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Edition: Standard Standard. Buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Steam. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with DLC Collection 1. Steam Database record for depot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 suitcase Collection 1 (DepotID or AppID: ) MW3 OSX DLC Early Access Comp. I'll put money down that you won't be able to go more than 1 room into the airplane. If you don't have them you will no longer be able to join our games.

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Tracks Triumph Points Shades of Radegast: Legendary: 1: Iron Banner: Collect 10 Iron. If you suggested me to get a vita, should i get fifa 13 on it, if i have it for. This is a very rare and leaked tool to download Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection Map Pack 1 DLC for free on your Xbox 3. MW3 Collection 1 DLC Review. Before you post a question, use the forum search feature to determine whether your topic has already been covered. This assumes that the item can be resold. Project IGI 3 PC Game Download Free Full Version ISO Official https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=824.

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MW2 is also on discounted sale this week for Xbox One players to purchase in the store if they don. About Sharky's Customs / @Davisornaw Hey what's up, This is Sharky's Customs. Log in. or Register Free DLC: Content Collection #1 (Black Ice & Negotiator). Call of Duty Ghosts PC - Buy Steam Game Key other. Alan Ng March 2, 2020, 04: 02 5 Comments. I had originally created a simple video to install MW3 Maps.

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Redeploying with an arsenal of content unlike any in franchise history, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's first downloadable "Collection" arrives stockpiled with not only four Multiplayer/Survival Mode Maps, but two Special Ops Missions - the first time Call of Duty has ever made Special Ops downloadable online. I have a Region 3 (Hong Kong) PSN account. Just to clarify, did you install dlc 4 and confirm that the maps do not show up on the Survival DLC map list? Worst Customer Service Experience Ever - Microsoft Community pop over to this website. Call of Duty Modern Warfare https://frs-tula.ru/download/?file=835. Don't listen to the other reviews saying that their codes did not work, just put it.

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From a substantial upgrade to the Witcher 3 game extension, and general performance boosts and enhancements, to a new mod reporting system that is designed to help mod authors and users alike troubleshoot any issues. Some of the maps in bo3 are expected to be partial remakes of classic MW3 maps. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Steam Key - CJS CD Keys. How to Redeem Xbox One Download Codes: You will receive your Xbox One Digital Copy code instantly after payment as an image file. Steam needs to get their act together regarding the deployment of third party software, as there are problems with many titles. About Us. Se7enSins caters to all types of gamers across the globe, aiming to provide access to the latest news, releases, mods and a great deal more.

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Might have to uninstall this game as 1 game as fun as it is isn't worth taking the space for other. NUMPAD3-unlimited amount of Ammo. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a return to one of the franchise's most iconic settings. Modern Warfare 3: Collection 1 System Requirements blog here. Below is official news regarding the upcoming DLC: Modern Warfare 3 blazes. If we are not able to address your concern and you are a resident of the EEA, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority where you live, work, or where the issue.

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I want to remind everyone that our website is an interactive database, and anyone with a Hacker status can add their own codes for any game. Battlefield 1 is set in The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Arkten 2020-06-25 1 point. Dlc collection 1 mw3 able hacks. During the game you will be able to use the following keys: NUMPAD0-unlock all perks. Watch Dogs is an open-world action game where you can not only steal cars and gun down foes, but you can hack them too.

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The downloadable content available for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is an assortment of additional multiplayer maps, Special Ops missions, and Face Off Maps that were made available throughout, after the initial launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in. Call of Duty Ghosts is a first-person shooter action game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. COD: MW3 collection DLC 1 code. Two years later, MW3 comes out and nothing has changed. Complete the Catwoman Story and Free Roam The Catwoman DLC is basically an online pass that is included with new copies of the game for free. Top international reviews Translate all reviews to English.

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Free game demo, patch and trailer downloads. The filesize for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 including DLC (And some replay videos which are about 1 - 7 mb in size): Size: 15.8 GB (16, 996, 679, 610 bytes) Size on Disk: 15.8 GB (16, 998, 961, 152 bytes) Contains: 974 Files, 29 Folders. Elite subscription can finally get their hands on the first Content Collection DLC pack, containing four new multiplayer maps as well. But the DLC code had already been used and the supplier doesn't seem to care enough to do. And the story doesn't end there. The Steam discussions are for everyone, new and advanced user alike!

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MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats - Hacks Cheats. It contains content unsuitable for persons. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 1 includes four Multiplayer/Survival Mode Maps and two Special Ops Missions. I personally do not like to purchase games digitally. Collection 1 DLC#1 - Collection 2 DLC#3. Do u anyone know how to keep server for new maps in teknogods mw3.

What to take, and what not to take, of the last 3 Call of Dutys.

Another Call of Duty cycle, starting with the OG's, Infinity Ward, is coming to an end. Beginning with the launch of Infinite Warfare, continuing with WW2, and ending with Black Ops 4. These 3 games have something each to teach Infinity Ward for their next release. Usually, Infinity Ward plays the role of the "Refiner" - They take ideas from the last 3 games, and mold them together for a highly streamlined, sleek, pristine product. While some may not enjoy them due to the fact that things can get old, as what happened with Ghosts' linear gameplay and Infinite Warfare's jet-packs, it's hard to point to a COD game that works quite as well as either. They ran smoothly, played like silk, and looked fantastic, with easily the best UIs, gunplay, etc. between them. Other than Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer plays the experimentation role, bringing COD into new or long passed territory, and Treyarch plays the profiteers, making as much money from their game, no matter the quality, taking microtransactions, good or bad, to never before seen levels.
Here are some things that IW shouldn't, or should, bring to the table with their newest release.

Infinite Warfare -

What to take
UI - Infinite Warfare's UI was gorgeous. Extremely well made, very easy to navigate, traditional, the kit and caboodle of a well functioning Call of Duty. WW2's was fine, but often times was laggy and unresponsive, and Black Ops 4's is... Just a total mess. Laggy, confusing, poorly made, ugly colored, and unresponsive most of the time. If MW4 emulates IW's UI, it will serve it very well.
Calling Cards - Infinite Warfare has a ton of Camos and Calling Cards - I'm specifically talking about Quartermaster unlocks. The vast amount of offerings is great, especially when the art behind them is fantastic, and there are a ton of animated cards that dazzle. WW2 has great ones, while Black Ops 4's are often gaudy and ugly, but IW edges out WW2 due to the vast selection.
Cosmetic Challenges - The Cosmetic Challenges, mostly grafted over from BO3 but with some enhancements, are easily the best in the series and something I genuinely hope comes back. The ability to unlock Dark MatteEquivalent camos for your charater's garb is addicting and highly rewarding. I hope it's not anything glowing or gaudy, much more along the lines of WW2's Chrome, or maybe even a special helmet. WW2 has some good ideas with the time based unlocks, collections, and decent drop chances of high tier wearables, and BO4 has.... Pretty much nothing. Just a couple of weird, corny outfits.
Sound Design - Infinite Warfare has great sound design. Killstreaks like the Warden and Scorchers are threatening with the loud, bass-y reverberating strikes that echo throughout the map, and guns are easily differentiated just from hearing an enemy player fire them. WW2 has nothing of the sort, with gun sounds being usually poor with some exceptions, and the ugly grey mush of Black Ops 4. I want to feel like a pavelow is a threat when I hear the rotor chopping above me, I want to be able to hear which guns are which from a distance, not the bland "puhpuhpuhpuh" or slight variations on that from WW2 and BO4.
Color Palette - WW2's a bit dour and BO4's is eyebleed over-saturated, but Infinite Warfare strikes a healthy balance. The world looks colorful and nice, but doesn't make your teeth hurt from sugar overdose like BO4, and darker maps are moody and dirty enough, but not to where you become clinically depressed from playing a match like in WW2. This color balance is among the best in the series, aside from BO3.
Map Design - I struggled with this one, as I feel like neither WW2 or BO4 had good base map design, largely, but Infinite Warfare is an entirely different game, considering the maps are much more vertically inclined. Overall though, I feel like if you were to just adapt the vertical quality of each map to a linear type of map like you'd see in a BOTG IW title, you could really work some magic that WW2 didn't quite hit, and that BO4 wasn't even remotely near hitting.
What not to take
Jetpacks - This is pretty self explanatory, I just wanted to put this out there. Advanced movement is... No good. I'm pretty sure we all agree on that.
Sniper Rifle Diamond Challenges - This is a bit of a nitpick, but as someone who collects the Dark MatteChrome Tiger equivalent in all CODs, Infinite Warfare was painful due to the absurd Sniper Rifle camo challenges. 160 headshots and 200+ kills is far, far, far too much, and turns me off completely from even attempting them. One Sniper Rifle takes as long as any other entire class of weapons all getting gold. It's ridiculous. Tone it way down and try to emulate WW2's challenges.
Free DLC weapons through challenges - I will get flak for this, but I feel like the DLC weapon system in IW isn't quite as rewarding in WW2, but far better than BO4. I like to feel a rush of excitement as I earn a new weapon, and not like it's just like finishing another challenge. This could be adapted to new MP characters or DLC maps, but not something I'm interested in in guns. WW2 has the best system in my opinion - Though it is more luck based, it's also more challenging and a larger payoff than simply getting 50 kills with another gun - Though it is still a great system, at least compared to a BO3 or 4.
LaseNon-Ballistic firearms - No more secret prototype non-gun "Guns". I want every gun I use to be cold metal with bullets in the magazine. No lasers, no ram servos, just bullets.

WW2 -

What to take
The Armory Credit System - This is easily the best system to date in COD for distributing DLC. It's incredibly rewarding to rack up armory credits and spend them on a cool new weapon, piece of gear, or cosmetic. It's the pinnacle of COD DLC and I think the series would be very well served just grafting this system through every new game.
Loot Boxes - I'm fine with lootboxes, when they are fair and give a reward outside what you've strictly unlocked. WW2 strikes a balance between annoying amounts of useless stuff, like pistol grips and reticles, and high tier unlocks. Just played for a little while a day is sure to earn you high tier stuff very quickly, and you'll begin earning copious amounts of armory credits before you know it. It's very fair, and the thrill of unlocking a new gun or skin that you've been craving in a loot box is unmatched in WW2. IW was a bit too unfair in salvage and had a bit too many useless things, while BO4 is the perfect storm of useless garbage and things nobody uses, while locking guns exclusively behind loot boxes. WW2 has its place carved out in quite a good spot.
Unlockable uniforms - WW2 has realistic, deftly made uniforms that all look great, with rare exceptions. If MW4 was to emulate this in adding certain country's special forces outfits, grunt outfits, Navy Seal type things, etc. like WW2 did, it would be perfect and widely loved. IW had some cool cosmetics but were often gaudy or weird looking, and BO4 almost always variates between really ugly, overly covered/corny trash, and extremely bland, barely-notice-you-have-it-on tier outfits. WW2 was very respectful with this and it should be emulated.
Helmets - Having unlockable helmets is a great idea, especially considering the wealth of different modern options that could represent different countries, regiments, ranks, etc. that WW2 had. Everything I can say about helmets I've said with uniforms above, so I hope IW takes this aspect of WW2 with it as well.
Weapon balance - WW2 was fantastic in that, while there were guns that were absolute garbage, there weren't any really glaringly overpowered weapons. Sure, the Combat Shotgun was imbalanced and as far as this post hasn't gotten nerfed, but that's pretty strictly it. Even the meta weapons like the STG and the PPSH don't feel unfair, and that's certainly a rare thing. WW2 did it right with good, fair gun balance, and I hope something similar is featured in MW4.
The Campaign - The over-the-top setpieces, an emotional story, and well developed characters are all important to a campaign, and WW2 features them all. I would put it pretty close in quality to IW, but I feel like it inches it out with how grounded and real it can be. I haven't even found BO4's campaign (It must be a UI glitch!), so I can't comment on it /s
Movement Speed - The movement speed in IW isn't super relevant, and BO4's movement speed is far, far, far too fast. WW2's is great, and lacks a lot of the frustrating problems BO4 has, like someone running around a corner at the speed of a jet engine and jumping to reach mach 3. MW4 should retain this and not allow the continued creeping up of movement speed BO4 is spurring in the series.
Armory Credits - The Armory Credit system is fair, addictive, and rewarding. It's absolutely fantastic and I would love to see something similar return in IW's next title. IW had the same thing but much stingier, and BO4 has nothing of the sort. Neither of those works, it must be as generous and encompassing as WW2's.
Rotating Contracts - Rotating challenges where you wager an in game currency is, like I said before, rewarding and addictive. It gives you something to grind for outside of prestiging and gun camos. IW had something similar which was unique and nice, and BO4 has.... Nothing. IW's is nice and would be a welcome return, but WW2's perfected it.
Master Prestige Rewards - It's so great that WW2 has camos, outfits, social score, armory credits, etc. to unlock if you keep prestiging. It gives a shiny thing to grind for throughout your entire career and it's the best reward so far in COD, and made it the first COD I've grinding hundreds of levels past MP for.
Chrome Tiger - A dark matter past dark matter is a great idea and it's genuinely odd that BO4 launched without it. Usually a further reaching super-camo of this sort is strictly retained after its first implementation.
Graphics - WW2 is easily the best looking COD in COD history. It's gorgeous. The guns look real and have beautiful camos, the facial expressions and characters are almost creepily realistic, and te animations are perfectly crafted. BO4 is a massive step down and while IW looks great, it's not on the level of WW2.
What not to take -
Weapon Variants - The weapon variants in WW2 can transform your gun into a beat up version of it, variants used by different militaries, or even similar looking but different guns (i.g Waffe 28 -> MP34, Luger -> C96, Combat Shotgun -> Model 10, etc.). This is a great idea for WW2, considering weapon realism isn't as stressed as it is now. But to turn a modern gun like an M4 into an AR15 or something similar would be stupid, and wouldn't resonate. Feel free to make the dirty/partially destroyed guns, but the different guns used shouldn't be included.
Gun sounds - BO4 has similarly bad gun sounds, but WW2 is a lot worse on many fronts. Certain guns sound fine, but weapons like SMGs and ARs sound incredibly repetitive and dull. As I said before, the "puhpuhpuhpuhpuh" sound-alike guns are annoying, and it's genuinely difficult to tell most guns apart at a glance, unlike in CODs from before. I would love for MW4 to bring back the metallic guns, the chunky sounding guns, the ones that sound like meat grinders, etc. from a game like MW3.
Basic Trainings - This system works okay for the type of game it is, but a classic Perk 1, Perk 2, and Perk 3 is something that should absolutely come back. It kind of removes the personality of each perk and makes customization worse.
Divisions - Like the basic trainings, this system works well for WW2, but is not something that should be featured in other CODs. MW4 should be completely specialist or perk division free, being exclusively fights between players on even ground, who have selected weapons, a secondary, grenades, and 3 perks.
Visibility - Seeing enemy players is often difficult. This should only be intentionally done when someone is using a specific outfit like a ghillie suit. In WW2 someone wearing pretty much any cosmetic can blend in perfectly with the environment due to some lighting issues and players not being quite as distinguished. It's pretty annoying and a player should stand out pretty firmly from the environment.
Head glitching spots - Power areas are great and much needed for map design, but having a spot in practically every lane in every map where you're just the top of a helmet raining down lead on the other team isn't fair, and can ruin gameplay.
Taking away vision - WW2 seems to, as a conscious design choice, take away vision as often as possible from a player. Explosives shake the screen violently even if they landed 90 miles away in another state behind a mountain, and if your teammates called in an airstrike anywhere on the map. Any explosion leaves a massive, opaque dust cloud that takes 5 or 6 seconds to clear. There's no way to reduce muzzle flash on anything but SMGs, so you can't see anything over sustained fire on certain weapons and weapon variants. Let us keep clear vision unless something serious happens, not after literally any explosion from either team.

Black Ops 4 -

What to take -
The 3 Perk System - The return of 3 perks in BO4 was easily predicted and a great idea. I'm glad to see it re-implemented and I pray it returns in MW4.
What not to take -
Blackout/Battle Royale - BO4 as a game is largely plagued with terrible design choices that detract from the multiplayer, and this is one of them. Blackout limits the graphics and takes up resources that should be used on Multiplayer, while offering an experience that isn't exceptional that other games give, despite the fact that the COD multiplayer formula has always been exceptional - Something that COD is known for. Blackout is fun, yes, but it takes away from what COD is and always has been. It shouldn't be present in MW4.
Zombies - Zombies being in literally every game now for years is getting old. Add a special ops challenge or some kind of wave survival type game mode, instead of zombies.
Manual healing - This is pretty easily a choice that should've never left the boardroom. It takes skill away from interactions, rather than lending to it, something that many didn't think would happen. Due to the high movement speed, someone can just run around a corner and pop back up at full health after only half a second. It's not fair and takes away from the aspect of surprise that COD gameplay is often based on.
150 health - This has completely kneecapped balancing for different guns and created massive problems within BO4. Gun balance is completely destroyed by the 150 health change, making semi auto and burst action guns far superior to fully autos, except when the fully autos like the Rampart are for some reason far more capable of killing than others. SMGs have been destroyed, Sniper Rifles are pure garbage in regular game modes, pistols are obsolete, and LMGs are either terrible or OP with practically nothing inbetween. This was an awful idea and was even implemented incorrectly - While the 150 health should've automatically scaled all weapon damage up proportionally to allow Treyarch better ease for balancing weapon damage and falloff, they didn't bother to do this, resulting in guns like the entire SMG class being scrubbed off any chance of being in the meta. It's a shame.
Jumping - Jumping had no fatigue debuff (The slow movement speed after jumping) from AW - IW because people had jetpacks and jump shotting was clearly not going to be an issue. WW2 rightfully retained a jumping fatigue debuff, but for some reason, BO4 has almost completely done away with it. People bunny hopping in a COD game and many gunfights being decided by who jumped first is a travesty.
Limited gun attachments - Similar to the initial division system of WW2, limiting attachments in BO4 only takes away optional customization and causes attachment quality to matriculate into attachments that can be doubled down on when present, like Grip II and Stock II. It's a bizarre design choice that, again, was meant to improve balance, but did absolutely nothing of the sort.
Weapon balance - Partially due to the 150 health, I almost didn't include this in my list, but it's important that it's pointed out - Bo4's weapon balance is possibly the worst in the franchise. There are a clear pool of blatantly overpowered guns, and a clear pool of completely worthless weapons that are active hindrances on the player using them.
OP Mods - The term "OP mod" perfectly fits many OP mods, and opposite so for others. This is a new idea but something that shouldn't be even thought of at any point moving forward. They're either outrageously too powerful or completely useless (Strobelight and Stiletto knife, Double Tap and Barrel Cylinder, etc.). No attachment should fundamentally change how your gun works and force people to play a certain way to counter it.
Graphics - Due to the strain on consoles given from Blackout, BO4 had a pretty far reaching graphical downgrade. It's pretty easily the ugliest COD in years and looks a generation out of date. Maps are murky and poorly textured, pop-in lasts for 6 months, and animations are stiff and blocky.
Strong abilities on a timer rather than being earned and unavoidable deaths- BO4 has easily the lowest skill ceiling of any COD ever. I've earned multiple nukes in every COD game a few months into each but I have yet to earn one in BO4, despite having an unusually high KD in it (1.8-2.3 usually~), due to the sheer amount of deaths there is absolutely 0 counterplay for. There's nothing you can do to counter a dog running at you that has more health than your primary and secondary's magazine, due to the perk that counters it being neutered and only working sometimes. There's nothing you can do to counter dying to a flamethrower from 15 feet away that instantly kills you before you can react to it. There's nothing you can do to counter a mesh mine that, despite you having engineer equipped, is invisible for the first few seconds it comes into view. BO4 doesn't take any skill or effort to drop 15+ kills per game. It was a huge mistake to add abilities that are earned through just existing on the map, especially considering their strength.
Dark Matter - The ugliest endgame camo in the history of COD, BO4's endgame camo lacks the beauty and nuance present in previous dark matters and Chrome. Usually they're sleek and nice to look at - BO4's is a PS2 lava texture with low poly spikes sticking out of the gun. It's ugly and garish and something that isn't really worth earning.
The Battlepass system - Earning tiers and unlocks through putting time into the game not only takes away from how rewarding it is, as you can go 0/25 in every match and get as much as anyone else, but encourages idling. It's a garbage system that has 0 place in COD, especially considering if you don't dump massive amounts of time into the game you have to pay up for battle pass tiers or spend copious amounts of money on bad lootboxes for guns.
Locking guns behind tiers and tiny chances in loot crates - Loot crates can be done well with fair chances and worthwhile unlocks, but BO4 has neither. The chances of getting a gun are laughable (I unlocked over 265+ and got no guns, only a few epic camos and 1 torque skin, when I don't even play torque), and the amount of consistent time and energy it takes to get them is absurd. BO4 needs some kind of in-game currency to get these things or make dupes worthwhile, but at the time being, this current system is completely terrible.
Cosmetics - Ugly, clipping, gaudy, eyebleed colorful, or drab and pointless, cosmetics in BO4 are probably the worst in the entire series. Clown makeup, poorly animated money with obviously clipping diamond knee pads with poor texturing, and facepaints that are often times just flat colors on your entire face are bad looking. WW2 had respectful, well made, realistic (90% of the time) cosmetics, and IW had some really cool looking, futuristic, and interesting designs - Bo4 has none of either.
DLC Distribution - Part of the battle pass system, and partially due to the Black Ops Pass system, "Games as a service" has seriously damaged BO4. There is a stunning lack of content for much more money than ever in the history of COD, and the amount of new things are being developed and released at a snail's pace. The old system of a la carte map packs and an overarching season pass along with optional cosmetic microtransactions was fine and needed no changes. BO4's system sets an awful precedent for the future.
Map Design - I wasn't sure if BO4's or WW2's was worse, but I've decided on BO4, considering there are less maps and more reskins as a whole. Adding constant reskins to maps is okay, but making it 90% of your map related content drops is unacceptable, though this is aside from the point. Map design is extremely one dimensional, practically every map being a 3 lane, cluttered mess that has a ton of headglitching spots. Everything is bland and generic due to there being 0 context for any of the places you're in. It makes the game seem rightfully drab and personality-less.
Tiny amount of base guns - BO4 has the smallest base gun pool since COD 3 and the lowest amount of new DLC guns since COD Ghosts. BO4 majorly lacks different gameplay styles due to the huge lack of guns and it seriously hurts not only gameplay but replayability. WW2 was the best with this, with an ever flowing well of brand new, distinctive guns to mess around with, continuing even to this day.
That's about all I had to say. Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate any feedback.
submitted by BernieThrowaway_ to mw4

[Table] Hey Reddit, IAmA Gamestop Manager and i'm here to answer every single one of your questions on why your Gamestop experiences sucked.

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Date: 2012-03-07
Link to submission
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Questions Answers
Your answer reveals an anti-consumer perspective. You're doing an AMA to respond to why people have poor experiences at Gamestop. Cruftershuttlesocks' complaint is that the salespeople are too pushy even after having said no multiple times. And...your answer is that it's just your job? I don't have an anti-consumer perspective at all, you are simply painting it that way because i'm just another "OH FUCK DAMNIT" Gamestop manager to you. Customers come into my store and buy video games, it is my job to keep these customers coming back through providing a positive customer experience, as well as having you guys come back.
So.... Black ops 2 confirmed? God i hope not.
On a side question, do you guys have consoles in the back or nearby in which you can test if necessary and also to test buy backs? Systems are always tested, Cd's are simply given a passing glance, if there are scratches that will affect gameplay, we refurbish it.
What steps do you take to discs? Is it a sort of secret spray, or do you grind off a layer of the disc? Always wondered about that. For light scratches, some simple cleaning fluid that sorta fixes scratches, and then wipe with a soft cloth, i'll even try it on a system to make sure it works if i have the time.
I purchased a game last night at GameStop. It was a situation where the employee has to put the disc into the case. She accidentally gave me two discs (so I have an extra). Should I take it back? It's up to your personal morals. You can either A. Bring it back, get nothing. B. Bring it to another store, run a return and get the money out of it. Also, there are no consequences for the employees, so let that help out your decision a bit as well.
We've had a few of these before, but do you have any insight on the policy to employ attractive, albeit a little unqualified, girls as assistant or store managers? Gamestop will always hire a woman over a male. Even if the male has a huge amount of experience, knowledge of video games, and isn't a social retard. It's just how corporate works. I haven't let that sneak into my store, I make sure that lack of knowledge is never a problem.
What's the most annoying type of customer? It's a tie between customers who are from countries where haggling is mandatory, I understand cultural differences, but trust me ask any retail employee, it's possibly the worst thing you could do. Also, I hate it when people bring stolen shit into my store, if its obvious, i decline and have them get out.
Even though GameStop gets a ton of shit from people, as a gamer, I'd love to work at one. But the couple by my house are never hiring. On the off chance they are, do you have any tips you could give? Don't work at Gamestop. It is the most unforgiving, underpaid and overworked job i've probably had in my life.
With so many options to buy games from (Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) why would anyone buy from a store like Gamestop anymore? Also, it's policy to not sell a single copy of a midnight release until all the people who have reserved it have picked it up, unless its a copy in high demand. Honestly the employee could have sold it to you that night, he should have really, but we only receive an extra 15% of what was reserved, so you need to realize that this doesn't give us much wiggle room for customers.
I bought a used games last Tuesday. Now, because I have 7 days to return it, can I return it the next Tuesday, or is that considered the 8th day? Nope, it's considered the 7th.
If you had one piece of advice for the typical customer at your store, what would it be? Always check the case for the game if your buying it used, it'll save you a trip if there is a mistake. Also, unless you aren't sure of the game you are buying, or you have the power-up card, there really isn't a point of buying used, it's all for Gamestop profit.
Rumor has it that the next Xbox is going to have some sort of anti-used game measures. Do you think that this will cause problems for GameStop as a whole? Honestly, people have to wait it out, theres no way to tell whether Gamestop will be able to bounce back from the whole online key code stuff.
Is the incessant badgering because you're handsomely rewarded by commission sales or are you just constantly living in paranoia that corporate could be lurking in any corner waiting to write you up? No commission at all actually, purely paranoia. I've realized that by making experiences casual, we are able to push reserves and the whatnot better. I realized early on that by simply just actually talking about what the customer is buying, this conversation can usually lead to either: A. a great experience and a satisfied customer. Or B. a reserve.
What is your employee discount? 15%, plus 10 more for used games.
I paid my local Gamestop manager $50, and he lets me purchase games before street date. I guess a number of people did it. Is this common across all stores? And no it isn't common, basically illegal through Gamestop actually.
I have also been told that the secret phrases for Gamestop employees bending policy are: "I want to speak to your regional manager" and "I will be sure to give you a low score on your CSAT." Is this true? Also, "I want to Speak to your Manager" works perfectly, the second one not so much.
Back when the Wii first came out me and my best friend went to our local gamestop to pick up some games. Specifically we wanted Red Steel and Zelda: Twilight Princess. Now, I will always remember this because we asked the clerk if he had them and he opened a drawer right next to him, looked inside it for a minute and then said that they didn't have any copies. We refused to give up that easy so we asked somebody else who proceeded to open the SAME EXACT DRAWER and say, "we have tons." I looked over the counter and saw that the drawer was literally packed full of nothing but copies of Red Steel and Zelda. Do you have an explanation for that? Either a dick employee, or they may have been under reserve possibly, depending on how quickly after the release this was.
How do you feel about the about the game industry essentially making the resale of used games obsolete with online passes and such? I feel fine for now, things are a bit early for me to say that the industry is or isn't screwed. We have a few years left, and i'm sure Gamestop Corp will be able to figure something out.
When Fable 2 was coming out I pre-ordered the Special Edition. When I went to go pick up said copy, I got there the manager said they were sold out and gave me the regular edition instead. Why/how would a mix up like this happen? This isn't something that happens, at all actually, it seems like there might be a bit of the story missing from the stores side. Reserves are only supposed to be held for 48 hours, through common sense we know to hold Collectors Editions for much longer. I still really can't think of what would have happened, you should have caused a scene and had the store ship you a copy from another closeby one.
What was your funniest moment you had with a kid trying to buy an M-rated game? Every single obvious 15 year old who tries to say they forgot their ID in their car.... When they have their bicycle parked literally inside my store.
Can I tell my one annoying Gamestop story? When there at midnight for the release of Halo 3. Had my 10 year old with me (yes she plays halo). A couple teenagers cut in front of us to ask if they can pick up the game without their parents, and the guy says sure. A few minutes later, and this girl in line behind us starts complaining about my daughter being there (She was not even talking, just standing quietly, holding my hand) saying what a crapy mom I am, getting louder and louder to make sure I hear her. Finally, she gets her boyfriend to go complain to the manager, and he kicks us out because "she's not 18". Do you have a policy about not selling M games to adults who happen to have minor children WITH them? No actually, there's really nothing we could do about it anyways except for give a minor a game through his game. We can only say no when its made 100% completely clear that this isn't his current guardian (which can include friends) or relative.
The Last time I bought something new from EB Games, they had the game in the same kind of cd encasement of the used games, and placed the disc in the case. Why am I paying full price for a game that's already been opened? Why would they need to do that other than to take out competitor coupons? Gamestop has to display two cases of every game that is released on the shelves, including new and used. I'm not sure why Gamestop doesn't consider a slight discount for situations like this.
A long time ago, I brought in a bunch of old game boy games my friend had given me to trade for credit. Some of the best games were cheap but the Barbie game I had was worth almost triple what the others were. Is rarity a big deal in trading? Some games have a much higher value than others if they are simply name brands. All the Naruto's carry lots of value, as well as Pokemon obviously and the such.
[To Reddit**: This isn't the first Gamestop employee AMA we've had, the general consensus is that it depends on the managers and employees how they act or how pushy they are. Yes, the company adds pressure, but the employees can choose how the job gets done. So if you don't like your closest gamestop, the other gamestop right across the street is probably different or better. I did indeed start from the bottom, quickly establishing myself with great numbers, leading me to be promoted after 2 months; 2 years later I'm a ASM, one year later store manager at 21. Youngest one in my district i believe.
To Smackythefrogs: How did you get your manager position? Did you have to climb the ladder from the bottom? If so, how long did it take?](http://www.reddit.com/IAmA/comments/qlqj3/hey_reddit_iama_gamestop_manager_and_im_here_to/c3ysnrq?context=5)
Are you happy with your position or is this just a stop on the way to something bigger? I did indeed start from the bottom, quickly establishing myself with great numbers, leading me to be promoted after 2 months; 2 years later I'm a ASM, one year later store manager at 21. Youngest one in my district i believe. And yes, this is a step for something else. Medicine hopefully.
Gamestop employees here like to steal online passes from Gutted display copies and then when you buy one, ohhh nooo you dont have an online pass? Fuckwits. You should call corporate and tell them the Odessa TX stores and vile and evil and should promptly be burned to the ground. I'm done raging. But really...if I say I don't want to reserve a game once, I don't want to have to tell you no 3 more times before I get paid out. Okay now I'm done. Do you know anything about the refurb systems and what they go through if anything? I'd assume that there is some type of quality testing involved, right? I'm 100 percent sure that people steal online passes for their friends and stuff, other stores do it, but it's unforgivable when it's for a new game, it HAS to be sold with an online pass in my store, or the employee is in trouble. And yes, the systems go through some terrible refurb process that works 2/10 times really. They tried to shove it down our throats lately with morning videos.
I've been trying to build a collection of Gamecube/PS2 games that I missed out on or traded in because I am an idiot. Gamestop has really helped me out here, even though they are the reason I got rid of them in the first place. I signed up for the PUR thing and it's actually saved me a lot of money so far. My question is how can I build a good reputation with the local store's manager without making preorders and the like? I make minimum wage, so buying new games is not an option for me, I watch for deals on Amazon and the like when I want a new game. I would love to be able to get the infamous penny guides, a particular game display now and then, and such by being liked by the manager, but I don't have to means to get pre-orders, which I know are the quickest way to a GS employee's heart. Any advice? I understand cancelling a pre-order looks really bad, so that's out of the question... Thanks! By the way, since you're in FL, would be willing to say you're in Central Florida? Honestly, signing up for the PUR card may actually be worth it, if you spend at least 149.dollars a year on used items, as well as all the offers like buy two get one free and the such. And no, sorta southern Florida, not as far as Miami though.
[Which of the following would you most prefer? A: a puppy, B: a pretty flower from your sweety, or C: a large properly formatted data file? A duck.
Okay. I went in to pre-order Halo reach. I was with my 18 year old brother. We went up to the counter and this is how it went down. Man: Welcome to Game stop! What can I help you with toady? Me: We would like to Pre-order Halo please! Man: I'm afraid I can't do that. Since you just said that, I know that he's buying the game for you. Bro: But I'm 18, a legal adult. Man: Sorry no. Would he get fired if he let us pre-order? Or was he just being a dick? He was kind of being a dick, but rule of thumb, if you are breaking the rules, try to make it not that obvious, you he audibly heard it, he isn't really allowed to sell it to you.
Is there a corporate procedure for keeping the store and the boxes clean? Because if there is, my local EnjoymentStop is not following it. Edit: And seriously, do they just put any warm body behind the register? Not really, it's sorta common sense to keep your store in decent shape, duste and windows clean.
I have a pretty dumb GameStop story and so I'll begin. One day me(16) and my brother(21) go into a GameStop to buy the gears of war 3 season pass and I go up and ask the guy for it and he denies me because I'm not 17 even though it is a dlc which I wouldn't be buying if I didn't have the game so then I say fine and let my brother buy it and then they say nope we can't do that, why does this happen it's a freaking dlc. Also another story I preorder mw3 (stupid I know) and it is all payed for on my moms credit card and I go for the midnight release and they deny me because I'm not 17 even though my mom paid for it on her credit card and had to agree when we pre ordered it. I'm just wondering why does this happen and what what would you do in this situation? Honestly, if your a frequent customer, I'd be able to let you slide since I know in confidence that I won't get screwed over. But if your an unfamiliar race I'd have to pull the same decision. Sorry :/
Okay, here's one, what about the infamous "buttfucking" from gamestop, buying games for 5 fucking dollars and selling them for twenty? That's just GameStop fucking you for profit. Used sales are 100% profit, and people go for the stupid shitty deals, knowing full well they could easily sell it online.
I don't about you i work in 3 diffrant companies in sales and each of the managers have told me "only push for one of two of your current offers" and i gotta say my training was minimum to say the least yet they beat it in my skull to not bash offers into ppl. Now onto my question, is it mandorty from gamestop that you give every costumer 20 questions before they get to buy the game or is it just poor training? It's definitely not poor training. Every GameStop experience is exemplified when posted onto the Internet really, it turns into one giant circlejerk really.
I, for one, like GameStop. Hell I stopped myself from stealing from you guys and picked up some used ds game that fell out of the display case and gave it to an employee. But damn it, you're so over-priced! And all the employees near my store treat me retarded when I ask about Pokemon/ Naruto games... Also, just on the subject of GameStop, how many calls did you receive asking about Battle Toads? Only 3 unfortunately. 3 real ones at least, the rest are employees making obscure 4chan jokes they don't understand.
I've heard some Gamestops actually shrink-wrap used games and resell them as new. Have you ever had to deal with a similar situation? Never heard of that actually, we've had a shrink wrap machine for ages, but we've never used it.
Not sure why this hasn't been asked, or if its faux pas. But may I ask about the compensation for Gamestop managers? I get paid pretty well, store does exceptionally awesome, about 42k.
What are consequences for breaking street? Fired. Fired. Fired. Store will probably get investigated as well.
Oh no, here comes that frog! I still miss the Dufrane's terribly.
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