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Add or remove a search engine in Firefox

Plugins or addons may bypass Tor or compromise your privacy. Tera, Download kostenlos. How are you enjoying Gibiru for FireFox? Moonlight lady episode 1 part 1 How to build a sugar shack Computers take over the world Articles of confederation strengths and weaknesses chart Bua ko choda didi ney Theatre release dates 2020 Nouns person place or thing worksheets Pivot beta 3.0 download Windows 7 torrents safe Infection lymph nodes neck Ferocity pet talent build 3.3 Can you. Tera Epische Schlachten mit toller Grafik in einem riesigen Online-Fantasy-Rollenspiel. Corel Draw X5 Keygen + Crack Full includes originality and authority get together. AVS Video Editor supports all key video formats.

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r/FireFox permanently bans me and others users, and creates a complete comment graveyard after me posting that Mozilla have removed the freespeech extension - Dissenter - from their plugin gallery web site

In the post I made on the Firefox sub, practically all my comments were upvoted by the users. Some were rated controversial, but even those had a positive upvote score. But that didn't stop the mods from caving to the whims of their ban trigger finger. Other users with very tame comments were also banned according to some users from KotakuInAction2 and WaterFox
Here is the complete uncensored post: https://snew.notabug.io/firefox/comments/bbugc5/firefox_bans_free_speech_commenting_plugin/
Dissenter is the app from Gab that basically allows you comment on every web site, even if Google, Facebook and co don't want you to. To be clear, the extension still apparently works on Firefox, but you need to visit the Dissenter site and install the plugin manually (which 99% of users won't do). Here is the news (original source) of the censorship about Mozilla taking it down from their plugin gallery.
I will never trust Firefox again or recommend their browser to other users. Thankfully, the Firefox mods were slow on the uptake, and it took around 24 hours for them to lock and delete the post, along with any comments that sympathized with free speech, or that mentioned the plugin ban. So many people were able to see their cancer before the mods censored.
For anyone who values free speech, and privacy, I recommend the Waterfox or Brave browser. Such browsers and others are talked about in this post and this post.
EDIT: They're banning any mention of the topic from other users too now:
And plenty more where those came from: https://snew.notabug.io/firefox/ (image: https://i.imgur.com/f9lnZ6c.png)
Out of dozens of such comments, here's one quote from a contributor within that 4th link post that caught my eye:
i really regret to contribute with the bug resolving in the past, i really liked Mozilla and the mission " defend the free and open web " but this......this really was a back stab for me....really really disappointed.
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10 Reasons why you shouldn't use Firefox [uncensored]

My discussion Subreddit in /firefox got closed because of the wrong opinion.
I reopened here and hope Waterfox will allow us this discussion about FF:
Original Link: https://www.reddit.com/firefox/comments/bkvtrj/10_reasons_why_you_shouldnt_use_firefox/

1. Google has "bought" Mozilla. NO, they have not offically bought Mozilla, BUT it‘s the best description. Google paid more than 3 billion $ to become the main search engine in Firefox. After becoming the main search engine in Firefox, they advertise "Google Chrome" when displaying Google. How is this called? I finance the competitor to show my ad'sand pick up their users? Haha I call it a hidden way to buy the competitor. Its like starting a Samsung TV and showing "LG - The best Televisions"..... That‘ll never happen.... How was that possible? The Management of Mozilla has enough millions to shut up. Some Managers have left Mozilla – for this reason? Open about:config and enter "Google" if you want to grin.

2. Why did Mozilla switch to Yahoo at short term? They tried to get more money from Google. I'm sure they were angry at this ad and Google did not want to pay the same amount after most users were gone. 5-10 years ago, Mozilla recognized the value of personal information and started gathering ANY information they could get. I do not want to know what makes this greedy management with our data. Telemetry is more important than the new feature itself !!About:Performance is the best example of this. The telemetry is complete before the page has been revised.

3. Telemetry escapades. Some people remember the telemetry escapade in the last legacy versions around FF55. They not only collected the browser usage. They also collected a lot of personal information about you. Yes, of course - Mozilla promised to "erase" this huge amount of personal information. Of course .... Now the addon certification. Mozilla recommends enabling telemetry to fix your add-on issue instead of setting "xpinstall.signatures.required;false" and change this setting to "true" in the next few days with a hotfix.

4. Mozilla asks for donations from Firefox users. Your donations are NOT included in the development of Firefox. Theyare not even able to support their critical infrastructure with billions of profits. Why? Because most of the money goes into the pockets of management. Thunderbird is ruined because salaries for managers were more important. The non-profit organization Mozilla has reserved around $ 500 million. Do you like to donate manager loans?

5. Mozilla is investing its money in monitoring features such as Firefox account, Cliqz, Pocket, Monitor instead ofproviding solutions for personal hosting. Many people like such functions. However, you want to encrypt it and host it on a personal server. This is impossible and will not be possible in the future. Because they like your personal information.

6. Mozilla Management does not understand how Firefox wins new customers. They waste donations in uselessadvertising. Firefox became great because the community spread Firefox. Who reinstall the operating system? Google? Microsoft? Advertising partners? NO - PROSUMERS install the operating system for their family, friends andcustomers and also install the best browser for them. But we can not recommend Firefox anymore. Firefox collectsdata like Google. Firefox was slow as hell. Firefox became fast, but prevented ANY customization (because they did not like it anymore). Firefox does not care about prosumers like us. I have installed FF up to ~ 2014 more than 1000 times. But like most other prosumers, we can not recommend it anymore.

7. Mozilla gives a fk on prosumers. Only a prosumer uses addons. Most people do not use addons, so they are notinterested in us. Typical prosumers have special interests:
7.1: Some prosumers need to manage hundreds of tabs with tree structure, groups, different profiles and differentwindows.
Solution: Native support for: tab tree structure, tab groups (native SUPPORT NOT INTEGRATION - SessionRestore, backup, cross-addon support, cross-device support), MultiRow TabStrip, Sidebar Tabs (not every addon author need to build from ground), HIDE TAB STRIP.
7.2 Some prosumers handle highly sensitive data and demand a MAXIMUM of possible privacy / security / portability.Solution: Native support for: startup passwords, profile encryption, external password manager, .bit domains, Tor button, mobile mode in about:config, Cross-Platform AppImage, FF account on a self-hosted server.
7.3 Some prosumers want maximum customization.Solution: Native support for: Theme Editor, Tabs (Status) Colors / Tab Themeing, MouseOver Sidebar, Homepage Widgets (Weather, Stock Charts, NewsFeed, Notes, P **** Length) and a FUCKING WAY TO CUSTOMIZE SHORTCUTS.
7.4 Some prosumers want to get the information they want as quickly as possible:
Solution: Native support for: AddressBar commands API, AddressBar results CSS API .. (#translate eng-ger "hello")(#weather berlin "today") (#calc 1 + 2 * 3) and more. Why should I press Enter and look for the information I want when I can get it while typing? For example, these functions must first be provided (#amazon order "Core I9-9900k")or (#product "Core I9-9900k"). Provide 2-4 WebExtension (LEO, Calc, Map), and the sites will create their own addons and advertise Firefox. (I could write books about possible improvements for prosumers but I should stop.)
Some prosumers want something of everything (like me). What do we get instead of useful improvements and features? We get telemetry enhancements, obsolete certifications, Mozilla decides which certificates we trust, which addons we have to use (Pocket, FF account, FxMonitor) and what features we (don’t) need. The customization of keyboard shortcuts is the most wanted feature in ~20 years. The feature request with most duplicates (30+) in Bugzilla. But nobody cares. Mozilla collects data like Google, decides for you like Microsoft, spy on you like authorities, dictate the future like Torvalds and prohibits adjustments like closed-source software. When you delete FxMonitor, it will reappear like malicious code every time FF is started.

8. WebExtension - The stupidest decision I've ever seen. I like WebExtensions, I like the idea behind it and the security it offers. But a radical change is nothing more stupid. Most addon users are prosumers and know what they are doing. We do not need a MS-like shitbag that decides for us.
Right way: Announcement; Support for all Chrome extensions; Contact developers and help them; Providing a voting system for addons without WE support; Implement “FF only” APIs - so Chrome must also work with FF; Disable legacy addons by default, but offer the option to enable. Analyze telemetry for most legacy addons in use and provide a solution for them. FORBID Legacy addons. (5-7 years time frame instead of ~ 3)
Wrong Way: Announcement: We'll be switching to WebExtensions in a few years. > We ban the activation and use ofLegacy addons - because we know what's good for you. Destroying ~15 years of addon development. Mozilla can not even make its own addons as WebExtensions. That's no joke. Take a look at Dev Tools - "We can not make as WebExtension, we tried it without success". However, they force other addon authors to provide WebExtensions.One of the most important APIs got released in FF59 (Discard API). F57/FF58 could not be used without Discard API. FF56 runs a week without problems (thanks tab discard). FF57 had to restart 100 tabs once a day due to the (~ 14 GB) memory usage. Yes Discard Tab is no longer an issue, but this will show you how Mozilla acts. This was a community project. Today it is an oligarchs project.

9. Check out the Mozilla website and look for help. One of the most outdated websites for up-to-date software. The"Keybinding" website is the best joke on the Mozilla website. Why? When developing Firefox, the right hand knows nothing about the left hand. This can lead to fatal errors, obsolete certifications, exploits and malfunctions. Contact a developer and ask him for key bindings. There is NO developer who can tell you all keybindings used in his software. That's no joke. Another developer working on Auto-Discard @Memory Limitation wrote "Filled forms are restored after loading a discarded tab". I do not know what he smokes, but I have lost long texts because it was thrown awayduring a break. Left Hand implements broken/useless about:performance (sort by power consumption instead of memory). You always publish a feature up to 70% and do not fix the errors and requests after release. Library is waiting since ~2 years for a Theme and touch density… Thunderbird Address Book have a Theme in Beta.Take a lookat the ever-growing community of Pale Moon, Waterfox and TorBrowser. These users no longer trust Mozilla (like me). They have a growing user base and the main difference is WebExtensions and anonymity. This should tell you that something goes wrong with Mozilla FF. Waterfox and Pale Moon "should not" exist. TorBrowser should be a privacy configuration mode, not a separate client. They waste resources on things like Sunbird, InstantBird and SeaMonkeyinstead of lifting Thunderbird and building a bridge between FF and TB.

10. Firefox wants to remove its IRC. I heard that their internal communication is running on Slack ?! MozillaThunderbird was a great email client, but it is slowly "dying". Why? Because Mozilla could not understand the future of communication. They provide communication software, but they do not use it themselves. If Mozilla Management would understand software and communication, Thunderbird would be in the top 5 of downloads. They would not think of using external software for their communication or build container addons for Facebook. The addressbook is from the 90s, MailDir, Chat over IMAP, Calendar enhancements, Sandboxed Social-Media-Platform, Matrix Client. Nothing happens since 10 years. What are you doing with billions of $ ?
WebMail / Lightning / ContactBook / Matrix could be bridged between Firefox and Thunderbird (The sidebar is a great solution for ContactBook and Chat in Firefox Frame). Show me my calendar and my tasks on about:newtab. Let me host Thunderbird on my NAS and connect to a Thunderbird profile via Bridge. Native WebMail support (folder in the sidebar, mails in frame).There are more than enough ideas to make Thunderbird great again, but nobody cares. E-Mail is outdated since 10years and you don't even think about the future. For me, it looks like Mozilla is preparing an exit strategy. Management can close the Mozilla Foundation and earn 500 million $ without critical voices when there are no users left. Most people don’t trust Mozilla anymore. Telemetry, Trust Escapade, Telemetry Escapade, Web Extensions, Addon Escapade, whats next?You don't need Google to earn money. You get donations. If donations are not enough then provide a setting "Enable a small Ad in about:newtab to support Mozilla Foundation and its development". Enough people will enable it, if you stay in the near of the community instead of Google's Ass.Our last hope is a radical change inside Mozilla or a fusion of Pale Moon, Waterfox, TorBrowser, Basilisk, Thunderbird and some more teams to fully replace the Mozilla Foundation and work again together with the community.

And now stony me for my opinion or like it and lets show Mozilla the right way.
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