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BYOB Friday (11/30) - Montane @8PM EST

News - state of the group

We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary. One year ago, Havoc started this subreddit to accomplish our mission as stated in the sidebar: to provide practical in-game and hands-on instruction for newer players. At the time I volunteered my server for the group, and the group has changed quite a bit over the last year. I have made a lot of good friends here, had a good bit of fun, and even helped a few new players.
A couple months ago, I changed the name of the pub to Penguin's Pub while still serving the group. That might seem like a selfish action, but it was not intended to be. There had been a few incidents where the group name tf2lessons applied to a server group, tended to attract a certain type of elitist-player trolls to the server. I want to run a friendly environment for all, so after talking it through with Havoc, decided to continue cross-promoting the Steam group and the subreddit while still serving the group an official server.
State of the group today, the subreddit is thriving, and I do enjoy much of the tips/advice exchanged here. We continue growing our Reddit community, and it must be a sign we're doing something right. The Steam group on the other hand has actually been shrinking.
What do you, our subreddit community, want out of a TF2 server group? I feel bad that the Steam group server event notifications might be perceived as spammy by disinterested members. How can we bring the great vibe here to our community server? Should a separate Steam group be created for the server for interested people? I am all open for ideas, so please leave feedback if you have a question or concern to get off your chest.
Sorry for the last minute post, and on to the fun stuff...


Valve's Saxxy results incoming

Map of the Week

In returning to our BYOB Friday tradition, I have one custom map for you this week. This map is from STAR's TF2Maps contest. The fourth ranked map from the contest, koth_montane_b3 by PDT. Lots of buildings, walkways, and alternate routes to appease jumping classes and spies. I had a blast playtesting it, and I think everybody will enjoy it very much.
Montane is about 42 Mb uncompressed, and about 16 Mb uncompressed. You can grab this maps from the links below, or the Custom map pack listed below. I hope to see some regulars and new players out for some fun tonight. We are still running previous contest maps in rotation, such as Anthem, Stiltshot, Arctic, Railbridge and Flake, in case you missed those the first time around you might have a chance to try them tonight.

Custom map pack

All of the server's current custom maps, and corresponding navigation meshes are available in one big map pack. This map pack is about 50 Mb compressed, and will take up about 150 Mb when uncompressed. In order to install the map pack, locate your tf/maps folder. Extract the .bsp and .nav files to your tf/maps folder with a program such as Winzip, Winrar, or 7-zip.

About the BYOB event

BYOB: (acronym), Bring your own beverage/beer.
The point of our BYOB event is to keep the server full most of the night (starting around 8 PM EST). Think of this social event as a chance to meet people, and play with players you may not usually see on the server. Many of us have busy schedules, and this is a good night to stay on late without having to worry about school or work the next day. Most important of all, the event is meant to be a lot of fun.
submitted by atomic-penguin to TF2Lessons

Eternal V0.01 - new waves, weapon balance, revamped map.

What's Eternal?

Eternal is a rom hack for FE7 that seeks to focus in on the combat of FE, giving the player waves upon waves of enemies to face off against.
Enemies will be powerful and very threatening, they spawn on a turn based system so those who can kill them quickly will be rewarded with the extra time to reposition, safely heal up, buy equipment, etc.
You will be given 2000 gold to start with and 2000 gold every 10 turns. You will have very restricted funds for this fact, and you'll have to seriously consider how you play for that fact because healing is expensive and weapons don't last forever.
Currently there's 13 waves, the last one featured on turn 48. If you are at turn 48, that's the last wave (on this patch).
On the tenth wave we see our first "boss wave" - this will (in a future patch) unlock a character for you, the main character that you fight in said wave. It will of course (hopefully) be more challenging than other waves.
Here's a screenshot of the current map in Tiled.
Eventually I hope to expand out to more than just one map, but for now we're focusing in on this for a good 50 waves, I'm thinking.

How do I play it?

Here is the link to the latest patch.
You will (I'm pretty sure) need NUPs. If you're unsure how to do apply the patch, it's quite simple!
  • Get yourself a clean ROM of FE7.
  • Get NUPs and create a folder for it, "extract here" (probably requires WinZip but I assume you already have that).
  • Open NUPS.
  • Hit "apply a UPS patch to a file".
  • Next to "file to patch" hit browse, and find your clean rom of FE7, select that, try to have multiple copies of the rom just in case.
  • Next to "UPS patch" hit browse, find the file that I linked you and select that.
  • Hit "Patch" and if all goes well it should give you a confirmation message and you'll be ready to play.
Then you just hop in, start a new game and everything should be honky dory. If everything isn't honky dory try to explain exactly what's going wrong and I'll try to fix it/help you.
List of other good known patchers:
  • "ROM patcher" for Andriod.
Does your patcher work just fine as well? Tell me and I'll add it to the list.

So what's new?


  • All buyable steel weaponry (and Elfire) now has 50 durability and 20 cost per use, being 1000G/weapon.
  • All buyable silver and killer (and Aura/Purge) weaponry now has 40 durability and 50 cost per use, being 2000G/weapon. Weapon ranks (where necessary) are also reduced to B from A.
  • Silver bow is now 2-3 range up from 2.
The following weapons are now 200G and infinitely durable, as well as potentially more changes.
  • Iron sword.
  • Iron lance.
  • Javelin MT decreased to 3 from 6, hit increased to 80% from 65%, WT increased from 11 to 15.
  • Iron axe.
  • Hand axe MT decreased to 3 from 7, hit increased to 80% from 60%.
  • Iron bow accuracy decreased to 80% from 85%.
  • Longbow MT increased to 7 from 5, accuracy decreased to 45% from 65%. Weight set to 0 from 10.
  • Fire MT decreased to 0 from 4, WT to 0 from 4, accuracy increased from 90% to 150%.
  • Thunder MT decreased to 3 from 6, accuracy decreased from 80% to 60%, critical strike increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Heal durability increased to 40 from 30. Cost increased to 800.
  • Mend price increased to 2000.
  • Recover price reduced to 1600 from 2250, durability increased to 16 from 15, weapon rank increased to B from C.
  • Rescue price decreased from 1800 to 1000, durability increased from 3 to 10.
  • Physic durability increased from 15 to 20, price increased from 3750 to 4000.
  • Fortify durability decreased to 2 from 8. Price decreased to 1200 from 8000.
  • Sleep weapon rank reduced to C from B, durability increased to 30 from 3, price increased to 1800 from 1500.
  • Warp durability increased to 10 from 5, price reduced to 1000 from 7500.
Miscellaneous items.
  • Vulnerary durability down to 2 from 3.
  • Elixer durability down to 1 from 3, price decreased to 1000.
  • "Silver bullet" weapons, promotion items and stat boosters are all added and have custom pricing but I feel they're so incredibly irrelevant at this stage of development that I'll not even mention the specifics.


Charts indicate stat growths.
Text indicates the difference between bases from the standard game to Eternal.
One star = standard game.
Two stars = Eternal.
Three stars = difference between standard and Eternal.
TTL = total.
Florina has +3 base strength.
Also note if you fiddle with Eternal in Nightmare, it's tutorial Florina (oops).
Stat Regular Eternal Comparison
HP 60 40 -20
STR 40 60 +20
SKL 50 60 0
SPD 55 70 +15
LUK 50 50 0
DEF 15 30 +15
RES 35 80 +55
TTL 305 390 +85
Basically just making health stat booster even better on her and making her a greater threat to enemies, particularly mages.
Rebecca has +5 base strength, +4 speed, +2 res.
Stat Regular Eternal Comparison
HP 60 100 +40
STR 40 40 0
SKL 50 50 0
SPD 60 60 0
LUK 50 50 0
DEF 15 15 0
RES 30 30 0
TTL 305 345 +40
I . . . Fucked this one up. Justtttttt a bit . . . A lot.
Lowen has -1 health, -2 strength, +3 luck, -1 defense.
Stat Regular Eternal Comparison
HP 90 80 -10
STR 30 15 -15
SKL 30 40 +10
SPD 30 40 +10
LUK 50 50 0
DEF 40 65 +25
RES 30 30 0
TTL 300 320 +20
Dorcas has +2 base speed, +2 defense, +3 res.
Stat Regular Eternal Comparison
HP 80 40 -40
STR 60 90 +30
SKL 40 90 +50
SPD 20 60 +40
LUK 45 45 0
DEF 25 15 -10
RES 15 40 +25
TTL 285 380 +95
This one wasn't actually a mistake, I just kind of went overboard. To be fair, he's actually kind of in line with the rest of the cast (except Rebecca, she's shit) since the all excel in one way or another as well. Dorcas is quite low move and lacks weapon diversity until promotion, promotions being extremely expensive.
But yeah, too far. My bad.
Nino has -3 base magic, -1 res.
Stat Regular Eternal Comparison
HP 55 10 -45
MAG 50 60 +10
SKL 55 60 +5
SPD 60 70 +10
LUK 45 10 -35
DEF 15 20 +5
RES 50 40 -10
TTL 330 270 60
These are actually untested nerfs but I think that this will be fine, Nino will have access to more and more good magic weaponry moving forward in development and will make great use of them. For now, things . . . Might be a little rocky, definitely. But she's still quite good and essential to doing many waves.
Serra has +2 base magic.
Stat Regular Eternal Comparison
HP 50 60 +10
MAG 50 70 +20
SKL 30 30 0
SPD 40 40 0
LUK 60 100 +40
DEF 15 10 -5
RES 55 70 +15
TTL 300 380 +80
Serra is very intentionally a power house.
She has no good healing options until Nino promotes and has no offensive options herself until she also promotes. She's got a lot of good utility staves to use, and eventually will be able to use magic, but ultimately she's just horribly torn, do I heal? Do I use a utility staff like sleep? Do I attack? Can I attack without taking damage?
It's a hard decision, and I find it hard to believe that Serra could really just solo-carry the game with high growths, unlike cough Lowen cough.

What's to come?

Listed roughly in terms of priority and off the top of my head:
  • Bow range changes, most notably 1-X range bows and higher range magic and bows.
  • More weapon diversity for mages (Serra doesn't even have an E rank light tome this patch!).
  • More waves.
  • More balance changes to existing weaponry (killer weaponry is the same price as silver, uwut? and why is mend so expensive compared to recover? I get it, recover's B and mend's D but still?)
  • Character balance, ie. buffing Rebecca, toning back Dorcas.
  • Promotion items and stat boosters balanced differently.
  • New playable characters, obtained for use every 10 waves.
  • Enemy character level balance, will probably increase growths for enemy units and decrease their levels to prevent such insane EXP gains.
  • Novelty weapons (Marques Laus sword).
  • Music, potentially. Last time didn't work out, either stopped at the start of my turn (event assembler) or stopped after a round of combat (nightmare). I'll figure it out though, hopefully. If you've got a favourite FE7 track you just tell me.
  • "Scouts", informing you where the next wave will come from, potentially. Alternatively, a game guide.
  • Different stat caps, which will be incredibly important for the late game balancing.
  • General text.
  • Supports.
  • New maps.
  • Tons of other shit that I can't think of (which probably would be higher up the list if I could think of it off the top of my head).

Known technical issues:

  • When attempting to skip things such as enemy loading, the screen will often go black for a moment.
If you find one, please tell me how to recreate it and we'll try to sort it out.
If you think you know how to fix an existing technical issue, please tell me and we'll try to sort it out.

Want to help out?

Playing the rom hack for fun is incredibly encouraging to me - as long as there's some people playing, I'll be inclined to continue updating.
Feedback on game balance, game flow, etc. is very helpful as well.
Some important things I want to know:
  • How powerful did you think any given unit was?
  • What tactics did you use to survive throughout your play?
  • Did you at any point solo out entire waves with a single unit without any assistance (healing, rescue, etc.) from other units?
  • How many turns do you find yourself skipping to get to the next wave? Which waves specifically (check your turn counter, I will use that as my reference to figure out which one you're using, it's under "status) did you struggle with and which ones did you have a ton of free time after defeating?
  • Do you like infinite basic weaponry? Would you like to see it be more limited in durability or are you happy as it is?
  • Do you feel too restricted by money? If so, what do you really want to purchase but simply don't have the money to purchase?
  • Do you feel like you're gaining too much experience or not enough?
  • Do you have any ideas I haven't given you the chance to put forward?
  • If you didn't get curb-stomped on wave 13, how'd you do that? I already have my ways, but I definitely want to know any other things that would make this wave do-able.
submitted by HashTagDeeperino to fireemblem

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