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Harvest’s Eve [Hallows 7]

This is for Old Traditions. Two down, one more short story to go.
A chill wind carried fallen amber leaves across the cobble stone streets of the capital. The first hints of winter were in the air though there was still some time before the first frost. Hellevi walked through the streets, dark thoughts whirling through her mind. The events of the morning were painfully fresh, humiliation still burning in her chest. On her way, the elf paused to watch street performers putting on a show for a group of gathered peasant children. The dancers retelling the same old tales year after year to reinforce the necessity of the yearly offerings to the Banished and instill respect for the divine in the youths. Hellevi silently scoffed at the performance before leaving. The Banished were a boogeyman to keep the peasantry in line. The offerings served as a convenient way for the church to skim grains from the peasantry so the upper echelons could dine in comfort and the lower ranks could survive the harsh winters. Hellevi was careful to hide her derision, lest she draw the eyes of the church however a single member of the crowd saw through her facade. A lone elf flashed a predatory smile, his short black hair and face hidden from view by a thick traveler’s cloak.
Reaching her mansion, Hellevi walked through the gates and made for her family’s ancient library. She needed a place to unwind while she plotted revenge and the dust covered shelves and silent tables were better company than any of her fellows. Unlocking the thick double doors, Hellevi stepped inside, her feet disturbing the dust that collected between her visits. With a flick of the wrist, Hellevi summoned flames and lit the torches that hung overhead, filling the large room with a flickering orange glow.
‘I need books on ceremonies, anything that I can use to overturn the king’s ruling. He has no right to take my title! My family has ruled this city for generations and that’s not going to change just because some greedy king has bitten off more than he can chew.’ Hellevi knew there was no chance for a military revolt. Her neighbors all circled about like hyenas, eager to pick apart all her family had built. Gathering up an armful of books, she began to read, letting time roll by. Finally, the hour grew late and Hellevi’s mind began to wander until she fell into an uneasy sleep in her chair.
“Do you know the story of Harvest’s Eve?” Hellevi blinked wearily, looking around the darkened room, only a few candles still burning.
“Yes, it’s utter nonsense.” Hellevi turned to look at the intruder and saw a plain elf standing beside her, his hand on a book she didn’t recognize.
“Perhaps, but it must have some small grain of truth? After all, the gods are quite real, no one would deny that.” The humbly dressed elf smiled, hands open in a display of harmlessness.
“What are you saying and why have you trespassed peasant?” Hellevi growled and the black haired elf put on a diplomatic smile.
“I simply took interest in your plight, after all you’ve no hope of winning against the king. He is the highest judge in the land and no amount of court politics will allow you to outmaneuver such a popular ruler.” The elf tapped the book his hand had been resting on and winked, his smile sending a shiver of fear down Hellevi’s back.
Hellevi awoke with a start, rays of morning sunlight streaming in through yellowed glass windows. ‘What an odd dream.’ Hellevi stretched, her back sore from sleeping upright. Beside her a book bound in jet black leather sat atop the dust that covered the table. Hellevi looked over the book, her heart catching in her throat. ‘That’s the book from the dream.’ She reached towards it cautiously. ‘Why am I so afraid? I merely left it here and it showed up in my dream.’ Hellevi shook off the unease and opened the book, curiosity pushing aside her caution.
The pages were stuck together, a dark black substance having seeped into much of the paper, however Hellevi managed to gently pry apart enough pages to get an idea of what the book was about. ‘To those who seek revenge upon the world, the Harvest’s Eve is perhaps the most sacred of days. It is the day they were sealed from the world and the day when one could call upon their services. Nothing is beyond their power for they rival the gods, but know that for every wish granted comes a price. They do not trade in prayers but rather seek to satiate their lust for blood through the wishes they grant.’ Hellevi felt some of the blank gunk chip off on her hands and realized it was dried blood. ‘So they’d grant a wish for bloodshed, then perhaps they’d be willing to kill a king for me.’ She thought before rolling her eyes and closing the book. ‘Utter nonsense, I’m getting carried away by a dream. I need some food and time to clear my head, I’ll have my revenge but a dream isn’t going to provide the answer.’
Hellevi left the library and locked it behind her, making her way back into her home. The servants were already preparing breakfast, and Helelvi sat down to eat a lavish meal consisting of an omelet made with fresh eggs and cheese, wheat bread and a glass of steaming coffee. Rejuvenated, Hellevi caught the nervous glances her servants gave her and felt her blood boil. It wasn’t just her livelihood that was ruined but everyone who served her. Dwarven smiths, sculpters and brewers, Halfling servants, artists and cooks all would soon be homeless. The loyal service their families had given her own, generations of devotion thrown to the wayside by the king’s decision. Without the funds provided by the city, she’d have to banish them from her halls if she wished to retain her ancestral estate.
She knew they’d blame her, they wouldn’t be able to see the truth. They whispered behind her back with daggers in their eyes. The king was appointed by the gods and no matter how high ranking or honorable, a noble wasn’t divine. The thoughts turned her food bitter and Hellevi left most of it untouched, silently waving a maid to clean up before rising to her feet and walking out into the chilly fall sunlight. The trees in her yard had turned a beautiful vibrant red and she watched them sway in the gentle breeze that blew in from the ocean. ‘It’s going to take a miracle to right things.’ Hellevi turned towards the library, darkness pouring out from the opened doorway. ‘I know I locked that door.’ Hellevi scowled and retrieved her sword from her room, the familiar weight of the blade comforting her.
‘Well if anyone’s broken in to my home, they’re about to provide me a little welcome stress relief.’ Hellevi grinned and moved in to the darkened library, calling upon her deep reserves of power and filling the entire building with light. Moving swiftly, she searched the entire building but found no one. Sheathing her blade, a disappointed sigh escaping her lips, Hellevi turned and saw the book she’d been reading opened to a fresh page, fragments of dried blood littering the table. ‘So they decided to read from my book did they? What did they see I wonder?’ Hellevi walked towards the table and peered down at the dirty old pages.
‘Just beyond the walls of Älvanärra, nestled away in a tiny cave is a temple, utterly unremarkable at first glance and yet it is perhaps the most sacred and cursed place in all the world, for it is where the true rights of Harvest’s Eve take place. Though the common folk imitate the ancient rites, only those cast upon the spot where the last of the Banished made their final stand has any true meaning. Grains blessed by the gods are sacrificed each year, the blessings restoring the seals that begin to rapidly decay on the anniversary of their final defeat. By lacing these grains with blood spilled in anger one who shares their pain can reach out to the Banished and bargain with them. But be warned all who would treat with them. Fresh salt taken from the ocean and blessed by the sun must be scattered once the dealings are complete or doom will befall all involved.’ Hellevi closed the book and glanced around one last time for any would be intruder. ‘What nonsense.’
“My lady!” A dwarf ran in, panting for air with his hands on his stubby legs for extra support. “The king’s guard are here! They’re saying you’re to be banished!”
“They said what?” Hellevi picked up the ancient book absentmindedly and scowled at the dwarf. “Don’t talk nonsense, take me to those spouting such slander!” Hellevi snapped and the dwarf nodded before turning and walking at a slow pace so he could catch his breath. ‘Why banishment? I haven’t even done anything yet.’ Hellevi walked through her mansion arriving in front of a group of knights, lead by a priest.
“Hellevi?” The priest snapped, leaving out her family name.
“Address me correctly or not at all priest.” Lady Hellevi of house Ironwood growled, her hand resting on the pommel of her sheathed sword.
“You’ve been credibly accused of consorting with spirits and demons. Your house will be seized at once, your non-heretical possessions transferred to your nearest living relative which is currently the lord Einar.” The priest’s eyes fell upon the blood encrusted tomb Hellevi held and she suddenly became aware of just how much it weighed. “Resist and you shall be found guilty on the spot.”
“Damn you and your black hearts! You all know this is entirely fabricated.” Hellevi shouted and the knights drew their swords in unison, their eyes hidden behind helmets of cold steel. “I’d rather argue my case to a judge then die on your swords.”
“A wise decision.” The priest smirked and motioned for the knights to seize her. Hellevi didn’t resist and was quickly dragged from her mansion out into the street with her hands tied behind her back. She didn’t even have time to compose herself before the knights unceremoniously tossed her into a cage atop a wagon allowing all who passed by the sight of their former lord in bonds.
Hellevi didn’t react at the jeers of the peasants or smug laughter of her rivals. ‘Don’t show weakness, once you do it’s over.’ She repeated the mantra over and over in her head, ignoring the vitriol washing over her. The anger she’d experienced only a day previously now paled in comparison to the loathing that had taken root within the elven noblewoman. She’d spent most of her life tending to her city, making sure grain got to those who needed it, taxes were payed and peace was maintained. She’d walked the streets, dutifully addressing the concerns of her people, only for them to turn on her in less than a day. ‘The king isn’t the only one who needs to suffer.’ Hellevi thought, darkness momentarily engulfing her, the carriage passing through the gatehouse of the prison her family had built.
‘At least my ancestors loathed the concept of an oubliette.’ Hellevi mused while being led through the prison to a cell facing the city street. She could hear carriages and people moving past but knew none would help her. ‘I’ve walked down that road before, the prisoners will claim anything to get someone to listen. Hell I remember one man claiming to be the king and he turned out to be a dwarf.’ Hellevi chuckled despite herself, ignoring the jailer slamming her cell’s door shut. She tried to call upon her power but the cursed stones inlaid in the walls prevented even the most powerful of wizards from creating even a spark. ‘Dammit’ Hellevi sat down on the bare cote, noticing she hadn’t even been given a blanket, a clear violation of the rules her father had set down for the treatment of prisoners within their city. ‘But it’s not ours anymore.’ Hellevi thought, pulling her legs to her chest and fighting off the cold that now constantly assailed her.
Hours crawled by painfully slowly and no one came to speak with Hellevi who sat shivering and starving in her cell. ‘Am I going to die of cold?’ She looked out the window at the orange sky, even the sun abandoning her. ‘No, I’m not going to die so easily.’ Hellevi glanced around her cell, hunger and thirst driving her desperation. The dark cursed stones stood out in the white gray walls and Hellevi realized if she could shatter them she’d be able to call upon her power. Scrounging around her cell she noticed the steel bolts embedded in the wood that made up her cot would do nicely, the wood would even allow her to use it as a club.
‘I’m sure glad most commoners don’t know how to use magic.’ Hellevi thought and ripped apart the cot as quietly as she could and laughed. ‘Once I start whacking the walls, the guards will surely notice.’ Hellevi shrugged, realizing she really didn’t care anymore. ‘If the noise brings them over I can at least demand food.’
“My, my and here I thought you’d be in tears miss noble.” A familiar voice entered Hellevi’s ears causing her to flinch in surprise. Turning slowly, club clenched tightly she saw the black haired elf smile and wave in greetings.
“And why are you here? Are you a guard? No you carry yourself with authority. A noble here to laugh?” Hellevi eyed the elf, noticing he was wearing the same clothes he’d worn in her library with the addition of a heavy cloak.
“I’m merely a sympathetic traveler. Yesterday, when I saw you so full of despair despite being surrounded by such joy, I decided to lend you a hand.” The elf walked up to the bars that separated them and leaned forward, placing himself well within Hellevi’s reach. “I could help you escape.”
“What do you want?” Hellevi took a step towards the man and he raised a single finger warning her not to move.
“One of the guards annoyed me but it’d be boring to kill him myself. I’ll open your cell and you’ll fight your way out.” Hellevi considered the offer, it was better than nothing but there was almost no hope of success. “I can see you’re unsure so I’ll sweeten the pot, I’ll smuggle you outside the walls once you escape this building and even give you a horse.” A flash of lightning illuminated the darkened cell, thunder shaking the walls and rattling Hellevi’s teeth.
“Very well, I accept your offer.” A smile slowly spread across the man’s lips and he pulled a sword from his cloak. “I believe this is yours.”
“How?” Hellevi blinked and jerked upright off the stone floor she’d been laying on. ‘I was asleep?’ Her body was cold and wracked by hunger pains while rain poured outside. ‘What the hell just happened?’ Looking around her cell, she spotted the shattered cot, next to which her sword lay in its sheath. Gripping the weapon, Hellevi felt strength return to her, adrenaline doing its best to keep her body functioning. ‘Guess it wasn’t just a dream then.’ Hellevi looked at the cell and saw the door swing open with a long drawn out squeal. ‘Maybe I should just stay here and die.’ Hellevi thought briefly then stood up and stepped out of her cell.
She remembered the path out, and smiled. ‘They should have blindfolded me.’ Hellevi thought and looked at the sleeping guard watching her cell block. He’d done nothing but ignore her since she’d arrived. ‘That’s a warm looking cloak he’s got.’ Hellevi walked up to the elf and plunged her sword through his heart. The elf’s eyes flashed open before turning glassy, dying before he had a chance to react. Hellevi pulled the cloak off the corpse before it got dirty, wrapping herself in it and finally feeling some mild relief from the cold that had seeped into her bones.
‘He said he wanted me to fight my way out, he never said I had to be flashy.’ Hellevi recalled the layout of the building and began heading for the nearest guard post where food and water would be waiting for her.
Opening the door, the guards all paused, recognizing their former liege. Hellevi smiled before slashing through the neck of the nearest man. The room exploded into motion but Hellevi had already made her second move. Raising her left hand, she unleashed a wave of fire upon the surprised guards. They didn’t even get the chance to scream.
‘Nearly ruined the food.’ Hellevi thought, picking up the slightly chaired toast that had seconds before been fresh bread and took a bite. The smell of cooked bacon filled her nose and her stomach growled. The bread satisfied her hunger but her throat was parched and it hurt to swallow. Picking up a cup of steaming water, Hellevi chilled it with magic and quickly gulped it down, letting out a content sigh. ‘I feel alive again.’ Hellevi could hear the sound of boots rushing towards her location and realized how much time she’d spent surrounded by burnt corpses. ‘Better get moving or I'm going to die.’
Hellevi pushed opened the door of the guard room, lightning crackling around her hand and unleashed a stream of death on a group of five guards that had come to inspect the noise. The buzzing of electricity filled the air, quickly followed by the clatter of mail on stone, the bodies of her victims thrashing about in their death throes before going still. ‘I never thought I’d be so good at this.’ Hellevi stepped over the steaming bodies and rushed towards the exit. Fortunately, she’d already killed most of the guards in her section of the prison and arrived at the front gate still wrapped in the unblemished cloak of her first kill. Passing out onto the city street, she saw a horse tied up just outside the wall and smiled. The animal was wet from the constant down poor but was clearly in good health. ‘I wonder if this was left by my strange friend.’ She untied the horse before jumping into the saddle and jamming her heels into its sides, sending the horse galloping through the paved roads.
Reaching the gatehouse, Hellevi could already hear the ringing of the prison’s alarm bell. ‘Seems they discovered my breakout, how am I going to escape the city now?’ Hellevi looked around and saw that same black haired elf waving from atop the city’s walls. Below him, the gate remained opened and Hellevi saluted him with her sword before galloping to freedom.
‘Well, I’ve escaped but I’ve lost everything.’ Hellevi thought, her horse thundering down the well paved stone road into the farmland surrounding the city. ‘I guess I should head for the border and try to find a foreign backer willing to press my grievances.’ Hellevi pondered, not paying much attention to her horse which continued dutifully down the path she’d set it on. A sharp guest of chilly wind pierced her coat and carried water into her face, lightning arcing across the sky to reveal a massive bear barreling towards her. ‘Shit!’ Hellevi tried to bring the horse around but it reared up on its hind legs tossing her to the ground.
The bear collided with the horse at full speed, its claws ripping into flesh and breaking bone. Hellevi sprang to her feet and bolted, sprinting away from the road and into a small copse of trees just off the road. The bear’s head jerked from its dying kill to the elf, madness glittering in its eyes, frothed spit leaking from its mouth. With a roar it ran after Hellevi, gaining on her at a hair raising pace. Turning to fight, Hellevi once again summoned lightning into her hand and unleashed bolts of searing light. The bear ran through the storm, steam rising from its soaked fur coat. ‘It’s rabid!’ Hellevi ducked behind a tree and gripped her sword with both hands, channeling her lightning through the blade. The bear barreled around the tree, inertia and the wet earth hindering its turn and Hellevi plunged her blade into its flank, delivering wrathful lightning straight to its innards. With a gurgling groan the bear skid across the ground, wrenching Hellevi’s sword from her hands.
‘Is it dead?’ Hellevi looked at the bear, a reflection of firelight shimmering on her blade. ‘What’s that?’ Hellevi withdrew her sword from the corpse, blood pouring from the wound and turned to see a small cave entrance flanked by a pair of burning braziers. ‘No way, that’s too much of a coincidence.’ Hellevi began to laugh and walked towards the cave entrance, a well maintained path clear of shrubs and underbrush running through the small cluster of trees. Rain pounded Hellevi and with nowhere else to go she walked into the cave, still in disbelief.
Inside she heard fires burning and moved through the narrow passage in the stone, passing a small room cut into the rock. Symbols of the gods were scrawled along the gray stone walls and charms dangled overhead, chimes ringing in the storm’s breeze. Chanting reached Hellevi’s ears and she headed deeper into the cave, coming upon a large open room formed long before elves built their first city. Ten priests were preparing offerings while chanting around a massive pitch black obelisk. Hellevi felt a pull, her hatred resonating with the malefic energies that swirled around the sculpture. ‘If I wish for something that will provide bloodshed, it’ll be granted.’ Hellevi remembered the words of her book and looked over the priests. Three elven priests, one from each of the major tribes worked on beating the grains free from their stalks while a dwarf, halfing, lizard kin and orc tended the fires that filled the room with light and heat. Finally the last three priests belonged to the most reclusive of beings that not even Hellevi, a city lord, had seen before. A bird man ground grain into flour while a Goblin prepared a mixture of rock powder and water. The final priest was a Kitsune who was chanting solemnly while continuously casting a powerful sealing spell upon the obelisk.
‘Spill blood on the offered grain to gain an audience.’ Hellevi recalled and looked at the path leading down towards the priests. ‘I’m forgetting something but I can figure it out later, if I let them complete the ritual I wont be able to get my wish.’ Hellevi felt exhaustion slowing her movements but she was up against ten ancient priests who’d probably never seen battle. Conserving her waning magic, she charged down the stone steps to the ritual and impaled the dwarf while a scream of desperation forced its way from her lips. The chanting stopped and the priests all turned their eyes to the intruder, gazing upon the murder that had just been committed with shock. Before any could react, Hellevi struck down the night elf and Sun elf with a pair of well practiced swings of her sword.
“You’re all going to die, sorry.” Hellevi growled and pulled her sword free from the sun elf’s ribcage before slashing the halfling across the back as he tried to flee, blood splattering the black obelisk. Tendrils of black lightning began to ripple over the stone monument and the priests quickly resumed chanting while trying to scramble away from Hellevi.
“You must stop this!” The orc pleas fell on deaf ears, Hellevi’s sword sweeping through his throat.
“You’ll doom us all! Darkness will-” Hellevi split the Lizardkin’s head in half with a downward strike, brain leaking from his skull.
“Gods hear me! There is-” Hellevi whipped around, removing the head of the Birdman with a brutal horizontal slash.
The Goblin, Kitsune and Elf pooled their meager power and Hellevi brought her last remaining magical reserves to bear, forming a barrier around herself just in time to divert a torrent of flame. Charging forward, she erupted from the inferno and struck down the goblin and elf. The Kitsune walked backwards, his head shaking in terror before colliding with the obelisk. Hellevi pushed her sword through his chest, the blade passing without resistance into the obelisk itself, pinning the creature in place. Letting go of her weapon, Hellevi turned and dipped her hands into the bowl of grain, her fingers dripping with fresh blood spilled in anger. Turning towards the obelisk, Hellevi scattered the blood soaked grains across the surface, pelting the priests corpse with the defiled offerings.
“I call upon the Banished, I seek a wish.” Hellevi spoke, her mind nearly consumed by madness and desperation.
“And we answer the call.” Black ichor wept from the stone, a blob of viscous flood falling to the floor and bursting, revealing gears and writhing flesh that slowly took the shape of a being that wasn’t quite an elf. It was taller, and thicker with rounded ears and eyes burning with hatred. “Speak your wish elf, humanity does not enjoy idle chatter with those who would use us.” A mad idea sprung forth in Hellevi’s mind, a way to get what she wanted without daring a wish laced with malice.
“Then prehaps we can strike a deal instead? An alliance if you will.” Hellevi shuddered as the Banished moved its eyes over her carefully.
“Elevated stress, blood of several people and severe exhaustion, you are no haughty priest come to offer us little more than vapid promises. Perhaps a deal is in the cards, what do you have in mind?” The Banished’s eyes moved from Hellevi, looking beyond her towards something at the cave’s entrance. Hellevi turned to look and saw the flickering image of the black haired elf who’d given her the book and helped her escape. The image flickered before vanishing entirely and the Banished’s form suddenly became fluid, taking on the elf’s appearance. “I see, an elven noble trying to retake what was stolen.” Hellevi felt a lump of ice form in her stomach.
“You used me.” Hellevi whispered, the final betrayal hurting more than any that had come so far.
“Yes but if you set us free we will help you.” Hellevi stepped back but the Banished made no move to pursue her.
“What will you do then?” Hellevi remembered the warning in the book and she was certain she’d seen a large basin of salt in the room near the cave’s entrance.
“We will explore the changes that have taken place, scout out our enemies and then we will wage bloody war upon this world.” The being looked at Hellevi and grinned. “But we are not as cruel as our foes and we know how to reward our friends. Your city will be spared our wrath as will you, if you stay your hand and let the seal break. Your wish granted by your willing inaction.”
“And all it will cost is sacrificing the rest of the world.” Hellevi knew what she should do, what she must do, but was it worth it? She’d been betrayed by everyone she’d ever known, was now truly the heretic she’d been accused of being. There would be no reward for her, no, only cold hard justice in front of a roaring crowd.
“So what will it be?” The Banished asked, no sign of concern in his voice.
“You have yourself a deal.”

The last category is proving to be a challenge but that's fine, I'm enjoying it. I'll probably post it within a few days. If you liked my writing you can find my other stories here.
I keep thinking I should try writing a scifi then end up writing more fantasy... Oh well.
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Little E Part 10

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“Blood Mist!”
Smoke covers the arena as the two maids fight. Flashes of turret shots illuminate the struggle. One maid taking a shot in the chest, while another maid gets slashed. Torpedo explosions clear the smoke, revealing both maids suffering damages. Bloodfast stands tall with her jacket and skirt having scorch marks from turret fire and torpedoes. Belfast weakly stands, holding a wounded left arm, as her uniform is torn from the slashes.
“Argh.” Belfast winces as she stands up.
Bloodfast laughs. “Where’s that confidence? I thought it was your duty to “remove unwanted stains”? What a load of bullshit!” She blasts towards Belfast. The wounded maid brings her armament up and fires towards the charging maid, trying to slow her down. Bloodfast charges through the shots, using her silver knife to deflect some of them. Belfast tries to move backward, trying to create some space, but Bloodfast was too fast. The blood maid gets right in front of her and knees her in the stomach.
“OFMPH!” The air in Belfast is expelled as Bloodfast slashes across her cheek with her knife. Blood slowly drips from the wound as Belfast tries to keep herself up.
Bloodfast wipes her knife clean of her blood and smiles triumphantly. “To think you can face me. Pathetic.” She kicks her down onto the digital floor. Belfast lands hard on the floor. She tries to stand back up, but her opponent forces back down. Bloodfast straddles Belfast as she points her knife above her throat. “Time for me to serve the master!” The knife is thrust towards the neck. Belfast, with her one free hand, grabs Bloodfast’s wrists and holds back the strike with what strength she can muster. It was now a struggle to keep the knife away from her neck. Around them, the cube slowly becomes redder and darker, responding to Bloodfast being dominant over Belfast.
“Argh!” Belfast struggles as she holds back the strike. Both maids stared at each other as they fought over the knife. Belfast could see the blood-crazed eyes of her counterpart as Bloodfast sees the struggling maid extending her demise.
“Urgh!” Belfast sees the tip of the blade slowly inches towards her neck. “Is this my end? Is this how I die?” Those thoughts raced through her mind. “I am sorry, Master… I have failed you.”
“AUNTIE BEL!!” Belfast’s eyes widened as she heard someone scream her name. She looks towards where the sound came from and sees the wisdom cube’s wall give way to the outside world. She sees the base, where everyone is watching her fight Kaga. On the guardrails, Little E calls out to her. “AUNTIE BEL! YOU CAN DO IT!”
“Yeah! You got this Belfast!” Enterprise cheers on with other-self.
“You got this Belfast!” Hood adds.
“We are behind you all the way!” Edinburgh calls on. She could hear the whole base cheer her on. Seeing her friends, her family, cheer on her fight, brings a smile to her face. She wasn’t alone in this fight.
“What with that smile?!” Bloodfast yells at her. “Wipe that thing off your face!”
Belfast turns to advisory as she starts to push back the knife. “I smile because I am not alone in this fight.”
The blood maid looks at her confusingly.“What?”
Belfast lifts her lower body and with her legs, she puts them around Bloodfast. “I said that I am not alone in fighting YOU!!” With her legs, she flings Bloodfast off her. The bloody maid hits the digital floor as the deep crimson slowly changes to a blue hue. Belfast proudly stands up. “You may think you are only fighting me, but you are fighting this fleet. My friends, my sisters, they have my back against you!”
Bloodfast stands up, the red mist surrounds, boiling with anger. “Oh shut up!” Her turrets light up as she prepares her ultimate attack. “HELLFIRE!!” A torrent of fire shoots towards Belfast. The maid stands defiantly, not moving from the blast. As the fiery fire comes towards her, a figure emerges from the code.
“Have you finished having your fun? Well, it’s not enough!” Appearing before Belfast, a shield protects her. Her silver hair is blasted by the heat as she smiles.
“What!?” Bloodfast yells as the fire disappears. Appearing next to Belfast was a spectral copy of Prinz Eugen. “How?” The Iron Blood heavy cruiser gives a flirting wink as she disappears.
Belfast smiles. “This is my mind, my domain. And they are my friends.”
Frustrated, Bloodfast charges forward, wielding her knife ready to strike. “JUST DIE!!”
“I see my sisters in arms smile every day, I will not let you take that away!” From another line of code, a spectral image of Saint Louis appears and tosses her spears towards Belfast. She catches the spear and deflects the knife strike. Using the end of the pole, she smacks Bloodfast across the face.
“UWARGH!!” Bloodfast cries in pain as Saint Louis and her spear disappears. Her red eyes glare back at the maid. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!” She charges again.
“Commence bombardment! Blow them away!”
“Ahahahaha! I’m getting excited!!”
From more lines of code, Rossiya and Akagi appear and launch a combined attack of ice and fire. Ice shards leave scars across Bloodfast as Akagi’s foxfire burns the clothing. Even with the attacks, Bloodfast still charges forth with a voracious bloodlust.
“DIE!!” Bloodfest cries out, lunging forward with her knife.
“Belli dura despicio!” Silver clashes with steel as Belfast blocks the silver knife with Warspite’s Excalibur. The blood maid worrying stumbles back as Belfast was now on the offense and she was on the defensive. Belfast wields the war corgi’s sword like a knight, gracefully striking at her opponent. Bloodfast tries to block with her silver kitchen knife, but it was useless as the sword had better reach compared to the kitchen utensil. Belfast does an upward strike and breaks the silver chain connected to the knife, sending the metal flying off, and disarming Bloodfast.
“Argh!” Bloodfast scowls. She makes a fist and throws a punch at her. Belfast dodges it with ease and replacing her, a ship’s hull appears. The rigging right hook sends Bloodfast flying, her body landing with a solid thump in the middle of the cube.
Belfast turns and sees a hologram of Maryland standing next to her. She smiles. “Thank you, Maryland.” She puts a hand on the spectral battleship. The redhead frowns as virtual tears come from her eyes. She gently pushes the maid’s hand off her shoulder and disappears. Belfast looks at her hand and then at the disappearing Maryland. “Maryland…” She calls out to her, but the fake turns back into blue code.
She looks around and sees her wisdom cube was now a brilliant blue, shining like the summer sun. The red that dominated her was now centered around Bloodfast. She walks over to the defeated maid. She forces her up onto her knees and grabs the silver chain attached to her collar. From her mind, she summons new chains that bind her alter. Bloodfast struggled, but Belfast was now in control.
“Looks like this stain has been cleaned,” Belfast comments triumphantly as Bloodfast glares at her.
“Oh shut it!” Bloodfast yells. “You can’t protect him! I was doing this to save Master from death!”
“Oh really?” Belfast gets eye level to her. “And what makes you qualified to protect him?” Bloodfast tries to look away, but Belfast forces her to look back at her. She has an idea. “You said it yourself, I am you and you are me. You can see my memories, now it’s time to see yours.”
The anger and fury turned in terror and fear. Bloodfast shakes her head. “No, please, no.”
“It’s time to see your story.” Belfast proclaims as her cube and Bloodfast start to glow.
“NO! PLEASE! Don’t make me remember it!” Bloodfast cried out, but it was too late. Belfast was going to see Bloodfast’s memories.
The blinding light fades. Belfast looks down to see she was on a pier.
“Where am I?” She wonders. She turns around and sees she was at an Azur Lane base. “Is this her base?”
“Well,” She jumps and sees a male in a commander’s uniform walking towards her. “Our newest arrival should be arriving soon.”
“Yes,” Standing next to him was Enterprise. “She should be arriving soon.” Belfast stares at them as they walk past her, ignoring her.
“I guess since this is her memories, I am merely an observer,” Belfast comments as she follows them to the end of the pier. “I guess that is her commander and her Enterprise.” They look off towards the horizon. After a minute of waiting, a single ship comes into view.
The Commander smiles. “There she is.” A light cruiser docks onto the pier. Belfast recognizes the vessel as her own. As the gangplank is placed, she sees a spitting image of herself walk down to the dock.
“This must be Bloodfast before she became a bloodthirsty killer,” Belfast says as the Commander walks towards her.
“Hello Belfast,” he says, tipping his commander’s hat towards her. “Welcome to Azur Lane Base. I hope the trip wasn’t too difficult.”
The normal Bloodfast smiles and bows. “Greetings Master. The seas were calm throughout my journey.”
“That’s good.” He reaches towards her bag. “Let me take your bag for you.”
“Please Master, you don’t have to.”
“Oh please allow me. You must be tired from your seafaring travels.” The Commander counters. “Please, Belfast.” Belfast watches as Bloodfast’s cheek flush a light hue of pink as she nods.
“Oh fine, Master.” Bloodfast hands over her single bag. “But just this one time. It is a maid’s duty to serve her master, and it is not the master’s duty to do such trivial matters.” The Commander laughs as they head towards the base. The memory fades away and transitions to a new one. Now, Belfast was in the Commander’s office, where she sees him and Bloodfast doing paperwork. The Commander sits on the couch, doing his job on a small coffee table, while Bloodfast prepared tea. He stretches his arms as Bloodfast serves him tea.
“Ergh. Thank you, Belfast.” He sips on the tea. “One sugar cube with three creams?”
“With three counterclockwise stirs.” Bloodfast finishes and nods. “Of course. Just how you like it after two months as your personal maid.”
“Thank you.” The Commander smiles as they continue to work. After about two hours of paperwork, the commander lay on the couch, sleeping. Belfast watches as Bloodfast walks over to her commander and places his head on her lap. The maid smiles as she allows her commander to rest as she continues his work.
“She really cares about her commander,” Belfast notes as she transitions to a new memory. Now she was in a verdant garden. A grand oak tree stands before her with beautiful green leaves swaying in the breeze. Around the tree was a treasure trove of colorful flowers. She knees down and smiles at nature’s beauty. “What a lovely location.” She stands back up as she wanders around the tree. As she approaches the backside, she stops and sees Bloodfast and her Commander behind the tree. She also notices that the Commander had a small black box in his hands.
“Oh.” Belfast blushes as she hides behind the tree. She knows what is going to happen.
Bloodfast smiles as she enjoys the scenery. “This is a lovely place you found on this island, Master.”
“Yeah,” the Commander awkwardly shifts in place. “I recently found it and wanted to show it to you.”
“Well, thank you, Master.” Another awkward silence as they continue to look out at nature.
“Belfast,” The Commander addresses her. His face was fully red as he stood before her. “Ever since you came base three months ago, you have enraptured me. And every day working with you has been a joy. I-I love you, Belfast.” Belfast watches as the Commander proposes to Bloodfast. The maid accepts with joyful tears. The memory quickly changes to a wedding scene, where the Commander bridal carries Bloodfast down the aisle.
Belfast, watching this, has a rose blush. “I… Bloodfast had a happy life. She married her master… How did she become a bloodthirsty maid?” With those words, the memory changed. The once vibrant garden was now a warzone. The colorful flowers burn with craters digging into the small hill. The calm breeze was now filled with smoke and the sounds of turret fire and lasers. Overhead, the sound of plane engines and dogfights. The grand oak tree was now a bonfire that illuminates this fatal memory.
Belfast had a hand over her mouth as she watched a tall siren, dressed in all white fabric, with red eyes stand before a beaten Commander.
“Darling!” Belfast turns and running up the path was Bloodfast. “Get off him!” She watches as Bloodfast and the pale siren fight in the ruin hills. It was a one-sided fight as the siren tore maid’s rigging was ripe out of her.
The Pale Siren smiles as she pins down the maid. “Pinned this pathetic maid down for me.” Two Explorer II models walk over and pin the maid down. Satisfied, the pale leader looks over to another siren. “Stein, let us begin extraction!”
“Of course, Arbiter Empress.” Belfast watches as a disfigured siren with an excavator arm, which has what looks like a welded Twin 150mm AA gun on the construction equipment, walks over to the beaten Commander with what looks like a mechanical harness. The Siren named Stein puts the harness on him, while Bloodfast tries to break free. The Pale Siren, named Arbiter Empress, then takes the wedding ring off the struggling maid.
“No! Get your unclean hands off my- ARGH!!” Bloodfast cries out but winces in pain as Arbiter stomps on her hand.
“I love it when loved ones are separated.” Arbiter comments as she puts on the ring. She kneels down and forces her to look at her dear master. Tears stream down the maid’s eyes as she tries to reach towards him. “Begin extraction!”
“NO!!” Bloodfast cries as the harness roar to life. The Commander cries out as the harness begins to dig into his flesh. Belfast holds her stomach as the device torn through the body and extracts his heart and brain.
The Commander reaches out towards his wife and says one last thing to her. “I love… you.”
With that, Bloodfast cried out a desperate scream. “MMMMMMAAAAASSSSTTTTEEERRR!!!” The sirens let go of her as she clings onto the corpse. “Master! Please! No!” With that, the Sirens leave with their prize. “Master please! No! I-I-I-I- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Belfast holds her ears, but the bone-chilling scream of a grieving wife rocks her core as she now understands Bloodfast now.
“You… you lost everything.” Belfast realized as she was brought back to the arena. Bloodfast was crying, her tears red as she was exposed. Belfast looks at her with a sorrowful look, pitying her.
The blood maid sneers at her. “Don’t give me pity. Don’t.”
“Bloodfast…” Belfast tries to reach out towards her, but Bloodfast shakes her head. Red code surrounds her, forming a barrier around the crying maid.
“Leave me be! Leave me be!” Bloodfast yells as she shuts herself away from her. “Leave me alone.”
Belfast tries to force open the box, but when she lays a finger on it, it shocks her. She frowns. “Bloodfast… I better let my Master know about this.” And with that, she closes her eyes.
When she opens her eyes again, she stands in the harbor of her base. She looks around as she hears her name.
“AUNTIE BEL!!” She turns and sees Little E jumping into her arms.
“Huh!?” Caught by surprise, Belfast nearly falls into the water. “What happened?”
“You did it!” Little E exclaims. “You won!” Belfast looks and sees Kaga, badly wounded, being held up by Amagi and Tosa. The fox carrier gives her a thumbs up before being carried to the medical bay.
“I won?” Belfast was dumbfounded as she was surrounded by her friends, her family. They congratulate her. Then before look, the group split, making way for Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, and the Commander, who was driving his patrol boat.
The pompous battleship cleans her throat. “Because you didn’t show any signs of Bloodfast. I, Queen Elizabeth, Faction Leader of the Royal Navy, hereby declare that Belfast, shall be reinstated into the Royal Navy!”
With that proclamation, Belfast smiles, and bows. “I am at your service, my majesty.” The whole base erupts in cheers as they welcome back the maid.
The Commander smiles as he watches from the boat. “Welcome back, Belfast.”
After Belfast being reinstated by the Royal Navy, a huge banquet was held for her as well as for the Siren Killers and Northern Parliament for a successful joint operation. Drinks were shared, food was passed, and songs were sung… yes, Drunk Hood emerged and did another rendition of Bismarck. The days that followed were peaceful. Belfast has reported her finding to the Commander and on some nights, she could hear Bloodfast crying in her cube, but overall, Belfast was in full control. Now… for Little E…
--Azur Lane Base--
--A week after Belfast’s Match--
“Take that!” Little E splashes the cool seawater towards Belfast.
“Haha!” Belfast smiles as she takes the attack. “Oh Little E, you dare attack your aunt? Returning fire!” She sends a wave towards the playful girl.
“AHHH!!” Little E let out a gleeful scream as she is knockdown.
Belfast smiles, but suddenly arms entrap her. “What!?” She looks behind her and sees Enterprise has grappled her. “Miss. Enterprise! Let go of me this instance!”
“No can do Belfast!” The carrier smiled. “Counterattack!!” She lifts the maid up and tosses her into the waves.
“AHHH! Why you- Hey!” Belfast is then doused with seawater by Little E. The two carriers laugh as the maid pulls back her hair. “Now it’s my turn!” She rushes them, attacking with several waves.
“AHH!” After a couple of minutes of playing in the water, the trio head back to their spot, where Yorktown and Hornet prepare slices of watermelon for them.
“Mmmmmm~” Little E munches on the slice of fruit as Belfast prepares some warm tea for the group.
“This is a beautiful day.” The maid comments as Enterprise nods in agreement.
“Yeah.” Enterprise takes a sip of the tea. “How about you, Little E? Enjoy today?”
“Yup.” The smol carrier smiles. “This is a great day today~”
“It surely is.” Hornet chimes in. “I think nothing makes this day any better~”
“Little E!!!” The group turns to see Azuma running towards them. “Little E!!!”
“What wrong, Azuma?” Yorktown asked her. “You look out of breath.”
“Well, I came running from the Research Labs,” Azuma explains. “Little E, Shikkan got a way to send you back home!”
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