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When will the Media and the People in Position of Authority start telling the truth to Americans concerning the risk profile of Covid-19, instead of fomenting panics and hysteria.

When will the Media and the People in Position of Authority start telling the truth to Americans concerning the risk profile of Covid-19, instead of fomenting panics and hysteria.
It is something else to listen to the media again explaining they are doing a great job when every night all they do is feed anxiety of their audience, including parents and children. Shame on them all...again. Yes, again, because this is the new culture of the past 30 years, where every new knowledge on psychological manipulation quickly finds its way at the top of the Nightly News techniques.
For example, the numbers we hear every night, when they are not visually thrown in our faces. Let's try to bring some pondering to this.
Even some"specialists are being caught explaining the big dangers in the "death rate" of this virus..."for seasonal flu: Its is 0,1% and here for Covid-19 it is 1,5%, even higher in China, up to 3,5%..."
This is the ultimate of Fake news, something comitted out of naivete, from experts whom trust other experts, whom have spoken to a more bigger expert, etc...and sometime out of straight malicious intent.
These media "people" are comparing oranges and apples in the most classical style.
And I will try, so as to not add to the confusion, to take the example of the Seasonal flu to make things clear. From the Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report on the CDC website we can read:
From: Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report Week 12 2020 (take note that week 12 extended about 10 days because of the Covid situation). Further, this is week 40 of the whole Season, which starts of Sep 29 2019, and week 12 in 2020.
Now, in the top blue section you can read:
at Least 39 million flu illnesses;
400,000 Hospitalization;
24,000 Deaths from flu.
Illnesses must be understood strictly as an Estimation (it is also referred to as infection, infection rate, infection in the population, illness in the population). This is important, because just after they say Hospitalization, this is almost entirely a measured amount, very little is estimated. Then the Deaths (also often referred to in the literature as the fatalities, and of which some may be estimated and others counted).
Then in the table you see how much total tests where employed up to March 21st (Cumulative). That is 1,2 Million people where tested for the common seasonal flu. Of these, 242,330 tested positive. This results with a 20% positive rate of testing. The number you hear every night blasted into your eyes and ears is this last number, the tested positive cases, which they refer to simply as the "cases".
Now, you must understand that there is a technique the CDC employs to make the estimation of infected people in the population. They use a multiplier, this multiplier is sometime used against the tested positive cases, sometime against the hospitalization level.
An early estimation made by the CDC in 2009 concerning the Swine Flu H1N1 (2009) was a multiplier of 79. Estimates of the Prevalence of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, United States, April–July 2009
"...23 July 2009, a total of 43,677 laboratory-confirmed cases, 5009 hospitalizations, and 302 deaths had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)..."
In this case, you multiplied 43,677 confirmed cases against the multiplier 79 = 3,450,000 estimated illnesses.
That is Cases confirmed x Multiplier = Estimated illnesses (or infections) in the general population.
By the end of the crisis, this multiplier had increased quite a bit. Because the last Illness estimation was 61,8 million infections and 240,000 hospitalization. Doing the reverse calculation we get:
61,800,000/240,000 = 257...this was the end multiplier. So, from the July cumulative data of 2009, the multiplier was 79, but by the end of the crisis in may 2010, this multiplier increase about 3 fold to become 257.
An intermediate multiplier from data up to October went as follows:

From the CDC report "2009 H1N1-Related Deaths, Hospitalizations and Cases:Details of Extrapolations and Ranges: United States,Emerging Infections Program (EIP) Data
AS you can read: Calculate cases (which here is the wrong expression and it creates confusion, it should read: Calculate illnesses or infections): Multiply Hospitalization by 221,79.
So right here, is where the CDC often uses the term Cases when they should use Illness or Infections, because in most reports when they use cases, it means diagnosed confirmed cases, not estimation in the population of illness. Fauci himself is often caught in this confusing and misleading language.
You can see for yourself from the same document, they estimated cases by November 2009 to be 14 to 34 millions. Clearly this is the Illness level, not the confirmed cases.

Now, the whole media is stuck up in this hysterics by making you believe that you have 1 chance in 50 of dying or so if you catch the virus...that is not true. In fact, you had, for H1N1 less probability of dying from H1N1 than from the seasonal flu by a ratio of 3 to 1.
Currently, neither the CDC nor the WHO have calculated a Multiplier for Covid-19. The Total rate of Hospitalization is difficult to have. On the 25 of March, Andrew Cuomo, in a press conference live on NPR explained that about 1 in 5 confirmed cases is hospitalized currently. On that day, The larger NY City area had about 25,000 cases confirmed, which mean they had about 5,000 hospitalization.
A paper earlier this month from the CDC Mortality and Morbidity Weekly: Severe Outcomes Among Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) an early report when they were 4229 confirmed cases across the US, had a rate of hospitalization of 58% (2,449 out of 4229).
Some independent papers have calculated tentative Multipliers. It's the case of the paper which was used for the structure of the article in the NYTimes of March 20th "Coronavirus Could Overwhelm U.S. Without Urgent Action, Estimates Say". The paper is entitled "Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2)" The problem with the NYTimes is that they used color saturation excessively to terrorize people, like they do with Hurricane maps, when they want the people to listen. They don't say how the authors of the paper contributed to its use by the NYTimes. The NYTimes explains that they used their database of Covid pandemics from US cases.But the 500,000 new cases per day appears an exageration...But the scientific paper is excellent, it uses a complex statistical mathematics modeling which is explained over 30 pages Supplemental data.
There might be some short comings, like there always is in these kinds of work, firstly because many parameters must be estimated. And further, for example, some of the tools they use make the assumptions of Gaussian distributions, when progressively it is understood that epidemics, like the weather and networking are non-linear distributions. For example, they use what is called an Ensemble Adjustment Kalman Filter. A model developed in2008, as an adjustment or refinement on the original 1950 Ensemble Kalman Filter. But in climate science,which obeys to laws where the 4 parameters of a distribution are mobile, the Gaussian has only 2 of these, the Mean and the Variance, while the 2 others Kurtosis and Asymmetry are fixed at 2 and 0 respectively.
Parameters of the Standard Normal Distribution are (2,0,1,0), Kurtosis (alpha α ), Skewness (Beta β), Standard Deviation (Sigma σ ) and Mean (Mu µ) respectively.
From the wikipedia Stable Distribution page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stable_distribution
The Stable Distribution has always been the parent of most probability distributions, the normal distribution just being a special case of it. The Stable distribution s very complex, to me also, and many attempts have been made over the decades to make integration in many linear models so they perform with better likelihood. Recently, an academic paper has created a more pragmatic approach to it : "...this paper attempts to present a uniform analytical approximation for the stable distribution based on matching power series expansions. For this solution, the trans-stable function is defined as an auxiliary function to evaluate the stable distribution." Asymptotic Expansions of the Stable distribution.
For a graphic represention of the fluidity of the Stable Distribution in regard to the sensitivity of a change in its papameters, you can go to John P Nolan's page.
Recentely, to better adapt the Kalman Filter, climate science has created the Local Ensemble Adjusted Kalman Filter which makes use of of outlayers instead of doing data softening. Network Theory also has made adaptation to take into account the non-linearity of dynamics modeling. Epidemiology is a close relative of both Climatology and Network theory.
Non-Gaussian statistics in global atmospheric dynamics: a study with a 10 240-member ensemble Kalman filter using an intermediate atmospheric general circulation model :
"This study also discusses how many ensemble members are necessary to represent a non-Gaussian PDF (probability distribution function) without contamination due to the sampling error, as higher-order non-Gaussian statistics are generally more vulnerable to the sampling error due to a limited ensemble size."
From the result of their paper, you can infer a multiplier, they used the Wuhan Proving data of Confirmed cases, which stood on the 24 of January at 370. From there, they estimated that 13,118 people were infected in the population. So 13,118/370 = 35. Would this be a reliable multiplier to use against the confirmed cases in the US...it is very difficult to say.
Another original statistical approach is by Tian Hao,Infection Dynamics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Modeled with the Integration of the Eyring's Rate Process Theory and Free Volume Concept
I won't explain his approach, but is a short cut approach when too many parameters must be evaluated. His multiplier is 10.
Using the Spreadsheet available at the CDC on the REED's model for Multiplicator, I obtained a multiplier of 110, when confirmed cases were 19,240 in the US. My feeling was that this was a bit high, I thought, from reading quite a bit that would be between 40 and 90. But I made some assumptions myself for lack of information.
But these multiplier may give you an idea of what is the real fatality risk of Covid 19.
For example, with a multiplier of 10, today March 29, with 125,000 cases in the US and about 2000 fatalities, you first calculate the Case Fatality Rate (CFR): 2,000/125,000 = 1,6%.
Then you calculate the Infection Mortality Rate, dividing the CFR by the multiplier:
1,6% / 35 = 0,046%
1,6% / 10 = 0,16%
So, you sit between a bit more than the Seasonal Flu, to half of it.
But these numbers may be misleading because a pandemic is something unique for which there is no empirical data, unlike the seasonal flu. Further, because of the massive rapid distribution, a different time of reactions of authorities, the different social structures where the virus may settle...Chronic events statistics, such as those of the seasonal flu, and those of exceptional event, may not really compare and may misinform. What is important to understand, is that the number of cases you see in the media for Covid-19 do reflect the amount of people infected in the population. So the case mortality rate doesn't reflect your probability of death if you catch the SARS-CoV2 virus.
The WHO explained this in detail in the Situation Report 46 (note here they use the term Crude, from the British, instead of Case: but they o use Infection Mortality Rate):
"Mortality for COVID-19 appears higher than for influenza, especially seasonal influenza. While the true mortality of COVID-19 will take some time to fully understand, the data we have so far indicate that the crude mortality ratio (the number of reported deaths divided by the reported cases) is between 3- 4%, the infection mortality rate (the number of reported deaths divided by the number of infections) will be lower. For seasonal influenza, mortality is usually well below 0.1%. However, mortality is to a large extent determined by access to and quality of health care."
It's the same thing with the new expression so popular among the Press, the Reproduction Rate (or Replication Rate). They say it's so high...blablabla...The thing is that they forget to mention that the Replication rate always starts high and then falls shortly towards, and eventually below, 1.
It's not that this situation doesn't call for attention, and action, it is just the tone which is irresponsible by many people in position of authority. We are not helping ourselves by being anxious, and projecting this anxiety on our environment and loved ones.
For example, an early estimation of the H1N1 virus Pandemic was for:

  • US pop: 300 million
  • Cases (read illness or infection): 46 million (37 - 55 million)
  • Hospitlizations: 2.8 million (2 - 3.6 million)
  • On ventilators: 132,000 (228,000 - 454,000)
  • Deaths: 192,000 (126,000 - 226,000)
Zilberberg MD, Sandrock C, Shorr A. Swine origin influenza A (H1N1) virus and ICU capacity in the U.S.: are we prepared? In: PLoS Currents: Influenza. August 22, 2009. (Accessed October 22, 2009, at http://knol.google.com/k/marya-d-zilberberg/swine-origin-influenza-a-h1n1-virus-and/3htiswudddv6h/1#. opens in new tab.)
In the end there were:
61,8 Million illnesses
240,000 Hospitalization
12,470 deaths
A departure, but early forecasts often suffer from this wide excesses. But, lets contain, lets mitigate, and let's not panic...and tell your media they should learn to speak English or French instead of Anxiety, music having always been my first language (as a listener of course)...
submitted by Denys_Picard to u/Denys_Picard

[WTS/WTT][VA]: WE G36c, 2 WE 416s, GHK G5, TM L96, TM&WA 1911s, Super Redhawk, USP, Python, CAW 1014, M4, M16, Maruzen 870, Rails, internals, gear, parts, junk etc

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  • Prices are OBO/tell me why it's a bad price, and I'll maybe take your offer.
  • Specific trades at bottom. Prices are without shipping unless otherwise noted. May be willing to part, offer up. Payment via pp f&f preferred.
  • Any DMV/nova people willing to pick the stuff up will get a slightly better price b/c I like cash and not having to ship or drive especially if you buy alot and pick it up. However, I'd drive like 10min~ max along the beltway.
I don't check chat because I normally browse on mobile and i'm stuck in my ways, PM me. Don't send a chat.
 ` excuse any typos/formatting issues 
If you see a M4 and a rail/barrel/etc that I have for sale separately you'd want, I can swap stuff around if that'll make a deal move. But you'd have to pay me first because i'm lazy.
$$$ $$$$$$$$
$250 Black WE 416 14.5" barrel. Stock gun, has a newish trigger box with a low round count. Gun shows wear, but no major gouges or any cracks. Will come with one non leaky mag and the sights. Only issue is the nozzle's mock bolt face lugs broke off. Gun still shoots fine however. If you are fine with the barrel/RIS removed and the gun disassembled it'll be cheaper to ship.
$420 Maruzen 870 BV. Has a G&P metal body, shortened barrel(rough/I might fix) and inner barrel, hiviz mid height green fiber front sight and most else is stock. Replaced the inner hose/gas tub with some stuff from home depot, which I then clamped down with some tiny hose clamps inside the gun. Has one gas reservoir and 18 shells total. Will also come with its original body and the rail/rear sight I glued on there which I was too lazy to transfer to the G&P, and some other G&P metal parts that need fitting like the metal trigger guard and safety. Runs great on propane now that the tubes are swapped.
$30 Shipped Western Arms Series 70 1911 boneyard. Was billed to me as a TM, but it obviously is not a TM. Gun is very beat up and neglected. Nozzle doesn't return, barrel bushing is gone and a chunk is missing out of the front of the slide. It is seemingly mechanically functional as the safety, slide release, mag catch, etc function. Hammer drops etc. This is a parts gun, comes as is. Comes as is with its original mag.
$90 Shipped TM Night Warrior. This gun was made from spare parts I had laying around. The controls are a mix of TM 1911a1 and ARMY/KJW. Sights are TM Novaks, internals are all stock TM. Shoots just fine. Hammer was a 1911a1 and was chopped to be flush with the slide when the hammer is down. Comes with 1 random mag which may leak. Painted it flat OD green. I've already filled in the holes where the rail used to go w/ abs putty, but you could probably punch them out.
$Offer Army Kimber Warrior. Cannibalized this for parts. If you need something let me know, I may have it. Also have the stripped frame and some KJW MEU parts.
  • Shipping will depend on weight, but usually goes from $2-$15ish. If it's under a pound it'll be no more than $5.
  • If you buy a gun or a bunch of stuff, I don't mind throwing in something cheap for free. The more you buy the more I'll work with you on price.
M4 related mostly below
$$$ Desc.
$80 DYTAC KMR. Painted and used, but still mounts up fine. Will come with the pictured Noveske repro scoutlight offset mount because I have no keymod rails except this one. I think this is 9” ? maybe 9.5 or 10 cant remember. Great on a 10.5 barrel.
$60 G Style 416 SMR. For VFC only. Bought this thinking it'd fit WE but it obviously doesn't. It went right back into the box. This is for 14.5” barrels.
$60 Viper Tech URX 2. Just bought this, but when I installed it on my M4 I just didn't end up loving it. Went back to the RAS. It looks basically new still.
$80 Madbull Daniel Defense Omega X 12" FSP RIS. Lightly used, in good shape overall. Comes with all hardware, which is inside that baggie in the rail. Will also come with a G&P spec barrel nut along with the TM spec.
$65 Madbull VTAC. Painted, but in good shape. Pairs well with the crappy CQB master can I have because it just barely fits under the rail for that integrated silencer look. I think this is 13.5” because it will still be shorter than a 14.5 M4 barrel when mounted.
80 Fakepul UBR stock. Comes with AEG and GBBR tube. Missing right rise QD points. Comes with hardware to mount.
$10 Shipped WE M4 Receiver Extension / Buffer Tube. Painted, but will fit milspec stocks. Tested with a B5 Bravo.
$50 Random V2 in a JG lower w/ damaged upper, full stock, and motor grip. Boneyard/I didn't test it, but it looks fine. You could probably save the upper, since the tabs are still intact, with another top rail from another TM clone upper.
$70 TM stock V2. Just a plain stock TM gearbox and a TM M4a1 lower. Good for a CQB gun, which is what I pulled it out of.
$80 G&P Colt M4a1 Marked lower with KAC trigger guard. Unpainted, one blemish.
$15 Vltor flip up front sight/gas block/RIS. Clamp style. Good for weird/out of spec barrels.
$10 TM m16a1 charging handle
$30 G&P KAC style 21342 folding front sight gas block. GP555 comes with the pin for the mock gas tube.
$20ea. Nice steel/alu Classic Army carry handle. Would be good for a nice 04 style gwot clone M4 CQBR if you cut them up. I already chopped one myself and it came out well.
$7ea M4 delta rings & end cap sets. One delta, two endcaps sold.
$4ea M4/M16 bolt catches
$5 M4 selector
$10 Colt style sling adapter for FSBs
$2 M4 AEG end plate.
$2 Full stock spacer for AEGs.
$2ea M4 Trigger guards.
Free Sling loops from FSBs & Delta ring spring.
$5ea Mock gas tubes. Carbine length. Have two I think.
$5ea Standard M4 handguards. Have Tan TM(old style tan), G&P and WE]
$15 WE M4 CLOSED bolt parts. What you see. Pulled from a WE I converted.
$20 G&P 14.5" Outer Barrel. Pretty sure it's G&P. CW threads, govt profile. Painted.
$35 G&P 9.5 Outer barrel It's this one on evike. CW threads. Great pair with the dytac KMR I have. Will come with the brake pictured.
$3ea KAC style 11rib rail covers, various mfgs. Also some TDI rubber covers there, $5 for all.
Random stuff and externals below
$$$ Desc.
$5 Offset flashlight mount. Think surefire G2s. ACM
$15 CQB master suppressor. Very beat up looking. About the same diameter as a KX3.
$10 Zombie killer silencer. About 11cm long, has ccw and cw threads. Hollow
$20 PWS diablo flash hider thing. ccw 14mm
$5 CW Silencer CW threads, it's kinda crappy.
$25 UTG Laselight combo. Works kinda. If you use the momentary setting, it only works if you engage the flapper just the right way. The constant on works fine however. Can swap between light/laser or both at the same time. No batteries included. Needs 2 CR123s.
$20 G style 30mm super precision mount repro. DDC, never used.
Free Short version KAC style vfg. that was painted poorly and is now sticky/tacky because the paint is wearing poorly.
$5 Ergo vert grip
$25 Glock stuff. Old KSC mag catch, Glock 26 pinky extension & mag well extension, and a side rail thing so you can use a magazine as a forward grip.
$28 WE Glock Extended Mag. In good condition, doesn't leak. Just sticking to 19 mags for now.
$3 ACM Eotech 552/1 Hood cover & QD adapter
$5 TM G3 lower
Free g36k handguard, hogged out to put over a vector as a "rail."
$10 TM SPAS 12 Front sight & Muzzle device
$5 SW Sigma Co2 magazine.
$5 Mp5?? stuff. Navy selector half, SEF selector, etc
$1 kwa hop up tools. Buy other things.
$1 M249 box mag shell. Buy something else with it. No guts, just that tube thing.
$5ea Ranger plates for USGI M4 hicaps. Will work in mids.
$1 Magpull butt plate w/out rubber padding. Buy something else with it.
$5 HFC 185 aka glock 17 stock slide
$5 WE AK Side magazine assist plate.
$10 Aimpoint comp m2 low mount. Or trade for a larue QD mount.
$40 All my M14 parts. 3 metal hicaps, Atacs-ish painted stock, plastic RIS rails for a low weight build, E1 metal receiver, TM mag well, a tappet plate, externals etc etc everything you see pictured an anything else M14 related I find.
Internals bellow
$$$ Desc.
$35 Ratech 6.01. Was in my WE M4, but I swapped for something else.
$10 Guarder V2 ball bearing spring guide.
$20 NIB red prommy v2 cylinder head
$30 Bag of V3 stuff. SRC gearbox missing some stuff. Will throw in some gears and any V3 stuff I can find.
$30 All the gears in bag
$30 Matrix 3000 HS short motor
$20 The rest of the motors in untested condition. Buy all the motors itt and that I can find in my house for $60.
$30 Piston/cylindehead bag. Various cylinders, most of the pistons are nylon tooth.
$6 2pc hop up units/stuff. It's a baggie of parts.
$12 V2 tappet plates & Selctor plates
Gear Below
$$$ Desc.
$40 HSGI Sniper's waist pack. OD color, lightly used.
$8 Full stock zipper pouch thing black.
$5 Pair of elbow pads OD. Free if you buy some other things
$10ea 2x green pantac double M4 mag pouches.
$15 Phantom 2x double M4 pouch.
$10 Flyye smoke pouch in RG. Repro of the Eagle pouch. Could hold one M4 mag.
$15 Silencelong smg mag pouch. Forgot to check brand. Tan w/ buckle
$20 Flyye kydex M4 mag pouch. Open top, will hold 2 mags. RG.
$30 Paraclete quad pistol mag pouch. Tan
$5 cheap 2" belt. Black. Think condor quality.
$28 Ultimate tactical ACU/UCP zip up mesh vest. Its a crossdraw and pretty basic. Will come with some pistol mag pouches on the belt.
$25 Eagle Industries 2" Belt. Uses a velcro system that goes outside the belt to secure the buckle/adjust the belt. Black buckle. Size L.
$20 Tornado style holster. Nice adjustable holster, set up for a mid ride if you slip your belt through the molle and run the leg strap. Will hold almost anything plus a light.
$20 FMA Oakley A Frames. Tan in color, never used because my face is just that flat. Comes with the clear and dark lens.
Free Junk. Buy something else get your pick of this stuff.
Free Patches. Same as above. 1 redwolf gone.
  • For trades I may accept some specific stuff, but I want cash. Not looking to buy or add cash unless it's really a steal.
  • Guns I want: WE CT25, WE Mk17, WE MP5a3, full size M79, WE Desert Eagle, WE P228, WE Mk25, Hk45ct, KWA Mk23, maybe a VFC Glock 19 gen4, and older guns like an AGM Sten, Hipower, Webly, Makarov, TT33, M945c, Dboys kar 98k springer, Colt or Ruger etc repro revolvers, particularly any smaller j frame 2" revolvers (tanaka good) or maybe a K frame etc.
  • Only AEGs I'd specifically want besides a Sten are mainly a Classic Army proline MP5A3 or A5 and maybe a plain CA33 or CA53. Extra mags (midcaps) are a plus on all. Collapsible stocks with front wiring only, please. Not into full stock H&ks. Also not a fan of the F style or enhanced collapsible stocks, I like the older sytle thin stock. I am very slightly interested in dropping my G&Ps for a PTW or NGRS M4, so that's an option.
  • Slight interest in a helmet set up. A high cut mich, maritime, airframe style, or a protec ace. I've got a real gigantic head though. Like xxl, 62~ish cm. May also be interested in Mayflower IV, haley micro rig, a good plate carrier that can do swiftclips or a plain old lbt 6094a. I like nice gear. I'm also interested in repro a AN PVS31 or PVS15 and a 48/4 Gorka in a neutral color preferably.
  • For parts I'm looking for gucci M4 things so most block 1/2 accessories. A G&P GP876a M203 Vert grip, Kac 300m rear sights, Haley scout thorntail/other offset scout mounts for mlok or pic rail, a night evolution x300ua & a M600c w/pressure switch, WMX200, M3X, dual pressure switches, black G&P peq2 or any 1:1 PEQ2, PAQ / PEQ IV, & maybe the visible laselight dbal (G&P LSP003), two KAC NT4 silencers w/ FH and/or two socom556 rc1 w/ 3 or 4 prong flash hider or open tine warcomp, an extra 3p/4p SF flash hider, AAC style 3p 51t, CQD Sling mount front and rear for GBBR, C&C Wilcox riser or KAC riser, Kac skyscraper mount, Holosun/PA micro red dots and repro 45 offset mounts, a 1-4 LPVO w/ 30mm tube, decent RMR, hurricane 553 & hurricane XPS, G23/33 FTS magnifier Repro to match, and I'd also like a Mk12 Mod 0, maybe Mod 1, complete front end, but if it's a complete upper I'd only want G&P since that's what I have.
  • Also looking for a cheap aluminum M4 body, ie upper and lower. Don't need anything special, painted and beat up is fine/preferred, just needs to work with a basic TM clone and not be potmetal. Want something light and with a top rail that's milspec.
  • May also take some high speed Ak accessories like a DTK2, DTK4, RK6 or RP1, a B30, and maybe a RS regulate style forward mount. If you have a WE AK47 outer barrel i'll buy it.
  • Also looking for quality upgrade stuff for TM 1911s or detonics. A black guarder desert warrior 4.3 or silver detonics mbk would be nice, even just the frames. I'd also like to get some oem stuff, like a TM Detonics trigger, a set of night warrior sights or complete slide, and a stock TM 4.3 desert warrior slide, barrel, etc.
Stuff of this nature.
Basically, gas or nice guns are usually good, but purple/red/blue colored WE hicapas, race guns in general, SAI/ZEV/golden lightening cut whatever (unless it's a umarex compatible RMR G19 slide), Co2, and sportline/most AEGs are not. Although I might be interested in some cheap stuff if it's unique or weird, like a HFC M8000 or if its a china clone of a gun I listed prior.
Might trade for nonairsoft stuff.
PM me, thanks.
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