last issue, as well as on offering a minimal version of /e/ without most of the default apps. Pretty good stuff!

Overall feel

One last thing I’ll say is that the whole thing feels like a bit of a hodgepodge. The default apps don’t really blend with each other and the system all that well, in terms of both looks and behaviour. In other words: it’s pretty clear that they didn’t build every single part of this OS from scratch.
I don’t really have a problem with this. I actually like that they build on the work of other open-source projects; there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel! But I can imagine that this is a problem for user adoption. After all, they aim to become the next big mobile OS in the next few years. I wonder if that’s possible without an experience that’s as smooth and polished as Android’s.

The verdict

/e/ is pretty great. It pretty much delivers on its promise of being a Google-free Android. I’ve had much less hassle setting this thing up to my liking, compared to setting up my previous Android device. It really puts privacy first, and manages to combine that with a user-friendly experience. There are some kinks to iron out for sure, and the default launcher and app store are not great. But they stand out among an otherwise excellent operating system.
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