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I am going to get downvoted into oblivion, but I think this needs to be stated since I haven't seen any major content creators talk about this. Also, I'm on PC, so half of the COD community hates me anyway.
I don't own a PS4, but my family member does. So do my friends. All are super-casual players and usually have like a .7-.9 K/D. Watched them play and looks legitimately like aimbot at CQB. Perfect tracking, everything.
I have never used a controller in my life. I was able to pop off with a controller. I got into CQB battles, and barely touched the stick while he was jumping and strafing, perfectly tracked.
This aim assist is MASSIVELY stronger than MW2019's. If aim assist is this strong in the Beta, and this strong when game launch happens, I'm refunding. I don't want to have wasted 100+ hours on Kovaak's just to get shit on by some 12 year old with broke aim assist shit-talking me (mostly did Ascended Tracking v3, my snaps still suck compared to others with similar time).
Clips of broke AF aim assist listed below, watch at half speed for best demo. Not my video, but some good examples of what I am talking about.
So far, it looks like they only thing they got right with aim assist on this game, is turning it off for snipers, and at longer ranges. MW19 is filled with kids running around with aim assist Kar's thinking they are Gods at the game, and God knows how bad it will be in this game if Cold War launches with aim assist this strong.
submitted by DylanLee98 to blackopscoldwar

An Overwatch Terminology Guide (Part 1) (A-G)

Hey folks!
My name is Tom and I run a Youtube Channel called HeroRecall.com. We've been on hiatus since the beginning of the pandemic but plan on getting back to business soon. Meaning more new podcasts, VOD reviews and guides.
I was looking through my current selection of video topics and found a text version of a Terminology Guide I had planned to make but never got around to. So I decided to share it here to help newcomers adjust to Overwatch Terminology (which confused the shit out of me when I first started)
Some of it is outdated, but it's still helpful I think.
It's a massive guide so I'll likely have to break it into sections, this being part one. Don't worry, I'll post the following part after I create them.
The format is:
- Term
- Said in a sentence
- Meaning
Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise, enjoy!
“Hey - Can we get 2-2-2 please - we don’t need a 3rd DPS”
2-2-2 refers to the most optimal and balanced team composition possible. Having One Main Tank, One Off Tank, One Main Healer, One Off Healer, One Hitscan DPS & One Projectile DPS is the perfect combination - however just having 2 Tanks, 2 Healers & 2 DPS is usually what people mean here. If you’re sat in the spawn room and noticing someone spamming “I Need Healing” - it’s likely because they want to run 2-2-2 and just noticed there is only one chosen Healer. Despite the fact that many comps are viable in Overwatch in many ways - not having 2-2-2 can instantly tilt some members of your team before the match has even begun.
“We need to take this first point quickly - can we run 3-3”
The other team composition that people tend to prefer after 2-2-2 and usually more prevalent at higher levels of play is 3-3 - simply meaning 3 Tanks and 3 Healers. DPS begone, if you’re looking to get in and bully the enemy with sheer force of will and have a metric ton of healing to do so 3-3 is the go-to. This is also the main composition number of the legendary “Goats Comp” - more on that later.
“Since this is 2CP - can we save some big Ults for second point if possible?”
2CP means you are playing a 2 Capture Point map set. Hanamura and Temple of Anubis are examples of this. Generally speaking 2CP are considered some of the least balanced maps in the world of Overwatch. Mostly due to the MASSIVE spawn advantage for Defenders on the second point. Attackers basically have to completely team wipe the enemy or keep them trapped from the point with turrets or a Graviton Surge in order for them to easy capture the second point.
“Holy shit! Nice 5K D.Va*!”*
A number followed by the letter K in Overwatch simply means a multi-kill to the amount of the previous number. 3K means you killed 3, 4K is 4 kills, etc….The elusive 6K just means you singlehandedly Team Wiped with a hugely impactful play. Good for you buddy!
“Guy’s they have a 6-stack, so our communication needs to be on point - no trash call outs, stay focussed"
A 6-Stack just means that every person on one or both teams is in a 6-player group together, which usually means they are on comms together. Which usually means they will have better communication than you if you AREN’T in a 6-stack. Sometimes you can find yourself queuing with 3 groups of 2-stacks. against a 6-stack or visa versa. If you don’t have 6 people in team chat Vs a 6-stack, you are usually going to be at a disadvantage. Of course all OWL or professional teams are automatically 6-stacks.
“Is that Widow using a fucking Aimbot? I can’t move here”
An “Aimbot” is essentially hacking based software that is implemented by assholes who don’t want to play the game the way it was intended to be played. The software basically aims for them. It will *snap* to a specific part of the target and usually remain locked on until they fire and kill the enemy, then it will snap to another. Rinse repeat. It can be very hard to distinguish an aimbot from someone with the skill of say Carpe or Surefour. Other than the fact that if you’re in Silver and the Widow never misses, it’s worth looking at that POTG with a little extra scrutiny. Aimbotting is of course, a violation of the Terms of Service for Overwatch, and just generally massively frowned upon. Don’t do it, and report it when you see it.
“I can’t lose anymore SR on this account, switching to Alt”
An Alt is short for “Alternative Account” - this is different to a Smurf. Which we’ll get into later. An alt is simply an extra account you use to play the game. The allure of such an account is because you can essentially “start fresh”. For a lot of players who don’t believe they are at their correct rank - this is a compelling idea. On the console version of the game, alternative accounts are easy to make, since companies like Playstation allow you to make multiple free accounts on their system. If you play the PC version, you’ll essentially have to create Alt accounts by buying extra copies of the game. Which leads to a lot more higher skilled players at early ranks after the game goes on sale, which tends to be once or twice a year.
Angry Monkey
“Angry Monkey on point! Can i get some help here?”
Angry Monkey is just a short hand term for Winston’s Primal Rage Ultimate. Now i know what you’re thinking “But Tom, Primal Rage actually has less syllables than Angry Monkey” and you’d be right. However no-one just says “Primal Rage” they would more likely say “Winston has Primal” or “Primal Rage incoming” So simply screaming “ANGRY MONKEY! ANGRY MONKEY!” generally works out better and is frankly more fun to say.
“Since we’re tank heavy can we get an AOE healer to stick with the tanks?”
AOE stands for Area Of Effect. Simply put, an ability is going to take place within a certain area of the field of play, but no further than that area. For example; Lucio has AOE healing, which means if you want healing, you better stick by him. A lot of Ultimates can also be considered AOE. Mei’s Ultimate creates a large sphere in which everyone within will be frozen. This can be used to great effect when trying to stall out a point or prevent touching. Area Of Effect plays require a tight knit team to make the most out of them.
“Don’t say GG EZ. That’s just BM dude”
BM is short hand for Bad manners. usually more of a text based comment than out loud. No harm in using it to call out dick-ish players being rude in chat. As a general rule of thumb. Don’t have BM.
Baby D.Va
*“*D.Va demeched. Let’s stagger Baby D.Va - don’t kill her yet”
Baby D.Va refers to Pilot D.Va, otherwise known as D.Va when she has lost her mech and is still fighting. The term Baby obviously comes from how cute and adorable she is running around trying to kill everybody without her Mech. Don’t underestimate that Pistol though, it’ll be the last time you do. Once in Baby D.Va mode, her primary concern is to get off enough pot shots to get her Mech back without having to spawn. However if D.Va is the last to fall on her team, you will notice in higher levels of play that the opposing team will try to block her in, preventing her from attempting to Suicide by Environment so she gets staggered trying to rejoin her team, taking more time off the clock.
“Reaper backline. Can we get some peel here?”
The Backline are the people fighting from the back of your team, more often than not it will consist of more long range based characters like Widow, Ana or Zen. A lot of these characters tend to have Low mobility and if flanked by Reaper or dove by an Angry Monkey, are relatively helpless to do anything about it. Unless they have god like aim and reflexes. It is expected of other team members to give the backline a certain amount of help, should these situations arise. After all, if they fall, you fall shortly after.
“Bait out hook before we dive that Roadhog”
Bait in Overwatch simply means to try and force a particular ability out of a dangerous enemy before attacking them. Roadhog’s Hook and McCree’s flash-bang are two abilities that tend to warrant baiting out before an attack. Anything that leaves you vulnerable to an instant death is worth trying to bait out first. As soon as the ability is baited out of the enemy, you should follow up with a call out like “Roadhog, no hook” - so your team mates can help you out with the kill if you need it.
“Oh shit, Lucio jumped right in front of my Nano - my bad - have fun Boostio!”
Boostio refers to the exclamation Lucio himself makes when he gets hit by Ana’s Nano boost. Considering this is a less than optimal play and usually a mistake, even Lucio himself seems surprised by this turn of events and will go a little ham on the voice-line. Secretly however, every Lucio loves being Boostio.
“Coming back from spawn with Bongo in 10!”
Bongo refers to the shorthand term for Orisa’s Ult “Supercharger”. Again more of a shortening for times sake name, however since the Supercharger is all glowy and weird when it drops - sometimes it can be hard to see exactly what it is for newer players. So if you hear the term Bongo, that’s what you should be expecting.
“Nice Boop Lucio! I think you got 3 of them in the well!”
A “Boop” is a trait that some characters in Overwatch have available to them, that causes the subject of said Boop to fly backwards, forwards or sideways depending on the angle of attack. Most noticeably Lucio can “Boop” people pretty far with enough momentum, However characters like Ashe, Brigitte, Wrecking Ball & even D.Va have some variant form that can be used to the same effect. Of course the most optimal use of a Boop is to get an environmental kill. Lucio’s live for that shit.
“I got boosted to Diamond, now i can’t win a single game”
Not referring to Ana’s Ult here but rather when a player usually wins games due to who they are playing with on a regular basis, and then discover that when those friends aren’t present, they have a hell of a time fighting in those ranks. Boosted players may feel better than they really are due to the high win rate, only to get a nasty shock when they try to go it alone. They will usually drop down to their actual ELO through time.
“Come on Jeff! Can we please Buff Mercy already?”
A Buff is when the developer team decides to slightly alter one or more aspects of a character to make them more viable to play in game. With all the consistent changes going on to the Overwatch roster, new characters and new meta’s mean that some characters will suddenly seem weaker than others even if they seemed fine before. Usually because their play style has been hard countered by said new character or meta. In cases like this, the dev team may consider a Buff to the character. For example; Mei’s icicles now have no drop-off damage, making her viable at long range.
“Oh my god! They C9’d it! We win!”
The term C9 refers specifically to the North American team Cloud 9, and their habit of winning team fights but not paying attention to the objective (usually during overtime). During a Pro match against AFB on no less than 3 occasions they had WON the team fight, but lost the match due to all of them leaving the Objective. Most notoriously they all ran from point with an incoming D.Va self destruct, and lost it, despite having a Winston that could have simply bubbled the explosion. Since then it has become somewhat of a meme in the Overwatch world. Referring to the same behavior. Leaving the point and losing the game, despite having the advantageous position.
“They have way too much CC guys, Widow can you focus that Doom?”
CC refers to the term Crowd Control. Essentially players that can Stun or Push you into a position that leaves you unable to respond for a second or two. Think Brigitte’s Shield Bash or Wrecking Ball's Piledriver. The rise of CC in Overwatch has led to many discussions about how it has “ruined the game” mostly by disgruntled Tanks. With good reason though. A lot of the most recent characters added to the game are very CC heavy, Doomfist, Brigitte & Wrecking Ball all have CC abilities that frankly bully tanks around, when realistically Tanks should have a little more weight to them. It continues to be a source of controversy.
“Sorry no heals right now, still on CD, Healing Orb coming in 3”
CD stands for Cooldown. These are the abilities that your character has to wait some time to use again after utilizing them. Any ability that isn’t your primary or secondary fire is usually a cooldown. Cooldown can range from as low as 2 seconds to as high as 12 or over for really powerful abilities, and everywhere in-between. A lot of people consider certain CD abilities to be crucial callouts when used. You’ll often hear “Mei No Cryo”, Moira No Fade” or “Tracer No Recall” - since these abilities are often life saving and knowing they cannot be used is good intel.
“Don’t let them Cap! Back in 3, stall it out!”
Cap means Capture. Sometimes you might hear a callout like “Unwinnable, let them Cap, Reset first corner” Meaning “We cannot win this team fight so please don’t run in and die instantly, wasting ten more seconds, let’s just let them capture the point and fight at the more advantageous position of the first corner after point” Simple enough.
“Jesus, their Tracer is hard carrying them right now, Let’s focus her and then roll ‘em”
Carrying refers to one particular player on the team who is essentially the only reason that side is winning. One player doing so spectacularly well, that the team would likely lose without them. A lot of players have a “Carry-Pick” - their go-to for when things start to go a little sideways with the current composition. If you are Carrying Teams at your ELO, it is likely that you are going to rise in the ranks soon. Players that can carry every game by themselves, usually have a higher win than loss rate, because they win the games they were supposed to lose.
Car wash
“Symmetra can you set up a Car Wash at the top right entrance please? Let’s not let anything slip by”
Car Wash is a term specifically referring to when Symmetra’s turrets are set up in such a manner that they slow down anything trying to push and usually make it easier for you to kill, if they don’t already kill the enemy by themselves. A well placed Car Wash can completely shut down entry to a specific point and make it a nightmare for the enemy team to break a choke. They can often force composition swaps all by themselves.
Cheese comp
“I guarantee they’ll be running a cheese comp here, what do we have to counter Bastion?”
A Cheese comp is when (usually, but not exclusively) the defense picks a team composition composed of the most infuriating spam characters available. Traditionally there’s going to be a Bastion behind an Orisa shield. A Torbjorn with a well placed turret. A Symmetra with a Car Wash set up. A Junk rat spamming the hell out of every possible point of entry & maybe a Moira keeping them all alive and throwing random death orbs in your general direction. It can be infuriating to break, but often times once one or two fall, the whole thing collapses. Just don’t get tilted, get smart.
“Let’s push up and keep them at the choke, fall back when shield breaks”
A choke or choke point is a narrow point of entry to an area where you can funnel damage, or defend. usually every choke in Overwatch has at least two alternate flank routes to bypass it. However, because leaving the choke open and dealing with 6 players storming you Vs trying to hold the choke and keeping a half an eye on the flank routes is the most optimal play in most situations. Choke Holds are common place. Certain alts also bare better fruit in a choke, such as Moira’s Coalescence, or Hanzo’s Dragonstrike.
Click Heads
“Way to Click Heads Widow, nice work!”
“Clicking Heads” came about from people asking how to better their skills in various Overwatch forums often to be met with the reply “Just Click Heads” The term itself is quite literal. Move your cursor over the opponents head and click. Voila! Instant kill. Often times you will still see budding Widows asking for advice and getting the same reply, or alternatively, excellent Widows will post an epic montage with the comment “Am i clicking heads right?”
“Hey Hanzo can you get on comms so we can co-ordinate Ults?”
Comms is shorthand for communication. So saying “Get on comms” is someone asking you to join the Team Chat so that they can discuss things with you mid-match. Generally speaking, comm usage is at its highest in the higher ranks, and at its lowest in the lowest ranks. Make your own mind up as to why that might be.
“Which comp do you want to run for point A?”
Whilst Comp could also mean Competitive as in the Ranked Gameplay mode. usually when someone is referring to Comp, they mean “Composition”. As in - which 6 heroes do we want to use to fight in this match. Comps can be hugely complicated things, sometimes you want maximum synchronicity, other times you need to switch Comp on the fly in order to counter the enemy Comp. They can be tilting, and rewarding. Certain Comps are considered ‘Meta’ at different times. We’ll get into that one a little later.
“We need to Counter this Pharah, can somebody go Hitscan?"
For the most part, every hero has a Counter, and by Counter i mean another hero that is their worst nightmare. The type of character they’d have to actively avoid, rather than face head on. Making life difficult. There are two types of Counter - Hard and Soft. An example of a Hard Counter would be Brigitte Vs Tracer. Brigitte is Tracers hard counter. Tracers main deal is that she can zip around taking pot shots at the back line and hopefully take out an Ana or a Zen, making life easier for the guys on her front line. When Brigitte was released, Tracer’s pick rate dropped significantly. In fact it dropped so hard she fell out of the Meta. Brigitte had a shield to avoid pot shots and could bash the zippy little Tracer into oblivion. Most Tracers were sensible enough to switch if they came across a fierce Brigitte. For an example of a Soft counter, let’s look at Moira Vs Pharah. Moira is not a Hitscan, which tends to be the Hard Counter for a Pharah, however, Moira’s Biotic Grasp can reach most Pharah’s if they dip low enough, and add in a quick death orb to make relatively short work of her. Not to mention her Ult. Of course this is less than ideal because while Moira is dealing with Pharah, she isn’t healing her team, Pharah has quick kill potential, and if she wipes your Moira, it’s likely the rest of the team is next. Moira can be a soft counter for Pharah. As in, she can deal with her, but it’s less than ideal. Learn your Counters, it’s how games are won or lost.
Deathball Comp
“It’s King’s Row? I say we go full Deathball - who’s in?”
Deathball comp is an interesting Composition. Not to be confused with GOATS, Death ball usually consists of a Reinhardt, Roadhog (or Zarya), Soldier, McCree, Ana (or Moira) & Lucio. Essentially you want a big ass shield up front, Hog hooking people into your ball of death. A bunch of hit scans with good aim, An Ana to sleep anything that gets close and Anti-Nade the opposite team. Top that all off with a dose of speed by Lucio and you got yourself a Death Comp. Designed to roll fast, hard and act before the other team has a chance to answer.
“Hey Zen, can you Discord that Bastion real quick, we’ll burst him down.”
Everyones favorite Omnic Monk - Zenyatta - has the ability to throw two different types of Orbs onto other heroes. A Harmony Orb to heal his team mates, and a Discord Orbs to essentially curse his enemies. The Discord Orb itself basically means the person who receives it will take an extra 30% damage from any attack, for as long as they stay within Line of Sight of Zenyatta, or for 3 full seconds after Line of Sight is broken. Discord call outs are hugely important to listen for, because its essentially meaning the whole team should focus a target, due to their current disadvantage.
Dive comp
“This map has a lot of high ground, let’s run Dive Comp!”
Dive Comp has, up until the release of Brigitte, been the most favored team composition in Overwatch history. Dive comp relies exclusively on high mobility and the ability to collapse on a single target in a heartbeat. By the end of its time, it was mostly refined to Winston, D.Va, Genji, Tracer, Mercy & Zen. With Tanks working in tandem to “dive” a target simultaneously, whilst being pocketed by healers. and Genji & Tracer running interference in the backline. Dive generally works best on maps with high ground such as Numbani, Gibraltar & Busan.
“Hey D.Va*, i’m about to Ult, can you DM me?”*
DM stands for Defense Matrix. Referring of course to D.Va’s cooldown ability which allows her to negate any incoming damage within her Defense Matrix’s range. The ability is hugely useful for characters who are prone to damage when performing their ultimate, such as McCree or Pharah. Conversely, it can be used to negate Ults from the same characters if they are attempting to Ult against you. If you see a D.Va turn and charge a McCree with her Defense Matrix open. Be sure to thank her after.
“Can we get a projectile DPS please? We already have a hitscan”
DPS stands for “Damage Per Second”. DPS used to be split into two categories - Attack & Defense. However, Blizzard eventually decided to just smash them all together into a single category, known simply, as “Damage”. DPS are comprised of either Hitscan or Projectile aim-based heroes. See further explanation on those later. All you really need to know is that the DPS player has a singular goal. To pour out as much damage against the enemy as humanly possible. They generally have high damage output, but tend to be more fragile as far as health bars go. DPS players are definitely a varied bunch, some with high utility, others who can fly, hack or turn into a god damn mini gun turret. Despite their bad rap, they are often the most fun characters to play, and everyone secretly enjoys going on a bit of a tear as their favorite DPS hero.
Dry Fight
“Ok, they have the Ult advantage here, let’s make this one a Dry Fight”
A Dry Fight is a fight in which your team does not commit any Ultimates. The idea being that you either try to win the team fight on the mechanical merits of your own abilities, or by counter picking. With the hopes that your team builds their own ultimates, whilst hopefully forcing the enemy to use some of theirs. So either you win the team fight and set yourself up nicely for the next one, or you lose, but the next fight should be much easier.
“I swear to god, i am just hard stuck in ELO hell right now”
ELO does not refer to an acronym as some might think, but rather to a man - Arpad Elo. Elo was a Chess Master and actually designed his own ratings system for the game that was officially approved in a meeting in St Louis in 1960. It was essentially supposed to be the best governing method for match making players based on a variety of factors. Later adopted by some online competitive video games such as League Of Legends and, of course, Overwatch. You will hear the words ELO Hell thrown around quite a bit, this essentially means that a player believes they perform way above their current MMR and SR rating, but are consistently thrown into matches that seem lopsided or unfair, thus making the ability to gain any kind of traction with winning games either hard, or near impossible. Others would argue that there’s no such thing as Elo hell, and that it is a form of cognitive bias - essentially players assuming they are better than they really are. ELO hell also accounts for the large variety of Smurf accounts you may come into contact with on Overwatch. More on that later.

EZ Clap
“…nothing left to say but EZ CLAP”
EZ Clap is an exclamation usually made by the winning side of an absolute stomp of a match. If one team completely rolls the other with no difficulty at all, two common types of winners insult in the chat box were usually “GG EZ” or “EZ CLAP” Blizzard actually caught on to the former and changes it to something else more wholesome when typed. It doesn’t stop people from saying it out loud though.
Fall Off Damage
“Keep out of McCrees fall off damage range, he’s a decent shot”
Fall Off Damage is the distance with which a hero’s effective damage range with a weapon is reduced. Not all weapons in Overwatch are created equal. Some of them will lose a portion of their damage output once an enemy is far enough away from the origin of the shot. If you know the effective range of a hero’s maximum damage output, you can try and keep at arms length and avoid taking quite as much harm as if you were within the effective range. Other hero’s have zero fall off damage, meaning they will hurt you just as much at maximum sight lines, as being directly in your face. Learning which is which is key to your overall survival.
“Soldier, can you please stop running in, you’re massively feeding right now”
Feeding essentially means you are doing one of two things, either allowing the enemy to build Ult charge off of you by continuously running into a fight by yourself and dying, or you are doing Trash Damage to the enemy team and allowing their healers to gain Ult charge by simply healing up the tiny amount of damage you are doing to their team. Both of these are generally bad ideas. You ultimately want to be building your Ult charge as much as possible, without allowing the enemy team to gain much, if any, Ult charge from you. Do you best to avoid feeding the enemy Ult Economy.
“We’re having a hell of a time breaking this Choke, Genji, can you flank?”
Flanking is a term used in many games, so most of you are probably familiar with it. However, in Overwatch, considering so much of the game is based around picking off one or two people, or simply breaking a choke. Flanking is hugely prevalent and important. The best flankers will engage with the enemy at the same time their team does, and use the chaos to find their mark. Sometimes your flanking player will just go right to the objective in order to force the team to deal with you. Prominent Overwatch heroes used for flanking are Tracer, Sombra, Genji & Reaper. Amongst others.
“Hey, can our Flex go Pharah, we need to take their focus away from us”
A Flex player is a player that prides themselves in being able to play multiple roles at a mid to high level. They may not be as fine tuned as an OTP or just someone who has a hundred plus hours on a particular hero, but they’re your go to for those sticky moments when you might need to switch up to a triple heal or triple tank play. They know how to play Junk, Pharah, Mei & Soldier with decent results, and can save your ass in a pinch. Often to the detriment of true greatness themselves.
“Jesus Widow! Way to frag out!"
Fragging quite simply means killing. It is an old military term for using a fragmentation grenade. Originating in the Vietnam war. Believe it or not, the term was based on using a Frag Grenade to kill or assassinate an unpopular or incompetent officer, often times a Frag Grenade was used for plausible deniability, since they could be easily blamed as an accidental short throw or an enemy grenade. It gained a resurgence in the 90’s with games like Doom & Quake. No killing your team mates in Overwatch though, unfortunately.
“McCree loves to Flash FTH, be aware, don’t get to close”
FTH in Overwatch usually refers to McCree’s secondary fire, FTH is shorthand for “Fan The Hammer”. This is when McCree unloads the remainder of his revolver in one go. Typically, a McCree will flash-bang you, then unload the full remainder of his barrel as close to your face as he can, this is instant death for most squishies. Hence why most people will try to bait out flash-bang before 1V1’ing a McCree
“GG’s guys, well played by everyone”
GG is simply short hand for Good Game. It’s kind of tradition after a well played game for both teams to type or say “GG” to each other. Just a simple sign of respect. Of course there are variations of this term that go completely against the original message. Most famously GG EZ, which is frankly a dick move to type.
“This is a close quarters map, you guys wanna run GOATS?”
GOATS comp is one of the most popular current compositions in professional level Overwatch. Named after a North American Overwatch team originally formed from the core of Fractal eSports. They played in the Overwatch Contenders trial and placed first in the 2018 Season 2 open division. The Comp consists of 3 Tanks, and 3 Healers. Usually Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Brigitte, Lucio, Moira - although there are some variations. The power of GOATS comp is that the unit moves fast, together and isolates a target to pick as a group. Rinse repeat until the enemy team is dead. A good GOATS comp is very hard to counter, although there are several methods available. Notably Dive will still give them a run for their money on maps with verticality.
“Ok Hanzo, I have Ult - ready to Grav-Drag?”
A Grav-Drag is shorthand for Graviton Surge & Dragonstrike combination Ult. Essentially once Zayra builds her Graviton Surge, She tries to catch the whole team in it, and Hanzo will Dragonstrike directly into the centre, destroying anything caught within. This is a hugely popular combination ult that often results in a team wipe. Most likely to be seen on King’s Row.
TBC - Part 2
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