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Scripting in PES is here to stay...

If scripting did not exist, a lot of people would realize they are no where as good as they thought including players, who in actuality are not very good, that complain about the scripting.
If scripting did not exist:
-casuals and even many people people in this forum would find it difficult just to get out of their own half against any player 200 points higher in rank then them. Casuals do not realize that during scripted games/moments(which occurs very frequently and more frequently than people think) the higher rated opposition's defenders are faced with invisible force fields and play the game on-rails(where the casual player with the ball, and the opposition defense are on two separate train tracks so stealing the ball becomes very difficult and almost impossible). Without scripting, better players (who were trained for years in the game and are good at timing super cancel to block passing lanes and square for pressing the on ball player) would pressure casual players very hard the whole game without even gegenpress advanced instructions or going Red in attack. Casuals would complain in this forum and on facebook and all over about how "overpowered" pressure defense is.
-casuals and even many people people in this forum would find it difficult to team defend against any player 200 points higher in rank then them. Against a genuinely good opposition in a game without script, every offensive strategy could be seen as "overpowered". If the better player wanted, he can play with 80% possession in the casual's own half and toy with him if he is sitting deep, if again there was no scripting. You see, without scripting, proper football could be played so if the casual player presses the better player by just moving forward and pressing square in all red with no football intelligence like they do these days, the game could end 15-0 if scripting( which slows down passes, prevents one touch passes, prevents natural and smart runs for strikers, slows down first touches, artificially forces killer through balls to be blocked and so on and so on) didn't exist. That would force the casual player to sit back and defend which again, would lead the the casual player never getting out of his own half the whole game(especially when combined with the pressure defense point made above). Casuals would complain in this forum and on facebook and all over about how "overpowered" counters are and how "overpowered" possession is or how "overpowered" one touch passes are or how "overpowered" one-two passes are. Same could be applied to crossing game or other offensive game plans in a game that isn't scripted. Anything and everything would be considered "overpowered" if there was no script. Casuals would not realize that it is the superiority of the other player that would make things seem "overpowered" in a game that was not scripted. If there was no script, the better player would take advantage of the knowledge he has of the shooter's abilities including weak foot accuracy, curl, kicking power and skills like midrange curler, outside curler, long range shooting, and while taking advantage of angles of the gk's positioning, the superior player would rarely miss a shot with a CF that has 95 finishing+ if he has a good look. There wouldn't be many games where the better player has over 10 good shots on goal but at the end only scores 1 or 2 goals. The casuals would not be able to comprehend that and say that "shooting is overpowered" when in reality the better player worked up for that good position to score and using his fingers technical skills to shoot properly. The casual would not realize that the better player would not make it look so easy if the game was played between two similarly good and high ranked players. There are complaints of these things being overpowered already WITH script, now imagine how it would be without scripting.
-casuals and even many people people in this forum would find it difficult to defend against a good dribbler controlled by a player 200 points higher in rank then them. Messi in the hands of a player 200 points rated higher than you would make the casual think that dribbling is "overpowered" and the casuals would complain in this forum and on facebook and all over about how "overpowered" dribbling is. Casuals would not realize, in a game that was not scripted(which did not purposely add heavy input delay), how the better player would know how to use the Messi's movement momentum, his balance, correct presses of sprint, the correct timing of full stops, and the mastering of skill moves to dribble like a highlight video. Casuals would not realize it was the superiority of the other player and the casual's poor and predictable defense would make it seem dribbling was "overpowered". The casual would not realize that the better player would not make dribbling look easy if he was playing against a similarly high ranked and good player.
Without scripting, the game would be very much pay to win as the player stats would actually matter and combined with the points above, casuals would stand no chance. Yes, there is some moaning here and there occasionally about pay to win but if there was no scripting, and you give an actually good player(not a player with a decent win ratio and rank points due to the artificially scripted steroiding) a team full of maxed of featured players, the internet would be flooded with complaints of pay to win. Casuals would complain in this forum and on facebook and all over about how completely unfair it is that "someone could just buy better players". Casuals right now do not realize how currently the game technically SHOULD be pay-to-win very, very significantly but in actuality isn't pay to win due to scripting and the artificial play-field that is balanced to keep every player competitive, and usually disregards player attributes.
And by the way, the question is not "if scripting was so strong, how come the top players are so consistent" as the question should be why isn't the goal differences of made and conceded of the legitimate top and best players significantly much, much higher. Also, the top and very best players report scripting as well.
The question should be why do the legitimate(by legitimate I mean not cheating) top and best players struggle against much, much, weaker players sometimes? I don't just mean the better player having 30 shots and the weaker playing having 2 shots and the game ending 2-1 as yes technically that can happen in real life but this is a video game. It is much, much, much easier to press a button and score in your bedroom then to kick a ball at a professionally trained goalkeeper in front of hundreds of thousands. Without scripting, the scoreline in a game between a good player and a casual player would look so "unrealistic" even though it is deserved and warranted. That "unrealistic" scoreline would happen very infrequently when a good player plays another good player. Again the question should be why do the top and best players struggle against much, much, weaker players sometimes? And again, I am not talking about just the shots of goal but how sometimes casuals with weaker teams will dominate a better player (who has hundreds and even thousands of points higher in rank) in the middle of the pitch, in offense and in defense... just outplay him completely. That would never happen or very rarely happen in a game like Tekken or Counter-Strike for example.
If in the next patch, scripting was removed but it was unannounced, casuals and even many people people in this forum would cry, moan and send so many emails complaining and reporting that the game is "broken". Many, many people, even including some of those players who are actually anti-script but aren't really good as they think they are, would say that the patch ruined the game. That this or that is overpowered. They would consider the game unplayable.
So there needs to be scripting or the user base would significantly shrink. The problem is that the scripting is too strong. Players who say it isn't cannot talk for someone else's experiences because what good players who are complaining of scripting are technically saying is that everyone has a different gaming experience. So someone cannot tell the other person complaining about scripting that he is wrong because that's the script complainer's whole argument, that the casual does not experience the quantity and quality of scripted gamplay that he did! So the anti-scripter(aka casual aka offline player aka a player who started playing from PES 2019 or higher aka a lower rank player aka a player with a win ratio under 60% aka a player usually under the age of 21, and the aka's can go on and go on) cannot say the script complainer is wrong because the script complainer's whole argument is that they have vastly different gaming experiences so theoretically, the anti-scripter cannot refute the complainers claims at all.
Konami already established that they can adjust how your team behaves using Team Spirit so they can very easily adjust your Team Spirit and/or your team’s AI level in the background according to who Konami’s algorithm decides should benefit or be handicapped.
Do you want to know the best analogy of DDA and scripting when it comes to people not understanding or believing how much it messes up your game? Did you ever watch Batman Returns?
In Batman Returns, when Penguin(Konami) rigged the Batmobile and Batman(the user) tried his best to take control. The citizens of Gotham(people who do not fully understand the effect of script, and casuals) think Batman is driving the car improperly but they do not realize what is going on in the background.
Actually no one exactly knows what triggers scripting as scripting can happen in a game between two good players who have around the same amount of games played, same win ratio and same team strength.
So yes, script is here to stay because good players are the minority. Its just a shame that it is so heavy and ridiculous. There are some games are 'Tier 1 High level elite scripting' where it is 99% impossible to win against a player who is even just somewhat decent because at its strongest, scripting leads to game play that is "on rails", and again anti-scripters cannot refute that because the argument is that they never experienced it.
Skill gap is lowered every iteration and currently, it is at all time low. A good player with multiple champion badges over the years playing since ISS, can lose several times a week to players who just picked up the game with this iteration because of the unnatural things the scripting does.
And due to all of this, proper football cannot be played. During scripted games, if you are leading by more than 2 goals and the lower rated and skilled opponent is still sitting deep, it is more difficult than is should be to hold the ball because your passes become artificially slower and less accurate. During scripted games, if a lower rated and lower skilled opponent is pressing you hard, it is difficult to quick pass with one-two's and than do a killer through ball. During scripted games with bad referee calls, the game does not reward you for possession play in the opponent's half because fouls aren't given, and the closer you are to the opponents net, the less accurate your passes are and the less accurate your agility is. During scripted games, if the lesser skilled opponent crowds the middle of the pitch to defend, it is hard to punish them with wing play because crosses are intentionally floaty and inaccurate. During scripted games, is it hard to press a weaker opponent who has a team with not a lot of technical players because of invisible force-fields, on rails offense/defense, and inconsistent interceptions. It is no longer a football game, but a card collecting game of direct passing, run, shoot, shield the ball at moments and wait for the game to decide who benefits. The game does not allow the player to punish the opposition's mistakes or flaws or weaknesses at a consistent rate due to the strength of opposition's AI and the weakness of yours. The game does not allow the player to punish the opposition's mistakes or flaws or weaknesses at a consistent rate due to the terrible collision, terrible referees, the terrible intentional input delay, the terrible intentional inconsistent game play and so on and so on.
I say terrible collision system and referees and input delay and inconsistent gameplay, and I do not use the word broken. Because it is not broken, it is exactly how it was made to be.
Also, quickly, obviously FIFA is scripted as well.
Makers of PES and FIFA definitely and most certainly put a lot of energy into gameplay. The gameplay is programmed very well and exactly as intended: scripted/balanced/rigged to lower the skill gap and have more players “engaged” and increase the retention rate of weak players who are now(thanks to Dynamic Difficulty, etc) competitive in every single match they play. PES and FIFA smile and bake cakes whenever high profile streamers and/or gamers criticize the gameplay for nonsense like “good/bad gameplay”, server problems, brokeness, bad AI, collision problems etc, etc instead of focusing attention on dynamic difficulty, scripting, momentum. Makers of PES and Fifa has very talented developers and it’s not that it’s poorly programmed, again, it’s programmed beautifully (in a sick way) for exactly how they want it: rigged.
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: You lose the ball in an unfair, scripted way and then the opponent goes on a counter, shoots, hits the goalpost, bounces off your keeper's back, and then an opposition player taps in the rebound.
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: You manage to steal the ball with a great opportunity to counter, you make a good through pass to an open forward who is finally making a smart, dangerous run but the ball just bounces off the forward's heel and goes back to the opponent.
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: you input a skill move but the player slows down and does not perform the move until a defender is in a position to take the ball away, and THEN the game finally registers the skill move.
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: you have a big opening in front of you and you double tap sprint for a speed burst but your player just almost jogs in place until the opponent's defense is organized.
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: an AI teammate is making a run but stops EXACTLY when you press the pass button? Or stops a moment before an obvious pass should be made?
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: your player moves backwards in a defensive stance instead of attempting to retrieve a loose ball that is right in front of him.
How many times have you seen this scripted scenario?: you through ball pass to a striker and the ball is a centimeter away from the striker's foot, but instead of cutting in and retrieving the ball, he just lets it roll in front of him and the ball goes out.
One thing about scripting is that most people say that scripting doesn't predetermine a winner, that it just makes it more difficult to win. I somewhat disagree because there are a few games where if the opposition at least knows how to pass and shoot at even a mediocre level, the game gives you no chance to win because your defense becomes training ground cones for the whole game. Again it does not happen often, but very occasionally if your account is tagged for scripting, you have those impossible to win games where your players consistently cannot even come in physical contact with any of the opposition on defense.
And the scripting can work in the higher ranked player's favor too at times. And that win is no fun, and the goals you scored are not exhilarating at all.
But the whole point of scripting to artificially balance the playfield and try to artificially make things more competitive, which naturally punishes higher skilled players.
And here lies anther big problem because of scripting. No personal satisfaction and no sense of progression. Did you win the game because of your skills or did the game help you just enough to win? Did that comeback win when you were down 2-0 at the 85th minute happen because of your composure and perseverance, or did the game just do manipulative things to make that win possible such as handicap the other player?
And because of scripting, the gameplay is inconsistent so gameplay itself, the rules of physics, and even the rules of the game( thanks to bad calls) change from game to game. So you never know if you are getting better as a player or getting worse. You don’t know whether if specific tactics are working or not due to you making intelligent or stupid decisions, because something that works in one game may not work in the next because of scripting, even under very similar conditions.
The current game is a mess.
If there are two players: A) a skilled player who played for many years and B) A new player who casually plays: The more the game has bad collision system, the more the game has missed calls and fouls, the more input delay is in the game, the more that there are goalkeeping errors, the LESS chance the skilled player has to express his superiority, and helps even more with the "balanced" playing field. The game is not broken, it performs as intended. It’s the same reason why a wet, muddy pitch that has not been properly maintained would give Barcelona a disadvantage when playing a 3rd League team, even though they are playing under the same conditions. ​
PES used to kinda be the Virtual Fighter of sports games, but now it is much more like Mario Party then it is anywhere near Dark Souls.
Anticipation is not rewarded because the ball is already scripted to go to a specific playelocation when the ball is already in the air, so even if you even manage to guess where the ball will land, it will just go through your feet and go to its predetermined destination.
Watch the pros actually play. They are severely handicapped this year. If you don’t look at the result and win ratio, you will never know they were a pro based on how the play.
And stop with this RNG excuse. RNG is needed in sports games. The problem isn’t RNG. The problem is stuff ISN’T random. Ball trajectory,rebounds,first touches,”loose balls”,passes/shots/dribbles,interceptions are scripted. There is no problem if it was true RNG that was based on button input and player stats. True RNG is faiconsistent.
When Konami’s algorithm decides that it is a good time for your opposition to score, it will be very hard to get the ball out of your own half. Your passes will fail, balls will go through legs, weird ball bounces off bodies will occur, manual goalkeeping doesn’t work and opposition AI will make amazing player runs when a through ball is made.

I am not saying that Konami shouldn't try to make the game more approachable and accessible to a wider audience because that can benefit everybody. There are other ways to do that. But their current solution which is high levels of scripting and handicapping is not only too heavy but also ridiculous, unrewarding, experience destroying and most importantly, it is so unfair. In the PES games in the past, there could be mechanics that could be considered OP(such as crossing in some games) but those mechanics were free to be used by anyone, novice and veteran, it was an even playing ground. And that is what people against the script want the most, an even playfield. Little tricks and/or Meta tactics that can be considered OP in a game WITHOUT script doesn't ruin the even playfield because those tricks/tactics would be open for anyone to use. But instead we get handicapping that can be for you and against you. The problem is that the game is artificially benefiting one team and handicapping the other, either throughout the whole game or in moments.
But this year is just too blatant. The scripting is so bad at some games that I am surprised all PES forums on the internet aren't flooded with complaints of scripting even moreso than the amount that the casuals currently think is a lot(which is certainly isn't considering how bad the scripting is). And I see so many posts and created threads in this forum and others that just scream "I AM A CASUAL!"(though nothing wrong with being a casual, especially a casual that does not expect immediate success in the game). So the money-spending casuals are satisfied and busy with their shiny card collections, unaware and unconcerned with the real problems with the game. But...
In the end, there needs to be script because casuals outnumber the genuinely good players. Ideally there would be a better match making system but none of us really know the pinpoint exact reasoning and logic and trigger and algorithm of PES and FIFA's scripting. Konami want's to ideally keep everyone competitive so they artificially manipulate events in the game to do so. If a casual picks up the game for the first time, gets dominated bad for his first 5-10 games and barely scores a goal, he will just delete the game which means one less player who can potentially buy coins. Or scripting is for other reasons such as deeper psychological tools that Konami thinks will make people play and spend more. It is just a shame for competitive players and it is a shame in the name sportsmanship because scripting and artificially balanced playfield and artificial manipulation of the game goes against the ethics of sports and any sort of competition.

Edit: A response reminded me that the scripting does not have to be just due to make games more competitive and balance out the play field (definitely a big part), but Konami can be using psychological methods and patterns based on your gamer history and profile to fix and rig results based on what Konami think's will make you play and/or spend more(especially considering the 5th win streak handicap).

TLDR: one of the best posts on scripting and...
PS: Dear Game developers & those who trivialize scripting, it's not about it just being a game/inconsequential pastime. it doesn't matter what context it is in: effort & work is effort & work. Don't squander my efforts and exertion with scripting just to make my inferior opponent feel competitive.
Edit 2: just to make this post even longer, here is another very good example/explanation of what the handicapped player experiences which I found from the comment section on https://www.naguide.com/efootball-pes-2020-scripting-works/
“Ive been playing since n64 ISS but finally had enough with PES 19 and did not not buy 20. I have 78% wins on Online Divisions and 63% on Myclub so its not about losing, the game is just pointless to play due to being completely fake. You are holding or fighting the controller while a match narrative is forced on you. Despite my ratings putting me in the top few hundred players, I can be forced to chase shadows against a 25% winrate player with a weaker team, unable to get out of my half or even get close enough to slide tackle foul. I often play the same match over and over, my opponent is allowed to dominate until eventually they sabotage my defence enough to allow a goal sometime in the second half, then suddenly it flips and im able to create a clear chance and equalise with 4 or 5 passes. I then have a slither of a chance to be clutch and win the match with the last kick of the ball or its a draw. Its completely transparent in its fakeness. I could write a lot more but im just sickened by it and its not going to change, its got worse every year since micro transactions and they have completely killed gaming for me. Scripting has always been in PES, but for a long time it was a reasonably fair test of football IQ and the better player would win, the skill gap is now non existent. The power of the handicapping is such that you can put a bad player against a good player and make them appear unlucky not to win despite seemingly dominating the game. Thats the funniest part, when you take your tiny window of opportunity at the end of the game they think theyve been hard done by, they have no clue the game was crippling me for the full match. The CPU absolutely bossing everything, closing lanes and intercepting for them, while ignoring my own interceptions for the lanes I had to close myself. Players dont make runs when you have the ball, you have to use manual to make them run, and then they are always an inch offside”
submitted by No_Exchange1885 to pesmobile

My thoughts on FestivaLuna (wall of text incoming)

My thoughts on FestivaLuna (wall of text incoming)
In case you guys didn't know yet, FestivaLuna is my favorite hololive pairing of all time - along with PekoMiko and possibly KanaSui as the runner-ups. This pairing sealed the deal with me descending even deeper into the holo-abyss AKA the hololive rabbit hole, possibly into what could be considered to be a point of no return. I know NatsuFubu is also a thing and has been known for much longer, but here I'll tell you the story as to why FestivaLuna is an important point for me in becoming a holo-fan. Beware, though, this is a thick wall of text.
While FestivaLuna has been a thing since Matsuri and Luna began their collab as early as February (the streams is still in limbo due to the holopocalypse) - and I didn't get into the holo-abyss until late May, it wasn't until July when I truly got the first real taste of FestivaLuna through their first Minecraft stream of the month. The pairing intrigued me a lot, hence I continued watching their streams of them building their Love House (or love shack), which was fully completed on the 2nd stream. Then, the explosive event began. Matsuri was caught cheating by Luna, which caused Luna to obliterate Matsuri in-game by surrounding her with TNT and then blowing them up. In return, in their 3rd collab stream of the month, Matsuri also blew Luna up using a TNT trap in front of a big heart that was made as her sign of apology and love for Luna. Despite being broken by the explosions, the FestivaLuna heart still exists to this day, clearly visible from the hololive sports festival grounds which was built right behind FestivaLuna's love shack (best view from the elytra dive field).
These three Minecraft streams were fun and sometimes wholesome, but the 4th stream was an important one. It happened the night before Luna's 3D debut and the collab was unplanned with them streaming separately. There, Matsuri and Luna talked their heart out with each other, filling the stream with so much teetee moments. This stream showed something deeper in FestivaLuna's relationships, which I will explain later down this post. After that, came Matsuri's birthday stream with Luna as a guest star. Luna brought Matsuri two presents. The first one is two cakes in a box that they shared with each other, while the second one is a surprise present in the form of a pajama - completing the set of matching pajamas for FestivaLuna - which touched Matsuri so hard that she cried in happiness. As far as I can see, these two streams were the absolute peak of FestivaLuna and served as a huge goldmine of teetee moments for fans. And after seeing more of Luna's recent contents during that time, all of these made Matsuri and Luna into my no.1 and no.2 favorite holotubers of all time respectively. During that time, I also found out about the story behind how Matsuri and Luna grew close to each other. As Luna struggled in her holotuber career during her early days, it was Matsuri who came to her and helped her ease into being a holotuber. They continue to grow closer, along with Luna becoming more used to her character and grew in popularity.
FestivaLuna continued their activities throughout August, albeit less frequently. They had two Minecraft streams and then one Clubhouse Games collab only on Luna's channel at late August, all of which were still fun to watch. After that, for reasons unknown, FestivaLuna went into what looks like a complete silence, with little to no updates coming from the pairing.
At September 10, a new group called "Anpontan" was established - consisting of Roboco, Akirose, and Luna - with their first collab stream (Craftopia stream) starting on that same day. Then, 2-3 days after Anpontan's debut, Matsuri became a guest star in Coco's meme review stream. This was where the controversy began. On that stream, while reviewing a NatsuFubu chat meme (around the 21:50 mark), Matsuri claimed that Luna is more of a younger sister figure to her instead of a lover, leading fans to believe that Matsuri has utterly sisterzoned Luna and no longer loves her the same way as she did - complete with the fact that Luna hasn't done any collabs with Matsuri since then, mainly focusing on collabs with Subaru and the recently-established Anpontan (aside from solo streams). The collabs with Subaru also established Subaru as the new dominant shipping partner for Luna. I was like "What the hell is going on here? That can't be true, can it?"
FestivaLuna only briefly met with each other again during Roboco's "Tournament of Luckers" back at late September, a yahtzee tourney on Clubhouse Games. I just like calling it "Tournament of Luckers" due to how much RNG reigns supreme in this kind of game. The two met during the grand final, with Luna surprisingly demolishing Matsuri with her unfathomable beginner's luck, which also led to me calling her Lunagears as she has "killed" God, like the actual Xenogears did.
Later, at the night of Luna's birthday and exactly a month after Anpontan's debut stream, Matsuri released her cover of "Watashi no Tenshi" from HoneyWorks, as a complete MV featuring FestivaLuna to celebrate Luna's birthday. However, that MV ended up serving as another HUGE proof of Matsuri's sisterzoning of Luna due to the song's lyrics, making people believe even more that FestivaLuna is effectively dead beyond redemption.
To be frank, the thought of "Matsuri sisterzoning Luna equals to Matsuri no longer loving Luna and no longer wanting to collab with her" is a massive nonsense. Here I'll bring up FestivaLuna's important conversations in their 4th Minecraft stream, based from the 2nd part of translated clips by TeeTeeSubs. In that stream, Matsuri mentioned about how she preferred to stay as friends with Luna instead of going into more romantic relationships, as she doesn't want to end up breaking up. Luna soon understood what Matsuri said and stated that she's also afraid of messing up their relationship if they bring it too far. Despite that, they're okay with the form of relationship they currently have while also having matching things with each other. If we look from that perspective, the sisterzoning of Luna actually kinda makes sense, due to them not wanting to mess up their already-seriously-teetee relationships - and Matsuri being a senpai figure to Luna and everyone else. Matsuri probably did not want to sisterzone Luna like that, but she may not have another choice in that matter if she still wants to be close with Luna without going too far with their relationships and possibly messing up. Other than that, it could be possible that Matsuri wasn't being serious with what she said during the meme review due to the context of the meme she and Coco were reviewing. Although, granted, the controversy wouldn't have happened if Matsuri didn't say that.
I also became a bit bitter towards Anpontan's creation because, if you notice the time gap between their first collab stream and Coco's meme review with Matsuri, Anpontan could have indirectly fueled Matsuri's sisterzoning of Luna. Although I'm pretty sure Anpontan didn't do it on purpose and probably didn't know something like that would happen, so they weren't truly at fault here - it was people's speculations combined with the timing of everything that made me think like that. Just trying to make it clear before some of you start accusing me for blaming Anpontan because, again, it wasn't really their fault.
Fortunately, a few days before hololive sports festival, Matsuri did an audio-only (twitcast) stream in which she finally gave a long-awaited update on her situations with Luna. According to lyger's translation, both Matsuri and Luna have been separated by their busy individual schedules, Luna's focus on doing solo streams, and also Luna's physical condition, which prevented the two from doing any real collabs ever since September. Luna admitted that she does miss Matsuri, and so does Matsuri. That twitcast serves as the mother of all debunkers for all those dumb speculations on Matsuri's relationship with Luna which was thought to be broken, so it is important for you to listen to it. One certain thing is that there were no mentions of sisterzoning at all, which could mean Matsuri was NOT being serious about her claim back in the meme review. FestivaLuna still lives, behind-the-scenes. We may not see them on-stream, but it's still there. At that point, the twitcast has rendered the sisterzoning/broken relationship controversy irrelevant, and I was glad to hear it.
Then, the hololive sports festival happened, allowing FestivaLuna to reunite and actually interact with each other on-stream once more after months of inactivity - despite them being separated by their opposing teams (Matsuri in White-B, Luna in Red-B). At the end of the festival, Matsuri and Luna were able to stand beside each other and hold hands once again alongside their fellow holotubers, assisted by Fubuki's camerawork focusing on teetee pairs.
All in all, FestivaLuna is one of the most wholesome pairings in hololive, while also being the pairing that unfortunately got hit the hardest by reality. Also, I'd like to point out that FestivaLuna must have helped in suppressing Matsuri's degenerate raging lolicon side, because we've been seeing less and less of that lolicon side as time went on. Matsuri has an image to maintain, y'know?
That's about it for my thoughts on FestivaLuna. If I'm missing something up there, please let me know. Otherwise, you can share your own thoughts on the pairing.
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